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Video interviews, panel discussions, articles and Q&As featuring Logan Flatt.

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Profitable Flip: Crypto Domain with Logan Flatt

Profitable Flip: Crypto Domain with Logan Flatt

Strategic online marketing consultant Logan Flatt joins us to share a profitable flip with a crypto domain, He meticulously charts the domain history even including initial registration, expiration and complete drop back to the registry for over two years before another new registration.

Learn why he saw value, how he calculated and adjusted asking prices, and even hear how he tracks asking price and offers versus crypto value at each time.

Plus, get all the details leading up to the final sale!

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Smart Investment: $69→$14,488 in 3 Months – With Logan Flatt

Smart Investment: $69→$14,488 in 3 Months – With Logan Flatt

If you think like your customers think and price them within their budget, then you’re more likely to be more successful in domain name investing.

That’s how today’s investor turned a $69 SnapNames purchase into a $14,488 buy-it-now sale in three months.

Listen into this Profitable Flip show to learn to think like he does in your own segments.

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