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Keep Your Job and Earn an Extra $100K Through Domaining – with Morgan Linton

Keep Your Job and Earn an Extra $100K Through Domaining – with Morgan Linton

In 2010, Morgan Linton earned revenue in the five figures from domain name investing – which he does after his normal workday. This year, Morgan is on track to earn more than $100,000.

In this interview, Morgan describes how he generated a six-figure income outside of his day job. And he shares some of the secrets from his new book, Domain Investing Handbook, that will help you learn from his experience and mistakes – when to drop bad domain names, what to buy with the registration fee savings, guidelines to find great domains, and much more.

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Domaining Salary Survey

Domaining Salary Survey is conducting an anonymous survey of domainers. Although domainers are not typically employed and do not receive a “salary,” this research study will provide a comparison and analysis of income levels one can expect from becoming a domainer. It will also allow current domainers to compare their financial performance to others within the industry. […]

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