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DomainSherpa is where you learn all of the secrets of the domain name industry – directly from the Sherpas. We provide this information by interviewing the experts on every topic imaginable related to domain names.

Here’s what our readers say about us:

I would like to sincerely thank you for your amazing contribution on the subject of domaining. About 6 months ago months back, I started watching your videos and became interested in domain name investing. As a result, I purchased a domain for $29.71 and flipped it for $1,500. Without you and, it would not have been possible for me to create a second income without conflicting with my day job. So, thank you very much.

— Hariharan from Dubai, UAE, April 4, 2017


Ten reasons why I recommend

  1. I discovered DomainSherpa (DS) a month after starting to invest in domains and it was addicting!
  2. I listened to the Sherpas and applied their advice for my first year
  3. I sold over 150 domains as a result
  4. I acquired a portfolio worth over $100,000 (at liquidation price) in 4 letter .coms (from $100 initial investment)
  5. I acquired a portfolio of brandables that are listed for sale on BrandBucket for over $1,000,000 cumulative retail value
  6. I put a $10,000 cash downpayment on a 7-year old lake house from profits
  7. I wanted to give back by giving a helpful, in-depth interview on DomainSherpa
  8. I was emailed, messaged on the forums, and recognized at NamesCon by hundreds of different people as a result of my interview on DomainSherpa
  9. The DomainSherpa show was the KEY that helped me succeed in this industry.
  10. If I had NOT discovered DomainSherpa, I might not have learned enough to provide a better life for my family

Thank you Michael Cyger and all the Sherpas!

Jeffrey Emerick, January 25, 2016

These shows have taught me more than I can say. Thanks again.

Prycr, December 14, 2015

By producing DomainSherpa, you are helping people understand more about the market, and, in this way, you make it more secure and efficient. Everyone in the industry (me included) is grateful to you for that!

— Seller of (via email), November 9, 2015

We even help small children fall asleep:

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