DomainSherpa Review – Nov 9:,,,…

DomainSherpa Review with Michael Cyger, Andrew Rosener, Giuseppe Graziano and Shane CultraThis is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,,…
  • Get your bids in soon for,,…
  • A surprising result when a Sherpa summits the mountain in the “Name That Price” game
  • Don’t be a rookie investor – how to use (and not use) Estibot’s valuation tool
  • Plus, much more!

For each domain name portfolio, the Sherpas answer:

  • Which domains are valuable, and in what way?
  • What is the market value (both wholesale and retail) of the best domain names?
  • Which domains are worthless and should be dropped?
  • Which domain names may invite legal issues, such as a UDRP case or cybersquatting lawsuit?
  • Which domains do our Sherpas want to make an offer on?

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Andrew Rosener, Giuseppe Graziano and Shane Cultra.

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When Drew refers to “Overture Score”, here’s what he means: »

Investor Submitted Domain Names
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This Show’s Sherpas

Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener is the CEO of the industry-leading domain name broker Media Options.

Andrew is widely considered a thought leader and expert on domain name value & methodology as well as domain name sales & acquisitions. With 20 years experience with domain names, Andrew has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to make MediaOptions the go-to domain name firm for startup & company domain acquisitions as well as high value domain name sales.

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Giuseppe Graziano
Giuseppe Graziano
Giuseppe Graziano is the founder and CEO of, a domain name brokerage firm specializing in liquid domain names.

Giuseppe has a Masters Degree from the Fudan University in Shanghai, China and was named "Master of Domains" by as one of the top 10 highest grossing brokers in 2016.

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Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra is a domain name investor and owner of the popular domain name blog,

Cultra is also a fifth generation owner of Country Arbors Nursery based in Urbana, Illinois, and has been a member of the PBS television show Mid American Gardener for more than 10 years, in addition to being a part of various gardening segments on CBS and ABC.

Shane also recently launched two new businesses, and, leveraging his online expertise with his love of nature and business acumen to create two exciting new ventures that are sure to be successful.

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26 Responses to “DomainSherpa Review – Nov 9:,,,…”

  1. elevator says:

    You are all wonderful for this review. Graziano, I gain so much from your manual submited at and I can do without reading your write up and also visit here almost on daioy for good work like this.
    I realy appreciate you all Mike, Shane, Andrew and Graziano.


  2. Karim Nasser says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to list a domain on NameJet without having to submit your ID card?

    1. Scott Pruitt says:

      Hello Karim,

      Having the ID requirement is one of the things we do to make NameJet a safe and reliable platform for domain name auctions. We have the same requirement for buyers that are placing combined bids in excess of $2500.

      When it comes to offering privately owned domains, we are very particular about what we allow on the platform. We receive dozens of submissions every day and only a small percentage will get listed. The main criteria we look for are the quality of the domains, the quantity of domains, and history of the seller. Those that cannot meet that criteria are better off listing their domains in an open marketplace.

      Scott Pruitt
      Director Marketing

      1. albert says:

        I have submitted a couple of names to name jet and never received a response.

        Is there a special process that one has to go through?


        1. Scott Pruitt says:

          Hi Albert,

          As I mentioned earlier in the thread, we look primarily at the quality and quantity of domains submitted. If you did not receive a response it was most likely for one of those reasons. Thanks for you interest in listing with NameJet.

          Scott Pruitt
          Director Marketing

  3. albert says:

    Love it when you mix up the guest sometimes Mike.

    I must say this is one of the better submitted investor list in a while.

    Thanks guys.

  4. HowieCrosby says:


    Unfortunately, you didn’t tell the whole story as I explained to you. The names you mentioned had to be new regs, as they were 3 new gTLDs, and I had not accepted the offer, but closed a quick $700 flip the next day with another investor. I flip new regs and of course buy aged as well.

    I understand the bot would be more data driven with Drew’s premium names. But as a general appraisal for regular names, it’s unreliable for me so I stopped using it in that perspective.

    But thank you Drew/Shane for providing info on other data analysis, as I didn’t interrogate close enough when I signed up last year or so ago.

    Good to see Giuseppe on the show again!

    1. Zac Zarev says:

      I’m not sure if you’ve had an opportunity to, but I would recommend putting some of your names up on You should be able to get a couple of orders of magnitude higher than what you’re asking for on your site. Great website though, just don’t forget to drive traffic to it! Very informative articles!

  5. saeed says:

    i sold for 20 k few years ago to Chinese company.

  6. DT says:

    I agree with Drew regarding EstiBot. We all have to create our own algorithm to determine the actual value of a domain. If everyone used the exact same metrics and interpreted them the same way, there would be no domain investment.

