List of Country Code Top Level Domains

The following is a list of Internet country code top-level domains (ccTLDs). The official list of all top-level domains is maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

Name: DNS name of the country code top-level domain
Entity: country, dependency, or region
Explanation: explanation of the code when not self-evident from the English name of the country
Notes: general remarks
IDN: support for internationalized domain names (IDN)
DNSSEC: presence of DS records for Domain Name System Security Extensions
SLD: allows Second-level domain registration (restrictions may apply)

.ac Ascension Island  YesYesYes
.ad Andorra   NoYes
.ae United Arab Emirates   NoYes
.af Afghanistan   NoYes
.ag Antigua and Barbuda   YesYes
.ai Anguilla   NoYes
.al Albania Citizenship required NoNo
.am Armenia   YesYes
.an Netherlands AntillesLocal presence required; Netherland Antilles were dissolved on October 10, 2010; NoYes
.ao Angola   No 
.aq AntarcticaAntarctiqueDefined by the Antarctic Treaty as everything south of latitude 60°S. AQ domain names are available to government organisations who are signatories to the Antarctic Treaty and to other registrants who have a physical presence in Antarctica. NoYes
.ar Argentina  YesNoNo
.as American Samoa   NoYes
.at Austria  YesNoYes
.au Australia Includes Ashmore and Cartier Islands and Coral Sea Islands. ABN required. NoNo
.aw ArubaAruba, West IndiesRestricted to registered Aruban companies, organisations and citizens NoYes
.ax Åland   NoYes
.az Azerbaijan   NoYes
.ba Bosnia and Herzegovina  NoYes
.bb Barbados   NoYes
.bd Bangladesh   NoNo
.be Belgium (Also unofficially used in the canton of Berne, Switzerland) YesYes
.bf Burkina Faso   NoYes
.bg Bulgaria  YesYesYes
.bh Bahrain   NoYes
.bi Burundi   NoYes
.bj Benin   NoYes
.bm Bermuda Local corporate registration required NoYes
.bn Brunei Darussalam   NoNo
.bo Bolivia   NoYes
.br Brazil Restricted. Registration is done under several categories (i.e.: for businesses, for government agencies, etc.)YesYesNo
.bs Bahamas   NoYes
.bt Bhutan   NoNo
.bv Bouvet Island Not in use (Norwegian dependency; see .no).NoNoNo
.bw Botswana   NoYes
.by BelarusByelorussia  NoYes
.bz Belize   YesYes
.ca Canada Subject to Canadian Presence Requirements. NoYes
.cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australian territory: do not confuse with Cocos islands in Guam. Also used as a free domain service to the public as,,, or domain.) NoYes
.cd Democratic Republic of the Congo   NoYes
.cf Central African Republic   NoYes
.cg Republic of the Congo   NoYes
.ch SwitzerlandConfoederatio Helvetica (Latin)  YesYes
.ci Côte d’Ivoire   NoYes
.ck Cook Islands   NoYes
.cl Chile Domain registrations require local presence in Chile.YesYesYes
.cm Cameroon A local entity/company in Cameroon is required to register a domain name. NoYes
.cn People’s Republic of China Registration allowed worldwide. Hong Kong and Macau also maintain TLDs. NoYes
.co Colombia   YesYes
.cr Costa Rica   NoYes
.cs CzechoslovakiaCzecho-Slovakia domain is not in use since 1993 NoNo
.cu Cuba   NoYes
.cv Cape Verde   NoYes
.cx Christmas Island   NoYes
.cy Cyprus   NoNo
.cz Czech Republic   YesYes
.dd East GermanyDeutsche Demokratische RepublikNever used due to German re-unification NoNo
.de GermanyDeutschlandGerman postal address for administrative contact (admin-c) requiredYesYesYes
.dj Djibouti   NoYes
.dk Denmark  YesYesYes
.dm Dominica   NoYes
.do Dominican Republic   NoYes
.dz AlgeriaDzayer  NoYes
.ec Ecuador   NoYes
.ee EstoniaEestiAnyone can register but local administrative contact is required. NoYes
.eg Egypt   NoYes
.eh Western Sahara .eh is reserved for Western Sahara, but does not exist in the root.   
