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Is Domain Name Typosquatting Worth It?

Is Domain Name Typosquatting Worth It?

A study in New Scientist estimates that advertisements placed by Google on typo domains – domain names that are misspelled versions of popular websites – could potentially be producing as much as $500 million per year. And that’s only Google’s cut.

The question of Google’s profiting from typo domains aside, a recent serendipitous experience gave me the opportunity to further explore the profitability of typo domains. As we will see with real data from a typographical domain variant of, not all typo domains are created equal.

More Articles’s $1B Valuation and Immeasurable Domain Name Benefit – with Steven Boal’s $1B Valuation and Immeasurable Domain Name Benefit – with Steven Boal recently received $200 million from investors in a deal that values the 13-year-old coupon company at $1 billion.

In a rare interview, Steven Boal, President and CEO of the hugely successful, sat down with DomainSherpa to talk about that recent investment, and the immeasurable benefit the company has gained from having a single, generic keyword domain name.

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