How to Sell a Domain Name – with Adam Dicker

If you have ever had difficulty selling domain names, this interview – really a master class – will provide the education and motivation you need to get moving in the right direction.

Adam Dicker, founder of, shares the strategies and tactics that have helped him contact potential buyers, negotiate prices and sell thousands of domain names worth millions of dollars over the past 20 years.

The interview on this page was revisited in 2014 and can be watched here: How to Sell a Domain Name Redux – With Adam Dicker. We highly recommend you watch both videos.

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About Adam Dicker

Adam Dicker, & DCG.comAdam Dicker is the CEO of, the largest online domain name discussion forum. He is also the founder and CEO of Domain Consulting Group, where he manages his portfolio of domain names and develops online businesses.

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Here’s your program.

Michael Cyger: Hey everyone, my name is Michael Cyger. I’m the publisher of, the Domain Name Authority, and the place where you came to to learn how to become a successful domain name entrepreneur directly from the expert themselves.

If you are like me you want a bunch of domain names that you have acquired over the years that some of which you want to sell. But how do you sell domain names and what are the most effective domain name sales tactics. Joining me to answer these questions is Adam Dicker. Adam is the CEO of – the largest online domain name discussion forum. He is also the founder, an online school dedicated to mentoring a small group of people who want to learn how to become successful domain name investors. More than 3,000 students have gone through to date.

Adam, welcome back to the show.

Adam: Thank you and I appreciate you having me on the show.

Michael: For those of you watching this show and haven’t seen Adam’s previous DomainSherpa show, after this show you can go visit for an in depth look at how Adam built his most recent lead generation business in the medical industry – Specifically in the cord blood bank market. It is a great example of how you did not need to be into domain names in the mid 1990s to establish yourself and make money today. And hopefully we are going to have Adam back many more times. So if you hear a topic during this show that you want to learn more about in the future please scroll down to the comments and let Adam and me know what topic you would like a show dedicated to.

Today we’re going to be talking domain name sales, Adam. Those people who are watching this show maybe from the entrepreneurial community, the startup community, just business owners that want to learn how to sell domain names that they may own they may not know you as a domain name hall of famer, as the owner of the largest discussion forum in the market. Can we start off with some stats on your domain name sales? In a previous interview you told us that you currently own about 40,000 domain names. Some weeks you will go out and buy from five domain names to thousands of domain names. What is the highest domain name sale that you have ever made?

Adam: Well lets’ start with your original comment. Just yesterday I registered about 400 new names in fields I plan on entering for more lead generation areas. I’ve done some more research and like everybody else I found about 500 good areas for lead generation. So I’ll go back to lead generation for just a second and then I’ll hit the other question. A good topic for lead generation site is any product or service that sells for over $500. That allows you to make 20% and at least earn $100 per lead. Don’t bother setting up lead gen businesses for costs or services under $100 like florists or limo services. You won’t make more than $10 or $20 per lead or per sale, so for those set up affiliate links.

So like I said I’ve come up with a whole bunch of new ideas for lead gen businesses. I’ll give you a few nuggets now and then they can ask about them more later. So a couple that I am entering now are landscaping because it is a good time to set up landscaping sites with most of Canada and the US hitting winter. You have plenty of time to build out your site before March or April hits.

Michael: Is that landscaping design, landscaping installation, landscaping maintenance, all of those different areas?

Adam: All of those things. Mostly just basic landscaping and stone patios and things like that. And so I am dealing with landscaping, architecture (which is a big commission based business) and them dealing with many different types of lawyers like family lawyers, criminal lawyers, real estate lawyers, and even intellectual property lawyers like we deal with on the internet. So alright let’s hear your question.

Michael: Highest domain name sale you have made.

Adam: I have been lucky enough to have quite a few high end domain sales. was a good one but it is protected by a non-disclosure agreement. The store is quite famous. They UDRPed me and they lost. So they had no choice but to buy the domain name if they still wanted it, which they did. I believe the domain name sold in 2006. And I have sold quite a few other domain names like, (which I will get into a little bit more with a story later). I sold to a bank in the Philippines.

Michael: Are any of these public information Adam? Like Was that a six figure, seven figure domain name?

Adam: I think is public. I think it sold for $400,000.

Michael: What about, a great two letter domain name that could be used for probably thousands, tens of thousands of companies out there?

Adam: Yes is a good story because I paid $15,000 for it and sold it for mid six to upper six figures. There are a lot of good stories but there are still lots and lots of ways to get into this business. It’s not hard like you say to get in and earn money in this business.

Michael: Have you sold a domain name in the seven figures?

Adam: Yes but like I said I can’t talk about the exact price. Two or three but I can’t talk about them because of the non-disclosures.

Michael: was one of them being a non-disclosure. Since you sold in 2006 doesn’t the NDA expire after a certain while?

Adam: To be honest with you I never checked on it. I don’t know. If they ask me not to disclose that I have to respect that.

Michael: So you own 40,000 domain names, you are buying a bunch it seems like every year. How many domain name inquires do you receive in any given month would you say?

Adam: About 100 to 200, both through email and through sales lin,000s on landing pages or through the marketplaces like Sedo, Afternic and Go Daddy auctions and things like that.

Michael: So you receive basically a handful a day and that leads to 100 or 200. For 40,000 domain names you receive 100 to 200 per month. And how many domain name sales do you typically make in a given month?

Adam: About 20 or 30. I mean it really depends. Of course that number would be higher if I was a motivated seller which I am not, which means I can afford to hold out for a better price. So it all depends. In some months people need to make their rent so they sell a little bit lower. There are certain times a year where you will get better bargains like between November and the end of January because people are trying to save money for trips or for Christmas presents. And in January they are looking to pay off their credit card debts.

Michael: Alright well you heard it here. If people are looking to buy now is a good time to get out there and start making inquires because people need to pay off their credit card or pull together some money so they can buy their holiday gifts. And if you are getting 20 to 30 sales per month what is your average domain name sales price per say? Leave out the sm.coms and the, you know those are the ultra premium domain names that I think that are in a different class for a majority of your domain names. What would you say was the average domain name sales price?

Adam: Right now I’d say the sweet spot is between $4,000 and $9,000 but obviously some larger sales skew those numbers like you said. But $4,000 to $9,000 is about right. I own 3,500 four letter .coms and if I wait (and I typically do wait) they sell easily for $4 and $5,000 and I see people selling them on the boards all the time for $150 to $200 which is because they are impatient.

Michael: I get a few email newsletters with domain names for sale and I just look through them to see what is interesting and I noticed on one of them they had I think 3,500 four letter .coms for sale and you had to inquire to see what the portfolio was but at one point they were listed at a certain price and then they were reduced and then they were reduced and I think right now they are selling for around $60 or $70 per domain name if you bought the whole lot of 3,500. Is that a good deal considering that you are selling them for…?

Adam: Well I can tell you one thing those aren’t my 3,500 domain names. But yes $60 at 3,500 is a very good deal. You would be surprised at some of the inquires you get. Like I have got one guy, and some people aren’t that bright, his name is Clay Luy so he wants and we negotiated a price and then he backed off and I know he is going to come back because he has no other way to get it besides to come through me. So at $60 a pop it is a very good investment, you are definitely going to recoup your money but you are going to be willing to wait.

A good example of that recently I sold a domain that I bought in 2005, I sold it last week, it was I paid $6,300 for it in 2005 and last week it sold for $65,000 plus another $7,000 which was the broker fee which the buyer agreed to pay. So my take away was $65,000, which is pretty much 1000%.

Michael: That is pretty amazing. Clearly spread out over six years, you had to wait six years, you had to have enough capital to be able to put that on the side, wait your six years, pay your $10 a year renewal fees and finally it paid off. In those six years did you receive other offers that were for $3,000 or $5,000 and you said agh why did I buy this?

Adam: I mean I did get a good offer from the US government who wanted (it was a general or some sort of commander) who wanted to set it up for a Navy Seals type project but that never went anywhere. I’ve had some good offers on before but really the company that bought it they sell actual seals, not the animals, but seals to seal products, I don’t know what the hell kind of seals they really are really. When you are getting 1,000 times revenue you don’t really care what the seals they are actually using it for. It is not the club Seals I made sure of that.

Michael: Is that the clothes for baby seals.

Adam: It is nothing like that. So I am feeling good about it. And it was a good deal and you have to be willing in this industry to wait and part of the problem is people are very impatient; they want to get the quick fix. And they don’t realize that the only people that make money right away (and I take us back to the gold mine days) a lot of people or a lot of gold miners went out in the mines and they worked days and days, and months and months, to get a little nugget of gold and when they found it it was worthwhile. But what they don’t realize is that most of the people that made all the money were the guys that sold the picks and the shovels. So to me in our business the registers are the ones that are selling the picks and the shovels and domainers are the gold miners. And once in awhile you get a nugget but you have got to be willing to wait for it and you have got to dig for it and you have got to be very patient. And I am in a position and a lot of people are in a position where now with parking revenue as low as it is. To going back to full time jobs which allows them a steady income to support their families so they can be a little bit more patient in waiting for better numbers on their sales.

Michael: And I think that is a great point because so many people love Ron Jackson’s weekly emails and sales chart summaries that show what happened in the last week. He takes the sales from various marketplaces SEDO, Afternic, Go Daddy, anybody that publishes information he verifies it and does a great job listing them for sale. And I look at them as I’m sure other people do look at them and it is very easy to think wow that is easy money. You know I can go out and buy domain names like that every single day and I can just flip them. But that is not actually the case. These aren’t lottery tickets that somebody bought yesterday and are selling today. These are in fact domain names that people owned for awhile and it takes awhile for interested parties to contact them, to agree to a decent sales price and then to sell them.

Adam: Well you can go out and you can buy decent domain names and flip them very quickly but you are not going to get near as much if you wait for the right buyer to come along. And one of the things that I am going to get into later is it is very important to understand that as a domainer we don’t set the sales price for a domain name. The price is set by the buyer, what the buyer is willing to pay. So that part of it is really out of our control. So if we can get a buyer for seals at $1,000 and he won’t go any higher we can get a buyer that goes up to $6,500, we get a buyer that goes up to $300,000 because the name has value to their business. But that sales price is not set by me no matter what I do or how long I wait.

Michael: Good point. Before we get into the actual tactics themselves, you have already mentioned a couple of domain names that you sold recently. Do you have a few more domain names that you sold yesterday, the day before, the day before that you can throw out a domain name and a price so we can get an idea for the kinds of domain names that you are selling on a regular basis. Not the sensational ones, the great ones like that you sold for $65,000 but the nuts and bolts.

Adam: In my head I don’t really have any but I sold a few four letter .coms this week and late last week and again they sold between the $4,000 to $5,000 mark. Those are the ones that are in my head. I sold to a school board. It hasn’t completed yet but I know it will because they send me the contract and we both executed on it. There are a lot of other sales that do go through. The CA market is starting to heat up a little bit. So there are some good sales coming up on that. Off the top of my head, I’m sure I will think of something later on as we go through the interview.

Michael: Alright, we will get through it. So I went to DNF College, I looked at the website, I looked at what you are doing there. Some great, great content is being delivered on You have been gracious enough to give me access to it so I could take a look around. On the course outline the first bullet that you list you say: You will learn that buying domains is only 5% of the work and 95% is knowing how to sell. Why do you say that?

Adam: I mean for selling a domain I always start out by saying anyone can buy domains. It doesn’t take a lot of brains to go out and buy any kind of domains, go to our beds (and I know you and I are going to do another video on how to buy the right domains later on) but the problem is you can go out and buy domains and that is only 5% of the work because anybody can buy a domain. But actually understanding how to negotiate a sale and how to sell will get you the most value for that domain name. So I can take a $2,000 and make it a $60,000 or $80,000 or I can take a $2,000 that you bought for $7 and you sell at $2,000 and you think wow great, but the problem is you have left a lot of money on the table. And you also have to remember and the most important thing, like I just said before, we don’t set the price, the buyer does. So you have to understand how to negotiate to get the best possible price. Always know what you paid for a domain name before responding to an offer. That way you know how much you stand to make or lose on a domain. And you don’t always make money on domain names. Sometimes you actually lose money on a domain name. But hopefully those times are rare. We are in a great business so don’t be too greedy or you will blow a sale.

Three days ago a gentleman popped me up on MSN asking me my opinion. He had an offer for a two letter .net for $36,000 and then they went up to $57,000 and then he said what should I do? I said take the $57,000 as fast as you can and close it. And he got greedy and he asked for just over $70,000 and he ignored my advice. Well the next thing you know the buyer pulls out completely, got pissed and the most they want to offer him right now is $35,000. He’s upset. I warned him he should have taken that $57,000, he didn’t listen and now he has learned a costly lesson. So you much remember though in our industry if we buy a domain at $8 and it sells for $100 you have made 1,250% profit. You will never get that kind of money on a return from a bank. So now I’m not suggesting that you sell all your domains for $100 but take it as a good example to show our business can generate profit like no other is done correctly. He didn’t take the advice at $57,000. It was a two letter .net. He should have taken it. Now he is going to have to sit out and wait a good six months to a year before they come back and if they still want the domain then.

Michael: Let’s talk about that because I agree it is a fair market, the market is set by the buyer. If you are offering a domain name for sale the offers that come in will determine the value of that asset. But, just like you said earlier with you paid $6,300 for it. It may have been a buy it now price, you bought it right then, the buyer set the price, why didn’t you sell that for $12,000 when that person came to you that you sold it to and looked at it and said I just received 100% return on my investment? Then over six years so you can reduce the value of it or whatever. Clearly the market sets the price but on the other hand you also determine the value of it. How do you wrestle with those two things Adam?

Adam: Part of becoming a professional domainer is understanding how to evaluate domains. And I personally evaluated seals at about $125,000 and I did that because, like I said, I’m not a motivated seller so I can sit and wait for the right buyer to come along. I did most of my big transactions back then through (which is great because it keeps a great history of what you paid for a domain name). So I was looking at the offer, and looking at the offer and then I went back and I looked and I saw I only paid $6,300 for it and then I realized 1,000% return is a pretty damned good return in any business. So I decided to let it go. And this is one that I actually used a broker for which I don’t usually do. And they sold the domain and I told them I would let it go for $65,000 but the buyer is going to have to pay your fee because I want to walk away with $65,000. And yes I could have sold it for $20,000 and I could have earned whatever, 400% on it and that could have been the scenario and if I had needed the money for something or I was buying a new house or I needed a down payment for something I may have.

I mean there have been times when I let domains go for much less than I should have. I am going to get to one of those stories probably at the end of this interview where I lost a lot of money because I had left a lot of money on the table but I still made a lot of money. So at the end of the day I can’t also worry about (and this is something that domainers do) I can’t worry about that I sold it for $64,000 and somebody else is going to turn around and flip it for $300,000 or $350,000 because that doesn’t matter to me. The bottom line is I made money on my investment. I can take half and invest in more domains or I can bank the whole thing and think okay this was a good investment for me. I’ve learned how to make money. I learned how to sell domains for a profit. Pat yourself on the back and say this one was a good one.

