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Domain Name News: June 10 Week in Review

Domain Name Week in ReviewEvery Friday, provides you with a hand-selected, editorially based review of the week. In this summary, you will find the latest articles and videos produced by DomainSherpa staff and contributors. You will also find links to the best news articles in the domain name industry — so you don’t have to spend your time searching for news or reading something that was not worth your time.

This Week’s Articles in Review

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This Week’s News in Review

Go Daddy to Sell .xxx Domain Names – 10-Jun-11
In a major win for ICM Registry, Go Daddy announced today that it will offer .xxx domain names to its customers. Offering the controversial domain name was not a forgone conclusion for the world’s biggest registrar. Go Daddy founder Bob Parsons had previously said he wasn’t sure if the company would carry the domain name and that adult registrations are only a small part of its business.
Second Twittersquatting Lawsuit Is Filed, But It’s Unlikely To Go Far – 10-Jun-11
Step aside cybersquatters. Kicking out cybersquatters who camp out on domains that are trademarked by others isn’t too tough anymore; the process has become fairly streamlined and straightforward over the years. But evicting a twittersquatter that’s grabbed your company’s name may prove to be a lot tougher. A new lawsuit filed by a company called Coventry First filed a lawsuit this week seeking to evict the anonymous twittersquatter who is critiquing the company with the @coventryfirst Twitter account, but it’s unlikely to succeed.
Apple Goes Domain Name Crazy, Registers at Least 50 On Wwdc Day – 10-Jun-11
Apple stealthily registered at least 50 product domain names the same day as its annual Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on Monday. On a day when iOS
Marc Ostrofsky Put Domain Names in The National Spotlight on ABC-TV’s The View – 10-Jun-11
Ostrofsky was invited to talk with the show’s five famous female co-hosts (Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck) about his best selling book Get Rich Click! that teaches people how to make money on the Internet.
Go Daddy to Sell .xxx Domains – 10-Jun-11
Commanding about half the market for new domain registrations, Go Daddy is a critical partner for any new top-level domain that launches. Its prominent marketing of Colombia’s .co domains was a big help in enabling the registry, .CO Internet, to sell over one million names in less than a year.
Go Daddy General Counsel Christine Jones On Domain Transfer Lawsuit – 09-Jun-11
When transferring the ownership of a domain, registrars should ensure that it is being reassigned to a rightful owner, as Web hosting provider Go Daddy illustrated in a recent trip to the courtroom. In May, judges rejected an appeal from Go Daddy after it argued that the court had been wrong to rule that it had been negligent in handing over the ownership of several domains, according to a report by the Register.
California Merchant Stops Using UK Domain Names After FTC Complaint – 09-Jun-11
The California company Balls of Kryptonite, which operates ecommerce sites that sell cameras, video games and other electronics, has settled a Federal Trade Commission complaint by agreeing to permanently refrain from posing as a UK-based retailer.
Apple Goes On WWDC-related Domain Buying Spree – 09-Jun-11
While Apple was showing off the new features in iOS 5, iCloud, and OS X Lion, it was quietly buying up at least 50 domain names with mentions of the features from those products.
New Internet Domain Suffixes Seen As Benefit – 09-Jun-11
Small businesses trying to find new ways to market themselves online may soon tap new branding opportunities, if the organization that regulates Internet domain names expands its offering beyond the traditional dot-com suffix.
Google Sidesteps Kazakhstan Restrictions – 08-Jun-11
Google is redirecting visitors to its Kazakhstan search site,, to a Kazakh-language page at in response to a Kazakh law that the company says threatens the openness of the Internet
Google Defies Kazakhstan Bid for Controlled Web – 08-Jun-11
Google is redirecting searchers to domain in Kazakhstan, whose government is demanding all .kz domain names run on servers in that country.
Google Bids for in Short-domains Landrush – 08-Jun-11
Google, Yahoo, Huawei and Deutsche Telekom are among the companies vying for a new batch of super-short UK domain names. Single- and two-letter web addresses were opened up to registrations late last year by Nominet, the UK domain registry body.
ICANN Responds to U.S. Government Questions About New Top Level Domains – 08-Jun-11
ICANN Senior Vice President Kurt Pritz has responded (pdf) to a written question and expanded on his answers to questioning from U.S. representatives during a hearing about new TLDs on May 4.
Beavton No Longer Domain Name for Beaverton School District – 08-Jun-11
Beaverton School District will spell its name right from now on. The district has used beavton for years on emails and Internet.
Salesforce Jumps Auction’s Gun and Pays Mega Bucks for Domain Name – 08-Jun-11
Salesforce has reportedly purchased the domain name from UBM for a price which remains unknown thus far. It has been estimated that the cost was above $5 million as the site was listed with a reserve range between $1 million and $5 million. Relaunches As Web Site Brokerage – 07-Jun-11
According to a press release sent out today, Latona’s, formerly an auction platform for generic domain names has been relaunched as a brokerage firm for revenue producing web properties. Domain Goes for More Than $1.5m – 07-Jun-11
Proving that the market for the right domain name continues to be strong, Moniker and SnapNames, the domain name auction sites owned by Los Angeles-based, reported that they sold the domain Buys Domain Name – 07-Jun-11 pays seven figure sum for domain name before it can be auctioned off. has purchased the domain name from publicly traded media company UBM plc for an undisclosed price. The domain name was listed in this week’s Moniker auction with a reserve range between $1 million to $5 million.
O, .Co! Goes with Coliseum – 06-Jun-11
When the .co registry announced last week that it had broken through the one million domains registered barrier, (NASDAQ: OSTK) said it had another big .co related announcement on tap for today: the company will name the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (where the Oakland Raiders and Oakland Athletics play) the Coliseum.
Katie Couric’s New Talk Show: Domain Names Hint at Title – 06-Jun-11
Couric and her new ABC bosses have not announced a show name, but two website URLs that her PR team purchased offer cues.
Exabytes India Announces The Reduction of .in Domain Registration Fees – 06-Jun-11
Exabytes Network Pvt. Ltd., a leading web hosting provider today announced the reduction of its first year .in domain registration fees from USD 5.99 to USD 0.99 in conjunction of its 10th Anniversary.
Microsoft Wants to App Your Sites With – 03-Jun-11
Earlier this week, Microsoft registered a bunch of domain names, including,, and more of the same with different extensions (including some country TLDs). If you open any of the URLs in your browser today, you’ll simply be forwarded on to the company’s search engine Bing, which makes you none the wiser. So why ‘app your sites’?

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