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This week’s news:

Groupon Gets Irish Domain Name – 11-Mar-11
Groupon can move from to Group buying site Groupon has had some difficulty getting country code domains for "Groupon", but it just picked up one through arbitration: .ie is the country code domain name for Ireland. The domain name should be transferred to Groupon within 21 days unless the …
Google’s New Feature Allows Blocking Selected Domain Names From Your Results – 11-Mar-11
Have you ever performed a Google Search, then clicked on a link only realize it was a spam, perhaps even malware-filled site? With a new feature Google rolled out on March 10, you can now block certain domain names from your search results.
Verisign Domain Tag Cloud Gives Insight Into Latest Domain Registrations – 10-Mar-11
Tool gives quick insight into recent domain registrations. Here’s an interesting new beta tool from VeriSign: the Verisign Domain Tag Cloud. The tool gives some insight into current domain name registration trends. It’s like a tag cloud but the tags are words used in recent domain name registrations. The bigger the word, the more frequently…
IID Launches ActiveTrust Resolver; Provides New Level of Proactive DNS Security – 10-Mar-11
IID (Internet Identity), a provider of technology and services that help organizations secure Internet presence, today announced the availability of IID ActiveTrust™ Resolver ( This new DNS (domain name system) resolver is designed to prevent enterprise employee and system connections to known malicious Internet locations. ActiveTrust Resolver also provides immediate feedback to enterprise security teams about potential compromises on their networks like botnets and advanced persistent threats (APTs). By utilizing this secure gateway, an enterprise can ensure its employees and IT systems are not routed to destinations that could jeopardize communications, proprietary information, customers’ private data and more.
Former CEO of .ORG Registry Predicts Deregulation Will Shake Up Domain Name Market – 10-Mar-11
Alexa Raad, who today announced the formation of a new company—Architelos, Inc., predicts deregulation of the domain name market will require current players to re-assess and likely re-position their businesses as the walls between wholesalers (registries) and retailers (registrars) crumble and the domain name system (DNS) expands with the expected introduction of many new top-level domain names (TLDs).
Mom Reserves Domain Names for Pre-tweeters – 10-Mar-11
It will be a few more years before her children will send emails, instant messages and tweets, but Michelle Branco of Toronto has given them a head start in establishing their digital footprint.
.PRO Surges Passed 100,000 Registered Names – 10-Mar-11
RegistryPro, the exclusive operator of the .PRO top-level domain on the Internet, today announced it has surpassed 100,000 registered names for the first time in its seven-year history. News of the milestone came one day after industry leader Key-Systems was announced as the newest authorized .PRO registrar.
Domain Name Wire Turns 6 Today — Happy Anniversary, Andrew! – 09-Mar-11
Thanks for making Domain Name Wire possible. Domain Name Wire turns six today. I suppose six years is a long time in the blogosphere. It seems like just yesterday that I wrote the first post on Domain Name Wire. But it was March 9, 2005, when I wrote about selling for $700,000. Since then Domain Name Wire has published …
ICANN-Accredited Registrar TierraNet Latest Partner to Join Afternic Domain Listing Service – 09-Mar-11
California-based TierraNet, Inc., a top ICANN-accredited registrar, and, the world’s leading reseller network for premium domain names, today announced that TierraNet, Inc. joins Afternic’s Domain Listing Service (DLS) as a DLS Premium promotion partner, providing expanded promotional options to their customer base.
If You Want to See Porn Stars Protesting The .xxx Domain Names… Р09-Mar-11
…I’d suggest hanging around the Westin St Francis Hotel in Union Square, San Francisco, during your lunch break on March 17.
Snapnames and Moniker to Auction Sought-after .tv Domain Names – 09-Mar-11
The continued explosive growth in online video is making .tv an extremely relevant extension for reaching target audiences and site visitors and engaging them in new and exciting ways. The auction will provide a rare opportunity to acquire highly desired .tv domain names and join the wealth of savvy businesses and content creators who are successfully using .tv. The auction begins Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at noon US Eastern Time.
Governments Put Presssure On ICANN Over gTLDs – 08-Mar-11
ICANN has listed 23 areas of continued disagreement over proposed rules for new generic top-level domain names. ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee, or GAC, met last week in Brussels to decide on such key gTLD issues as trademark protection, malicious conduct, root-zone scaling, economic impact, geographic names and morality-based objections. But GAC was unable to ratify a set of proposed rules at the Brussels meeting and will continue dialogue at ICANN’s general meeting in San Francisco later this month.
GoDaddy Reports Nearly 1,000 Charlie Sheen-related Domain Registrations – 08-Mar-11
Charlie Sheen isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Nearly 1,000 Charlie Sheen-related domain names were registered at last week, the domain licensing company said. A spokeswoman for GoDaddy wouldn’t specify domain names without owners’ consents, but said most revolved around the actor’s name and catchphrases like “winning” and “tiger blood.”
1986 Domain Name Could Be Lost in UDRP – 07-Mar-11
Ads on will shift burden to domain name owner. A travel company has filed a UDRP against, which was originally registered in 1986. operator Octopustravel Group Limited filed the complaint against a Singapore man. was originally registered in 1986 but transferred to the current …
Australian Domain Names Hit 2 Million – 07-Mar-11
Over the past decade, the auDA board has gradually relaxed the controls of internet name management and sales in Australia while still maintaining the integrity of the system. ”The biggest reform milestone was introducing the new registry in 2002, said Paul Szyndler, auDA’s general manager of public affairs. From then on, anybody could set up a business to sell the domain names and the competition led to large price falls for those setting up websites.
ICANN Tells Governments Where It Stands – 06-Mar-11
Chairman of ICANN Board sends email to GAC explaining where differences remain. Yesterday afternoon ICANN Chairman of the Board Peter Dengate Thrush sent an email to ICANN‚Äôs Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) summarizing where ICANN stands on GAC’s "scorecard" of issues. Dengate Thrush suggests that the consultation process can …
National Arbitration Forum Now Taking .co Disputes – 05-Mar-11
Two largest UDRP administrators now handling .co domain name disputes. National Arbitration Forum has joined World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in offering dispute resolution services for .co domain name. When .co relaunched last year the only authorized UDRP provider was WIPO. Some companies were behind the ball and didn’t …
Contest Final: 5 Worst Domain Names – Vote Now! Р04-Mar-11
Thanks to everyone for submitting what they believe are their worst domain names. I got a lot of really terrible names, so it’s no wonder domain registrars stay in business! Only kidding… I have plenty of crappy names in my portfolio.
Qatar Launches Country Specific Internet Domain Names – 04-Mar-11
Officials from the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQatar) have launched the Qatar Domains Registry (QDR). Qatar-specific internet domain names will be made available to the public in the Gulf state by August, it has been announced.
Feds Arrest Owner of Seized Sports Streaming Domain – 04-Mar-11
In the past several months, U.S. authorities have seized several domain names that were allegedly facilitating copyright infringement, and yesterday U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) announced the first arrest. The 32-year-old Texan Bryan McCarthy was arrested and has been charged with criminal copyright infringement. Meanwhile, the site associated with these criminal charges remains active.
Domain Drama Heats Up – 04-Mar-11
The small business that manages the dot-jobs domain has rejected ICANN’s claim that it violated its agreement with the Internet watchdog.

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