Michael: How did you determine that seals had a value of $120,000 to you?

Adam: Just over the years I’ve come to set up my own valuation tools and systems that I run through Excel and a lot of it is based on traffic, it is based on how much it is earning on Pay Per Click, it is based on brandability, it’s based on is this an industry defining term (which this one is)…

Michael: With seals you weren’t thinking about the animals, you were thinking actually about the seals that are in pumps or whatever to make something leak proof.

Adam: Well I happen to be famous for loving animals. I have been an animal lover my whole life. I watch Animal Planet all the time. So I bought, I bought, I bought and probably about a host of others. And it turns out that all my animals have been very nice to me.

Michael: Alright Adam for those that don’t have the 15 plus years – 20 plus years – I’m not sure exactly how many years of internet experience that you have what is a good bench mark for them to determine the value of a domain name? What is a good tactic for them to use? Should they go to an online evaluation tool? Should they pay for online valuation or online appraisals? Should they send you an email? What is the best way for them to determine the value of a domain that they own?

Adam: To be honest with you at the beginning, and I did this myself, I was lucky enough to find somebody that I could trust that I would run by things that I was thinking of purchasing or things that I was thinking of selling and say am I getting a good deal? And that is the best benchmark you can get. Find somebody you can trust, whether it be me or somebody else and use them as a benchmark. My advice on appraisal tools and all the guys that write them won’t like this but it is don’t ever pay for an appraisal. And why is because they are useless. Remember what I said earlier the buyer dictates the price. You little piece of paper saying it is worth trillions of dollars won’t get you any more revenue for your domain.

Appraisals are just a way for you to get an ego boost and a waste of money at the same time. There are also known scams of people asking you to get appraisals before they buy your domain name. Then you get the appraisal from the lowest company that they send you and that is where it ends. They never buy the domain name so please don’t fall for that either.

Michael: But what if you go to one of the more reputable services like is the largest marketplace in the world. They offer an appraisal for I don’t even know what it is. Let’s say it’s $30 or $40. I’m not sure, on that order of magnitude I’m sure. If you got an appraisal for $10,000 doesn’t that give you more ammunition when somebody comes to you and offers $5,000 or $1,000 for it? You could say hey SEDO the largest marketplace in the world said it was worth $10,000?

Adam: Not really because if the buyer is not going to give you any more money for it, it is completely useless. Plus in most cases the people doing these appraisals are running algorithms. They put in your domain name and out comes a price. So you are not really getting any value. They don’t know how many competitors there are for that domain name for that keyword. Like if you are selling insulation. You have 10 companies that are famous for selling insulation so may have more value and it may come out on an appraisal. But at the end of the day an appraisal is like a jewelry appraisal. A jewelry appraisal is only good if it is stolen and you want to replace it. You domain name hopefully won’t get stolen. And a domain appraisal has no value what so ever.

Michael: What about Your discussion forum. Do you have a special area of your board that is just dedicated to getting appraisal input from other domain investors and those on your discussion forum?

Adam: Yes DN Forum serves as a gut check to keep you realistic on your prices. But I always tell people buy from domainers but don’t sell to domainers. And remember if somebody asks you to do it for a price or they send you an email about a domain name and ask for stats on a domain name don’t sell it because they are a domainer. Only domainers ask for stats on domain names. And you want to sell to end users. You don’t want to sell to domainers.

Michael: Okay so a domainer is going to ask you for stats, is it bad to provide those stats. If they are great stats wouldn’t that serve your purpose?

Adam: Yes generally stats won’t help the sale. If a gentleman is buying it, they are buying it because they want to brand their business, an end user they are not buying it because you are getting 10 or 15 or 100 or 150 or 200 users to the site. So I have never really provided stats to anybody. And I have never had any trouble selling domain names. End users simply do not know about domain stats and they don’t care about them. If they want they want it because it has some value to them. They see the value. I don’t see it but they do and that is the important thing.

Michael: I think we just gave the audience a great tip for those who want to value their domain names and clearly I think domain investors and other people know when they generally have crappy domain names and when they have decent domain names. So don’t go out and ping everybody in the world on your crappy domain names. Everybody knows that they have them in their portfolios. Rick Schwartz calls them pigeon shit. We all have them. Even Rick will say that he has them in his portfolio. But here is a great opportunity for those in the audience. If you want to reach out to Adam and you don’t know Adam go down to the comments, post a comment to Adam, tell him that you enjoyed the comments that he provided, the tactics that he provided in the interview. Start forming a relationship with Adam. And then maybe you join Adam has been very open with his email address and with his telephone number and other contact details. Once you create a relationship it is easier to ping Adam and ask him for a quick piece of advice maybe on a domain name that you are thinking to sell. And there is a great opportunity to interact with a lot of domain name experts through DomainSherpa and other websites that are out there. The first thing you have to do is create relationships. So I will emphasize that.

Adam awhile ago I had Andrew Rosener on and he talked about valuing domain names, generic .com domain names by breaking apart the domain name into the individual words, going to the Google Ad Words Keyword Tool, typing in those individual words, finding out what the search volume is and the Cost Per Click on Google Ad Sense. So you have to sign into your Ad Sense account as well. And then multiplying those two things together, multiply it by a factor, by let’s say 35% and saying if you buy this domain name and you work on the domain name you can get it up to the top of Google’s organic search results and you should look at that investment as a portion of what it would take for you to buy marketing in Google Ad Sense to be at the top of that keyword phrase. Do you think that that is one way to value a generic keyword domain name?

Adam: Sure. Everybody has their own formula that they use. And what may work for some may not work for others. To me in general if a domain makes at least $5 a year it’s a keeper. But everybody has their own way of valuating domain names and that is certainly a good one.

Michael: So we have talked about setting prices. Clearly you are not providing any hard fast rules but ping other people. Look at Andrew Rosener for another input on valuating domain names and his interview is at DNF College another tactic that you provide is set your minimum offer requirement at $1,288. So when you go to sell domain names and you list them in different marketplaces your advice is to put a minimum offer requirement of $1,288. Why is that?

Adam: I do say that and where possible I don’t like to spend too much time with low-ballers however if you filter your domain name properly you can list what I call junk domains for $100 and still make 1,250% profit if it sells and you paid $7. So what I tell people is it is pretty clear: get a spreadsheet in Excel of you domain names, go back through your emails (as far back as you can), make a list of every domain name that you ever received an offer on, mark those domains in purple in the Excel spreadsheet even if it was a low-ball offer. These are keepers even if they make no money because someone has a need or a want for that domain.

Then I tell them to gather all their parking revenue for the last 365 days (if they can, if not grab the last few months and extrapolate) and highlight those in green – any that made more than the reg fee and those are keepers.

Then I tell them to go through the list again and look for any domains that you feel have development potential regardless of revenue, mark those in blue and those are keepers.

And then the final time I tell them to look at the domains that you feel you have a hunch are good but have no development potential and earn no revenue, marks those in red. These are probably not keepers. I classify these as junk.

So take a look at what is left without a color and then list them at $100 to sell them. You may make 1,250% on them and get rid of them and you won’t get that kind of interest at the bank. Or it is time to drop and some domainers are always afraid to do that.

Michael: So those domains that are junk let’s call them, list them for $100 and then if you don’t sell them within the year when it is time for a renewal then you just drop them?

Adam: If nobody else wants them you have no reason to keep them.

Michael: Where do you list them?

Adam: I list them on all the major marketplaces. I list them on SEDO, I list them on Buy Domains, Afternic, Go Daddy auctions. I list them on Go Daddy premium auctions. I list them everywhere because they have more exposure and overexposure never hurts anybody on domain sales. I list them on the forums. I list them on DN Forum. I list them all over the place. But I make sure the prices are consistent with the commission rate. And then the most important thing is if you do sell a domain name do into all those marketplaces and delete that domain name. I can’t tell you how many times I had offers on domain names after I sold them.

Michael: I have never gone onto any of these marketplaces and sold a domain name. Isn’t there one system that I can just sign into that will list it on all the marketplaces for me Adam?

Adam: Not really. I mean it is not easy. You have to go in and you have got to manually do it. The most important two are SEDO and Go Daddy because they command the biggest audiences. And are just good places to list your domains in.

Michael: So if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck go to SEDO and go to Go Daddy because those are the biggest marketplaces.

Adam: They have the biggest audiences.

Michael: And so you list it. Do you list it for a minimum offer of $100 or do you set it as a buy now price on say Go Daddy?

Adam: Well Go Daddy offers all different kinds of ways you can list it. There is a couple things here. I tend to list them as offer/counteroffer. And that way I still control the sale and I don’t have to sell it at a set price. The minute you set a price you could be leaving money on the table. But let’s not confuse Go Daddy auctions with premium domain sales. Premium domain sales are the names that appear on the front of the site when somebody searches for domains exactly or similar to your domain your domain will pop up. Those premium sales must be priced. And you can price them for whatever you want. I only set minimums, I never fix prices. That is just the way I do it.

Michael: Okay so you set a minimum so that the system doesn’t even email you for a low-ball offer. And that reduces the noise. And then the offers that do come through are over the minimum and then you can either reject them, counteroffer or not respond.

Adam: Usually I counteroffer. Most offers when they come in at $1,288 they are serious. I mean you can tell a lot by an opening offer. If you get an opening offer of $50 to $100 you probably know you are not going to get them too high. Maybe to $200 to $300 if you are lucky. But if you get an opening offer of $1,200 you know it is going to close somewhere around $4,000 to $6,000 because nobody comes in with their best price right away.

Michael: So at Go Daddy they do offer for sale options. We just had an interview go live with Paul Nicks from Go Daddy auctions. So you can do to and I know Adam you are saying I haven’t seen that interview because it is coming out on Monday but by the time this interview comes out Paul will have gone live. And he goes into a lot of the details. There are four sale options on Go Daddy. They have the offer/counteroffer, you have the offer/counteroffer/buy now, a buy now only button and then you can send it to seven day auction. So for example if I put in an offer on one of your domains Adam you could say I don’t like that I’m going to send it to the seven day public auction and we will see what happens. What the market will bear on that price. So do you ever list your domains with a buy now price because you want to have it listed in the avail check process of Go Daddy when people are searching for a domain name?

Adam: Yes I list some of the ones that I want to list on the Go Daddy premium auctions with a sales price. Those are usually my four letter .com names or some logo domain names that I cap at about $4,888. And if they sell at that price (and I tend to sell one a month or one every two months) and it is just extra cash.

Michael: So you do list your four letter domain names with a buy it now price because a lot of people are searching for those short domain names and it is easy cash?

Adam: Yes $5,000 is a reasonable price to get for a four letter .com that doesn’t make any sense. I mean I wouldn’t list for that but I would list other domains with letters that don’t make any words or sense on them for that because to other people I have sold a lot of four letter .coms to people in other countries where the words actually make sense to them.

Michael: Let’s talk about sales inquires. You have got your 40,000 domain names, you receive 100 to 200 inquires per month. Most domainers don’t have as many domain names as you do. So you could probably scale it down if I have 4,000 domain names maybe I’m going to receive 10 to 20 domain names as a general rule of thumb. Who knows if it is going to be right if my domains are going to be as good as your. But when sales inquires come in do you personally manage every single one of those inquires that comes in or do you have a staff or a team that helps you manage them?

Adam: I have a staff. I have a team of designers and developers and content writers. I’ve also had the same assistant for the last 12 ½ years. But the one thing that he doesn’t touch is anything related to monetary so I am the one who answers all of the sales emails and I handle all of the transfers and things like that. He has never had has access to my account.

Michael: So approximately 5 per day inquires that you get you manage them yourself.

Adam: Yes.

Michael: Do you have any examples of a sales inquire that came in, and I am suspecting that some of them are low-ball, some of them are medium-ball, nobody comes in with an $80,000 offer right off the bat. Are most of them low-balls or do you receive a decent number of them as realistic or decent prices coming in?

Adam: Everybody likes to get the best price for the buck so everybody tries to low-ball you to begin with. I’ll talk a little bit further on on how you deal with some of those. I have a couple of stories at the end of this on how I dealt with low-ball offers.

Michael: One of your recent offers that came in?

Adam: Yes. Sorry say again?

Michael: Can you give us an example of one of your recent offers that came in via email and how you handled it?

Adam: Nothing comes to mind right now. But basically what I do is either follow it up with an email. And don’t be afraid to say look we are not in the right ball park. I am looking for this much on this domain name so I suggest you go pick another domain name. I have done that quite a few times. And they have turned out to come back to me with more realistic offers and we have closed on much higher sales.

Michael: Okay so I am going to do a role play with you. I want to buy I do a whois look up because I am educated enough to do that. I see that owns it or Adam Dicker owns it through the whois. So I send an email to the email address on file, even though you have it listed on different marketplaces and say Adam I would like to buy this domain name from you. I can offer you $100 for it.

Adam: So the first thing I do is look at it and I figure out what I paid for it. I know I paid $7 for it. And then I’m going to send you a note back saying I respect your initial offer but it is far too low. I am looking for something in the neighborhood of $4,000 to $6,000 for this domain name. And if this is not a raise that you are comfortable with in setting up your new business then I suggest you look elsewhere and purchase a different domain name.

Michael: And I respond back to you Adam and I say hey I watched your DomainSherpa interview with Mike Cyger. I know that you understand that the price is set by the market, what the market will bear. I can bear $1,000 for the domain name Adam. I think it is a reasonable price, I appreciate your time, let me know when we can close.

Adam: Well I appreciate your offer, it’s a good one and it is a respectable offer at this point it is still far below what I was looking to get for the domain name. What I am willing to do is drop from the $6,000 to the $4,000 and that is pretty much my bottom line price at this time.

Michael: So you know what you want to get out of the domain name. You are willing to walk away from the sale because you know if you wait long enough somebody is going to think $4,000 for a four letter .com domain name is reasonable. And you are willing to wait.

Adam: I am but you have also told a lot more information but in your change from $100 offer to $1,000 offer has told me that there is a lot more room to move. You can tell by the negotiation process. That is why it is so important how high somebody moves and how quickly that they are really in wanting this domain badly. So you went from $100 to $1,000 so I know for sure that I can probably close you at around $3,500 if I want to. $3,000 minimum and on a domain that I paid $7 for.

Michael: Now if I would have thrown in another sentence in that reply and said this is the highest I can go.

Adam: Then I would have said okay, again I appreciate your offer, it’s a fair offer, it’s just below what I am looking for the domain name. You need to spend a bit more money to invest in your business. Getting the right name is very important and I give them a little bit on why the premium domain name that they have chosen would be good for their business. And I say but I wish you luck. And you can go register another domain name at Go Daddy if you like for $7 but it is not going to give you the same kind of branding and the same kind of client base, or instant traffic, that you are going to get from my domain name.