    EstiBot throws up a lot of useful data quickly. The appraisal value returned by EstiBot is the least useful part of its service (especially for low dollar domains and brandables). If you watch/read DomainSherpa, you know that the final sale price has more to do with negotiation (including timing and buyer motivations) than a number based purely on data points (as arbitrary as they may be). This is probably an axiom for successful selling.

    However, there’s definitely a need for a trusted service (like EsitBot?) so that B2B (other than domain investors) can go to for reliable ‘book values’. Maybe one day we can get to a point where a domain (or portfolio) can be used as security for a loan? If your business is domain investing, there needs to be a way to borrow when cash-flow is low. Look to the auto industry and Blue Book. Just because KBB appraises a car at a certain value doesn’t mean the end-user will pay that value.

    Thanks for another excellent show!


  7. Loved the show today! Giuseppe is a great addition. Thanks everyone.

  8. Xavier Lemay says:

    Great show!

    BTW, I own and I get offers from end-users!

  9. Ken O'Brien says:


    Great show like always.

    Andrew, Giuseppe and Shane… thank’s guys for your time and willingness to share your knowledge. I’ve never seen any industry where those who you would want to learn from actually are willing to share their insight and experience like this. If someone is willing to put in the time and work the opportunities in this industry are endless.

    I visit every day, I never miss a new Domain Sherpa show or anything Giuseppe is willing to share (his knowledge of short and numeric domains is amazing). Andrew we would have fun negotiating any deal ;)


  10. John Harrison says:

    Great show!

    I really enjoy Giuseppe’s newsletter- very in depth and very knowledgeable.

    Couple of questions:

    One for Shane: recently on a couple of blog posts you have mentioned two contrasting points: selling names to make a profit and wishing you had held on to some domains because now they are worth more.

    Obviously a good business will balance the two but what are the finer points that lead to the decision to hold or liquidate?

    One for all Sherpas: It seems like namejet, snapnames, godaddy auctions…they are all so expensive! Where can a domainer get a good bargain these days? Is it more about in depth research and reaching out to domain owners directly? Or, do things just simply cost more?

    Would be interesting to hear the discussion :)

    Thanks again

    1. Shane Cultra says:


      I actually answered this in a post yesterday. The goal of domain investing is to make money. Success is not measured in quantity and what determines quality domain can change on a dime. So selling is a requirement at some point. When is always the question. I like to sell a little as I go. I choose a few names that have reached great return and sell them. Ideally you sell to end users and get the most money. Some times I’ll put a few at auction on Namejet.

      As I build my business the cash flow from sites and my blog have allowed me not to have to sell as quickly. I have never put a dime of my own money into domains. Every domain and every penny I have was from building a site and monetizing, using that money to buy domains, selling those domains to buy more. In order to buy more I had to sell. Either a site had to generate revenue or I had to sell if I wanted a domain I saw at auction. I am patient but my wants were bigger than my bankroll. Thankfully that has changed. I can flip some, hold some and build.

      In short, selling is how we make money. At some point you’ll have to pick a point to do it and you can’t look back. And anyone that says they know exactly when the time is right is lying. Could woulda shoulda doesn’t do you any good or make you money.

      1. john Harrison says:

        Thanks for the reply Shane. I do read your posts every day so apologies for doubling up there. Still, it is probably one of the hardest things for me to do- know when to cash out…! For example, I bought a few llll.coms when they were at around $30 on godaddy. Selling them now would be a great profit by any industry’s standards but….I also feel that holding them another few years would see a greater increase. Also (probably unlike you) Im not sure I would trust myself to reinvest the profit wisely…!

        Great show again- thanks for taking the time to participate.

  11. Noor says:

    Great show guys….next to a good offer email from DNS / Sedo / Godaddy, this is definitely the best way to start the week.

    Thank you all.


  12. Great show! Love all the 4 Letter talk ;)

    Really nice to see the investor submitted portfolio with such nice names. Thats a first… no drops!

    @Andrew Rosener- You are hilarious! Venzo!(LOL) and spot on analysis of estibot!

    @Giusepp- Glad to have you on the show! Your knowledge of short letters and numbers is impeccable!

    @Domain Shane- Check you email ;) and thanks for the blogging!

    Thanks to all the sherpas for taking the time to do the show! Including Mr. Cyger!

  13. Forrest Greenwood says:

    Many thanks to Michael Cyger for taking the high road and doing the right thing in response to a situation I had with an advertiser who is no longer on the show.

    Again….thank you!!!

  14. Omar Negron says:

    Great review Mike!

    Thanks Andrew, Shane and Giuseppe.


  15. Cemm says:

    Thanks for the show, gentlemen!

  16. Nick says:

    One of my favorite ways to start out the week. Thanks, guys!

  17. Zac Zarev says:

    Fantastic show!

    Thanks to Michael and all the sherpas!

  18. Jay says:

    Good Show Mike / Sherpas

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