Domain Name News: May 10 Week in Review

Domain Name Week in ReviewEvery Friday, provides you with a hand-selected, editorially-based review of the weekly news. In this summary, you will find the latest articles and videos produced by DomainSherpa staff and contributors. You will also find links to the best news articles in the domain name industry – so you don’t have to spend your time searching for news or reading something that was not worth your time.

This Week’s DomainSherpa Interview

  • VIDEO: Why You Can’t Afford to Miss TRAFFIC West May 28-31 With Rick Schwartz, Howard Neu

    Why You Can’t Afford to Miss TRAFFIC West May 28-31 With Rick Schwartz, Howard NeuRick Schwartz and Howard Neu, the co-founders of the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. domain name industry conference, join Michael Cyger to discuss T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West taking place May 28th through May 31st in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Questions answered include:
    * What can people expect if they attend the TRAFFIC West conference this year? (e.g., educational content, speed networking, live auction, “gTLD shootout”, “king com”, etc.)
    * What is the differentiation of TRAFFIC West from the other domain name related conferences to attendees?
    * Who are the “right people” to come to the TRAFFIC event?
    * Many conferences include multiple tracks to target different attendee segments. Will you be doing that too? Why or why not?
    * Who are the keynote speakers and how will their message impact attendees focused on domain name investing, startups and entrepreneurship?
    * TRAFFIC always throws great parties. What can attendees expect this year?
    * What do you say to people who are thinking of skipping TRAFFIC West to attend TRAFFIC East?

    Watch The Full Show Now »

Additional Resources

  • DomainSherpa Discussion: .Club, .Expert, .Cities; Domainers Call to Action…

    DomainSherpa Discussion: .Club, .Expert, .Cities; Domainers Call to Action…This is the show where we discuss domain name industry news with a panel of veterans and thought leaders.

    In this DomainSherpa Discussion:
    * How many .Club domains were registered in their first day?
    * Which is better? .Expert, .Guru or .Ninja?
    * .Vegas, .NYC and .London start marketing. Is it enough?
    * Rick Schwartz clarified the Domainers Call to Action published on
    * NameCheap receives contract breach notice from ICANN. Does it matter?
    * To trademark your domain names or not to trademark your domain names, that is the question.
    * And more!

    Read/Watch »

