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Due Diligence for Domain Names – With Steve Jones

Due Diligence for Domain Names – With Steve Jones

When you purchase a television or a car, you perform due diligence by comparing prices, looking at third-party ratings and searching for recalls. Buying a domain name should be approached in the same way, conducting appropriate research to ensure a sound acquisition.

In this show, Steve Jones walks us through the 11 steps of his process for domain name due diligence, which will keep you from buying a domain name that infringes on someone else’s trademarks, that is stolen, or that was previously used for an unscrupulous purpose and might be on blacklists.

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P&G Is Wasting Half a Million Dollars a Year on

P&G Is Wasting Half a Million Dollars a Year on

Even with the inherent superiority of a domain name like, its value is undermined if the company that owns it does not develop a useful website on that domain, a website that can reach the top rankings of search engines.

Such is the case with, owned by the Procter & Gamble. P&G is not capitalizing on the marketing value of its domain name and, as a result, P&G wastes more than $500,000 every year.

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