.er Eritrea   NoNo
.es SpainEspaña  NoYes
.et Ethiopia   NoNo
.eu European Union Restricted to institutions (under the subdomain), companies, and individuals in the European Union (or in other overseas or autonomous regions of member countries).YesYesYes
.fi Finland Limited to companies and organizations registered in Finland and Finnish nationals. YesYes
.fj Fiji   NoYes
.fk Falkland Islands   NoNo
.fm Federated States of Micronesia  NoYes
.fo Faroe IslandsFøroyar  NoYes
.fr France Can only be used by organisations or persons with a presence in France YesYes
.ga Gabon   NoYes
.gb United KingdomGreat BritainSeldom used; the primary ccTLD used is .uk for United Kingdom. NoNo
.gd Grenada   NoYes
.ge Georgia   NoYes
.gf French GuianaGuyane française No 
.gg Guernsey   NoYes
.gh Ghana   NoNo
.gi Gibraltar   YesYes
.gl Greenland   PartialYes
.gm The Gambia   NoYes
.gn Guinea   NoNo
.gp Guadeloupe Still used for Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin NoYes
.gq Equatorial GuineaGuinée Équatoriale  No 
.gr Greece   YesYes
.gs South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands   NoYes
.gt Guatemala   NoNo
.gu Guam   NoNo
.gw Guinea-Bissau   NoYes
.gy Guyana   NoNo
.hk Hong Kong Special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China.YesNoYes
.hm Heard Island and McDonald Islands   NoYes
.hn Honduras   YesYes
.hr CroatiaHrvatska  NoYes
.ht Haiti   NoYes
.hu Hungary   NoYes
.id Indonesia   NoNo
.ie Ireland

United Kingdom Northern Ireland
 Only available for Ireland-registered brands and companies. Foreign companies can register if doing business in Ireland or provide TM.[clarification needed] Since 2007 personal names are allowed to be registered subject to guidelines. NoYes
.il Israel  YesNoNo
.im Isle of Man   NoYes
.in India Under INRegistry since April 2005 (except:,,,,, YesYes
.io British Indian Ocean Territory   YesYes
.iq Iraq   NoYes
.ir Iran  YesNoYes
.is IcelandÍsland YesNoYes
.it Italy Restricted to companies and individuals in the European Union. NoYes
.je Jersey   NoYes
.jm Jamaica   NoNo
.jo Jordan   NoYes
.jp Japan Restricted to individuals or companies with a physical address in Japan. YesYes
.ke Kenya   NoYes
.kg Kyrgyzstan   YesYes
.kh CambodiaKhmer, former Kâmpŭchea  NoNo
.ki Kiribati   NoYes
.km ComorosKomori  NoYes
.kn Saint Kitts and Nevis   NoYes
.kp Democratic People’s Republic of Korea   NoNo
.kr Republic of Korea  YesNoYes
.kw Kuwait   NoNo
.ky Cayman Islands Restricted to qualified Cayman entities NoYes
.kz Kazakhstan   NoYes
.la Laos Currently being marketed as the unofficial domain for Los Angeles YesYes
.lb Lebanon Restricted to registration with a company in Lebanon NoNo
.lc Saint Lucia   YesYes
.li Liechtenstein   YesYes
.lk Sri Lanka   YesYes
.lr Liberia   NoNo
.ls Lesotho   NoYes
.lt Lithuania  YesNoYes
.lu Luxembourg  YesYesYes
.lv Latvia   NoYes
.ly Libya   NoYes
.ma MoroccoMaroc  NoYes
.mc Monaco   NoYes
.md Moldova   NoYes
.me Montenegro   YesYes
.mg Madagascar   NoYes
.mh Marshall Islands   No 
.mk Republic of MacedoniaMakedonija  NoYes
.ml Mali   NoYes
.mm Myanmar   NoNo
.mn Mongolia Some second-level domains are reserved for special use .mn[clarification needed] YesYes
.mo MacauMacaoSpecial administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. NoYes
.mp Northern Mariana Islands   NoYes
.mq Martinique  NoNo
.mr Mauritania   NoYes
.ms Montserrat   NoYes
.mt Malta   NoNo
.mu Mauritius   NoYes
.mv Maldives   NoYes
.mw Malawi   NoYes
.mx Mexico   NoYes
.my Malaysia Restricted to registration by a company in Malaysia YesYes
.mz Mozambique   NoNo
.na Namibia   YesYes
.nc New Caledonia   YesYes
.ne Niger   NoYes
.nf Norfolk Island   NoYes
.ng Nigeria   NoYes
.ni Nicaragua   NoNo
.nl Netherlands First official country TLD that was assigned to a country.NoYesYes
