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DomainSherpa – Off The Market Forever – August 25, 2022:,,,

DomainSherpa – Off The Market Forever – August 25, 2022:,,,

As we say on DomainSherpa – all roads lead to domains. And this is a new show related to domains called “Off The Market Forever”, starring Chris Zuiker and James Iles! In this show we focus on the domain space from the lens of end-user acquisitions and upgrades, from the perspective of one the best domain brokers in world and one of top journalists in the space – both who have unique insight and knowledge of the industry and domains as they relate to end-users.

In this episode, the Sherpas discuss domains such as,,, &, why it’s important to lock up your domain before it’s “Off The Market Forever”, and a whole lot more!

So be sure to tune in!

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