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Submit an Education-Related Domain Name

Do you want a portfolio of your top 50 domain names reviewed? Sorry, we’re on vacation from portfolio reviews. Get our newsletter to find out when we open portfolio review again.

Do you want to have your education-related domain name valued by Adam Dicker, Michael Berkens, Page Howe and Rick Schwartz for free?

As described on the October 10, 2013 DomainSherpa Review, the October 17, 2013 DomainSherpa Review will have a theme of education.

We’re looking for any domain name related to learning, instruction, tutoring, e-learning, conferences, training — anything in that area.

The domain you submit must be:

  • Non-developed (we’re not valuing websites, just domain names)
  • For sale
  • .com top level domain *OR* a single word TLD, such as

And, yes, you can only submit one domain name. Make it one you want the Sherpas’ opinion about!

Submit your education-related domain name using the form below.

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