Michael: So you know that you want to get $4,000 so you start at $6,000 to give yourself some room to come down in price for negotiation tactics?

Adam: Yes you have to leave yourself some room. But you also have to be realistic. You have to know that sometimes you are not going to get your $4,000, sometimes you are going to sell it at $3,000 or $2,500. But at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter because you still only paid $7 for that domain.

Michael: Private or public whois information on all of your domains?

Adam: Always, always, always public. I mean don’t make it hard for people to find you. Make it easy for people to find you. The only people that need to hide are the people that have trademark domain names and by now you should have gotten rid of all your trademark domain names. If you currently own a trademark domain name, or trademark typos, get rid of them. They can only get you into trouble. What I suggest is that people visit to look for current trademarks or to register a trademark. And then Go Daddy has a really cool feature in the domain control center called Delete Domain. And it sends it into redemption right away. So use that feature and dump bad domains. I have gotten a couple C&D letters in the past. I went in and just hit delete domain and that was the end of it. The maximum fine for having a trademark domain is $100,000 per domain plus any revenue that you have made off of their trademark in that domain name. Do you really want to risk that? I don’t.

Michael: That is a great point. I am a big believer in karma as well. And I don’t mess with other things that are going to reduce my karma. That is a great tip also for the delete domain because I know that I have got crappy domain names in my portfolio. I set them to non-auto renew so they won’t renew the next year because I know that they are just crappy hyphened or .net domains.

Adam: I am even going to give you one better tip that I normally wouldn’t give out. And that is when you go ahead and delete that domain name, before you do it, go in and change the whois information to fake whois information and then delete it so that while it is in redemption it’s not showing your real name and address. It is just showing junk.

Michael: Oh that is a great idea. I don’t want to receive those renewal emails every week for the six weeks leading up to the renewal or what have you. So that is a good idea to use. Okay so we talked about getting the most exposure as possible, make your whois on the domain name public. Do you have a preference whether it should be a company name or a personal name if they actually have a company name that they are using to sell domain names for example?

Adam: Yes, generally you should list your domain names in a company name because a company offers you extra protection should there be an issue or a law suit or something like that.

Michael: But the legal entity aside for protecting your assets Adam. Do you think that buyers looking up a whois will say it is worth more because they can see that a company owns it versus an individual?

Adam: It probably does but I don’t think that that has any bearing on any of my sales.

Michael: Okay, public whois information. Marketplace we talked about. If you want get them listed on all of them, but if you have to minimize your work and try and get the biggest bang for your buck list them on SEDO and Go Daddy auction. SEDO being the largest marketplace in the world in terms of the number of domain names and Go Daddy being the largest domain names in terms of the domain names sold per month. So get onto those. Should the domains be parked just to have a for sale link displayed. I know a lot of domainers don’t want to park them. They don’t want to have advertisements listed on them. They don’t want to have to manage them. You know they just look for inquiries to come in or they sell them through the marketplaces. Do you recommend that they do park them in order to have a for sale link displayed like is done on pages or a host of other parking companies?

Adam: I park my domains. There is nothing wrong at all with parking your domains until you get around to developing them. Just make sure that parking for you is just a step towards development.

Michael: So that is sort of the passive selling process. You list your whois public information, you list them for sale. Let’s move to proactively selling domain names. Which domain names in your portfolio are worth proactively selling? And contrast those to which of your domain names are worth waiting for inquires.

Adam: Personally most of the time I wait for inquires. And sometimes I go find them. But going back to that Excel spreadsheet anything that you didn’t list or highlight is not worth going out and proactively selling.

Michael: Any general rules, generic words, two-word domain names, three word domain names, four letter domains.

Adam: No because you never know what the buyer is going to be interested in. I have sold some three and four letter word domain names that I would have thought would never sold for anything more than $20 or $40. So you really never have any idea what they are looking to sell.

Michael: At one point you actually well let me come back to that. So if you want to sell a domain name, let’s say that I’ve got a domain name that is related to pictures and I know that Flickr and other companies online that make money through the premium model. You can upload some pictures for free and then you can get more space or more services by paying a membership fee per month. Let’s say that I have a domain name that I think Flickr might like (which is now owned by Yahoo I think). Is it worth me to reach out to that company to try and sell it?

Adam: Sure I mean as long as it’s not a trademark and you are not trying to capitalize on their traffic it sure benefits you to reach out. It also benefits you to use something like LinkedIn to find a contact within that company that would have more influence than you as a total stranger.

Michael: Who would I want to reach out to in the company?

Adam: Any VP, any CFO, anybody with any decision power. And there are lots of them. They are all listed in LinkedIn. So LinkedIn is the best place to hit somebody that can influence a decision on a domain name purchase.

Michael: So I am looking for somebody with some sort of authority with the company. I am not looking for the customer service reps, I’m not looking for a sales person, I’m not looking for a developer there, I’m looking for someone at the VP level or above.

Adam: Yes you are looking for somebody that can decide, or influence the decision, or pass it up to the person who can influence the decision and make that decision to purchase.

Michael: Okay so I can go on LinkedIn. I think LinkedIn gives me a certain number of in-mails per month so I can send that person a mail saying I have this domain name, I think you might be interested in it, let me know if you want to discuss it. And that sends it out to them. And I can upgrade my account and buy more in-mails to send to them.

Adam: Yes and there is no harm in doing that what so ever.

Michael: Is there any other ways for me to get names and email addresses of potential buyers.

Adam: Yes this is going to take us into the longest part of the discussion that we are going to have.

Michael: Is this the information on how professional broker sell domain names?

Adam: No we are going to get to that a little bit later. First of all I want to talk about when you get an offer with or without a price and how to deal with that offer. So this is going to be me talking a little bit.

Michael: Okay let’s do that and then we will come back and I will join my questions inline.

Adam: Okay, so whenever you get an offer with or without a price you have to look at it closely. You have to analyze it from top to bottom. It can tell you many things about the potential buyer. Here is a list of things to do with initial offers so you can get the upper hand. The first thing you should do is: Is the email from a company email? If yes, go to the company’s website and see if it is obvious why they would want to buy your domain name. If no take the Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or other email and Google it. People tend to keep the same email and that may lead you to their real names.

If the email is signed with a full name: If yes look for them on LinkedIn and then Facebook. LinkedIn is the most powerful. It shows their company, their title and their website. Follow where that lead takes you. That may help you understand why they want the domain name.

Number three: Is the email written in perfect English? This will also help you as generally company inquiries from intelligent people can’t get away from their writing styles.

Fourth one is if none of this works reply to their email with this (and I have done this many times): We do not take inquires seriously when they come from a Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo email address. Please email me from your company email and I will take this inquiry more seriously. And many times they have venues their real emails to continue the exchange and then I get their real names and then I can follow some of the steps as above.

Michael: Great, let me back up for a second. The perfect English. Tell me about that again. If something comes in with broken English what does that tell you and how do you respond?

Adam: It tells me I am usually dealing with an individual and I could be looking for somebody who is prospecting or just trying to make money off a quick flip. They may not be using it for their own company. They may be and they may not be but usually emails that are sent out in perfect English (and I’ve had a lot of those) do tell you a bit about the person. Writing styles – you can tell quite a bit from that initial opening email that comes in. And if you have any other questions I’ll let you ask them.

Michael: I love the idea we don’t take emails through generic email addresses, please send it from the company name because then it opens up more information from them. You now know their full name, you know their company name. You can do some research on LinkedIn, on the web, and gather some information. So I understand that perfectly.

Adam: And 95% of people will send it from their business email less than 10 minutes later.

Michael: So that gives you a lot of information to move forward with negotiation processes. Is there anything else that comes in that you look for?

Adam: Yes there are three types of domain sales inquiries and how to handle each one. So in all three scenarios you have to take control of the offer and not leave control with the buyer. The first way is when you receive an expression of interest without an offer. These are usually a waste of time unless you can solicit an offer from the person. So respond by saying thank you for your interest in my domain I currently have plans to develop this domain but if the right offer comes along I may consider selling it. Please feel free to submit your best offer. And then I just sign it with my company information and all my contact information. This way you will know if they are a chain puller and it will lead you onto an appraisal scam or if they are just a bargain hunter asking for an offer. Let’s you right away know if they are wasting time, if they aren’t in your ball park.

Michael: But on one hand you say take control of the situation but then on the other hand you say submit your best offer. Why wouldn’t you just say I know that I want $120,000 for Submit your best offer and it better be over six figures. Or it should be over six figures in order for me to seriously consider it.

Adam: You can do that too. Sometimes I’ve had best offers come in above what I would take for the domain name. So that is why I do it that way.

Michael: And if you were to say make sure it is over six figures or submit your offer of a minimum six figures. They may just come back and say here is my offer of $100,000 whereas if you wouldn’t have said that they may have come back with $140,000.

Adam: In that case because they haven’t submitted an offer to begin with they probably won’t come back with an offer at all if you say I want $150,000 for the name. So you have scared off a potential lead whereas maybe they would have come back at $10,000 – $5,000. And remember that as long as you know ahead of time the domain that they are inquiring about and what you paid for it you can sell it for a lot lower than $100,000 and still be making quite the profit. And have more money to invest in future domains.

Michael: So that was the first tactic. Get the offer.

Adam: The second type of offer is an offer with a price. You can tell a lot from the original offer. For example if you get an offer for $500 that is somehow serious an offer and you know that you have room to negotiate. The final price should be between $2,000 and $5,000 if you handle it correctly. Whereas if you get an offer between $10 and $100 you know this will probably be a waste of time unless you paid $7 for the domain name and you have no development plans for this domain. It is a good chance to dump one of those junk domains we talked about. Take your 1,250% profit as discussed earlier but you should still aim for the $500 to $1,000. The worst they can say is no.

So at that point you can reply with okay what is your best offer? When they reply you can decide to take it or tell them to pick another domain name. I have sold many domain names, even the high five to six figure range, by telling them to go pick another domain name. They may get pissed off for a little bit but usually they come back within a week to two weeks. Again they don’t have much choice but to deal with you if they want the domain. People want what they can’t have and that’s why we see auction prices sell for much more than the name is worth. And don’t be afraid to say we are not even close on the price I suggest you pick another domain name for your business. And I wish you luck in your future endeavors almost ending then conversation. I have used this many times and it has worked like a charm.

Michael: That is an offer with a price. What is the third offer type?

Adam: Well I am still sticking to that. When you get an offer and you don’t respond too quickly half the fun is the chase. Here is a good example. I made an extra $100,000 on a domain sale because I got an offer on Thursday and I didn’t bother responding until Monday. To my surprise they upped their amount due to my lack of response by $100,000. That was by the way.

Michael: They upped their response by $100,000.

Adam: $100,000. Just because I didn’t respond. I responded quick to the first few offers and then I paused. And they got scared that I wasn’t going to sell it so they upped their offer and I was just about to type okay I’ll take $350,000 and meet you half way and then in came my inbox saying fine we will take it at $400,000. So stay in control. You have what they want and it is not like the cookie cutter houses where they can go next door if they don’t like your price and get the same house for cheaper. There is only one domain like yours and if they want it they need to pay for it. But don’t be too greedy or you’ll lose it like that guy that lost the $57,000 earlier that we talked about.

Michael: Alright. Third offer type? You did have three?

Adam: I did have three but I am a little lost on what my third was is because I went off the trail there.

Michael: So you get an offer. Either the offer comes in and there is no price attached. You will contact them back and you will say submit your best offer. Second offer type comes in, it’s an offer with a price, either it is $500 or above, you know you can get them up because it is a reasonable offer or it is a high enough price that indicates that you can probably negotiate. Or if it is in the $10 to $100 range it is probably a waste of time unless it was a domain name that you knew you wanted to sell for that price range.

Adam: Sometimes you will get an opening offer of $10,000. And those opening offers tell you how serious they are about wanting the domain, how much they want it and they give you a lot of room for negotiation depending on that price. Plus the other thing to pay attention to closely is the price like you did in our little role playing example where you went from $100 to $1,000. That is quite a jump in a negotiation. Usually they will go from $100 to $250, but if you go from $100 to $1,000 and then I know you want the domain more and I know I can get you to the $3,000/$4,000 sweet spot that I am trying to get you to.

Michael: And if I went from $100 to $250 on a domain that you wanted $4,000 for it and your initial price to them was $6,000, would you consider that to be a waste of time? You would respond back saying I don’t think we are going to meet up here. I want at least $6,000 for it and you should go look for another domain name?

Adam: That is pretty much exactly how I would respond. But I would keep track of their email and the offer and the domain that they were interested in because, in like I said filtering your portfolio earlier, you want to keep all domains that you have ever had an offer on them no matter how crappy it is.

Michael: So all these come into you via email. Do you ever get somebody calling you up saying Adam, show the domain I’ve got to have it?

Adam: You are getting me to skip to some of my stories down at the bottom. I’ll skip down to one of those right now just because I can tell you are dying to get this one. So there are a couple of good stories. Let me find the one that I wanted. Okay so it’s not even on here. So this isn’t even one of my stories so I can go back up to where we were.

I got a call from a guy who wanted to buy from me. He offered me $2,000. I happen to be talking to my wife on the other line at the same time, so I wasn’t very interested or very motivated to talk to this guy. So what I did was say look I’m not really interested in $2,000, your offer is not good enough. We need to hit $80,000 to $90,000 for it to be serious.

Michael: Let me pause the story here for a second. Megacity, if I go to Google Ad Words and I type in mega city it is probably not going to have any search volume. If I go to EstiBot or Valuate and I type in it is probably going to come back with $7 reg fee or something. It is a brandable domain name right? Am I thinking through this correctly?

Adam: You are thinking through it somewhat correctly. They only advantage that I have over you, and this is one thing that I stress, is that the person that owns the domain and the portfolio has to know it inside out. And I will give you two examples for that. I always got traffic on a domain called Now you wouldn’t know what kind of traffic that way but know from going research on it that is a Chinese site that sells phone cards. So I am getting a lot of traffic from people looking for phone cards.

So let’s go back to mega city. Yes it is probably not worth on stats probably not worth more than $500.

Michael: Okay but you could argue that brandable domain names, any brandable domain name is worth $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 if you are willing to wait long enough?

Adam: Right.

Michael: Okay so let’s pick up the story. He calls you, you are on the phone with your wife, he says hey Adam $2,000, let’s skew the deal today and you said I think that this domain was worth how much?

Adam: About $80,000 to $90,000 and I wasn’t willing to sell it for less. Now the reason that I wasn’t willing to sell for less is because I live in Toronto and Toronto and all of its suburbs is known as the Mega City. So that is why I got the domain So it has meaning to me.

Michael: It does and it probably has a lot of meaning to a lot of people in that geographical area.

