How to Find a Reliable Go Daddy Coupon Code

How to find a reliable Go Daddy coupon codeAre you tired of wasting time searching online for a reliable Go Daddy coupon code that works, only to locate a Go Daddy coupon code that has expired? There is one reliable coupon website with plenty of Go Daddy coupon codes that always work. How does $7.49 sound for a .com domain name registration?

There is a site called Coupon Cactus and it maintains several reliable Go Daddy coupons. The steps below will demonstrate how to find a reliable Go Daddy coupon on Coupon Cactus that you can use immediately to save a few bucks on your next domain name registration.

Step 1: Visit

Visit Coupon Cactus for GoDaddy Coupons

Step 2: Sign-up for a Free Account on Coupon Cactus

Signup at Coupon Cactus for GoDaddy Coupons

Click on the blue “Sign Up” button on the top right of the front web page. It only takes a few minutes to begin saving money with using coupons, as well as making cash back on most online websites you already use now. Coupon Cactus will give you $3 to sign up today.

Step 3: Fill-out the New Member Application
(If You Don’t Want a Coupon Cactus Account, Skip to Step 6)

Become a Member at Coupon Cactus for GoDaddy Coupons

You can sign in with Facebook and Twitter. Complete the requested information in the boxes above.

Step 4: Choose the Payment Option to Receive Cash Back Payment, Agree to Terms, Enter Captcha and Create Account

Create Account at Coupon Cactus for GoDaddy Coupons

Coupon Cactus offers cash back and coupon offers on many online stores. Choose a check or the PayPal option to receive payments. Type the characters into the captcha box to prove you’re a real person. Click on the “Create My Account” button. Coupon Cactus will send you an e-mail to confirm the account.

Step 5: Sign-in to Coupon Cactus Account

Coupon Cactus for GoDaddy Coupons

Click on the green “Sign in” button on the top right-hand side of the web page. Type your e-mail address and password in the appropriate space.

Box for Coupon Cactus for GoDaddy Coupons

Step 6: Type in the Search box

Search Coupon Cactus for GoDaddy Coupon Codes

Click on the blue “Search” button to the right of the white box.

Step 7: Choose the Go Daddy Option

Search Results Coupon Cactus for GoDaddy Coupon Codes

Click on the Go Daddy icon.

Step 8: Choose the Best Go Daddy Coupon

Cash Back for GoDaddy Coupon Codes

Choose the cash back option if you can’t find a desired Go Daddy coupon.

Choose the Best Go Daddy Coupon

Choose a coupon from the list above.

Choose the Best Go Daddy Coupon Code

Choose the .com coupon for $7.49 domains.

There is a 13% Go Daddy cash back option, though it is not recommended to use this option unless you have a Go Daddy Domain Club membership. You will only make 13% cash back on purchasing a regularly priced $11.99 .com domain name, when in fact you can use the $7.49 coupon to purchase .com –- producting a 33% savings. Note: When you use the cash back option, don’t type a promo code in the checkout, or the cash back will be voided.

Step 9: Choose the Go Coupon for $7.49

Choose the Best Go Daddy Coupon Code

Click on the “Use Coupon” button.

Use the Go Daddy Coupon Code

Click on the lime green “Copy” button to copy the coupon code to your computer’s clipboard. You will be automatically redirected to

Step 10: Enter the Go Daddy Promo/Coupon Code

Enter the Go Daddy Promo/Coupon Code

Apply the Go Daddy Promo/Coupon Code

Click on the “Apply” link to the right of the box.

Step 11: Verify Domain Names Pricing for $7.49

Verify Domain Names Pricing for $7.49

The promo code will reduce the .com domain names to $7.49 + the $.18 ICANN fee. The total cost of per .com domain will be $7.67. Continue through the checkout process as you usually do when purchasing Go Daddy products and services.

Additional Go Daddy Coupon Code Notes

GoDaddy Coupon Codes and Special OffersGo Daddy coupon codes are displayed on many of the popular domain blog websites, on eHow domain articles, domain name discussion forums (like NamePros and DNForum — tip: search from the last post backwards for the most recent coupons), and on banners displayed on websites that provide domain news. Go Daddy coupons are usually emailed to Go Daddy customers if you sign-up to receive email promotions. To sign-up for Go Daddy special offers, look the footer of every page for the following graphic:

Setting up a Coupon Cactus account will help you to save on many of the most popular websites you already use now. In addition, you may have the opportunity to use the cash back option in conjunction with the coupon discount. Coupon Cactus updates their coupon system with reliable Go Daddy coupons. Make sure you register .com domain names separate from other products and services that use different coupon codes in order to maximize your savings.

