Remove Domain Name From SEDO Sale Process

If you buy domain names from other parties or through auction, inevitably you’re going to find a need to have it removed from the SEDO sales process.

For example, I purchased a domain name from another person who had it listed for sale on SEDO. Once the domain transfered to me, however, the domain name was not removed from the SEDO “for sale” process. You would think that a change of registration of the domain name would trigger SEDO to remove it, but it doesn’t.

This is what you saw on DomainTools a few months after I became the owner of the domain name:
For Sale at

After spending 20 minutes waiting for a chat representative, it was quickly removed. But to expedite the request on future issues, I asked who I could email. To do so, just email the domain name from the email address on the whois record to ownerverification/@/

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One Response to “Remove Domain Name From SEDO Sale Process”

  1. Matt says:

    … and if privacy is enabled, it won’t be removed until you remove the privacy. It would make more sense for Sedo to at least contact the lister once reported, as I do not intend on letting people track my buying. Let Sedo burn a buyer who submits a BIN I guess.

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