Adam: Well I have since learned that California and all its suburbs are called the mega cities. And then I also did some research after the phone call (and I will tell you how the phone call ended in a minute) and I found out that Mercedes was coming out with a new car called The MegaCity. So right away I thought it was them and I thought they wanted it because of the car. So anyway I said I wasn’t interested and then he threatened that he has a trademark and that he would come after me and he would get the domain through UDRP. And I said that’s nice, have fun and I hung up on him.

About a week later he emailed me back, like they usually do and he increased his offer.

Michael: By about how much?

Adam: It may have been about $10,000. I don’t know. But this whole email stream of emails that happened is listed on DN Forum and it was a very, very popular stream and you’ll see from on DN Forum if you do a search for MegaCity from the beginning of the sale to the end of the sale where it finally sold. It didn’t take long. It took like three or four days of going back and forth, maybe five days. But in the end the final sales price was $65,000. $60,000 or $65,000, I forget. So I got close to what I wanted. He got the domain. It turned out to be a Brazilian guy who is starting a game called Mega City and he wanted it to brand his game.

Michael: So from your prospective as the seller it really made no difference whether somebody contacted you via telephone or via email, you know the value that you wanted for the domain name, you countered with it and you stuck to your guns. They could have walked away and you could have been left with a domain name and held onto it until somebody else was interested.

Adam: Yes but the other benefit that I have is, because I do all the buying and selling, there is not really one domain name that I have bought or sold that I don’t know what I paid for it. And this was one of those where I paid $10,000 for I had no action on it for about seven or eight years. This was the first guy that called on it. So I figured selling it at $65,000 I was getting a 600% return on investment over eight years and I decided to sell at that point.

Michael: Have you ever been soft on somebody that called you up and created a bond with you over the phone to be able to get it at a better price?

Adam: That is a strange question but yes I actually have. I once actually gave a guy a domain for free because he came to me with a good story about his wife who started a business. I still remember the domain and this was probably about 10 years ago. The domain was called And his wife was running some business making bottle trees. And I went to check it about two weeks ago and she is still selling bottle trees on It is a unique product. He came to me with the story about how he wanted it for his wife. Told me a whole sad story and he was honest with me about it that she was nagging him and he wants it. And being just married about five years I could understand a little bit of nagging. So I felt for the guy and I gave him

Michael: Nice. Do you ever get snail mail sent to you through the postal service where somebody will say I want to buy this domain name?

Adam: No. Never.

Michael: Any faxes ever come in?

Adam: No. Never. Just phone calls or emails.

Michael: If somebody is sending you a letter to buy your domain what should be in that letter? An email let’s say. Somebody is sending you an email, they want to buy that domain. What should be in there in order to get the deal done?

Adam: It should have their information, their personal information, their real information and it should have a price.

Michael: And the price should maybe be in the three figure, four figure range depending on the domain?

Adam: Yes depending on the domain name.

Michael: So your tip for somebody, for an entrepreneur that wants to buy a domain name if we said that brandable domain names, not Mega City, one that has been used. If you go search for it on the internet it probably does have a good amount of search volume. But other brandable domain names, – well that one has probably – If I wanted to buy that brandable domain name, any brandable anybody can argue that it is worth $3,000. If I came in with an offer of $500 you would think that that is reasonable enough to have a conversation with?

Adam: Yes especially if I bought it for $7.

Michael: You did research on that person. You saw that they were a landscaper. Landscapers don’t make enormous margins on their work. Would you consider selling it for less than $3,000?

Adam: Probably not. Landscapers do make good money on what they do. It depends. That is another good point and we will get into that in the discussion when we talk about buying domains but you will have a harder time selling a domain to a landscaper or a baker (like Seattlebakery or Seattlelandscaper) than you will say selling something Seattlecriminallawyer, Seattlelawyers. Picking the right domains to sell is also key.

Michael: Do you use different sales tactics if you’re selling a generic domain name, you know versus a brandable domain name, versus a geo domain name

Adam: No. Well I mean there are different ways to find purchasers. Like if they came to me, no I’d use the same strategy whether it is a $1,000,000 domain, $500,000 domain or $100 domain. It is the same strategy.

Michael: So the strategies that we talked about and the strategies that you use are the same regardless of the type of domain.

Adam: Yes regardless of the type of domain and regardless of the price. If we are not at the ball park at the $100 we are not…and I’ve had people say they will just offer me a reg fee and that is it and I know even if I want $100 for it I’m not going to get it. So sometimes you are just not in the ball park no matter what price it is.

Michael: I read one of those. I was laughing because I was on yesterday, the forum part, the college part of and I was reading through some of your examples on there. And I read about the one that offered you the reg fee and then decided to double the reg fee. And they had actually lapsed on their registration and they wanted to buy it back. I thought that was a funny story. So I’m going to get into how you find the people to contact. And I’m going to ask you what a professional broker does but let me ask you this first. In the emails that you are sending back to potential buyers, people are inquiring about your domain name and you are responding back to them how does your email address and your signature help the sales process?

Adam: Okay that is a good question. My signature is very professional. I sign it Adam Dicker and then under that it says CEO Domain Consulting Group Limited, then it has an address, then it has a phone number, a 1-800 number, and then I have a fax number and I have my Skype ID, and then I have my website (which in this case I’m selling a domain name is and it says SEO and Website specialist. That lets them know that they are dealing with somebody that knows what they are talking about and they are not going to pull a fast one so it scares away re-sellers right away.

Michael: And for those that are just entrepreneurs or in the business and want to buy a domain name they look at that and they say this guy has some credibility. You are basically establishing credibility with them through your signature that then causes them to maybe react differently to the counter offer that they may receive from you.

Adam: Definitely and chances are pretty good that they are going to Google me.

Michael: So having an online persona, an online LinkedIn account, or Google Plus account, or a website where they can go read about you helps in the negotiation as well because if they look at you as an authority in the topic (and clearly you are) they offer $2,000, you are countering at $60,000 they are going to attribute more credibility to your counter offer than might be otherwise the case.

Adam: Also don’t be afraid to include a link back to showing them what current prices are and what domains are selling for because that will also set their expectations a little bit more realistic.

Michael: Alright Adam. We are over the hour point. Do you have enough time to stay on for a few more questions about professional brokers and effective negotiation tactics? You have been very generous with your time so far.

Adam: I do and there is a lot more that I have to cover.

Michael: I know. Again if people are watching this show and Adam has talked about a certain area or something about negotiations that you want to know more about get in the comments. Let us know what you want to know more about. And we will see if we can get Adam to come back and share some more strategies and tactics. So let’s talk about professional domain name brokers. People in the industry probably aren’t best friends with a professional domain name broker that they can call up and ask them how they do things. Most people that own domain names probably don’t even know professional domain name brokers. What does a professional domain name broker do on a daily basis?

Adam: This is going to get me going for another five minutes here. So I think people are going to appreciate this once I am done. These days every domainer thinks they are a domain broker. Domain brokers do not sell to other domainers. That is what I call a good contact list not a domain broker. So a true domain broker finds end users to sell to. And here is how they do it.

I have personally bought software I’m going to recommend here to help people sell domain names. Of course you can do this all manually without buying the software but it will save you weeks and weeks if you buy the software. I’m not getting any affiliate links on this so I am just recommending the software that I use. So at the very least you will need a piece of software called Whois Explorer. It will save you days of work and it’s only $49.95.

First I’ll give you the easiest way which is why they sell more generics than any other two word domains. So let’s take an example like which I happen to own but don’t worry I don’t believe in it. I don’t practice it I just own the domain name. I bought it. I thought it was a good investment. So if you have access to Zone Files and Zone Files are files that contain every domain that was registered in let’s say a .com. That makes this a little bit easier. But for now most of you don’t have that so I’m going to send you somewhere where you can actually go find people for your generic domain names right away like a broker would. So you would go to a place called Zed, I forgot sorry I’m in Canada. and see how many domains are registered with the word witchcraft and spells. When you do that you will find that 342 start with witchcraft and 341 end in witchcraft. Spells has 486 which start with spells and 1,500 that end in spells. Witch has 3,500 that start with witch and 10,000 that end in witch. And make sure you use the right witch, w-i-t-c-h. Now you can export those domains and now you have a list of 16,145 domains that relate to the premium domain witchcraft that you want to sell.

Michael: So I go to and I can type in key words that tell me every single domain name that is currently registered in say the .com using those keywords. So if I have, or I have and I want to sell that one I can go and do a search on to look for any domain name that is registered with auto, automobile, auto loans.

Adam: Yes. Okay so you get that list of 16,145 and you take a program like Atomic Whois Explorer, you import those domain names and it will extract all the admin emails from those 16,145 domain names and then you now have a list of contacts that you can use to email. So then you need an email client. So you go after something by the same company called Atomic Whois Explorer and this is designed to search through the global Whois data base automate the process of extracting contact information, domain administration and website owners. You can use it to email out these 16,145 emails that you have just gotten and then you send them an email. Basically it’s called Atomic Email Studio and it has an unsubscribe link so it is good for all the canned spam and everything else that people do. And now you have been able to extract the…You have got your domain list, you have got the emails that are attached to those domain lists and now you are able to go an email them and get people that are interested using Atomic Email Studio. It is an all in application for sending mass email customers and they can subscribe and unsubscribe.

Michael: But I could go to Constant Contact if I have 200 Whois contacts, the email address and their domain name. I could go onto Constant Contact and input them in and create a list and write up my email and just send it out through them too and they would manage the unsubscribe for me as well. There are a lot of different email programs that you can use. Right?

Adam: You can use anything you want. There are just a lot of extra features in Atomic Email Studio. Like for instance if you wanted to type in what was your example – auto loans? You could type in auto loans, the two keywords, and it would search Seattle auto loans and it would search in Google for any company that had Seattle auto loans listed and would extract 1,000 or 2,000 or 10,000 results which would give you more companies you could contact to sell your domain or your local domainer or anything like that.

Michael: And that is the Atomic Whois Explorer, right that does the search and extracts the information?

Adam: Atomic Email Studio.

Michael: Atomic Email Studio will extract the information for you?

Adam: It will extract the information. The Whois Extractor just extracts from the Whois information from the domain list that you got earlier.

Michael: Okay so the Whois Explorer extracts the contact information from the URL and then the email program extracts what?

Adam: It extracts, based on terms that you input it will also extract from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. And then they will email out the ones from both the web extractor as well as the ones that you extracted from Email Studio.

And then the last thing I’m going to give you is an example email that you would send. You would send an email simply saying:
Good afternoon,
My name is Adam Dicker, I am a Senior Broker at the Domain Consulting Group Ltd.
I am contacting you regarding as I felt it could be an excellent addition to your online business. The seller is motivated to sell and I am happy to present any reasonable offers for consideration.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to your feedback.
And then you sign it with your name, your website and your phone number and your company name. And you make it as official as possible. And you will be surprised at how many tons of responses you do get back. Remember you are sending 16,000 emails out at a minimum you only need to get one back to sell the domain but you will probably get a handful saying how much and then you will be able to go from there. This is pretty much how was sold.

Michael: These people that you are emailing, most of which have no idea how much domain names are worth, so if they respond back and say how much it is only out of ignorance, do you respond back saying make me an offer? Or do you respond back with another email trying to educate them and giving them a link to the weekly sales at

Adam: Yes I would definitely try to educate them. You will be able to gauge – I mean if they just send the one line back saying how much then you would have to send them more information than just the price of $200,000 – $100,000 because they are going to tell you to go fly a kite will be the next response. So you need to educate them and make them understand that they can have whatever…it would be like 2,500 daily targeted visitors to their websites looking for witchcraft or related products. And if they are selling products related to crystals or related to anything else, those are customers that could potentially buy something and they can make revenue from them. So you want to put a little blurb in about how it could positively affect their business.

Michael: You threw out a data point right there. Most domain names owned by people probably don’t have very much traffic and you have said in the past you that you don’t want to provide that information because then if it is low it may reduce their price. Would you simply respond back to them saying this could increase your business? It is a brandable domain name. Here are some other domain names that have recently sold to give you an idea of what average sales prices are?

Adam: Well you can pretty much measure their traffic ahead of time and know that they probably don’t have much traffic. So in some cases it benefits you to include the traffic.

Michael: Okay but if the domain name has no traffic then you wouldn’t include it, or if it has low traffic – if it only receives 10 hits per day. If you are parking it and you know is that worth including?

Adam: No not really.

Michael: Now you have written this letter back to them as if you were a broker for a third party. But if they do a Whois lookup they say oh Adam Dicker owns this domain name. Doesn’t that sort of throw a monkey wrench into the system? That you are representing yourself?

Adam: No the question was how do brokers do it. You would do it more customized saying look we own this domain name – we have no current plans for it. Some people go as far as to say look they sent it out to 10 possible people and they say this domain is going up for auction. They set up the auction. They say here is a link if you are interested in bidding, go check out the auction. So there are a few different ways you can handle it.

Michael: Clearly you need to know what you are willing to take so a reasonable offer would be based on that. But if you are sending out an email you are probably thinking the domain name is worth at least a few thousand dollars otherwise it wouldn’t be worth your time.

Adam: Yes you want to get an initial offer close to 20% to 40% of your expected price for the domain. And this will give you plenty of room to get them higher, as a first offer is never usually their last offer.

Michael: How many times a week do you do this process? You go from you take a domain name that you are interested in selling, you go to ZFBot, you go to Whois Explorer, you go to your Email Studio and you blast out an email to try and sell a domain name that you own?

Adam: Personally I’ve done it a few times. I haven’t done it a lot. To be honest with you I am so busy with so many other different projects that I just don’t have time to do it all the time. I’ve done some testing with it with local domain names. I’ve done some testing with other domain names that aren’t high generic domain names, because typically those are harder to sell on a cold call. But a name for $1,000 – $500 – $200 – $300 those are fairly easy to sell going about it this way. It is pretty easy to get $500 for a domain name if you get somebody responding back.

Michael: Would you even go through this whole process for $500? Wouldn’t you try to get them up to $2,000 or somewhere around that area?

Adam: Ideally you want to get them up as high as you can but at the end of the day $500 is still good money. If you are looking to make $1,000 a day so you don’t have to work full time somewhere, you sell two domains a day doing this and you are laughing and you only paid $14 and you have made $1,000. And most people don’t need to make $1,000 a day. They would be happy with $500 a day.

Michael: How quickly do you respond? When you blast out an email and somebody responds back instantaneously how much do you want, do you wait or do you respond back in time.

