DomainSherpa Discussion: 50 Cent + .Club;; .NYC; Numeric Domains; .Kiwi…

DomainSherpa Discussion with Michael Cyger, Adam Dicker, Michael Berkens, Rick Schwartz and Page HoweWe’re joined by four Domain Sherpas: Adam Dicker, Mike Berkens, Page Howe and Rick Schwartz.

This is the show where we discuss industry and Internet news, what the news means to you, and questions from the audience.

In this DomainSherpa Discussion:

  • Rapper 50 Cent Uses 50InDa.Club, Rocks Launch Party in NY Next Week
  •’s Enters the Expired Domain Business
  • .NYC Will Require 4th Contact as Resident in New York City
  • Reader Question: Is Better Than
  • Are Numeric Domains a Bubble or is the Valuation Appropriate?
  • European Courts of Justice Require Google to Delete Certain Results, Why?
  • One of the Sherpas is Having a Birthday, Find out Who
  • Surprising .Kiwi Sales Data
  • And much more!

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19 Responses to “DomainSherpa Discussion: 50 Cent + .Club;; .NYC; Numeric Domains; .Kiwi…”

  1. Matias says:

    What happened with the Portfolio Reviews??, last one was almost 3 weeks ago….

    1. Hi Matias,

      They’re still happening, just not weekly like when we started.

      I’ve been adjusting the programming. We’re basically doing two DomainSherpa Reviews per month, two DomainSherpa Interviews per month, and then doing the DomainSherpa Discussions weekly when we’re not all traveling (like most of us will be at the end of the month to head to TRAFFIC).

      Make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter ( to be notified when our new shows are out. (Hint: this Monday, you’ll enjoy what’s released.) :)


  2. OB says:


    It’s a geo so the appeal of owning it far exceed the disadvantages (??) you describe.

    Besides, if Saks Fifth Avenue or Tiffany & Co get their .NYC, it doesn’t mean they’re associating with the smaller stores. It means they’re associating with the geo appeal of .NYC. It’s just that the backers behind .NYC aren’t discriminating against the smaller businesses since they too are part of that whole ecosystem.

    I think the .NYC will be good for a lot of local operations that can’t get their names on .COM. I know we manage a domain that a store in New York wants but the domain owner has no interest in selling. If these guys from the New York store buy the same brand on .NYC, we really wouldn’t mind it and we’ll let them be. Even though it’s a brandable and we can argue that it’s unique, their field is very different and their operations are so narrowly local. They don’t deserve to have the .COM over the current owner but they can have the local .NYC. Of course we’ll continue to watch them to make sure they don’t step on our toes, but who cares if they get their local .NYC.

    These geo TLDs are all about strengthening attachment to the community much like ccTLDs. In countries like CAnada and Germany, .CA and .DE are very strong brands/TLDs to build on. Since .US never picked up, this is a renewed chance to build that geo loyalty.

    1. SerryJW says:

      LOL! It’s a geo so the appeal of owning it far exceed the disadvantages (??) you describe.

      There is no disadvantage to the pizza place, there is a huge disadvantage to SFA. They ARE in Manhattan because the elite expects them there.


      1. OB says:


        If that’s the case, then “the elite” shouldn’t be on the .COM either. They should have just applied for their own TLD to eliminate any chance of mingling with the riff raff. *sarcasm*

        Besides it’s .NYC not .MANHATTAN. Why didn’t they apply for .MANHATTAN? The cost was only 185k + consultant fees.

        1. SerryJW says:

          OB, You simply CAN’T be a NYer. The industry just doesn’t need another extension UNLESS it stands alone from the others.UNLESS the elite want to play, it will go to domain heaven. There is no difference B/T .biz and .NYC if your business is in Staten Island.


  3. albert says:

    Another great one guys.


    1. Thanks for watching and commenting, Albert.

  4. SerryJW says:

    Mike Berkens.. WOW! You really confused me. You guys must not be NYers. When I thought of the .NYC extension, I thought of Manhattan, not the 5 boroughs. The idea is to keep .NYC exclusive. Do ya thunk Saks Fifth Avenue or Tiffany & Co wants to be associated with the pizza place in Staten Island?

    This is going to potentially be like .EXPERT

  5. Eric Jenkins says:


    Another great show guys. Happy Birthday Page!!!

    Eric Jenkins

  6. Hello Sherpas,

    Thank you for mentioning the .info question. I agree 1000% percent with all the Sherpa’s opinions.

    I really didn’t expect to find it but when I seen it, especially after watching the show, I nabbed it. .INFO may not be “big” but it’s seasoned enough that with some investing in advertising it could be done

    Unfortunately at this time I don’t have the resources to build out such a database, but it was the intention of the purchase. Considering the revenue the drug industry provides, there are many ways to monetise it with the “right development”. I am open to JV offers as well.

    Thank you once again for another great show and your shared opinions.

    A special thanks to you as well Michael for posing my question. If you need some SEO domains I may have something of interest. ;)



    1. Our pleasure. Thanks for submitting the question, AD.

      1. You’re welcome Michael. You have a great show!

        Update: I shopped around for database feeds for the drug info site. The price was in the area of about $16k annually for an API feed from a well known provider.

        That being the case, it looks as if I will be holding off on doing more than what I already have put in place. Perhaps if I get some hits from advertising and can generate the required amounts to cover the database costs things will change.

        Thank again for your thoughts and input Sherpas!


        Advertisement Domains

  7. DNP says:

    Emailed them at but constantly bouncing :(

  8. >club seem to be doing really well and it is all down to marketing. They have by far been the most active new gTLD wirth regard sto marketing and social media.. The fact that 50cent is using the extension will only help it even more.

  9. Leonard Britt says:

    problem with video around 9 minutes when Page was talking about .Club launch / general availability…

    1. Hi Leonard,

      I couldn’t reproduce your issue. Sorry about that. Maybe refresh and try again?


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