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Type-in Traffic

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Type-in traffic is a term describing visitors landing at a web site by entering a keyword or phrase (with no spaces or a hyphen in place of a space) in the web browser’s address bar (and adding .com or in a mobile browser address bar and adding .mobi or any other gTLD (generic top-level domain) or ccTLD extension (country code top-level domain); rather than following a hyperlink from another web page, using a browser bookmark, or a search-box search. Type-in traffic is a form of direct navigation.

Example: If you are interested in widgets, then instead of performing a search-engine search for the term ‘widgets’ you might type ‘’ or ‘’ in your mobile browser address bar to see if such a web site exists, and, if so, what content is there. From another perspective, if you are in the business of selling widgets, then owning the domain name ‘’ or ‘’ and having an active website at that address would be a desirable thing, as you could take advantage of the type-in traffic this name receives. This simple example holds true for virtually all products and services.

[Source: Wikipedia Type-in Traffic]

In October, 2010, Google launched a new feature called “Google Instant.” Google Instant displays search results as a user types characters into the search box. Results appear and change below the search box as a user types. Google says that the average web user reads much faster than they type, so displaying results in this way will save time. Opponents say that it will kill natural search engine optimization and domain name type-in traffic.

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