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This Week’s News in Review

Microsoft Wants to App Your Sites With – 03-Jun-11
Earlier this week, Microsoft registered a bunch of domain names, including,, and more of the same with different extensions (including some country TLDs). If you open any of the URLs in your browser today, you’ll simply be forwarded on to the company’s search engine Bing, which makes you none the wiser. So why ‘app your sites’?
Conde Nast Purchases 285 Reddit-related Domain Names – 02-Jun-11
Conde Nast just went on a major internet buying spree, purchasing a total of 285 domain names related to Reddit, the Conde-owned social news site. This raises a question, of course: What is Conde up to?
New Domain Name Regime Brings Opportunities and Controversy – 02-Jun-11
The introduction of a new top level domain name regime will provide new opportunities for companies seeking to own their own piece of the internet.  Top level addresses have been dominated by domain names such as .com…
.CO Reaches 1 Million Domains 10 Months After Launch – 02-Jun-11
Less than one year after its launch, the .CO registry announced Thursday that it has reached the one millionth .CO domain milestone. Since the company’s launch in July 2010, individuals and organizations from over 200 countries have registered domains at .CO.
Trademarkia Takes on Go Daddy With Domain Registry Debut – 01-Jun-11
Trademark search engine Trademarkia has launched a domain name registry service that allows users to check whether a domain name is trademarked before buying the domain rights. The launch is part of the startup’s quest to become the “GoDaddy of trademarks,” CEO Raj Abhyanker said.
Apple Finally Going After Domain – 01-Jun-11
In October 2001 Apple introduced the now iconic iPod, and since almost the same time, Apple has owned the domain name. But in April of 2002, someone registered the plural of the ipod as a domain – For some reason or another Apple chose not to go after the owners of the domain then, even though Apple typically shows no mercy when it comes to its trademarks appearing in domain names.
Media Breakaway: New Platform Will “Revolutionize Domain Parking Industry” – 01-Jun-11
Last week, I had a conversation with Scott Richter, CEO of Media Breakaway, and he was excited to discuss his company’s newest venture, According to the company, some clients are seeing up to $150 RPM on their domains which are monetized with a combination of CPC, CPA and CPV offers.
Big Changes Coming? – 01-Jun-11
Conde Nast Digital, the guys behind, purchased a whopping 285 domain names related to Reddit.
Microsoft Fusion: Domain Registration, Xbox Games – 01-Jun-11
It’s only been a couple of days since news about Microsoft registering three trademarks with the word Fusion in them broke. The company had filed for Fusion Genesis, Fusion Sentient, and Fusion Vault. Now, though, we have been made aware of a few other details, like the game rating and the fact that Microsoft has domains registered with Fusion in them, as well as a post on the official Microsoft Blog that hints to new devices that will play Xbox games.
After 9 Years, Apple Wants – 01-Jun-11
On 28 April 2002, a few months after Apple launched the very first iPod (yes, it’s been that long already), someone registered the domain name It apparently took the Cupertino company a little over 9 full years to decide that, instead, it should be the rightful owner of the domain name, which until earlier this morning took people to some shady mp3 download site (though it no longer resolves, it seems).
Moniker, Snapnames to Auction at Domainfest Barcelona Event – 01-Jun-11
Pre-bidding has opened for the premium domain name, scheduled for sale at Moniker’s premium auction during DOMAINfest Europe in Barcelona on June 8, 2011. Open for .xxx Domain Name Pre Orders – 31-May-11 have today announced they are accepting pre orders for all three stages of the upcoming .XXX Domain Name launch. Their wholesale platform is now also accepting pre orders following full integration for .XXX domains into its comprehensive API (Application Programming Interface).
Tucows Wins UDRP for Surname Domain – 31-May-11
Registrar defends domain name from attack by lighting company. Domain name registrar Tucows has successfully defended the domain name, which is part of its expansive portfolio of surnames, from lighting company Hinkley Lighting, Inc in a UDRP.
Spammers Preying On Domain Registration Software Flaw – 30-May-11
Norton-vendor Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ: SYMC) has revealed a vulnerability in a domain registration software for domain parking services allowing spammers to randomly redirect to any URL.
NHL Domain Name Game – 29-May-11
Web-savvy puck fans are placing their bets on what Winnipeg’s new NHL franchise should be called. As the name-that-team debate has raged these past few weeks, web domain names have quietly been purchased featuring various potential team monikers by online poachers, who obviously hope they‚Äôll eventually be able to sell to True North Sports and Entertainment.
Welcome to The World of Cybersquatting – 29-May-11
When Welsh actor Huw Marshall registered and back in 2002, he probably didn‚Äôt expect that it would end up costing him £6,000. You see, when he registered the domain name, Wayne Rooney – the future England and Manchester United football star – was a young 16-year old, just breaking into the Everton senior team.
Internet Domain Names Top 209.8 Million – 27-May-11
According to the latest Domain Name Industry Brief report from VeriSign, the Internet domain name business is still growing. For the first quarter of 2011, VeriSign reported a 7.9 percent year-over-year increase in domain registrations, which translates into 4.5 million domains registered in 2011 so far.
DNS Filtering: Absolutely The Wrong Way to Defend Copyrights – 27-May-11
Five top security experts say that the PROTECT IP Act’s domain name redirection powers would weaken crucial cryptography applications, encourage consumers to patronize malware packed sites overseas, hamstring content delivery networks, and harm the ability of ISPs to head off denial-of-service attacks. Plus, they wouldn’t work.
Go Daddy Loses Appeal On Case Holding Them Negligent In Turning Over Ownership Of Domain Accounts – 27-May-11
Go Daddy filed an appeal from a judgment entered in favor of Jeff Eysoldt, Mark Eysoldt, and Jill Eysoldt who had an account with Go Daddy only to see the account control turned over to another person.

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