NameJet: “Activity on this domain is temporarily locked while awaiting the auction to begin.”

When you visit NameJet and see the following message (“Activity on this domain is temporarily locked while awaiting the auction to begin.”), what does it mean? Activity Locked

This status is updated at the end of the backorder deadline.

a. If the domain name is a Pre-Release status, that typically occurs at 8pm PT.

b. If it is a Pending Delete status, that typically occurs between 5am – 9am PT (depending upon the TLD.)

The status will remain until an auction starts, or — if it is determined there will not be an auction — the status changes to Wish List.

a. If the domain is a Pre-Release domain, then if the sponsoring Registrar releases it to NameJet, the auction will typically start that same day, between 12 noon and 2PM PT.  If the Registrar cannot deliver the domain (for a number of reasons, renewed at the final hour, a legal issue, or no longer available), the status will eventually change to Wish List.  It can take up to 5 days.

b. If the domain is a Pending Delete domain, NameJet is now waiting to see if the domain is secured during the drop.  If one of our partners gets the domain, the auction will typically start between 12 noon and 4PM PT.  If we do not get the domain, the status will revert back to Wish List.  That typically updates the same day of the drop.

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