Adam: It depends on the situation. I never really respond right away as it makes me seem too desperate to sell the domain. Half the fun is the chase like with anything else. And I already explained that I made and extra $100,000 on a domain sale because I didn’t respond or counter offer on that Thursday or Friday and I waited until Monday. So sometimes people out there will up their offer, they will increase their offer based on you waiting. And if you have got a live hot lead on a $500 to $1,000 domain name you don’t really need to wait a long time because they are not going to increase to $10,000. So in that case if it is a lower end domain name and you are just trying to get $500 to $1,000 or $1,500 I’d respond fairly quickly because…It reminds me of when people are in line and they want to buy something and they are ready and they are all hot and bothered and they want it right now they want to click the button, like the auctions they get caught up on it and they may close at a higher price just because they want to close and get the sale. Rather than giving them too much time thinking about it and then my wife leaves the store and she doesn’t want the item any more.

Michael: What do you use as the subject for an email that you send out saying good afternoon my name is Adam Dicker; I’m selling this domain name. What subject do you use? Do you put the domain name in there?

Adam: I usually tend to put their domain name in there as well. And then I say and then I put dash and then opportunity. And then they will want to read more about it because it is addressing their own domain name. So something relating to something they already own. And then if you are only sending out to a select few you can personalize the email by getting the information off of the Whois extraction tool and getting their first name and last name and you can personalize the email. And then obviously if it is a higher sale you want to follow it up with a phone call.

Michael: Should a domain name investor that is sending out an email like this setup a “real” business on the web in order to give them more credibility as we discussed you have? You list your website you list your LinkedIn account and other things to establish that credibility?

Adam: It certainly doesn’t hurt to establish credibility. A proper email signature will give you instant credibility and it won’t look like you are a fly by night organization or even worse a spammer. So it is really important to have a proper email signature.

Michael: When you sell a domain name for $500 or $2,000 do you execute a purchase/sale agreement on each of those? Or do you just go directly to and wait for the money?

Adam: I’m pretty lucky. Most people (end users obviously don’t know who I am) but if I am dealing with a domainer I don’t go to Escrow. If I am doing it and it is only a $500 to $1,000 domain, that is not a lot of money to me, where to some people it is. I’ve had deals where I bought and and I just said, they wanted to go to escrow and I said look I’ll tell you what. Give me your bank account information and they were in Canada. I’ll go to the bank, I’ll put the money in your account and then send me the code and then we will do the transfer. So it really depends on you but if they are a total stranger they may want to go to escrow and the price of the escrow transaction is minimal, it’s pennies for that. The only pain is you have to wait for time to get it done. I mean you are waiting for $500 or $1,000 so it is not such a big deal.

Michael: Let’s talk about some more negotiation. On one stream on you wrote about an exchange you had with a buyer of one of the domain names that was priced at $80,000. The buyer started off with $2,000. Was that the earlier case where you actually walked away and they came back and upped their price, and upped their price, and upped their price and by you waiting you actually got them to meet the price that you wanted?

Adam: Yes that was the Mega City stream. And it was I basically told them that we are not in the same ball park here. So go find another domain name. And you can’t be shy to do that because they have already expressed an interest that they want the domain name for whatever reason it is they want it. It could be something to do with their kid’s name. You don’t know what the reason is. But they have had an expression of interest. The hardest thing to get is an initial offer or an expression of interest. Once you have that you are in the driver’s seat. So at that point with the negotiation…I didn’t know I was in the driver’s seat, I paid $10,000 for it, I wasn’t going to sell it for $2,000. I knew I had to get the gentleman up and he did go up and it is an interesting stream to follow. And I post streams like that because it’s a really good education on the process that actually happens sometimes. And it shows people how much money they leave on the table by not knowing how to negotiate or how to handle sales.

Michael: So do I understand this correctly Adam that the entire reason you don’t make the first offer is because their first offer may be over the value that you want for the domain name? Is that the only reason?

Adam: I usually like to have them make the first offer just so I can see how serious they are. Now there are times where they will send me streams back and forth and then I will finally say okay here is the price because I don’t want to end the conversation or I want to know we are heading in the right direction. So I mean there are cases for both. Some people I know prefer, I know SEDO tells you to list your domains with fixed prices because they will sell more. Yes of course they will sell more but you are probably selling a lot cheaper than you should be selling. A lot of times domainers don’t know how to set pricing on domain names. They have bought domains and they are not sales people so they don’t know what it is really worth. They just know they paid $7 for it and they figure if they get $1,200 or $1,500 or $2,000 wow they have had a great day. But they don’t know how much money they left on the table. And we don’t have to look too far, to Facebook going out and buying, or any of the other websites that have been bought recently – Even the one that was in the news recently Meet.Me. I mean that was a great sale. Nobody would have expected it and nobody would have had a clue.

They could have left a lot of money on the table but with Ammar and Schwartz and Berkens you are dealing with three smart people that understand to do what they can to not leave any money on the table and they got an excellent price for a domain that they would probably not get that price again for. It was a great deal for them.

Michael: How do you reconcile the story that you told us earlier about the gentleman who wanted $60,000 or $80,000 for the .net and the highest offer was $40,000 and the guy ended up losing out on the deal versus the Rick Schwartz, Berkens, Ammar story where they get hundreds of thousands for Meet.Me and that could have been the same case you never would have heard that story? How do you reconcile these two things?

Adam: You can’t. All you can go by is at the end of the day the Berkens group is happy and I’m happy. And we both got a good return on our investment, much more than we would have ever gotten on any stock without risk and a better return than we would have gotten with any bank. So I mean at the end of the day you have to be happy with what you sold it for or don’t sell it. And at the end of the day if you are happy with what you sold it for and the buyer is happy with what he paid for it it’s a win/win scenario.

Michael: Adam my final question is this: I belong to an email newsletter list of startup entrepreneurs in Seattle. Like clockwork every three to six months an email goes out to the list asking what to do with a small cache of domain names that the entrepreneur has acquired over the years when they had different bright ideas and they no longer want to pay the renewal fees for. I know it’s hard without knowing what domains they own but what general advice would you provide to somebody in this situation who has some domain names that they want to sell.

Adam: You would have to evaluate them like you would any potential purchase. And we didn’t get into that but I mean but again there are three or four different types of domains that people should be buying right now. The best domains in today’s market have to do with products, services, occupations and information sites. Like is a great domain for a product domain. is a great service people research and buy and also make a great lead gen site., I registered that yesterday. It was available. It is a good occupation domain, a good lead gen domain, registered yesterday so don’t tell me that there are no good .coms available. And then for informational sites I registered like It’s a good domain where people…everybody who goes to the doctor and goes home and they are told they have something the first thing they do is they jump on the computer. They figure all the symptoms that they are possibly going to get and then they convince themselves they are going to have them. And they do research on things that they are going to have. So if a domain doesn’t fit into a products, services, occupations or informational you are not going to make any money with it so there is no point considering domains like that unless you get lucky once in awhile. But if you are banking on getting rich in this industry on luck it is probably not going to happen.

Michael: So are you saying that all brandable domain names are luck?

Adam: No brandable is good. Brandable fits that category as well. I was thinking of a domain name (I’ve got to see what it was but) it was Great name for a cleaners or a laundry and it is brandable. So I mean there are a lot of cute names that are out there, so brandable names hold value as well. But products and services are the highest valued domains right now and they are priced accordingly.

Michael: I was at DomainFest a year ago. I met a lovely woman there who had some great brandable domain names like Who doesn’t want to receive their pizza, a 10 minute pizza or something like that? So for a person like that that isn’t getting any inquires right now you would say make sure they have a public Whois, get them listed on SEDO and Go Daddy and maybe reach out to some people using the tactics that you said ZFBot, the Whois Explorer, getting the email addresses and reaching out to other pizza companies in their market.

Adam: There is a feature that I added on to Go Daddy while I was there. It’s in the domain control center. You go to I think it is Exportable Reports and then you export a report and click a box that says Whois searches and it will give you a list of every time somebody went to the Go Daddy Whois box and typed in your exact domain name and searched for it. So that alone is good marketing material. If nobody is looking for the domain name (and it does it over the last three months or the current three months) if nobody has done a search for it in the last three months and you have had no offers on it chances are it is time to get rid of it. I mean a 10 second pizza, even though it sounds good or a 10 minute pizza, it is not very realistic. And I doubt that anybody is going to be able to deal with that.

Michael: Anything you want to say in closing Adam?

Adam: You know there is going to be a few things. I’m going to give you a couple of quick stories. And then we will close on that. I received an offer on through SEDO at $1,288. And this was one of the first domains that I registered back in the ‘90s. And I really didn’t want to sell it. And my intent was to scare off the buyer. I responded with a counter offer of $60,000. Unfortunately they accepted that offer right away. And I knew that I left lots of money on the table and I did. My biggest mistake was not researching who the buyer was and could be and it cost me big money. The buyer turned out to be Price Waterhouse. Lesson learned.

Michael: And you could have figured that out by…sometimes when people offer through SEDO you don’t know who the buyer is.

Adam: Yes but you can go to an acronym finder and type in pw and it will give you a list of companies that begin with pw. And you can have a pretty good indication. Price Waterhouse was expanding into Canada. I mean I could have got a lot more than $60,000 for it but again I paid about $20 for the domain name. I could have got a lot more, I got a good return on my investment but it is not one that I am soon to forget.

The last, two other things, one is a tip and one is a story. You know I recently started a service DNF College where member email me on offer that they received and a minimum offer they are will to accept. So an example a domainer sends me and says they want $1,000 for it. I take over the negotiations and sell the domain for $3,000. So my cut is 25% above what they would be happy with. So they end up with $2,500 on the domain that they wanted $1,000 on and I get $500. So it is a win/win scenario. So that is open to obviously anybody who is reading the video or watching the video.

Michael: You have got a million things going on. In the previous video we talked about your lead generation business, you have got other lead generations businesses going on, you are consulting and you have got your own portfolio. How do you have enough time to manage other people’s sales for $500 on your part?

Adam: You know what? When you love what you do, when you can help somebody out, when you can make that extra $500 and make that other person the extra $2,500 it just brings back the passion for the industry. It makes you feel good. You have accomplished something for somebody else. They are a lot happier and you know what you make time for things that are important. I’ve got people who design websites so I don’t need to do that. I’ve got people that develop websites so I don’t have to do that. So I can spend time on the stuff that makes money.

And then this is another point that I know we talked about, I saw you post in on DN Forum about it. And it is something that people aren’t doing that they should be doing that will add instant value to their premium domains or their regular domains. So for all your good domains register an email address and go get the Twitter and the Facebook name match. Your name matching your premium domain. It adds a great deal of value to your domain sale. You can go to and click social networks and then enter your term like DN Forum and hit search and it will check 100 social network sites and then it will tell you which ones are available and then you can go register them there or you can have go get them for you all at once. And it is extremely valuable to be able to sell a domain name like DN Forum with or

And the last little bit, do you have any questions before we go on?

Michael: No. I was just going to say I personally would have paid more for I think I ended up paying $500 for the domain name. I would have gladly paid a couple of thousand of dollars or a few thousand dollars if I could have gotten the DomainSherpa Twitter handle and Facebook handle with them as well. I had looked at other domain names for DomainSherpa. I am much happier with DomainSherpa but I looked at other domain names but I evaluated some of them didn’t have the Twitter handle, some of them didn’t have the Facebook handle. I wanted everything to be simple and all to be my brand. And I would have paid for that.

Adam: That is what it is all about. And the branding is out there and now there is ways that you can post all of your RSS Feed, there are plug ins to directly post to Facebook so all of your stories go there. It’s good. The last question that I am usually asked is should domainers develop domains? Developed websites always sell for more than a park reg. So I recommend getting acquainted with Word Press, buying templates from You buy them once you own them forever. You can put them on thousands of sites. They don’t care. Word Press templates are easy to use, you can use them to build as many sites as you wish. We have a step by step guide at DNF College from how to install Word Press, to picking your theme, to which plug ins to use, all set up for free. All you have to do is sign up with DNF College and you are in. And if you don’t want to bother building them yourself my company will build them for you with original articles and original content and all the plug ins for $199 apiece.

And then the last thing I’m going to say is anybody that took the time to listen to this video you can shoot me an email at and I’ll get you a free DN Forum account so you can get set up. You don’t have to buy it. You can go in for free and we will set you up and like Michael said I make myself available for anybody that wants to learn about this great industry. So feel free to contact me in any of the following ways for tips and advice, tricks and anything else to do with domains. You can reach me at, on Skype at Adam.Dicker, on my personal cell phone at 416-884-0535. You can search for me on Facebook under Adam Dicker or on the Twitter user name Adam Dicker.

Michael: Adam you are amazing. Not only do you come on here and share a lot of your information, your successful tactics for an hour and forty minutes but you offer people a free membership on You know I am going to take the time now to urge the audience, as I always do, if you received value out of this interview — and man, and for an hour and 40 minutes Adam and I talked the details, the tactics you can use to go be successful. If you stuck with us until the end you will clearly receive value – if you are not a DNForum member you received value just form that. If you did, please go out of your way and find a way to say thank you to Adam. Post it in the comments, send him a Tweet, an email as he already said his email address. Remember, when you reach out and do something as easy as saying ‘thank you’, you establish a relationship – and that relationship that can become more meaningful for you later on. So I urge you guys to do that. I’m going to say thank you again right now by mentioning Adam’s websites: His websites are, where you provide consulting services and – if you want to apply for DNF College and get mentored by Adam directly – you can go to

Adam Dicker, thank you for being a Domain Sherpa and spending the time and doing this interview.

Adam: Thank you Michael. I really enjoyed it and sorry we ran on a little too long.

Michael: Oh not at all. People are going to love this. Again go down to the comments and let us know what you would like Adam to come back on the show and talk about and we will see if we can get him back in a few weeks to do that. Thank you all for watching. We will see you next time.

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      I am currently a member of the DNForum college. I have listened to this interview three times and I always learn something that I had overlooked and or simply not known about previously. I appreciate your transparency. Your information is priceless!

      Ron Roberts

    10. Mary Jo says:

      Adam and Michael, thank you so much for a dynomite interview.

      Adam, you’ve got me excited all over again about the possibilities of this industry.

      Mary Jo

    11. harjinder singh says:

      Thankyou very much Adam and Michael for a very heavily informative interview!

      I really enjoyed this well presented Great interview!!

      Harjinder Singh

    12. Chayan Gulati says:

      Thank You Adam for sharing your experience with domains. I heard the MP3 version of the interview. Also thanks to for drafting the Transcript to make the understanding easy.

      What I liked the most about the interview was that despite of the fact it was recorded in 2011, the information shared will be useful even if someone watches it 5 years hence. The core principle underlying the buying and selling domains business have been beautifully explained.

      Chayan Gulati
      New Delhi,India

    13. Victor Paez says:

      Thanks for all the great Info!


    14. Kim says:

      DomainSherpa, My lst watch with Adam watching you introduce him smile excites all new domainers Awesome Motivation \Inspiration
      You know you are inspired about a your niche or learning when feel heart beating …. wanting to learn 10 yrs in a day… ha ha I will keep watching
      Thank you Adam and Domain sherpa Would be priceless to follow Adam for even a week.
      Great work… ! Great Teachers

      Indiana, USA

    15. Mark S says:

      In the UK domainers in general are a pretty unhelpful lot and here we have a complete master happy to give a full insight into domaining, thank you Adam and Michael for setting up a great site where the best domainers are happy to give genuinely top class information.

