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How to Value and Sell a Domain Name – With Max Guerin

How to Value and Sell a Domain Name – With Max Guerin

Domain name hacks are words and phrases that span the dot and make use of the top-level domain extension as part of the word., and are a few examples.

But can you make any money investing in domain name hacks?

Today’s guest can, and in this interview he shares his investment strategy, valuation technique and go-to market tactics for generating $100,000 in sales per year.

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What is a Domain Name Hack?

What is a Domain Name Hack?

A domain hack? That sounds like something a malware programmer would write to steal somebody’s website.

Actually, a domain name hack is neither malicious nor illegal. Domain name hacks (also referred to as domain hacks) are domain names that use the TLD to complete the word or phrase of the domain name URL. They have many advantages and hidden dangers that you should be aware of.

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