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Video interviews, panel discussions, articles and Q&As featuring Joshua Schoen.

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DomainSherpa Review – Apr 15:,,

DomainSherpa Review – Apr 15:,,

What do successful domain name investors think when they value domain names?

In this show:
• We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,
• An investor’s portfolio is appraised: Dallas.Properties, Florida.Properties, Hawaii.Properties…
• Get your bids in soon for,,…• Plus, much more!

We’re joined by Joshua Schoen, Shane Cultra & Andrew Rosener.

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Turning an $800 Buy into a $15,800 Sale in 3.5 Months – With Joshua Schoen

Turning an $800 Buy into a $15,800 Sale in 3.5 Months – With Joshua Schoen

Today’s show features an investor who was less than a year into investing when he picked up a killer keyword that perfectly matched the .io TLD.

And he knew it because the offers came in fast during his first few months of ownership.

Listen in as he shares the entire process he went through to flip the name – from buying, to offering for sale, to fielding offers, to negotiating and closing the sale.

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