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DomainSherpa – Off The Market Forever – May 23, 2024: Over the Rainbow

DomainSherpa – Off The Market Forever – May 23, 2024: Over the Rainbow

As we say on DomainSherpa – all roads lead to domains. And this is a series related to domains called “Off The Market Forever”, where we focus on the domain space through the lens of end-user acquisitions and upgrades.

In this episode, JT and Drew welcome special guest and serial entrepreneur Nick Huber to discuss his recent premium domain upgrade of Nick, known for his sharp business acumen and successful ventures, shares the strategic thought process behind acquiring this high-value domain. The Sherpas talk about the acquisition and also delve into Nick’s impressive company portfolio, each with the matching .com domain, exploring how he leverages these assets across his various brands and businesses.

The Sherpas also explore alternative domain extensions, the role they play in modern branding, and their impact on start-ups. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a domain enthusiast, or just curious about the digital landscape, this episode is packed with insights and inspiration.

Some of Nick’s domain names that he is using for various businesses are:

Also, DomainSherpa is now integrating with for episode transcripts and an AI-driven video player to easily look for topics, words, phrases, etc., and jump to the points in the video where they occur. Let us know your feedback! Plus, all DomainSherpa podcasts are now up on our YouTube channel at, and much more!

So be sure to tune in to this episode of Off The Market Forever!

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