.no Norway Restricted to registration by a company in Norway. Individuals in the country can only register under NoYes
.np Nepal Restricted to registration by a company in Nepal. Individuals in the country can only register under NoNo
.nr Nauru Also used as a free domain service to the public as NoYes
.nu Niue Commonly used by Danish, Dutch and Swedish websites, because in those languages “nu” means “now”.YesYesYes
.nz New Zealand  YesNoNo
.om Oman   NoNo
.pa Panama   NoNo
.pe Peru  YesNoYes
.pf French PolynesiaPolynésie françaiseWith Clipperton Island NoYes
.pg Papua New Guinea   NoNo
.ph Philippines   NoYes
.pk Pakistan Operated by PKNIC since 1992. NoYes
.pl Poland  YesNoYes
.pm Saint-Pierre and Miquelon   YesYes
.pn Pitcairn Islands   NoYes
.pr Puerto Rico   YesYes
.ps Palestinian territories West Bank and Gaza Strip. NoYes
.pt Portugal  YesYesYes
.pw PalauPelew  NoYes
.py Paraguay   NoNo
.qa Qatar   NoNo
.re Réunion restricted to Réunion’s inhabitants owning a brand and to companies having an address in Réunion YesYes
.ro Romania   NoYes
.rs SerbiaRepublika Srbija  NoYes
.ru, .рф Russia (See also .su, still in use.) NoYes
.rw Rwanda   NoYes
.sa Saudi Arabia   NoNo
.sb Solomon IslandsBritish Solomon Islands  NoNo
.sc Seychelles   YesYes
.sd Sudan   NoYes
.se Sweden  YesYesYes
.sg Singapore   NoYes
.sh Saint Helena  YesYesYes
.si Slovenia YesNoYes
.sj Svalbard and  Jan Mayen Islands Not in use (Norwegian dependencies; see .no).NoNoNo
.sk SlovakiaRestricted to Slovakian companies, organisations and citizens NoYes
.sl Sierra Leone   NoYes
.sm San Marino Domain name must be same as company name or trademark NoYes
.sn Senegal   NoYes
.so Somalia   Relaunched on November 1, 2010NoNoYes
.sr Suriname   NoYes
.st São Tomé and Príncipe   NoYes
.su Soviet Union Still in Use.YesNoYes
.sv El Salvador   NoNo
.sy Syria   NoYes
.sz Swaziland   NoNo
.tc Turks and Caicos Islands   NoYes
.td ChadTchadChadian (.td) domains are available for registration to entities connected with Chad only. NoYes
.tf French Southern and Antarctic LandsTerres australes et antarctiques françaisesSeldom used. YesYes
.tg Togo   NoYes
.th Thailand  YesYesNo
.tj Tajikistan   NoYes
.tk Tokelau Also used as a free domain service to the public. NoYes
.tl East TimorTimor-LesteOld code .tp is still in use. NoYes
.tm Turkmenistan  YesYesYes
.tn Tunisia   NoYes
.to Tonga Often used unofficially for Torrent, Toronto, or TokyoYesNoYes
.tp East TimorTimor PortuguêsISO code has changed to TL; .tl is now assigned but .tp is still in use. NoYes
.tr Turkey used by Northern CyprusYesNoYes
.tt Trinidad and Tobago   NoYes
.tv Tuvalu Used as an abbreviation of television, the domain is currently operated by dotTV, a VeriSign company; the Tuvalu government owns twenty percent of the company. NoYes
.tw Republic of China (Taiwan) Registration allowed worldwide, local presence not required.YesNoYes
.tz Tanzania Must have a presence in Tanzania NoNo
.ua Ukraine Ukrainian trademark required NoYes
.ug Uganda   NoYes
.uk United Kingdom ISO 3166-1 code is gb, but .uk is used for historical reasons YesNo
.us United States of AmericaCommonly used by U.S. State and local governments instead of .gov TLD YesYes
.uy Uruguay   NoNo
.uz Uzbekistan   NoYes
.va Vatican City Limited to the official sites of the Vatican/Holy See NoNo
.vc Saint Vincent and the Grenadines   PartialYes
.ve Venezuela   NoNo
.vg British Virgin Islands   NoYes
.vi U.S. Virgin Islands   NoYes
.vn Vietnam  YesNoYestd>
.vu Vanuatu   NoYes
.wf Wallis and Futuna   YesYes
.ws SamoaFormerly Western Samoa YesNoNo
.ye Yemen   NoNo
.yt Mayotte   YesYes
.za South AfricaZuid-Afrika  NoNo
.zm Zambia   NoNo
.zw Zimbabwe   NoNo
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