This Week’s News in Review

Demand Reports: Registrar Revenue Up 11% But Ehow & Content Continues to Decline – 08-May-14
Demand Media, Inc. (DMD reported financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2014 today after the market closed Its our personal opinion that the sooner Demand can spin off Rightside from the rest of the mess the better. Rightside operates the back end of all Donuts new gTLD extensions, owns 107 new gTLD’s…
Did Two Domain Sherpa’s Change The New gTLD Registrar Market? – 08-May-14
  As most domain investors know myself, Adam Dicker, Rick Schwartz and Page Howe have had a weekly show on for many months were we discuss news and other things going on in the domain industry. On last Thursday’s show, Adam Dicker said that he had just a few days before found the… Partners With DomainTools to “Identify Serial Cybersquatters” – 08-May-14
According to a press release out today,, a “researcher and developer of cybercrime solutions to protect brands and IP assets, today announced the launch of its Serial Cybersquatter Detector (SCD) Network powered by DomainTools® The SCD Network “instantaneously identifies both the serial cybersquatters exploiting its members’ trademarks, as well as the opportunities to either…
.wiki Landrush Starts Today; Here are Domains Suggested By The Registry That are Available – 08-May-14
The new top-level domain (TLD) .wiki has Landrush today. The Landrush phase is a brief 2 week period when the you can register a .wiki domain on an early access basis. Of course any domain taking in landrush will not be available during general availability. The only .Wiki domain names not available during landrush will…
After 15 Years of Trying, Company Uses UDRP to Get Domain Name – 08-May-14
Hold on just a minute… Amicus Trade AB has been trying to get the domain name for its Holdon brand of fasteners since at least 1999. That’s when the company sent a letter to the (then) owner of the domain with an offer to buy it. Ownership of the domain has changed multiple times…
.club Domain Name Debuts at #6, Here are The Top 10 – 08-May-14
.Club goes clubbing with over 25,000 registrations.
CentralNic Reports: Almost £4m in Revenue; £1m in Earnings & Has £4.93 in The Bank – 08-May-14
CentralNic (AIM: CNIC), today announces its audited results for the year ended 31 December 2013. Share of the company are down slightly trading at 62.5P. The company has a 52 week high of 115.5 P and has a low of 58,5 P. For 2013 billings were £3.89 million, representing a 15% increase on 2012, and…
.club Tops 25,000 Names On Day One – 08-May-14
The new gTLD .club got to 25,776 domains in its first 10 hours of general availability yesterday. According to today’s zone file data, that makes it the sixth-largest new gTLD by volume. It’s the third-best launch day after .berlin and .在线, I believe. The count does not include any substantial amount of premium or registry-reserved…
Investor in Minds + Machines Sells Over 22.5 Million Shares Representing 2.8% of Shares – 07-May-14
According to a press release just out, it seems a major investor in Minds + Machines has sold over 22.5 Million shares in the past 2 weeks. “The Directors of Minds + Machines Group Limited (AIM: MMX) were notified by Guy Elliot on May 7th 2014 that following disposals between April 22nd and May 6th;…
.club Lands Among Top 10 New TLDs On First Day – 07-May-14
.Club is now one of the top ten new TLDs. The .Club domain name is now among the top 10 most registered new TLDs after launching this morning. The exact number of registrations (based on the zone file) won’t be available until tomorrow. It takes about 15,000 registrations to make the top ten as of…
ParkingCrew Integrates Email Monetization – 07-May-14
ParkingCrew customers could get more revenue with integration. Domain name owners have been monetizing web traffic to domain names for a long time. But few monetize e-mails sent to their parked domain names. ParkingCrew announced today that it has integrated email monetization in its platform. Domain name owners can now make money whenever an…
Russell Pangborn in As New CEO at Marksmen – 07-May-14
Marksmen Names Russell Pangborn new CEO Brand protection firm Marksmen, Inc. announced that founder Ken Taylor will become a consultant to the company as Russell Pangborn takes over at the helm. Pangborn previously had been at Microsoft where he was their Assistant General Counsel in charge of trademarks. The company put out a press release:…
Architelos Goes Flat-rate With NameSentry Pricing – 07-May-14
Architelos has introduced flat-rate pricing for its flagship NameSentry abuse detection and mitigation service. Now, TLD registries will be able to pay $389 a month for the Basic service and $689 for the Enterprise version, regardless of the size of their zones. Previously, pricing ranged from $249 to $3,999 per month, depending on zone size…
Company Loses UDRP Against 20-year-old-domain, But Maybe is Shouldn’t Have – 07-May-14
Panel believes registrant registered domain name over 20 years ago. It didn’t. German company Softway AG has lost a UDRP it filed against the 20-year-old domain name On the surface it appears to be a particularly egregious case. Although Softway AG claimed it’s been around since 1989, it didn’t set up a web presence…
ICANN Split Between GNSO and GAC On IGO Names – 07-May-14
ICANN’s board of directors has refused to choose between the Generic Names Supporting Organization and the Governmental Advisory Committee on the issue of intergovernmental organization protections. In a resolution last week, the board decided to approve only the parts of the GNSO’s unanimous consensus recommendations that the GAC does not disagree with. The GNSO said…
.vegas Hits The Big Apple With Times Square Billboard – 05-May-14
