The Interview You’ve Requested Has Been Removed

Sometimes companies go out of business, products and services become defunct, strategies and tactics fail to work, founders enter “stealth mode” in a new venture, and facts become evident.

Whatever the situation, the video you’ve requested has been pulled down from publication.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused, but we have plenty of other top-notch educational content to choose from.

At, we help entrepreneurs and investors tell stories. Through those stories we educate the audience and allow those who have experienced success to give back to others. We call these people: Sherpas.

We break up the domain name lifecycle in the following areas, linking to videos and tutorials in each area:
1. Discover
2. Buy
3. Manage
4. Monetize
5. Sell

We also:
Discuss domain name valuations
Discuss weekly domain name industry news
Share profitable flip stories

We hope that keeps you moving in the right direction, learning, and growing.
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