Welcome to the Google Domains invite-only beta!

That is the subject of the email I just received.

Adam Dicker provided his thoughts on the Google Domains offering on today’s DomainSherpa Discussion, so I thought I would support that with a pictorial walk-through of the Google Domains invite-only service (as of today).

1-Gmail   Welcome to the Google Domains invite only beta

2-Google Domains   Invite Needed

3-Google Domains

4-Google Domains

5-Google Domains

6-Google Domains

7-Google Domains

9-Google Domains

8-Google Domains

10-Google Domains

For anyone interested, here are the Google Domains terms of service.

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5 Responses to “Welcome to the Google Domains invite-only beta!”

  1. I need an invite code…please!!

  2. Domain Master says:

    So much for their $12 domain register and/or transfer pricing they BRAGGED about all over?

  3. Mel says:


    Even Google won’t be able to sell those gtld .duds for 3 times the price of a .com.

    1. johnny come-lately to domains says:

      nice (not so) humble brag!

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