      I do agree that there are some great brand and leadgen names that can be hand regged and with minimal work will easily bring a repeatable income year in and year out. These are the types I am personally starting off with.

      Anyway , thanks again for the fantastic interview and I’m away to check out the redux version and Michael thank you for making these downloadable, shows a great spirit when some of the best in the game freely share.

    16. Thanks Adam …much appreciated …your help is valuable …keep up the great work guys …

    17. Great interview, i rarely take away good information or listen to an entire interview but I found the chat with Adam Dicker to be quite interesting and sincere. I agree with the philosophy that it is OK if I sell a domain and then that person flips it for a much higher rate, if I get what i thought was fair than i am a winner.

      I have just joined the DNF forum as well as reviewing the college site. I own a few online gaming domains that i reserved back in the late 1990’s that i am interested in selling. This interview has been quite helpful and I thank you!


    18. ariel says:

      Thank you Adam and Michael! Awesome interview and the questions you ask Michael, are just perfect. I really learned so much and am grateful for your time… I really love this site! Aaron

    19. Adam:
      Thank you for a most informative lesson on Sherpa.

      I am a 80 year old woman that has had an interesting & exciting background. I was one of the first woman stock brokers in Philadelphia among other ground breaking firsts.

      I own SilverPlanet,com and other domain names. I have just gotten interested in the “business” of domain names and would very much like to speak w/you on developing some of these names and others in an area that is still unexplored.

      Appreciate your help, expertise and friendly demeanor!

      Thanks to Sherpa, too!!


    20. Once again, a great Interview Michael!

      Adam, you state we should list our domain names across all platforms of selling, Premium Listings, Sedo, GoDaddy, etc.

      First, I did not realize we could post on all of the platforms. The impression given is that you must choose one, for a few reasons…

      -Sedo and Afternic, and probably all similar platforms, expect the DNS to point to their servers. With eNom, where the majority of my domain names are, for Premium Listings you are required to also list at Afternic.

      How do we choose?

      -Do we keep our own DNS settings and create our own landing pages as an additional selling platform, hoping to beat the others to the sale, while risking a percentage of the sale price when not using their DNS, should they generate a sale of the domain name?

      Your willingness to share your expertise is refreshing and appreciated! I enjoy every single installment on DomainSherpa.

      Thank you so much!


      1. it is better to list your domain names in the popular domains marketplaces.
        More visibility = more sales.

    21. Harinder says:

      Great Interview. Big thanks to both of you

      I believe, we should reconsider the rules in term of new gtlds extensions. As Adam advised that don’t mess up with trademark names but I am confuse what will infringe the trademark name in regards to new gTlds extensions. Will it be just domain name or with extension as well.

      I am wondering how this works. In these new gTlds, do we need to take care of the extensions as the part of trademark? “xyz” is just three letter acronyms and can have any meaning. I was trying to register “” but registry won’t allow me to register and asked me to accept the claim declaration before moving forward.

      Another thing, If the company has registered trademark related to that domain name but forgot to renew the domain name. Will you go and check the trademark before picking it up.

    22. Thanks Michael for such a great informative session with Adam Dicker.

      Adam thanks for all the information and tips regarding domains. I’ve been on the fence about dealing in domain names (buying and selling them) but you cleared up some of my important concerns. I’ll be checking out the previous interviews with you. I just watched the 2014 version.

      Again thanks for the great interview and information.


    23. Steve says:

      Awesome interview! Thanks very much Mike and especially Adam for taking the time to provide invaluable information on many very relevant domain topics. Advice like this is what helps everyone in this industry. Looking forward to viewing the redux interview! Awesome advice. I need to get my domains working!!

    24. For those of you that loved this video, we just did the 2014 version of how to sell a domain name here:

      Enjoy it is just as good if not better than this one!

    25. Adam has mentioned building content for links and posting articles on various article sites to promote a domain. I was wondering if that practice has changed at all with the recent Google updates? (some of the videos are older so I’m just wondering if the same techniques are still working for him)
      Thanks so much to both of you for the great information.

    26. Eric Jenkins says:


      What a great interview, I just watched it for the second time!!!

      Eric Jenkins

    27. Kevin A says:

      I second Sachin. Great information! I’m a newb as well and really appreciate the insights from Adam. Real meat and potatoes. Just signed up. Thanks!!

    28. Thanks Michael and Adam for this wonderful show, i enjoyed and learned a lot from Adam’s experience that he shared here. I am a newbie in domaining and having hard time figuring out how the industry works. And for someone like me this talk would provide a lots of info on selling a domain. Buying a domain is the easy part, selling it for profit is where everything comes to halt.

    29. Kwan says:

      I am still on trial and error. A novice in the game but I have gained such valuable info from you gentlemen, I just want to say thank you for what you are doing. I mean taking some of your valuable time off to share some of the secrets to success. This world needs a lot more people like you. Question, is there a way I can contact Adam ? I am not too sure how far behind I am on the last video I saw but he had provided the number 1.888.752.6210 which doesn’t seem to be working. Wondering if he’s still doing the “calling” campaign?

    30. Eric Jenkins says:

      Thanks Guys!!!!

      The interview was Great. It was loaded with so much information. Thanks again.

    31. Mat W says:

      I dont know why I have never watched this video before, nice job Michael and Adam you guys are very giving on the subject of domaining!

      Thank you!

    32. Hi Adam,

      You are a national treasure! You have shared more strategies in this hour and 45 minutes than I have been able to learn for the last few weeks tripping around the Internet for clues about how to sell our domain name. You have shed light into a dark corner and helped me to assess a $15K offer I have on the table right now. Fortunately, it’s not too late.

      Thanks again,

    33. I am glad you enjoyed it!

    34. raivis says:

      Thanks Adam and Michael. It was really informative video for me.

    35. Tamara says:

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      Adam, your information is priceless and what a philanthropic act on your part to share it with others! It truly gives a motivated individual the starting tools to create a better quality of life for themselves. I’m just starting out myself and am excited to learn more on dnforums, and to organize my efforts into a well-executed venture.

      Thank you Michael for being a beneficial resource to the community with domainsherpa and for hosting this wonderful interview. Keep the good karma flowing!

      1. Thank you very much for your kind words, they are appreciated!

        Make sure to watch my other videos on this site!

        1. Tamara says:

          I’ve watched all of them now and am confident that you are my mentor of choice! No point in muddling information and criss-crossing strategies for me. I’ve found my guru :) Thank you for making yourself available to the public. You have a genuinely adoring following. For everyone you have helped I imagine they have helped another in return, and so on with the next. You are a tremendous force.

    36. GS&F says:

      Fantastic interview! We had considered going into an auction system with Godaddy to sell off some old domains, but this seems like a much better solution.

    37. Johan says:

      Thanks for a very good show.

      I was wondering one thing:

      Approx 72 minutes in the show Adam starts talking about how the brokers find customers.
      then he mention “ did I misunderstood? because I can´t find the page? Please advise.

      Best regards.

      1. The site is


    38. David Eliason says:


      Thanks for taking the time for this interview. Of the interviews I’ve seen on Domain Sherpa this one is the most informative and interesting. Thank you very much for your contribution.

      Also thanks to Michael for his excellent questions and for his ongoing efforts.

      1. My pleasure, I am glad you enjoyed it and got some great take aways.

    39. Tommy says:

      Adam has been a big help over the past few days here and there answering my newbie questions. Just wanted to say thanks!

      1. Thank you for your kind words.

    40. Bily,

      Glad you were a kid again, we all need to feel that way.

      Feel free to reach out if you need anything.

      Adam Dicker
      Skype: adam.dicker

    41. Thanks Paul,

      As always appreciateendorsed habnav the feedback.

      Good news, Michael and I are going to record the 2013 version soon, it’s in the works andI have a TON more new cool stuff to share. ;)

      Adam Dicker
      Skype: adam.dicker

    42. Paul Goulart says:

      Hi Mike and Adam;

      WOW!! Extremely valuable to any domainer. Understand why I’ve had so little
      success and has been an inspiration for the future. Thank you again. Today is
      August 20, 2013 and this information is just as valuable now as it was in 2011
      when this interview was recorded.

      Impressive guys!!

    43. Pat Lewicki says:

      Thanks for the valuable info it,s helpful. Me and wife have just started in the business and just sold our first domain for 11000 us but we will see if it goes though its been 5 days waiting for buyer to pay so we can transfer it, hope he doesn,t back out. but thanks the interview has opened my eyes, thanks again.

      Pat Lewicki

      1. Glad to have helped!

        Adam Dicker
        Skype: adam.dicker

    44. Adam, really appreciate this advice and your valuable time. Also for the tips on the various software and websites, priceless, thank you.

      Michael, great interview, thank you very much.

      1. My Pleasure Howie,

        Glad you found it priceless.

        Adam Dicker
        Skype: adam.dicker

    45. I just watched the whole interview…
      …thank you, REALLY THANK YOU for this valluable information. i really appreceate it!

      1. Glad you liked it, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

        Adam Dicker
        Skype: adam.dicker

    46. Toby Clements says:

      Research is the key to being successful at domain selling. It is important to get online and look for what buyers are interested in. This is not a get rich quick venture, but you can build a good income if you take the time to build your knowlege base.

    47. ronni condro says:

      Michael and Adam, I just finished listening the interview, and I have to say, this is like I receive an enlightenment. Before watching, my decision was to quit my self as domainer. But the interview has changed me. Now, I have hope again. And this is stronger. This is something that I can hold forever. Both of you are GIANTS! Thank you so much! Thank you!

      1. I am glad we revived your interest in domains.

        Feel free to reach out if you need and any help.

        Adam Dicker
        Skype: adam.dicker

    48. Hina says:

      Hi, It’s a nice interview for new learners..

      I started domain selling and buying 2 years before and successfully sold various domains!

      Now working as brand consultant to provide quality names to new start-up in all category.


    49. Hi Adam, thanks for a really interesting and informative interview with Michae Cyger! Couldn’t get enough…will be listening to future interviews and comments. Thanks to both of you for your
      time and generosity.

      Billy Jeansonne

      1. Thnak you very much, I am sure we will be doing some more cool interviews soon. ;)

    50. Chet Stanton says:

      Michael & Adam, I stumbled across your interview and I feel like a kid in a candy store. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the probing interview questions and the very open and direct responses. I have about 140 domains that I can’t wait to get to work on.

      Thanks again,


    51. Hi Adam,

      Super relevant and inspiring. Couldn’t stop listening. Mirrored successful sales I have made and showed me how many sales I stopped because I was offered 1k and didn’t know we were just beginning :0). I look forward to joining dnforum and talking with you sometime.

      1. I am glad you enjoyed this video, I get emails about this video every single day and I am thrilled that people still get great value from his video.

        I am actually going to review and watch it this week because I am a heck of a lot better at this a year later. ;)

        Adam Dicker

        1. Sean says:


          I would love to see an updated video on selling and buying premium domains. I am reading an updated ebook from Morgan Linton (a great guy) right now from the one you suggested in


          1. Sean,

            There will definitely be one.

            Adam Dicker

            1. Sean says:


              Love the new site with the new videos. Thank you for sharing such great content.


    52. Sean says:

      Adam and Michael,

      I have been focused on WP sites for 9 months with little success. I had two consultants working for me out of the Philippines and I was really enjoying it. But, I need to convince my wife that the internet is worth my investment. I’m pretty intense to learn to make it a success.

      To expand my knowledge and look for other opportunities (get away from Google); I started reading more about the Domain industry and researching for resources and training with little to no success. There are far more wannabe gurus in the sniper WP sites and quick money information on building ATM websites. (So sick of the emails). :)

      Then I came across domainsherpa and DNForum and I started watching the videos and I can’t stop watching them. I can’t believe the amount of information you share and the candor. (So refreshing) The ideas I am getting from your information is making really excited about the future and I’m moving to the domain business part time until I can make it full time.

      So, Thank You!

      Please keep it up and I really like to meet both of you someday so I can share some of my crazy stories. :)

      To your success… Sean Herndon

      1. Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you were able to benefit from teh videos we did, I am sure there will be many more.

        Email me at and I would be happy to call you with some free tip and guidance.

        Adam Dicker

    53. Matt says:

      Great great video. So many good ideas. Thanks guys.

      1. Didar says:

        It is incredible Irresistible and Impeccable speech between Adam Dicker and Michael Cyger.
        It’s really great something to learn about domaining. I hope you guys put your valuable words in a regular interval for betterment of people like me. I will be grateful every time.




      2. I am glad you enjoyed it, thanks for your positive comments.


    54. Hi Michael and Adam,

      After spending over 2 hours on this page I’m convinced that its the best 2 hours of advice on Domaining I’ve ever come across. The interview was just rocking from start to finish – clear and precise and full of information – worth a “gold medal”. There were no vague and confusing statements and that was the standout feature to me. What also came thru was the humility of both Adam and Michael – and Adam’s invitation to join his forum or write to him for any advice really blew me away – WOW! Where are selfless people like him anymore?? I’m sure he’s gained a crowd of fans (including me) from this interview :-)

      I am sending Adam an email right now as directed.

      Thanks once again!

      – Anita (CEO,

      1. Anita,

        Please feel free to email me directly at if you need any elkp or advice.

        Best wishes,

        Adam Dicker

    55. Another interview with me was posted today, As usual it is an open and honmest interview, please leave your comments or questions on the interview and enjoy, it’s agood one!

    56. Chittagong says:

      Thank you Adam for such handy information on domain selling. Its million dollar worth interview for any domain newbie.

      1. Glad you enjoyed the interview, loved doing it.

    57. AS says:

      This is a fantastic interview. I learned alot from it. Adam is a great guy. I emailed him for some advice and got reply back in just few minutes and he also gave me free account on DNforum :-)

    58. Thank you for the great interview and all the great information. You have made me rejoin you on DNForum and got me excited in making money from trading domains.

    59. Adam says:

      `That was not meant to encourage people to send out 16,000+ emails, it was just meant as a guide so people would have one way to find parties that would possible be interested in buying their domains. I would personally try 50 and see if you get any responses to start. Definitely have an unsubscribe link and adhere to the rules of the CAN-SPAM Act.`

      I got that impression.
      If I was going to try 50 I would not try this software which you advertise as there are many free ones.

    60. Omar says:

      Hi all!

      Great interview. Would you please tell me how much are these domains worth?



      Please help me with your expertise. Thanks in advance.

      1. Glad you enjoyed the video, now back to earth, neither of those domains are even worth a reg fee. Read alot more before you waste money on domains that are unsellable.