UPDATE 2: Go Daddy Coupon Codes

Good news: thanks @couponcactus! That’s responsiveness.

GoDaddy Coupon Code Coupon Cactus Update 2

UPDATE: Go Daddy Coupon Codes

The $7.49 Go Daddy coupon code appears to have expired (not so reliable, eh?). In any case, Coupon Cactus is on top of it and working to get it extended now. See the below Twitter exchange. You can follow Coupon Cactus too.

Coupon Cactus - DomainSherpa on Twitter

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15 Responses to “How to Find a Reliable Go Daddy Coupon Code”

  1. DRASK says:

    You can always find a $7.49 .com coupon on . They have a lot of different coupons also for .net, etc. and also renewal coupons.

  2. @Alda,

    Thanks Alda. I will write again soon. Just working out the kinks. I appreciate the feedback on the article and blog. Thanks for reading.


  3. Alda Blanchet says:

    Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I have truly loved surfing around your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  4. @Chris,

    Thanks for the tip. You can also find some blogs with Go Daddy affiliate banners with the $7.49 coupon.

    Coupon Cactus has other good deals too. If you are an avid online shopper, you probably can make some cashback shopping on the sites you normally visit directly. As always, thanks for the tip, feedback, and for reading. .


  5. Chris says:

    Personally when looking for godaddy coupons I just use google. There has not been one time that I have not been able to find a great coupon.

    During the superbowl godaddy did a special 11.99 for new CO domain registrations and with the help of google I found a code to knock down the price to 7.49

    However thanks for the good article and i will be sure to check out coupon cactus – it might be easier to get even better coupons!

  6. I meant NamePros forum. Thanks.

  7. @Mike,

    I heard about the NamePros fortune. Great advice. It sure does help to save money because you can reinvest it into buying more quality domains. Thanks for the tip. I appreciate your comment. I will definitely check out the link, as well. Thanks for reading.


  8. @David,

    Thanks for providing the link. I will definitely look into the process. I appreciate it. Thanks for reading.


  9. Mike says:

    The best place to go for coupons is:

    The thread has been going strong for years and has saved me thousands.

  10. David Cox says:

    The other option to avoid looking for Coupons if you buy a lot of Domains or Internet services then you can get discounts on all products by becoming a reseller of the products, sell to others and buy what you need at a wholesale price. Here is a link to what it costs and what the discount is

  11. @Liz,

    i don’t see the .com on the list, even in my account. Whenever they offer the coupon, you can use it. Opening an account at Coupon Cactus is benefit you if they offer cashback on purchases.

    Take for instance: you already have a Discount Domain Membership. You buy $400 worth of random domains excuding .co using the Coupon Cactus cashback link. You will receive $70+ in cashback. That will almost pay the Domain Discount Membership in full, which is $89.99.

    The 10% renewal code I’m receiving is not that good, considering I received the best deals with the membership at Go Daddy. I’ll look for some good .com codes. Renewal codes above 10% are more of a challenge to find. I attempted to use some codes offered on other sites. They didn’t work. The Domain Membership worked well for me last year. Thanks.


  12. @Jeff,

    You’re right about the renewal codes. I’m contemplating whether to reopen my Domain Discount Membership. It reduces the search time searching for coupons and codes, though it does cost $90 per year. I have renewals that I can’t get the best price on unless I have the membership inact. It may worth the price because it comes with a free parking account and 5 free appraisals. You’ll get the lowest price offered in the market. Thanks for reading.


  13. @Liz,

    Thanks. They must have changed the .com promotion. They usually have the $7.49 Go Daddy coupon. I used the code not too long ago. I’ll look for a reliable coupon for .com. Will let you know. Thanks for reading.


  14. jeff says:

    purchase codes are never hard to find. a good renewal code is always in demand.

  15. Elizabeth Alexander says:

    Hi Jason,

    Great article. One question. I went to Coupon Cacuts and searched for “” without registering. I did not see .com domain names for $7.49, as your article indicates (I did see .mobi for $7.99, which is great because I wanted to buy two of them).

    Do you know if I am required to register in order to see the $7.49 .com GoDaddy coupon code?

    Thanks much,

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