Auction Partners of Domain Name Registrars

Almost every domain name registrar has an exclusive auction partner for selling expired domain names. Grab the domain name you want by putting in a bid or backorder at the correct auction house.

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Domain Name RegistrarAuction House Partner
Go DaddyGo Daddy Auctions
Wild West Domains
Ascio TechnologiesNameJet
Network Solutions (NetSol)
1&1 InternetNone
Melbourne IT

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18 Responses to “Auction Partners of Domain Name Registrars”

  1. Mike says:

    GREAT article thank you!

    Who is the auction house for registrar Epik?

    Thank you

    1. I asked Rob Monster, CEO and founder of Epik, and he said, “We send our expiry stream to Snapnames on Day 36.”

  2. Fareed Ahmad says:

    Great informative post I must appreciate your diligent work, its very helpful post for every one.keep it up.

  3. Mark says:

    Can someone please tell me who is auction partner for UNIREGISTRAR ?

    >>>> ???? >>>>>

    1. As of today, Uniregistrar / Uniregistry does not have a partner auction provider.

      Be sure to check out our backorder services provider list:

  4. Dave B says:

    Great resource Michael. I’m using it today because I was trying to figure out where a domain name was dropping. Thanks for keeping it updated!!!

  5. elevator says:

    Good job Mike. But please, I need to clarify a procedure of backordering; is it only client who placed backorder on a particular domain that can buy the domain on auction when expired or anybody can bid to buy that same domain without placing backorder on the domain? Or are they two differnent procedure. Sorry, if I sound awkward but I hope you understand my question

    1. When a domain name expires, if there is an auction partner at the registrar where it expired — and if more than one person places a backorder for it — then it goes to auction. If there is only one backorder on the domain name, then that one person is awarded the domain name for the minimum bid.

  6. Yoav says:

    Thanks for your previous response :)
    I understand that CRONON AG. hasn’t responded to your email yet.
    Anyway, I have one more question I would like to ask.
    What is the auction partner of ASCIO TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Registrar ?

    Thanks in advance :)

    1. Hi Yoav,

      I do not know the answer to your question. As with Cronan, I have emailed Ascio Technologies ( via their contact form. When they respond, I will update the matrix above.

      Here is the email I sent to them. You can use it for other inquiries you have; then let me know what you find out and I can update the matrix.




      I’m writing to ask you if Ascio has an established partnership with an auction house per the table listed at In other words, when a domain name expires, do you auctioned it off via a service like NameJet or SnapNames or simply let them drop and allow the fastest drop catcher or hand registration to register it?

      Thank you,
      Michael Cyger

    2. Ascio Technologies responded to my inquiry: “Yes we hereby confirm that our expiring domains are auctioned at Namejet currently.” I will update the table above accordingly.

  7. Yoav says:

    Thanks for your quick answer Michael :)

    I have two more questions and It will be greatly appreciated if you would answer:
    1) According to your table above^, the registrar Melbourne IT auction partner is:Snapnames.
    But I find this a bit outdated because I have searched a bit on different search engines and noticed conflicting results.
    On the one hand Melbourne IT has no auction partners and on the other hand Namejet is the auction partner of this domain name registrar(according to my search results).
    Is still the auction partner of Melbourne IT ?

    2)What is the auction partner of CRONON AG Registrar ?

    Thanks in advance :)

    1. Hi Yoav,

      It appears that Melbourne IT may not be exclusive to SnapNames. They were purchased within the past 6 months by CSC (, so whatever was may change. I’ve asked an expert in the area your question and will update the chart above when I have more information.

      Regarding Cronon AG, I have sent an email asking who their auction partner is, if any. I’ll update you here if/when they respond.


  8. Yoav says:

    I wish to backorder a certain domain which is currently registered with MarkMonitor. and soon to be expired.
    I don’t know what are the Auction Partners of this registrar.
    I didn’t find any reference to the registrar: MarkMonitor in your article.
    Who is/are the partner/s of this registrar in auction ?
    It would be very much appreciated if you would add MarkMonitor. to the list above and explain a bit about MarkMonitor’s expiring/pending delete domain Auction process.

    Thanks in advance :)

    1. MarkMonitor is a service provider that provides “brand protection, domain name management, domain registration, and anti fraud solutions” — according to their website. Because they perform these services, it makes sense for them to also be a registrar to be in control of their clients assets. You can see a list of their clients here:

      As such, MarkMonitor does not have an auction partner. It’s not to their advantage to do so, and might look suspect in they eyes of their customers — who are large companies with many trademarks, brands and assets under management.

      Thanks for the question. I’ll list them above under “None”.

  9. Jeremy says:

    I noticed that “DirectNIC” is listed with both NameJet and SnapNames. Is this correct?

    There’s an expiring domain I wish to obtain that is currently with “DirectNIC”. Do I need to backorder it with both auction house partners (NameJet and SnapNames), or is only one of them actually the partner.

    I backordered it from NameJet and noticed that NameJet’s General Manager said they had an agreement with DirectNIC. Is this exclusive? I just wanted to know if I should also backorder with SnapNames as well, or if I should be good enough with just a NameJet backorder.

    Thanks, in advance, for any info. :-)

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      I believe DirectNIC is partnered with NameJet. When I interviewed Matt Overman, GM of NameJet (, this was one part of the transcript:

      “Michael: Great, and we are going to talk about that private sale option, but you also have a fantastic amount of expiring domain names coming through your system. And I have got an article on DomainSherpa that I will link to that lists some of your auction partners, such as Directnic, eNom, and Network Solutions. Is there a reason why you get such great dropping domain names as well?”

      “Matt: Yeah, well, you touched on it. We do have a fantastic list of exclusive registrar partners that provide the bulk of the inventory that is sold on NameJet. So, those are exclusive to NameJet pre-released domains that get sold; we have a handful of great registrar partners.”

      I’ll reach out and verify. If you don’t hear from me, it’s NameJet. :)


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