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This Week’s News in Review

Tucows Wins Another Surname UDRP – 09-Sep-11
Another win but panel makes an error. Tucows has successfully defended another one of the domains in the surname portfolio it acquired in 2006. Marden Group B.V. filed the case over the domain name According to the complaint, Marden wasn’t even founded until 2008 (or at least didn’t file for a trademark until then), some 12 years …
Go Daddy to Issue $825 Million in Senior Debt – 09-Sep-11
Go Daddy Group Inc., the registrar of domain names on the Internet, will raise $825 million through senior secured credit facilities to finance its buyout by private equity firms, according to sources close to the deal.
Modern Warfare 3 URL Prankster Foiled, Hands Over Domain – 08-Sep-11
It seems that another battle in the Modern Warfare/Battlefield duel has concluded. Back in July, some internet prankster purchased the domain, and linked it to the Battlefield 3 official website. Modern Warfare 3 publisher Activision just won a court case which grants them control of the domain name in question. While most people saw it as a lighthearted jab at Modern Warfare 3, Activision took the situation a little more seriously.
Vampires Fight Over Upcoming Twilight: Breaking Dawn Movie Domain – 07-Sep-11
Domain names an issue for upcoming movie release. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 is coming to theaters this November. But before vampires duke it out on screen, a fight has already broken out over the film’s domain name: the creators have filed a complaint against the owner of in an effort to get the domain …
How Internet Naming Authority ICAAN Plans To Double Its Revenues – 07-Sep-11
Following its launch of the .xxx domain name this week, the Internet naming authority known as ICANN is preparing to uncork thousands more new names that nobody appears to want or need. The plan would double ICANNís revenues and create expensive new headaches for trademark owners. Just what is ICANN up to?
Guy Sues Alamo Car Rental After Losing UDRP – 07-Sep-11
Man in the home of the Alamo sues after losing UDRP for Alamo domain name. A San Antonio man has sued Vanguard Trademark Holdings USA LLC, which manages the Alamo car rental trademarks, after losing a UDRP for the domain name John K. Rivenburgh found himself on the losing end of a decision handed down by National Arbitration …
Lock Down Your .XXX Domain Before The Land Rush Begins – 07-Sep-11
The vaguely controversial .xxx top-level domain is about to open up to all comers, but before the main event, a little prep work is required. ICM Registry, the company administrating the launch, canít just let every joker with a GoDaddy account register domains willy-nilly. Not yet, anyway. So today marks the beginning of the ìsunriseî period of the TLD launch, when interested or wary parties can begin pre-registering or restricting their brands and names.

UBM Confirms Domain Name Sale at $4.5 Million – 07-Sep-11
Financial report mentions sale of a portfolio of domains for $4.5 million. We basically already knew that paid $4.5 million for the domain name But if you’re looking for a little bit more proof of the transaction price, you’ll find it in the seller’s 2011 first half financial report. On page 35 of UBM Plc’s …
Puerto 80 Responds Forcefully to DOJ’s Claims Concerning Domain Seizures – 07-Sep-11
While Puerto 80 has already appealed the rejection of its attempt to get back its domain names (the two rojadirecta domains that Homeland Security seized), the separate case, involving the permanent forfeiture of those domains, continues. As you may recall, Puerto 80 put forth its motion to dismiss, noting that the government appeared to be wholly making up a legal standard that doesn’t exist, while also showing that Puerto 80 did not break criminal copyright law. The government responded bizarrely by trying to argue that Puerto 80’s actions don’t really matter, because it’s not about Puerto 80… and then spent most of its brief explaining why Puerto 80 did things that broke the law. Lost in Re-filed UDRP, 11 Years After First UDRP – 06-Sep-11
Rematch eleven years later results in loss for domain name owner. Gassan Diamonds tried to win the domain eleven years ago and failed. They tried again last month and won against the same registrant.
Doppelganger Domains Pose Risk to 30% of Fortune 500 Companies – 06-Sep-11
Godai Group, a San Francisco based information security firm discovers 30% of Fortune 500 companies are vulnerable to Doppelganger Domains. A Doppelganger Domain is a domain spelled identical to a legitimate fully qualified domain name (FQDN) but missing the dot between host/subdomain and domain, to be used for malicious purposes.
Sedo Releases Drastic Improvement to Domain Parking Stats Interface – 05-Sep-11
New interface loads faster and is more usable. Domain marketplace and parking service Sedo has released a completely redesigned stats interface. The new interface is a huge improvement over the old one, which could only be describe as confusing and slow. Indeed, while the new interface is much easier to understand and manipulate, the …
Herkimer Co. Legislator Buys Concerned Citizens’ Website – 05-Sep-11
The Republican majority leader of the Herkimer County Legislature spent more than $200 this year buying up multiple website domain names that could have potentially been used by the Concerned Citizens for a Better Herkimer County.

How Today’s Hottest Startups Got Their Names – 05-Sep-11
Ever wonder what a Twitter is, or who the Hipmunk is? We’ve asked nine startups to share the story behind their names.
UK Domain Name Registrar Considers New Rules for Domain Name Takedowns – 05-Sep-11
Nominet, the British domain name register for .uk domain names, has requested comments on proposed rules concerning ‘Domain names used in connection with criminal activity.’ The rules would include ‘an expedited process to suspend domain names.’
ICANN’s Promises Aren’t Simply Speculation, They’re Outright Fantasy – 04-Sep-11
As chairman of the Association of National Advertisers, I read Alexa Raad’s Aug. 16 and Edmund Lee’s Aug. 22 pieces in Ad Age with great interest, hoping to understand why adding new TLDs (Top Level Domain names) would be an opportunity for brands and would create a better internet experience for our consumers. Unfortunately, I was not persuaded.
Apple Acquires 16 Misspelled Variations of Domain Name – 03-Sep-11
Sloppy typists should have an easier time reaching Apple’s iTunes pages now, as the company this week acquired a batch of at least 16 domain names representing misspelled variants of the company’s domain. The newly-transfered domains include:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Internet Keeps Expanding With 5.2 Million More Addresses: Verisign – 02-Sep-11
VeriSign’s quarterly Domain Name Industry Brief said there were more than 215 million domains registered at the end of the second quarter 2011, 16.9 million more than 2010.
.Org, The Public Interest Registry Joins With Nascar Sponsorship – 02-Sep-11
Attention all fans of one of Americaís greatest pastimes! Today, .ORG, The Public Interest Registry (PIR) is proud to announce a sponsorship with JR Motorsports and driver Jamie McMurray. In conjunction with, .ORG advertisements will run on McMurrayís No. 7 car during the following NASCAR races.

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