How to Setup Email Notifications for NameJet Saved Searches

Carlos Aguilar asked a question recently on an interview with NameJet’s general manager, Matt Overman.

He asked: “[C]an you explain on a video on how you setup [email notifications of NameJet saved searches]?”

Here’s a screenshot walk-through of how to setup email notifications for NameJet saved searches, which should be faster than a video.

Step 1: Click Saved Searches

Sign into your NameJet account (if you don’t have one, register on NameJet). Scroll down the left hand side of the page and click “Saved Searches“.

NameJet Saved Search Email

Step 2: Click Saved Searches

Then click “Create a new Saved Search“.

NameJet Saved Search Email

Step 3: Click Saved Searches

Then type in a name for your search, your email address, and your specifications (e.g., no hyphens, words to start with, etc.).

NameJet Saved Search Email

That’s it! You’ll now received your filtered NameJet domain name searches every morning.

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One Response to “How to Setup Email Notifications for NameJet Saved Searches”

  1. Talk about giving your readers what they want. Thanks a lot Michael.

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