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Churn and Burn Domain Names for Big Profit – with Elliot Silver

Churn and Burn Domain Names for Big Profit – with Elliot Silver

Elliot Silver owns two companies and a lot of businesses, but he makes a majority of his revenue through domain name flipping. He constantly thinks of domain names to purchase and – when he decides he wants one – will almost always make an offer in his initial contact.

In this candid interview, Elliot shares a tremendous amount of information:
* How he discovers domains for purchase
* How he values domains
* Whether he “churns and burns” or tries to sell to an end-user
* How he finds end-users to contact
* How many domain name sales he focuses on at one time
* Why he uses both a written contract and escrow
* One $2,450 domain name investment gone bad and what he learned

And Elliot loves receiving reply emails from MAILER-DAEMON. Why? Opportunity. Listen to this interview to learn more.

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