Domain Name News: May 6 Week in Review

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This Week’s News in Review

High-level DNSSEC Domain Security Gets Signed for Names – 05-May-11
THE UK domain is now DNSSEC signed, which means that website owners can now choose to protect their domain names with an added level of security.
House Subcommittee Scrutinizes Possible Domain Name Expansion Investment – 05-May-11
The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet held a hearing Wednesday to investigate the possible effects of expanding Internet domain names beyond the traditional suffixes like .com and .net to potentially anything a registrant could type.
Monte Cahn Sues Over $13 Million Incentive Plan – 04-May-11
Moniker founder Monte Cahn has sued along with its current CEO Jeff Kupietzky and founder Lawrence Ng over a $13 million incentive plan.
ICANN to Hold Webinar on Current State of the UDRP – 04-May-11
On Tuesday, May 10th ICANN will hold a webinar on the Current State of the UDRP. Details can be found at; those who wish to participate need to send an e-mail to [email protected] to receive the details. The Webinar will last for two hours and commences at 15:00 UTC (11 am Eastern time in the USA; check for time conversion to your locale).
Osama Bin Laden Domain Names Explodes Since Death – 04-May-11
The website hosting company Go Daddy says that since the death of Osama bin Laden, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of website domain names related to bin Laden.
Senator Wyden Warns That Domain Seizures and Coica Undermine Internet Freedom – 04-May-11
Senator Wyden continues to be one of the few politicians actually concerned about the impact of the government’s expansive view towards seizing domain names and stifling speech online. His latest is to point out that Homeland Security’s strategy with these domain seizures appears to be completely in conflict with the State Department’s position on internet freedom, as laid out by Hillary Clinton.
Are You Ready for .anything? Generic Internet Domains On The Way – 03-May-11
Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) open up Web addresses into .anything. So what does this mean? Chaos? Opportunity? Maybe both, experts say.
Fight Over .jobs is About to Cost Domain Name Owners – 03-May-11
Legal bills could start coming in as two sides bicker of .jobs domain name. An argument between .jobs registry Employ Media and ICANN has already cost some legal dollars, and I have a feeling it’s about to get more expensive.
How to Spend $700,000 On a Domain Name – 03-May-11
Chad Weinman of Cat5 Commerce paid $700,000 for, and also owns,, He joins Practical eCommerce’s Kerry Murdock to discuss it all.
Here Come The Osama Bin Laden Domain Names – 01-May-11
Domain registrants try to capitalize on Osama bin Laden’s death. Whenever there’s a major news event — good or tragic — domain name registrations follow. Such is the case with the killing of Osama bin Laden on Sunday. People are registering a number of domains with the late terrorists’ name.
Do Facebook and Apps Make New Top-level Domains Irrelevant? – 01-May-11
With consumer activity heading to apps and Facebook, the value of a domain name is uncertain.
Samsung Electronics Wins First Domain Name Lawsuit in Vietnam – 30-Apr-11
Samsung Electronics has won the lawsuit to gain the priority right in its registration and usage of the domain name, after two years chasing for.
Four Domain Industry Execs Including Enom Founder Paul Stahura Form New Venture – 30-Apr-11
Venture in stealth mode, but deck stacked for new top level domain names. eNom founder Paul Stahura, who sold his domain name registrar to Demand Media in 2006, has teamed up several other industry vets for a new venture reports GeekWire. The stealth venture called Donuts Inc has raised $1 million according to SEC filings. Former Network …
ICANN Adds Black Hat Conference Chief Hacker As Security Chief – 30-Apr-11
The Internet Center for Assigned Names and Numbers said Thursday that it had hired Jeff Moss, the founder of DEFCON and the Black Hat Conference, to lead its security efforts.
Serbia’s Cyrillic Domain Approved – 30-Apr-11
Internet News Agency with daily news from Macedonia, the Balkans and Around the world. Information on Health, Economy, Politics, Environment, Sports.
Google Buys – 30-Apr-11
Google bolsters +1 domain name coverage with .me purchases. Google has purchased the domain name, updated whois records show. The domain name was apparently purchased in November of last year, but remained under whois privacy protection until today. The purchase appears to be related to Google’s +1 tool.
Congress to Examine ICANN Plan – 29-Apr-11
A House Judiciary subcommittee will put a spotlight next week on a proposal that could dramatically expand the number of Internet suffixes available to the public.
Should We Expect .Com Domain Name Price Increases? – 29-Apr-11
Yes. The question is how much. VeriSign is in the process of trying to renew its contract with ICANN to run .net. It includes significant price increases similar to its current contract. Should we expect VeriSign to ask for continuing .com price increases as well? Of course.

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