How To Find Domain Name or Website Traffic Information

Compete.comThe cost to advertise and market a domain name or website far outweighs the cost to acquire a domain name or website that already has traffic. As a result, high-traffic websites command top dollar in the domain after-market. End-users would rather acquire a traffic websites than to build a new domain. But the problem is, how can you verify the monthly unique traffic a domain name or website has before you buy it?

The unique monthly traffic is the total visits to a website (every separate visit), while the page views is the total number of pages loaded. If you’re buying a domain name or website that claims to have monthly unique traffic, then you will want to verify the traffic statistics through a third-party, independent system. is a useful tool to verify month unique traffic.

The steps below will help you find a domain’s monthly unique traffic using’s service.

Step 1: Visit

Domain Name Traffic Information via

Step 2: Enter the Domain Name(s) of Interest

Searching for Domain Name Traffic Information will withstand the monthly unique traffic test. The social networking website is the second highest ranked website in the world. You can verify the monthly traffic of the website to survey its unique monthly traffic.

Step 3: Click on “Compare” Button

Compare Domain Name Traffic

Step 4: Survey the Unique Monthly Traffic Graph

Domain Name Traffic Information for’s unique monthly traffic in the past year is shown above. The unique traffic peaked in December 2010. In you sign up for a membership, you will have access to data from 2 years ago.

Domain Name Traffic Information Facebook December 2010

Pointing the mouse at various months will display an actual unique traffic number. In December 2010, for example,’s monthly unique traffic topped out at 134,050,710.

Step 5: Verify Previous Month Unique Traffic and Page Views

Verify Previous Month Unique Traffic and Page Views

Scroll down the page. Underneath the graph, the previous month’s unique traffic will be displayed in the box.

Domain Name Previous Month Unique Traffic and Page Views generated 127,510,914 unique visitors in January 2010.

Domain Name Monthly Page Views total page views in January 2010 reached 3,774,716,112. Rank for Domain Name or Website is ranked #3 on Compete’s traffic chart.

Step 6: View Referral Sites

Domain Name Referral Analytics

In the chart on the bottom of the page, the Referral Analytics display the how many sites are sending traffic to For the most part, generates unique traffic from sites across the web. The list of sites above does not include the type-in traffic (

Domain Name Search Analytics

In the box above, provides the keywords that are used to reach Using to analyze your unique monthly traffic is a good strategy to determine how to build future traffic.

Additional Notes on How To Find Website Traffic Information

High unique monthly traffic translates into high revenue and a high value for a domain name. The more traffic a website generates, the better chance they have a converting a pay-per-lead, ad clicks, and per-per-clicks.

Unique monthly traffic is the total number of different people that visited a website in a given period – usually a month. Take for instance; a person visits your website today, and then again tomorrow – this would count as one unique visitor, two visits, and one returning visitor. The page views are the number of times a visitor loads a page, regardless of unique visitor status or not. doesn’t monitor traffic on new websites. A domain name usually requires some traffic web history in order to show traffic results.

Another way to verify traffic is to use domain parking companies and or Both traffic tools will be discussed in a later article.

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17 Responses to “How To Find Domain Name or Website Traffic Information”

  1. Bob says: has been shut down as of December 31st 2016 – so this article needs a refresh with an alternative

    1. Hi Bob,

      Thanks for posting an update on Too bad they’re out of business. is great. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


  2. White Jeff says:

    Hello, this is a useful resource. I wanted to get a free tool to help me track my website traffic and also my competitor’s traffic. Can you please recommend me any such free tool?

    1. Try Use Google Analytics on your own website for a gauge.

  3. Roberta says:

    Do you know a site for regional traffic, I’m looking for only brazilian information.


    1. Hi Roberta,

      These sites measure all web traffic, not just country specific traffic. I know that doesn’t answer your question, but if you’re looking at a site that has enough traffic to be measured then it will be on these sites.

      Also, try I’ve been playing around with it recently and haven’t made any conclusions yet. For instance, for I can se:
      SimilarWeb Rank
      Global Rank: 156,849
      In Brazil: 8,241
      Monthly Visits: 70K
      Brazil Traffic: 95.83%

      Try it on a site that you know the data for and compare numbers.

      Best regards,

  4. Todd says:

    Really good article, a great way to find a domain name and find out more information about it, cheers!

  5. @Eveline,

    Thank you for reading and for being a fan. We value you as a reader. Good luck!


  6. Joshua Romans says:

    The ideas you discussed here are extremely valuable. They are constantly to the point plus easy to understand. Thank you for the thoughtful ideas you’ve shared right here.

  7. Eveline Hurtson says:

    I read a lot of information on this site and it is really good. Honestly congratulations! It’s my favorite new site.

  8. @Frank

    Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the support. Thanks again.


  9. Conrad Marcella says:

    Very well written blog here! Keep up the good work!

  10. Frank Foltz says:

    It’s onerous to seek out clarity on this topic, however you sound like you recognize what you’re talking about! Thanks

  11. Alexa is better to use to verify website searches. Such as a resume site may have hot keywords such as resume service, cover letter, resume writing and resume example. You can check the volume of the site as it’s measured across the net.

    Alexa is useful to find Wordwide Traffic Rank. I may have a domain with a 640,000 Alexa but only generate 300 unique per month. However, another website with a 2 million Alexa may produce 10,000 unique per month. There’s some inconsistency there too.

    Most domain metrics are more for educational purposes. I find that WhyPark may show a visitor, but StatCounter doesn’t detect the traffic. There will be a slight margin of error. Even Google Webmaster may have some inaccuracies. You can compare the data to find an estimate. Thanks.

  12. @RH,

    Many of my domains that do perform well don’t have any traffic data on compete. Compete is good to get an estimate for more established websites and traffic domains. I use StatCounter and WhyPark to monitor my traffic. Both are fairly accurate.

    The main problem is that Compete searches for data from the top 2 million sites. And they admit that they don’t crawl all sites. It’s like a political opinion poll. There’s only a small sampling with a margin of error.

    I have one domain that will probably score 2,000 unique next month and it has no traffic data. There are a few sites I talked to that were generating 100,000 unique and 300,000 page views but Compete only counted 35,000 and 70,000. They use a system which only counts certain data. In any case, Compete is helpful to find quick traffic data. As with traffic and domain valuation, you have to use multiple platforms to find an estimate.

    Thanks for reading.

  13. @RH You are very correct. My last business (which was a B2B publishing site) was estimated low by a factor of 5 or so. I’m not exactly sure where Compete gets their data from, but it’s better than nothing. Plus, if you know data related to a competing site (or in the same industry) you can just use that factor to get a better estimate for a site that you’re looking at on

    Do you find to be any more accurate?

  14. RH says:

    Compete is inaccurate many times and some time not even close to the traffic up or down.

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