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Discounted Uniregistry Pricing for All Active DNAcademy Students

Discounted Uniregistry Pricing for All Active DNAcademy Students

When I started investing in domain names, I knew others were paying less in domain name registrations and renewals but I didn’t know how. I hunted high and low for discount codes and coupons, mostly wasting my time when they didn’t work at checkout.

What’s worse is that the time I wasted could have been better spent on education, research or outreach to find and acquire better domain name investment opportunities.

Today I’m pleased to share some exciting news with you. DNAcademy is leveling the playing field between those who are in the know and those who are new to the game.

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Does Domain Name Parking Still Work Today?

Does Domain Name Parking Still Work Today?

This week includes a double dose of DomainSherpa!

In this excerpt of DNAcademy office hours, Michael Cyger walks students through two questions:

1. Does domain name parking still work today?

2. What types of domain names produce revenue with domain name parking?

DNAcademy: The Shortest Path to Domain Name Investing

DNAcademy: The Shortest Path to Domain Name Investing

After five plus years of interviewing the brightest Sherpas from around the world, you can now have all their expertise and insights condensed down into a single, carefully-crafted and professionally-published educational course.

DNAcademy.com is an an accelerated learning course built for novice and intermediate domain name investors. It was developed by Michael Cyger, publisher of DomainSherpa.com and DNTaxGuide.com.

DNAcademy will take you from newbie to pro in the shortest amount of time possible through lessons, video tutorials, practice and private networking.

A special offer on DNAcademy is included on this page. But hurry, it’s only for a limited time.

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