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The usDRP (usTLD Dispute Resolution Policy) applies to disputes involving a complaint that .us TLD (top-level domain) name is registered and/or used in abusive bad faith and violates trademark rights. The “top-level” of a domain name refers to the domain name’s final extension; for instance, the theoretical domain name “” would be a .us top-level domain name because it terminates in .us. A domain name that features .us in its name but does not terminate in .us is not subject to the usDRP. The usDRP is sponsored by NeuStar and was adopted by the United States Department of Commerce on February 21, 2002.

The usDRP may apply to Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).

A complaint that a .us TLD is registered in violation of the Nexus Requirements for .us domain names should not be filed under the usDRP; rather, it should be filed under the usNDP (usTLD Nexus Dispute Policy).

More information can be found at the FORUM.

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