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  • DomainSherpa Review – Apr 27:,,,…

    DomainSherpa Review – Apr 27:,,,…What do successful domain name investors think when they value domain names?

    In this show:
    • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently
    • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,,…
    • Get your bids in soon for,,,…
    • A surprising result when a Sherpa summits the mountain in the “Name That Price” game
    • We learn what tools the Sherpas use to value domain names
    • Plus, much more!

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  • DNSeattle – The Pacific Northwest Domain Name Networking Event of the Year!

    DNSeattleIn 2014, we sold out of our premiere event on top of the Space Needle.

    This year, we sold half of our tickets in 2 days.

    If you live in the Pacific Northwest and want to learn more about domain names, improve your investing knowledge, hear entrepreneurial success stories, learn the secrets of the industry, or just get out from behind your computer and meet some people, this is the meetup for you.

    DNSeattle will focus on domain name:

    • Buying
    • Selling
    • Monetizing
    • Due diligence and legal issues
    • Success stories from Seattle-based entrepreneurs and investors
    • And much more

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This Week’s News in Review

DNSeattle Returning for Round 2! Next Month’s 2015 Meetup Follows Sold Out Debut in 2014 – 30-Apr-15
Seattle has long been a focal point of domain industry activity, so when DomainSherpa’s Michael Cyger decided his hometown should have a high profile meetup for the area’s many industry professionals, no one was surprised to see the debut event he organized (held atop the iconic Seattle Space Needle in January 2014) quickly sell out.
Domain Auction in Beijing: sold for $1,775,400 USD; for $274,380… – 30-Apr-15
The Second Beijing Domain Auction was successfully held in Beijing, China on April 24, 2015. The auction resulted in seven figures worth of domain sales. We’ve included pictures from the event including some results from the domain auction. For those who are interested in the Chinese market but were unable to attend the event, we hope you enjoy.
ICM Registry Just Made $1.2 Million On Sunrise Registrations for a $370k Investment – 30-Apr-15
The ICM registry, which is the operator of .XXX, announced a short time ago that their two new extensions .porn and .adult each got around 4,000 registrations in the Sunrise Period which was opened to trademark holders. The wholesale cost for each sunrise registration was just $62, which is quite a bargain considering that the…
.Porn and .Adult Domain Names Break Sunrise Records – 30-Apr-15
Provocative domains, low pricing, marketing and promotion with Trademark Clearinghouse boost early numbers for new adult domains. ICM Registry announced today that its .Porn and .Adult domain names each received about 4,000 registrations during the sunrise trademark period. That’s more than any other new top level domain names to date. The strong interest was certainly…
.Me Passes 800k Registrations – 30-Apr-15
The .Me Registry announced today that they passed the 800,000 mark in the number of registered domain names. If .Me was a new gTLD and not a ccTLD it would be the 2nd most registered, however they have not offered to my knowledge free domain names at any point Here is the announcement: “”We Hit…
Dumb ICANN Bug Revealed Secret Financial Data to New gTLD Applicants – 30-Apr-15
Secret financial projections were among 330 pieces of confidential data revealed by an ICANN security bug. Over the last two years, a total of 19 new gTLD applicants used the bug to access data belonging to 96 applicants and 21 registry operators. That’s according to ICANN, which released the results of a third-party audit this… Owner Can Keep Domain Name Despite Not Responding to UDRP – 30-Apr-15
Owner of loses case against Language instruction service Chinesepod Limited, which uses the domain name, has lost a UDRP against the owner of It’s a case of a “typo” also being a common word. The owner of didn’t respond to the UDRP, but ChinesePod didn’t convince a World Intellectual Property…
GoDaddy Purchases The Domain Through Right of The Dot – 30-Apr-15
GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY) announced it has bought the domain name that correspondents to its New York Stock Exchange ticker. When visited, takes individuals to GoDaddy’s Investor Relations page, enabling anyone to quickly find out more about the…
.XYZ Dismisses Own Ads As “Puffery” – 30-Apr-15 has dismissed its own claim that .xyz is the “next .com” as “mere opinion or puffery”, in an attempt to resolve a false advertising lawsuit filed by Verisign. Attempting to get the lawsuit resolved without going to the expense of a full trial, the registry has filed with the court a lengthy, rather self-deprecating…
GoDaddy Getting Out of Nascar, Whatever That is – 30-Apr-15
GoDaddy is dropping its sponsorship of a NASCAR racing car, largely because Johnny Foreigner doesn’t have a clue what NASCAR is. The company has been sponsoring Stewart-Haas Racing and driver Danica Patrick since 2007; Patrick is a spokesperson appearing in many commercials. But now GoDaddy says it is dropping the deal at the end of…
.Video Hits Eap Today & 85% of All Premiums are Priced at $200 or Less – 29-Apr-15
.Video is entered the Early Access Program (EAP) today (day 1) and based on the volume of Sunrise registrations and search data it would seem to be a pretty hot new gTLD. We counted some 460 domain registrations by trademark holders in the Sunrise period which is one of the largest to date. Beyond the…
GoDaddy Ends Sponsorship Deal With Danica Patrick No. 10 Team After 2015 Season – 29-Apr-15
According to, GoDaddy will no longer sponsor Danica Patrick, No. 10 team following the 2015 season, however she will remain a Godaddy spokeswoman. But after the 2015 season we won’t be seeing Danica in the Godaddy Green car SBNation reports: “The move comes as Patrick is in the final season of her contract with…
ICANN Board Gives Go Ahead to Hotels/.Hoteis Contention Set in Denying Reconsideration Request – 29-Apr-15
The ICANN Board has rejected request for reconsideration and thereby is allowing the Contention set of Hotels/.Hoteis to move forward to being resolved. Basically the ICANN Board is saying sorry we will try to do better in the next round, and fix the problems that the Independent Review Proceeding (IRP) admitted were present…
DNSeattle Returning for Round 2! Next Month’s 2015 Meetup Follows Sold Out Debut in 2014 – 28-Apr-15
Seattle has long been a focal point of domain industry activity, so when DomainSherpa’s Michael Cyger decided his hometown should have a high profile meetup for the area’s many industry professionals, no one was surprised to see the debut event he organized (held atop the iconic Seattle Space Needle in January 2014) quickly sell out.
Domainfest is Back; Returns to Europe in June – 28-Apr-15
Introducing DOMAINfest 2015 Sofia! The teams at NamesCon and DomainForum are happy to announce DomainForum and DOMAINfest Sofia, which will be held June 1-3, 2015, marking the exciting return of DOMAINfest to Europe. Having already operated a number of widely attended European…
Startup Domain Name Fails: 68% Fail Radio Test – 28-Apr-15
Majority of companies attending startup conference have problematic domain names. Name Ninja recently performed an analysis of the domain names used by startups going to the Collision conference in Las Vegas next month. The domain name consultancy found that only 21% of companies have the “ideal” domain name for their business. A whopping 68% of…
Sedo Now Lets Clients Start Their Own Domain Name Auctions – 28-Apr-15
Domainers can start their own reserve auctions…for a fee. Sedo is offering domain name sellers a new option to start an auction on its domain name marketplace. Called Direct Auction, clients can now select domain names to be auctioned, when they start and a reserve price. It costs $59 to start a Direct Auction. Previously,…
New gTLDs Accounted for 21% of The Net Growth of Domain Names in 2014 – 28-Apr-15
New gTLDs accounted for 21% of the net growth of the domain name market in 2014. “The recent publication of the ICANN reports for the month of December 2014 enables us to finally take stock of 2014, marked by the…
.xyz Helps CentralNic Double Its Revenue – 28-Apr-15
CentralNic’s revenue almost doubled in 2014, helped by the launch of new gTLDs. The UK-based registry today reported annual operating profit of £497,000 ($759,000), down from £694,000 ($1.05 million) in 2013, on the back of revenue up 99% at £6.06 million ($9.25 million). Billings- money taken but not yet recorded as revenue — was up…

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