$1 Million in Domain Sales in Three Months – With Toby Clements

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Toby Clements launched his own brokerage business this year after parting ways with his long-time business partner, Rick Latona. After just three months, Clements has already sold $1 million of domain names and is on track to close $2.25 million in sales by the end of 2011.

On this show, Clements shares how he sold so many domain names in such a short period of time, the tactics he learned as a third-generation car salesperson that also work for domain name sales, and how anyone can be a better salesperson. Clements also describes how technology will streamline his sales process going forward.

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41 Responses to “$1 Million in Domain Sales in Three Months – With Toby Clements”

  1. Eric Jenkins says:


    As always another good interview. I get Toby’s newsletter and is great.

    Thank you,
    Eric Jenkins

  2. Irfan says:

    Great Interviews! I’ve listened so far 10 and hopefully will listened to all of them. It’s not only for Domaining but it also imparts business knowledge. Thanks Michael for conducting such great interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

  3. Joao says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for sharing such a great interview.
    I know it has been a long time since it was published but it’s still relevant.


  4. RAMONE FISHER says:

    Toby Clements is a great friend to have in the domain name business and also he and his partners are a great human beings and after my company is sold then i love to buy several domain names from both Toby Clements and his friends

    He is a great advisor and also a true hard working businessman and i would enjoy to doing business with his firm and his partners

    a great and also very amazing interview


  5. Hi Michael & Toby

    This is another great interview and Toby comes across as a very straight forward guy to deal with and very professional indeed. I did want advocate one suggestion if i may…

    After listening to the Andrew Rosnear Equation interview it really helps us all interms of how to value a domain for sale, albeit not perfect. However it appears these valuations still do not work when we submit domains to domain brokers. So I was wondering, would it not be very helpful if the domain broker provides the seller with a valuation?

    Even if the seller does not like the valuation, at least it can be considered. The reason I say this is because it is extremely confusing when we are given certain metrics to follow, but no one seems to adhere to them. Try to understand this from a novice point of view. We really need some help, otherwise it’s all just a guessing game and quite frustrating.

    I honestly think we will all do better if for instance we all stick to one metric and perhaps agree a discount of whatever it is to that metric standard, then everyone has something to work with. So a broker can come back and say, you need to discount that domain by “x” amount in percentage terms from the valuation standard. We must all learn from other industries like the stock market or real estate or the auto market for that matter, which also trades on book values. Michael, it really does start right here at Domain Sherpa, you have the influence to help change our domain world. This is a great site for novices and professionals to learn more about domaining. Like Toby, I used to work with the stock market and we can value even the most crappy stocks! We just all need to evolve a valuation standard and perfect it as we go along.

    So everyone wins if we can stick to the same thing. Cheers!

  6. Great interview !!!
    It’s always interesting to hear the inside out of any business. Thanks for sharing !!!


    JLG / ShowsintheUS.com / LocalShows.com

  7. Wow great…. congrats to Toby

  8. Avraham says:

    great interview, watch all 74 minutes…. congratulations!

  9. KC says:

    Thank you Michael for another excellent interview, and Toby for sharing some of your “secrets” in your business success.

    Toby, you said you like LLL.com best and you have bought and sold million dollars of them because they are very easy to sell. That puzzles me. I thought even a 2-word name such as golfcart is easier to sell then LLL. For example, an LLL such as IBM has a very small pool of interested users because only a company whose name can be abbreviated to I.B.M would be interested. On the contrary, almost anyone can buy golfcart.com and start a business. What am I missing here? Why are LLLs easy to sell?

    • I think that golfcarts.com or any lll.com is good to have.

      The ll.com and lll.com market has always been hot. I can sell an lll.com name (if priced right) in minutes. I can also sell golfcarts.com in minutes too though.

      What I said in the interview is that I like domains that I can turn into liquid. Both of these would apply.


  10. Kimberly says:

    Toby, I’m So proud of you ! I thought you were just learning domaining,
    turning turning down all my great domains to market, I submitted in the past. lol…

    I am So glad to hear, Never give up on your dreams

    You go Toby…. Sincerely

    DomainSherpa I’m a super big fan of …

    Thanks for the news…. DomainSherpa doing great…. Wow !
    Thanks for all nspirations


    Indiana, USA

  11. Wow, great interview. I have always enjoyed your interviews. I graduated with a Broadcasting degree and I know how difficult it can be to do a good interview. Yours are great. I also like Toby a lot. We have spoken on the phone several times and he has been a real pleasure to talk to. I am still new in the domain industry (1 1/2 years) but have learned a lot from guys like you and Toby. I also just redesigned my personal domain website at http://www.ChristianCalvin.com and would love to have you check it out someday. I still have over 600 more domains to add as its a work in progress. Thanks again!

  12. Thanks you Homero. I always enjoy talking to you and appreciate your comments.


  13. Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for all of your kind words. I truly enjoyed the interview being that Mike is so easy to talk too.

    And hey, I even learned that the H is silent in Spanish! Thanks Homero!


  14. earl adkins says:

    Thank you Michael ….. a Big thank you also going to Mr. Toby.

    I have paid big money for mentors and seminars and I get more value from your program then I could hope for.

    another great show….the best on the web

    earl adkins

  15. Interesting questions and even more interesting answers. Thank you very much and I wish I may never visit my site:)

  16. Toby… one of your best interviews yet and a very sharp / intelligent guy.

  17. Homero A. Gonzalez says:

    Great interview! (as usual), thank you for the mention!, Toby, you are an authentically nice guy, and you have my appreciation and respect. Michael you continue to hit it out of the ball park with excellent interviews. Thank you for that!. Domainsherpa.com has become a must read website for anybody in the business, and it has done it in a very short period of time. Cheers and wishes for continued success!….

    P.S. my name is pronounced Omero.. just forget the H, the H is silent in Spanish… and yes, you are right I do not mind it at all. (That’s another great thing about emails, you don’t have to pronounce anything.. Ha Ha!) and please don’t call me Homer… HA HA, you I hate to be confused with Homer Simpson… or even worse, Homer the Home depot handyman….

  18. Uzoma says:

    One great question left unanswered, please have the guest post the answer if he could (kindly):

    How many domains was sold to generate the $1MM in total domain sales?

    • Hi Uzoma,

      Without looking, the number is somewhere around 250 names. It would take a while to get a real number being that there were portfolios involved and such.


      • Uzoma says:

        Awesome!! Thank you, very much for both the interview, and for answering that intrusive question. If by chance you happen to read this, may i be at liberty to ask one more selfish question?

        Would your list be able to accept secondary Geo-domain names such as:


        If so, what’s a good price for such names that are not the 7 figure city names? Thanks in advance.

        • Uzoma,

          Thank you, but we wouldn’t be able to list these. We tend to stick with the more premium names such as Pasadena.com, Pasadena.net or Pasadena.org. If we look at the secondary market I would think more along the lines of GeoPlus.com names such as PasadenaDoctors.com or something similar.

          Be careful with buying these though as the “plus” part of the domain needs to be something substantial.


  19. Anunt says:

    Great interview as always!

  20. Sameh says:

    Great interview and great questions.

    Toby, I’m Looking forward to the system you mentioned in the interview.

  21. Kevin Davis says:

    Great interview and enjoyed it from start to finsh.

  22. John says:

    Fantastic interview! Toby’s a great guy.

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