        Adam Dicker

    61. Mike Fuchs says:

      Amazing video Adam and Michael. Thank you so much for this priceless information! Well worth every second!

      1. Glad you enjoyed it, don’t be shy to email me if you have further questions at

        Adam Dicker

    62. Sabby says:

      Great info and insights. thanks a million Adam and Michael.

      1. Glad you got some value from the interview.

        Adam Dicker

    63. ADvermain says:

      Great Interview. This is the best video on domains I have seen yet. Thanks Adam for all the tips, also for Zfbot this is very useful. (: Thanks Michael & Adam.

      Mike Grala

      1. Yes has its uses that for sure.

        I am glad you like the interview.

        Adam Dicker

    64. Philip V says:

      Michael and Adam,

      Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the video and it has definitely got me fascinated with domaining.

      Appreciate you both taking the time to share all your knowledge and guidance. Can’t think of a better way to kickstsart 2012 and succeed with domaining.



      1. Thank you for your kind words, I am glad you enjoyed the interview.

        Adam Dicker

    65. Michael and Adam,

      WOW! Thank you both. Michael, thanks for arranging to have Adam do this interview and Adam, thank for not holding back. You are a true example of giving back once you have attained success. It’s that kind of mentality that will keep success in front of you.

      I have done limited domain sales, but I do own a handful of branded and brandable domains, so this gave me some additional insights on what to keep, what to sell, and what to price for more!

      Best regards,


      1. Anthony,

        Thank you for youir kind words, I am glad the video helped you,


    66. @TheAutocrat: Which domain name did you miss out on? Nobody writes comments this bitter without having a back story. If you’re going to come in, guns-a-blazin, blaming us folk for ruining the Internet, please provide some background to help us understand where you’re coming from. Please remember that you’re a guest here.

      As for your assertion that “You folk have ruined the Internet…”, to quote GOB Bluth…COME ON!! Let’s apply your logic to another real world industry. For example, say you were selling a house that you poured a bunch of time and money into. Also, you bought this house in a depressed area back in the 90’s on a hunch that the area would improve over time…which it did, and is now a highly desirable area. I come along, love the house and decide I should have it. It’s our dream house, so I should be entitled to it, right? You did all the work, but would you sell to me for the price you paid for it prior to putting any time or money into it? Under what you paid for it? If not, would it be fair if I blamed every person who has ever made a profit on a house for ruining Real Estate? You’re prevented me of my dream house. I wanted it and you wouldn’t give it to me. Disgusting practice, this home ownership.

      There are SOME bad eggs in every industry. No denying that. But is it really fair to treat everyone on this blog (or domaining industry or whomever else falls under your “you folk” umbrella) like the person(s) that you had a bad experience with? I have a hard time relating to your entitlement. Quit putting others down because you’re upset that they had the foresight to identify and act on an opportunity before you. In the land of opportunity, people are rewarded for time spent identifying opportunities and having the moxy to turn those opportunities into reality.

      1. Good job Doainfuze, very industry has it’s dogs but not everyone is a dog.


    67. So … there are all these lovely startups, all these new businesses,
      and none of them can get a solid, sensible, applicable domain name …
      … because others are trading them like commodities.

      You folk have ruined the internet for some businesses.
      You’ve prevented people purchasing their company name, their location, their service, their products etc.

      And some of you ahve the audacity to complain that the market is dying?

      It wouldn’t have been to bad if it was kept within limits … a £10 domain going for £50-£100 is a little understandable,
      but some of you are demanding ££££’s.

      Disgusting practice – and the Domain Issuers should be shot for permiting such practices.

      1. It’s called investing, and obvioulsy you missed the .com investment bubble.

        Better luck next time.

    68. Roshan says:

      Wow, what a great interview, thank you so much. I watched it entirely and even posted it on my website

      1. Roshan,

        I am glad you enjoyed the interview, it’s packed with great information.

    69. PJ Rettel says:

      This is an informative interview to be sure, but I find it interesting that there are no other comments here from possibly frustrated or disapointed domainers (or wanna-bes) who feel like this is just another extension of the industry that continues to hype something we already know is beaten to death. Unless you have one-word .com’s, or excellent generic’s, you really are buying a lotto ticket. And for most people buying dozens and dozens of names to hold on to for years really becomes a problem as yearly ICANN fees raise year after year. Most of these people will never get one offer and it’s the luring them in with ‘negotiation tactics’ that gets them every time. You are right the buyer sets the price. So if it’s a brandable that no one else wants – why would a savvy start-up offer some Jo Schmo 50K for a name that he paid $10 for? Jo Schmo is supposed to wait another 5 years for someone else to maybe approach? Come on. I work with these guys in savvy tech start-ups and I know what they pay for ‘brandable’ .com’s. They are well funded. But they don’t pay the big bucks you are talking about here. Between 5 and 10k is as good as it gets.

      1. I guarantee that if you think you can’t get a 5 figure price, you never will.

        You never get anything including a raise at work unless you ask for it, so ask for a high price, it never hurts.

    70. em says:

      Hi Michael and Adam,

      Undoubtedly one of the best interviews I have ever come across in the domaining world. I look forward to hearing a lot more!

      1. Thnak you very much, I am glad you enjoyed it.

    71. Levan says:

      Really Good Job…. thanks a lot…
      I’ve learned a lot.. from these 103 minutes….

      Also I have got an offer from godaddy auction system of 500usd on one of my .com domains. The site was not for sale at all and a person sent me the offer directly from godaddy…

      How do you think is it realistic to get about 5k from this domain?… this is a generic two word domain like CEO”Word”.com…

      1. It may not be, but you can still ask for it. Most domains sell for 4-5k. That seems to be the sweet spot and then others go way up from their. The price depends on who the buyer is and why they want the domain.

    72. EvPal says:

      Thank you so much Adam (and DomainSherpa).
      I registered for the College courses and look forward to learning much more.
      I was worth my staying up to listen to the interview from beginning to end.

      1. I am glad you enjoyed the interview. It was a pleasure to do.

    73. Maz Ghani says:

      Michael and Adam.

      I finally had some time to watch the interview. Kudos to both of you for taking the time to do this outstanding and educational interview! Plenty of useful advice.


    74. Darlington says:

      Micheal and Adam, thanks for this interview.. You guys are doing a great job. Adam, i sent you two emails concerning your free DNforum account and some domains i want to sell but you didn’t reply. I really look forward to your next interview on how to buy domain names…

      1. If you haven’t received the free account yet, please email me again today at and I will take care of it right away.

        1. Darlington says:

          Thanks Adam, i have resent you the email

    75. Alex Wehl says:

      Good evening gentlemen

      First of all, may I congratulate you both on an incredibly interesting interview. I watched the whole thing and read the transcripts thereafter. Yep, it was a long day. At one point I keeled over in my chair only for my wife to throw cold water over me to resuscitate me!

      Michael you are a wonderful interviewer. You are patient, assimilate what’s being said and ask your questions in a very easy to understand straight forward manner. You pose the questions your readers/listeners would like to ask. And you don’t hold back either with direct questions that on occasion can prove awkward to your guest but you have such a polite and disarming manner well, how could anyone deny you.

      Adam, thank you so much for your open, honest and generous time you have afforded us. Seldom have I come across anyone in your position, successful and powerful within the industry, who is so overt, transparent and willing to assist others.

      The internet is an incredible tool and has changed all of our lives. It has also made the world a lot smaller and even though I am sitting here in front my PC many thousands of miles away across the Atlantic, I do feel I’m in the room with both of you.

      I am what you guys might call a ‘newbie’. I run an online business here in the UK and have recently acquired a few domains for investment purposes. By that I mean not to develop but hopefully to sell on one day.

      I have a couple of questions if I may.

      I have purchased a few triple .xxx domain extensions which I believe are the domains of the future for the adult community. I recognise that they are available on a voluntary basis for now but do you believe that this new TLD will eventually devalue an equivalent dot .com domain? No one knows for sure but I’m entering into an auction next week and does anyone know how to value a new .xxxTLD. There is no comparable evidence as such. I guess one has to go with one’s gut and …pocket. I’d be obliged for any advice on this.

      Personal comment~ I cannot understand how it was possible for the ICM registry to sell premium domains a few weeks prior to opening this up for general admission. It just strikes me as being undemocratic and though I do not wish to be contentious I don’t think it terribly fair as Mr Orwell once said, some people are more equal than others!

      My 2nd question for both Michael, Adam and all the other professional domainers within the fraternity, is simply, who/which is the cheapest registrar out there? Now, one may have to define ‘cheapest’ in terms of ‘best value for money’ etc. but I have something like 30 domains mostly dot coms but some of you have tens of thousands! Surely the annual registrations fees are going to add up!

      I used to use Go Daddy many years ago. I was paying £5000 per year ($8000) in the UK when I heard about them and soon discovered I was paying 10 times too much. Now that Go Daddy has become part of the establishment and whilst offering a great service they are charging us for it too. So, any recommendations would be greatly received.

      Thank you so much for all the information you are putting out there and giving up all your time and effort. It’s deeply appreciated by all of us out there and now being a convert to both Domainsherpa and the DNFCollege, I will spread the word in this neck of the woods.

      Now, where’s that bucket of cold water?

      Best wishes

      1. To answer your first question, .xxx is just another way to get the regisrars some cash, I do NOT believe it will ever be accepted or takeover for the adult .com’s. It is in fact being blacklisted by all adult .com owners and they are refusing to let anyone withy .xxx advertise as affiliates on most current adult sites. This is another example of the gold miners make no money will the ones that sell pick and shovels get richer.

        Stick to to Go Daddy, .com domains are as alow as 7.69 each, I posted a link up earlier in this string so you could get that price.

    76. Blake says:

      I just wanted to say thank you to you both for this interview…great material and watched the whole video and actually took some notes. I appreciate the time you extended adam and wanted to say thanks to all.

      Blake A. Worthington

      1. You are more than welcome and I am glad you took away some good points.

    77. Thank you so much Adam for sharing your knowledge and experience. I learned a lot of valuable information from you in this interview video.
      Michael, thanks a lot for interviewing Adam. This is the first interview I watched on DomainSherpa. Definitely going to learn from your other interview videos! Keep up the good work!

      1. There will be more to come… Feel free to suggest topics!
        The top two I have already been asked to do are:

        “How to buy the right domains that have a better chance of selling”
        “How to develop out domain names into full profitable websites using WordPress”

        1. Have you a preference for WP over Google’s own Blogger platform Adam? Is it fact or fiction that there are faster and preferential SEO benefits to using Blogger instead? Just interested to hear your opinion please.

    78. Michael,
      Very informative interview. Thanks. Can you repeat how I can contact Adam directly?


      1. Adam Dicker
        Twitter: adam.dicker
        Skype: adam.dicker
        Cell: 416-884-0535

    79. This was so completely engaging it hardly felt like the posted run time. I am grateful to you both for letting us listen in on your chat.

    80. Joe says:


      At about 47:00 you mention parked pages and with Google making the decision to not display parked pages in searches would that change your strategy and maybe just make the domain live with domain related content?

      Michael and Adam – Great interview BTW!


      1. Parking should just be a placeholder until you get time to develop out all your domain names. Google’s blocking of parked domains causes me no concern.

    81. Homero A. Gonzalez says:

      Thank you Michael and Adam, excellent interview and very valuable tips and ideas, wish you both continued success!!

    82. Fero says:

      Great interview ,
      i have just listened it , not the all thing but will for sure listen it again in the car while driving .
      You Adam will suraly become a new domain King and Michael you have a grate talent for interviwing .

      I would like to here from you more about the non English domains as i have invested mostly in non English generic one word names and also about the monetazation and development on the WordPress platform .

      Congratulation on the grate work and the valubale information you are giving here for us .

      1. From my experience with other extensions, non english domains only work in their local ccTLD or .com. So don’t regsiter a spanish word on .it ;)

        1. Fero says:

          Thank you for your reply Adam ,

          All my domains are in .com only one is .me and are mostly products and services names .

          I want to develop some of them and i am not quite sure is the WordPress right thing .
          I am mostly interested in listings theme for the apartments , hotels , restaurants , cars and real estate
          and would very much appreciate if you can share you knowledge on this issue .

    83. Gerry says:

      Adam – Wow – that was a great interview! Thanks for sharing your stories and putting all of your domain selling insights and ideas onto a silver platter for everyone here. I’m really looking forward to exploring the websites you mentioned as well. Your efforts and generosity are truly appreciated!!

      Michael – Thanks for putting together the DomainSherpa website and conducting all of these highly informative interviews. I’m looking forward to watching the first one you did with Adam, as well as all the other interesting interviews I just came across when exploring your site. Thanks also for making the interviews available on PDF – that’s a great help with note taking!


      1. Thank you very much, your positive feedback is very much appreaciated.

    84. Phil Balaam says:

      So much info thank you Adam great interview, also thank for the invitation to the college which I received today.


    85. Bruce Schoenne says:

      Thanks Adam great interview, I`ll be listening to this one again. Happy Holidays..

    86. David says:


      Really appreciate the time you have taken to give this interview and answer questions Learned alot. It is not often that a heavy hitter takes time out to help the “little people”

      I wanted to ask a question about the Atomic Email Studio. Do you think using that service is a bit risky in terms of spam complaints even though I think we can email using their SMTP —

      And do you suggest paying the full $299 for the software or just buy a particular feature of the program? Thanks again

      1. We all started out as beginners so I don’t mind at all doing these interviews if they help people which by all the positive comments it has.

        As far as Email Studio, you can by parts but if you plan on selling lots of names, you should get the whole package.

    87. Ginny Herron-Lanoil says:

      Very informative discussion. I also heard Adam’s previous discussion on DomainSherpa and found that discussion helpful as well.

      Thanks for helping us manage our domain business.


      1. My pleasure, I wish you al success in 2012.

    88. John says:

      If you join their Domain Discount Club for $81/year you get that rate as well as some other benefits

    89. Dennis Marshall says:

      Great video guys… I’m new in the domain flipping business and recently fell victim to one of the appraisal scams.. Luckily I was able to get my money back.

      Wish I would have seen this video first.

      Great info though. I plan on doing this part time and I had a great time just going through and seeing the sites that you sold. The most unique one had to be bottle tree. Not my cup of tea but very unique and a great story of kindness.

      2 Questions… What’s the best registrar to use to flip domains? I’m using 1&1. They have some great prices but are they great for flipping?

      Also what site do I check recent sales for domains names?

      Wow just got to the end and Adam your the man.. Thanks Adam and Michael. You guys did a great interview

      1. Use Go Daddy to register your domains as they are the cheapest, 7.69 for .com’s.
        Use to lookup what domains sold for previously.

        1. Adam,

          How do you consistently get the $7.69 for .com purchases?


          1. Use this url to get the domains cheaper

            1. Thanks, Adam. It appears to work for $7.69 .com domains no problem for me.

              In the spirit of full disclosure, can you tell me if this is an affiliate link of some sort that benefits you?

