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Why You Don’t Want to Miss DomainFest 2014 With Dwayne Walker

Dwayne Walker, senior vice president at, joins Michael Cyger to discuss DomainFest 2014 taking place March 31st through April 2nd in Hollywood, California.

Questions answered include:

  • What is the differentiation of DomainFest from the other domain name related conferences?
  • What are the three educational tracks at DomainFest and who are they geared to?
  • Who are the keynote speakers and how will their message impact attendees focused on domain name investing, startups and entrepreneurship?
  • DomainFest is well-known for throwing great parties. What can attendees expect this year?
  • How many people are you anticipating will attend?
  • How much, until when, and how can attendees attend a single day and party?

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About Dwayne Walker

Dwayne WalkerDwayne Walker is senior vice president at His areas of responsibility include DomainSponsor, Advertising Partnerships and Publisher Partnerships. He has also held senior management positions within Oversee’s vertical markets division.

Walker has served in executive management at Microsoft, Fidelity and several other companies with responsibilities spanning engineering, sales, marketing and business development. He is a successful technology and business executive with a track record in internet software, internet services, web applications and general software platforms. For over ten years, he has been a member of the domain community with experience in domain aftermarket, domain monetization and web businesses. Walker has been on the board of directors at,, and Micro General.

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One Response to “Why You Don’t Want to Miss DomainFest 2014 With Dwayne Walker”

  1. says:

    Looking forward to seeing all of you at the ‘FEST’, and hopefully at the SO CAL domainers meetup prior to the event.



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