Google AdSense for Domains

While searching for ways to make money with domain names, we stumbled upon a search engine result in position 10 of 2,160,000 total results — and lo and behold, it’s for a Google product. (Most companies would kill to be on the first page of results for a search as popular as this one!)

Google search result 10 of 2,160,000:
Google Adsense for Domain Names

As Google searches for additional ways to place the text ads that have made them billions in profit, it’s not surprising to see that they’re trying their hand at helping domainers make money by placing Adwords on parked domains using their program called “AdSense for Domains.”

From Google AdSense for Domains:

AdSense for domains allows publishers with undeveloped domains to help users by providing relevant information including ads, links and search results.

With AdSense for domains, users can find relevant information rather than see empty pages or “page not found” errors. To ensure positive user experience and the quality of our network, these sites are monitored for policy compliance and prohibited from using text and images designed to confuse users.

AdSense for domains provides advertisers with additional opportunities to find their customers, and ads on these pages convert well. In addition, we regularly receive requests from advertisers who have found domains to be an effective way to reach their users.

If you have undeveloped domains, then AdSense for domains can help your users. To get started, check out our setup instructions, and visit our Help Center for more information.

You can read more about AdSense for domains at the Google Help Center. Questions answered include:

  • What is AdSense for domains?
  • AdSense for Domains Quick Start Guide
  • Domain Set-up Guide
  • AdSense for Domains Program Policies
  • How should I format my domain file for upload?
  • What does the domain language do?
  • How do my keyword hints get used?
  • Why was my domain disapproved?
  • How do I use AdSense for domains color palettes?
  • Can I use AdSense for domains if I’m already using Google Apps?
  • What do the domains status messages mean?

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  1. Burton Haynes says:

    Great info! I’ll try it out this week.

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