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DomainSherpa Review – February 1, 2024: Minivans and Tank Engines

DomainSherpa Review – February 1, 2024: Minivans and Tank Engines

What do successful domain name investors think when they value domain names?

In this show:
• The Sherpas play The Domain Game (starting at the 8:05 mark), where they guess what certain domains were bought and sold for by the Sherpas and discuss the reasons behind their evaluations. Today’s domains are Infrared.com, CUTU.com, VEYA.com, BUSK.com, and Sonata.com;;
• The Sherpas discuss the recent sales of Transformational.com and 469.com;
• They review a list of domains about to come up for auction on NameJet.com, including EnergyStore.com, HomeInsulation.com, and BarKeep.com;
• They briefly review the portfolio of an audience member, who currently has the domains listed on NameJet, including BananaSplit.com, Juanita.com, StrongBody.com, and FunShop.com, with the full list of domains included in the show notes;
• The Sherpas also discuss the idea of a “neoregistrar”, a term recently introduced on social media by Michael Cyger, and how those types of hybrid entities could impact domains;
• Also, DomainSherpa is now integrating with Muse.ai for episode transcripts and an AI-driven video player to easily look for topics, words, phrases, etc., and jump to the points in the video where they occur. Let us know your feedback!
• Plus, all DomainSherpa podcasts are now up on our YouTube channel at DS.tv and much more!

JT is joined by Drew & Josh – so be sure to tune in!!

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