              Also, will this link be good indefinitely or will it expire at some point?

              1. It is an affiliate link but it is also the only way I can give out $7.69 domains.

    90. Michael says:

      It is 103 minutes long, which may sound like a lot, but there is really great info in this interview. Thanks guys.

    91. I appreciate the interview Adam and Michael. I learned so much from listening to this interview. And honestly, I wish you would have talked longer! Loved the “case studies” and the insider tips you gave us. Thank you both!

      1. I honestly could have gone longer… but almost 2 hours was plenty considering we expected to go only 45 minutes.

      2. No wories, I expect I will be doing a few more of these with Michael, so you will hear more from me. Also, don’t hesitate to email me if you have specific questions to

    92. Thanks, that was another great interview packed with helpful info!

    93. Adam says:

      WoOSH ! 103 minutes to teach this ? I didn’t know it was so complex. I’ll check it out when I’ve got some more free time.

      1. It will be the best 103 minutes you will spend if you are serious about domaining.

    94. earl adkins says:

      Michael, A BIG mahalo to Adam,this will go down as one of your Best of the Best broadcast

      The time just blew by with all the great information,it a must replay.

      I hope he comes back real soon… this show was out of the park

      mahalo alohaearl

      1. Thank you for your kind words, I am glad you got something out of it.

    95. Mary says:

      This was a great interview I did not mind at all lasting longer than usual, as long as one keeps learning something and it isn’t boring, it doesn’t matter how long the interview is.

      For when Adam comes back to the next show I would like to ask if he thinks it is a good idea to invest in restricted domain names like .us or .eu, where the owner needs to reside in the country in order to be able to buy the domain name, the problem being that this greatly reduces the pool of people that can buy them, I have some very good single word .eu domains and finding a buyer is not easy, for example, you can’t simply email anyone using the software Adam suggested because some of the buyers will not be eligible to buy the domain.

      1. No, I don’t think it’s a good idea to invest in .us or .eu. If you are going to invest in another ccTLD only invest in your own country. If you are in the USA, do not invest in .us. Feel free to email me any other questions at or post here and I will gladly answer them.

    96. HumDog says:

      Oops. Posted twice above. Peter Humleker & HumDog is same (me)… captcha said it did not
      take the first one? Can’t wait for the next one!

    97. Cris says:

      Fantastic, that’s all I can say, Adam’s interview will be like a bible for me, I just realized I don’t know anything about domains and is about time to start again from scratch by learning the business not baying any domain name like I used to. I would love to be couched by Adam and I will definitely join the DNFCollege.coma and just hope one day I will teach other about domaining.

      Thank you domainsherpa, Thank you Adam, to your success!

      1. You know you can always reach out to me for more info, I mean it when I say go ahead and email me, I will gladly help and even do one on one calls if people want them.

    98. Absolutely Fantastic. Likely the best 103 minutes of my time that I have ever invested since becoming a Domainer.

      What I really liked about Adam Dicker is that he is not pretentious, not big headed or aloof about the fact that he has made and is making a lot of money from domaining – he came across ostensibly as a “great bloke” as we would say here in Australia.

      I will save this and watch it again.


      1. Thanks for the compliment, my goal is to not be an ass. ;)
        I am here to help erevryone succeed in this industry and I have no problem sharing the information I have learned over the last 15 years.

    99. HumDog says:

      Great interview guys! Lots of nuggets and great info. Gonna go listen to the
      first interview with Adam that I missed!


    100. Great interview guys! Now I am gonna go watch the first one that I missed! Also gonna join
      the that I been putting off for too long!



    101. Pat Quinn says:

      Adam & Michael,

      Your previous interview was excellent. This one is gold.

      Can’t wait for the next one.

      Thanks much,

      Pat Quinn

      1. ……. and there will be a next one. ;)

      2. Thanks for calling this golg, now you set the bar high for the next one… yikes it better be good. ;)

    102. Nicole says:

      I’ve been a quiet member on dnforum for a couple of years, read the guru blogs and I’ve even registered a handful of names along the way. So glad THIS is the week I decided to dig in deeper! Great interview, thanks to both of you!

    103. John says:

      A friend’s company received an email today for a domain with a $2488 price tag.
      Someone’s been watching this interview …

    104. theo says:

      Very good interview and good information from Adam.

      Is there going to be a third interview ?

      1. Yes, The next one will probably be how to buy the sellable domains.

    105. senthil says:

      Thanks Adam & Michael for this useful interview. Looking forward for more of this type of useful session. I’m proud member of DNF and dnfcollege

      Thanks again,

    106. James Jean says:

      Great job guys. Mike you do a great job at asking those little focused questions to Adam like ‘What do you use as a subject header’ when making a sells inquiry? Little stuff like that can make big differences. Thanks guys!

    107. Wow great information! I wish I didn’t already have a DNforum account I would have totally took you up on the free offer :)

      So much information I think I am going to have to watch it over again. I have never sold any domains but I think I want to give it a try now but I did build a website for people to sell domain I have a lot of new ideas for a redesign! Thank You!

    108. One of the best interviews I’ve seen – there are more than a few nuggets here, this is absolute must-watch for anyone that wants to learn how to sell domain names. Adam tells it like it is, shares great real world experience, and offers absolutely solid advice…that I wish I knew four years ago when I started!

      1. Morgan,
        Your feedback is really appreacaited especially since you have been in the industry for 4 years.

    109. Hey Adam,

      Thank your very much for all of this information. I didn’t get to watch the video, but I read the whole transcript and it has proven very useful. I actually just used a piece of information in this interview to respond to an inquiry. We will see what happens!

      Thank you guys very much!

      Michael Conner

    110. Winzip says:

      Hey Michael,
      Thanks, that was another great interview packed with helpful info!

      Also, a big thanks to Adam for sharing some of his experience and tips – much appreciated!


      1. You are more than welcome, i am glad so many people have found this helpful so we will keep doing them.

    111. James says:

      Adam & Michael:

      Thanks for taking the time to make this interview. I’ve downloaded the MP3 – there’s so much information that it needs to be heard 2/3 times.

      Look forward to more of the same!

      James (Jilo on DNForum)

      1. I am glad you enjoyed it, this is definitely one of those interviews you listen to once then again with a pen and paper.

    112. Ed says:

      Interesting interview, there is one part in the interview though that can cause people trouble, including Adam, and that is when you use the Atomic newsletter software and send out 16K unsolicited emails in bulk in automated fashion then you are technically spamming.

      Regardless of the unsubscribe link, that is of non importance if the people you will email in bulk has not actually opted in, have not provided permission.

      Using ConstantContact or other similar service for this type of usage will get your account terminated, your ISP will also not be happy with you that you are engaged with spamming activities.

      The method definitely can work, but you’re spamming, let there be no doubt about it.

      In regards to finding end users, I find also a powerful tool to find a possible decision maker.

      1. That was not meant to encourage people to send out 16,000+ emails, it was just meant as a guide so people would have one way to find parties that would possible be interested in buying their domains. I would personally try 50 and see if you get any responses to start. Definitely have an unsubscribe link and adhere to the rules of the CAN-SPAM Act.

    113. Vern says:

      Wow! I basically just watched a movie (time wise)! Great interview guys. Thanks so much Michael and Adam, for taking the time to educate the rest of us. It really does show how much you care about the industry when you selflessly blurt out so many great tips and tricks of the trade!

      Username: Vern on

      My question is simple enough; Been domaining for 7 years or so, buying/selling/flipping, whichever, how do I develop my names to earn more in end-user sales, rather than my past 7 years of registering for $7, selling for between $200-$1000?

      I hadn’t realized I do not know HOW to develop domains!!

      I’m currently an out-of-work (laid off truck driver), down-on-my-luck, domainer, who doesn’t want to sell his portfolio for pennies, rather, make a lot more and make it last.

      For example, I purchased and would like to capitalize on it’s popularity, but I’m not sure if parking it and offering it up on Sedo is the best way to sell it. Should I go with the tactics as you mentioned in the video?

    114. NinjaDomain says:

      Nice Interview! Thanks for the time and tips! :)

    115. Hi,

      I believe this concept of you providing a domain name interview to educate people about the industry has served as a tool for many domain name investors, and I have no hesitation in endorsing it.


      Horatio Baugh

    116. Awesome, amazing video. It explained everything I’m dealing with all alone. So many people have ignored my emails and sincere questions but you guys rock… Seriously amazing work and thanks.

      Glad you mentioned development at the end. Would love to hear more on that end.

      1. Expect a video on how to develop a successful and profitable website for under $50 and be indexed in the top 100 of Google , Bing and Yahoo for most of your selected keywords.

    117. Don’t sell domains to domainers, but end users…that is my highlight for this interview, as you’ll not get much from people like yourself also on a mission to flip the very same domain again for a profit.

      1. That’s a pretty good rule, sell to end users, they will pay much more than a domainer.

    118. paul says:

      Please have Adam pick more topics to discuss in another interview. Love to hear more of his advice.

      1. Please feel free to post topics you want see, I have a list of about 50 so far. Please post what you want to see and we will definitely look at doing trhe suggested topics.

    119. paul says:

      Bravo. Adam and Michael.

      One of the most useful interviews.

      Hopefully Adam will be back soon with more of his golden nuggests. Practical, actionable info that all domainers can use beneficially.

      Appreciate in future program with Adam providing more selling tips, ‘war stories’ to give us further confidence and tools for profitably selling our domains.

      Tx, again

      1. Paul, This is in the works. You will get alot more Adam and Michael to help grow your businesses.

    120. Adam… what a great great interview! Thanks so much for sharing insightful information to help us in selling domain names better. This interview is the real Tipping Point….stunning!

      Once again Michael..u Rock!

      1. I am glad you enjoyed it, I expect there will be a few more to come. ;)

    121. Mr.T says:

      This interview is definitely one for the history books. So much valuable information and so many tips and tricks. Thank you to you both, Michael and Adam.

      Can´t wait for the follow-up interview.

      1. The next one will probably be ‘how to find and buy the right domain names.’ Otherwise you won’t sell any.(

    122. Great interview. Particularly valuable advice on picking up the Twitter and Facebook accounts. Big companies in particular place a high financial value on tying everything together from a brand consistency point of view.

      1. Grabbing the matching twitter and facebook accounts that match your domain give the new buyer instant branding and will get you additional revenue on the sale if they plan on building a business.

    123. Scott Smith says:

      Adam, admit it. Full-time brokering is where your heart really is…

      If you and Michael keep this up people are going to start talking about you(s).

      Keep up the great work.

      1. Let them talk, I can assure you though, we are not a couple. ;)
        I am glad you liked the interview.

    124. I listened to the entire interview and have to say, this is probably the best one you’ve done to date. Adam was a great guest and gave a ton of great FREE information.

      Kudos to the both Michael and Adam!

      1. Thanks Chef,
        Your feedback is appreaciated.

    125. Eddie Morales says:

      WOW! What a GREAT interview.

      I really appreciate you guys taking the time to do this. I learned a lot. Thank you both for

      these valuable info. Adam, when I grow up. I want to be like you.



      1. Thank you, that is truly a great compliment.

    126. Ken says:

      the name drop I meant to say…

    127. Ken says:

      Thanks for the name on my site… Ken Greenwood

      1. Ken, you have a good site, it’s just missiing a banner ;)

        1. Ken says:

          There ya go Adam … ;)

          Check it out… if you want it changed, let me know.

        2. Ken says:

 – now with added XXX flavoring… ;)

    128. Hey Michael,
      Thanks, that was another great interview packed with helpful info!

      Also, a big thanks to Adam for sharing some of his experience and tips – much appreciated!


    129. jaydub says:

      I wasn’t going to when I saw how long it was ….but I listened to the whole 1 hour 40 minutes while working on some other things. Thanks Adamand Michael

      1. You are more than welcome, I am glad you enjoyed it.

    130. Jeroen says:

      One question that’s on my mind since a while: The Godaddy whois counts; is bot traffic counted too?

      Thanks again :)

      1. No, bot traffic is not counted just actual whois lookups for the actual domains.

        1. Excellent interview guys! I am like all your articles and your dnforum.Thanks for share.

          Best Regards,


    131. Anunt says:

      Great interview as always…loved watching this episode…definately learned alot.

      I would like to see a future interview on domain development.

      Once again, thanks for the great info…i really appreciate you guys taking the time to do this.


      1. Thanks, Anunt.

        “I would like to see a future interview on domain development.” — Got it. Will line something up on this topic. Thanks for letting me know.

    132. Fatih says:

      A classic, perfect Domain Sherpa interview. I learned alot. Thank you both for sharing these valuable info.

      1. Thanks, Fatih. Appreciate it.

    133. John says:

      Another excellent interview
      Adam thanks for taking the time to do it

      1. Thanks, John. Agreed – BIG thanks to Adam.

    134. Jeroen says:

      Great interview. Thanks to both for making time and sharing some extra nuggets of information on top of what’s already discussed in DNF college.

      1. Thanks, Jeroen. I’m glad I was able to provide more benefit for you.

        Adam is a wealth of knowledge.

        1. Aww, Gee Thanks! Blush ;)

    135. Excellent interview guys!

      Adam, thanks for sharing all your tips.

      Michael, great to have all this info there at one spot, good work!

      1. Thanks for watching and commenting, Samit. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    136. Alexander says:

      Thank you, Michael and Adam, that’s a great interview! Domain sellers, pros and beginners, will definitely find this info useful and profitable.

      1. Thanks, Alexander. I agree. I think all levels with walk away with tactics that they can go implement today. Then they can come back in a few months, watch or listen to it again, and walk away with a new set of tactics that are appropriate for their level…at least that’s my hope.

    137. Poor Uncle says:

      Thanks Michael & Adam for spending the time to do this interview. I actually watched it from beginning to end. I can’t get enough. Good stuff.

      1. Beginning to end, non-stop? Wow, Poor Uncle. Thanks for watching and commenting.

    138. Rich says:

      Thank you Michael for the interview and thank you Adam for sharing you tactics. I did listen to the whole thing and I have enjoyed it.

      1. Thanks, Rich. I am glad you liked it and hope you learned something…I have pages of notes from what I learned.

        1. Hello Michael,

          Just saw the news about your worthy title for the year over at owens Blog Congratulations !

          Gratefully Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

    139. I’m pretty excited about this interview, as I just listened to Adam’s cord blood Domain Sherpa interview over our Turkey Day road trip and it was a gold mine. Does Adam get the plaque for the first repeat Sherpa??

      1. Ha! Yes, Adam gets the inaugural designation of being the first repeat show guest / Sherpa on DomainSherpa. It’s a title that will live forever, and will come with various perks that I have yet to determine. :)

        Big thanks to Adam not only for the massive time that he volunteered for this show, but also for the magnitude of tactics and learnings he shared in the video.

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