The .Vegas registry has a very nice sized ad that is in New York’s Time Square Thanks to a reader of the domains that spotted it and sent it over. We should expect to see more of the new gTLD’s marketed in a big way especially the Geo’s.  
Wikipedia to Get Single-letter .wiki Domain – 05-May-14
Top Level Design has scored a bit of a coup for its forthcoming .wiki gTLD — Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia, has signed up as an anchor tenant. According to the registry, Wikimedia will use as a URL shortener and they’re in talks about other domains. The company has also applied to ICANN to…
Namecheap Gets Contract Breach Notice – 05-May-14
ICANN has sent a formal breach notice to top ten registrar NameCheap, saying the company failed to comply with a mandatory audit. ICANN also claims in the notice (pdf) that the company has failed to keep its web site up to date with pricing information required by policies. NameCheap, which says it has over three…
Qwalify Does’t Qualify for Transfer in Domain Name Dispute – 05-May-14
Panel says wasn’t registered in bad faith to take advantage of Qwalify, Inc. Greg Ricks has successfully defended his third UDRP dispute in under a month. Ricks previously defended and, and today WIPO issued a decision in his favor for I wrote about the filing at length in February, so…
Acquired in 2009 As Part of $96 Million Purchase, Getty Images Launches – 05-May-14
  Getty Images officially launched, more than five years after they acquired the domain as part of its acquisition of Jupitermedia Corporation (“Jupitermedia”) (NASDAQ: JUPM) We reported back in February of 2009 that Jupitermedia Corporation (“Jupitermedia”) (NASDAQ: JUPM) sold Jupiter Images Corporation (“Jupiterimages”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jupitermedia, to Getty Images, Inc. for $96…
.rich Still Not Getting Rich – 05-May-14
More domains registered…by the registry’s executive director. Last month I wrote about the .rich top level domain name, which had a mere 22 domain names in its zone file. (It was actually just 21 because I counted a registry domain.) After ICANN’s long hiatus of publishing zone files last week I was surprised to see…
What Do Pitbull & Juan Calle & John Ferber Have in Common? They Will All Be Speaking at Emerge in Miami – 04-May-14
What do Pitbull and Juan Calle of .Co and John Ferber of have in Common? They will all be speaking this week at the eMerge Americas Techweek being held in Miami otherwise known as the Magic City. eMerge Americas Techweek is described as “where entrepreneurs and tech tycoons alike meet for a week long… Domain Name Sells for $4.8 Million – 02-May-14
A huge domain name sale: sells for $4.8 million. eHealthInsurance Services, Inc. has acquired the domain name for $4.8 million. On the company’s investor conference call yesterday the company said it paid $4.5 million in cash for the domain and forgave $0.3 million in receivables from the seller. The seller was apparently an…
Publicly Held Ehealth Purchases for $4.8 Million – 02-May-14
eHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ: EHTH) announced they acquired the for $4.8 Million Dollars in the first Quarter of 2014. Although wasn’t just a simple domain name its pretty clear from the conference call the company bought just for the domain. During the earnings call, there was some interesting clarifications: Tobey Sommer of SunTrust… Average Reported Domain Sale Soars Back to 2010 Levels After Declining for 3 Years – 02-May-14
According to stats release by today, “After falling for three years in a row, the average price of reported domain sales soared back to 2010 levels” Here are the last eight years of reported sales according to   Year Total sales Average price Number of reported sales 2014 $60,800,227.98 $4,668.32 13,024 2013 $109,261,899.19… to Auction of Premium .buzz Domains – 02-May-14
NameJet just opened bidding on “35 premium .Buzz domain names. “One of the first pure generic strings to be launched, .BUZZ is short, edgy, fun, and globally recognized. ” “The term “buzz” typically refers to what people are talking about. This premium domain list represents some of the hottest topics being discussed on the web… Saved in UDRP As Complainant Doesn’t Even Allege Bad Faith – 02-May-14
Mobile’s Republic (MR) of Bordeaux France, just lost its attempt to grab the domain name in a UDRP The domain holder was represented by MR was represented by in-house council. The domain holder offered to sell the domain for $45,000 to MR who then filed this UDRP. The domain was purchased by the… Paid $7.4 Million for Snapnames – 02-May-14 paid $7.4 million for SnapNames and hopes for a revenue contribution of $5 million this year. paid $7.4 million cash to acquire SnapNames from KeyDrive, the company revealed on its investor conference call yesterday. The company described it as a “small tuck-in acquisition” at a financially attractive price. expects SnapNames to generate…
.CEO: How Not to Market Your New Top Level Domain Name – 02-May-14
.CEO marketing is not well executed. I’ve written before that .ceo as a standalone domain name doesn’t make sense to me. I see some potential for a network for CEOs, and the company behind .ceo has plenty of experience with social networking. But that wouldn’t be about a domain, it would be about a network…
Nominet CEO, Lesley Cowley, Quits – 02-May-14
Lesley Cowley has unexpectedly quit her job as Nominet’s longstanding CEO. The .uk registry today announced that she will leave the company July 9, and that the remaining C-suite will manage the company until a replacement is found. No reason for Cowley’s departure was given, beyond Cowley saying “it is now the right time to…

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