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Domain Name News: July 22 Week in Review

Domain Name Week in ReviewEvery Friday, provides you with a hand-selected, editorially-based review of the weekly news. In this summary, you will find the latest articles and videos produced by DomainSherpa staff and contributors. You will also find links to the best news articles in the domain name industry – so you don’t have to spend your time searching for news or reading something that was not worth your time.

This Week’s Articles in Review

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This Week’s News in Review – Learn How to Succeed In Domain Names For Free From Veteran Domain Expert Adam Dicker – 22-Jul-11
Adam Dicker, a leading domain expert who has built extensive knowledge of the industry over the last 10 years and the owner of, the largest domain forum on the planet, as well an extensive list of premium domain properties such as,,,,,,,,,,,, as well as over 20,000 generic .CA domains including,,, and is offering a free domain course for domainers to take part in covering everything to do with the domain industry.
Domain Name Thief Sentenced to 5 Years – 22-Jul-11
Back in November of 2009, Daniel Goncalves was indicted on charges that he had stolen the domain name from domain name investor Marc Ostrofsky and Albe and Leslie Angel. The details of the case and investigation were documented in a story on DNN published in August 2009.
Two-Character .JOBS Domain Names Being Made Available for Company Name Registration – 22-Jul-11
Beginning September 1, 2011, Employ Media LLC, the licensed operator of the .JOBS Top Level Domain (TLD), will accept requests on a first come, first serve basis from the global community of employers seeking to register two-character domain names that correspond to their company name.
Fears Grow Over High Price of Domain Name Fame – 21-Jul-11
Experts at key US internet conference challenge brand confusion and financial risks posed by impending new domains.
Google Buys Illegal Domain Name On Domain Aftermarket – 21-Jul-11
This post has been syndicated (and slightly edited to reflect updates) from a post by SEO expert Bill Hartzer. Google, in an effort to protect their…
What You Didn’t Know About .ly, .tv, .sy and Other Foreign Domain Names – 21-Jul-11
What does it mean to have a website registered in a war zone?
Lawyers Fight Over Monte Cahn’s Laptop – 21-Jul-11
Court denies temporary restraining order for Monte Cahn’s laptop. The latest legal battle in Monte Cahn v. et al is over a laptop. Lawyers for the defendants want to get their hands on the Moniker founder’s laptop, which they say is company property. They claim the laptop may include confidential emails and other …
Does Paying Top Dollar for Domains Still Make Sense in The Age of Apps? – 20-Jul-11
If you launch an app today–say, Foursquare, for example–is it necessary to purchase if the primary use of the service is through the mobile app, which does not require a web address? Domain Names Acquired by Leading Online Real Estate Group to Capture Share of $11 Trillion Commercial Property Market – 20-Jul-11 and, two leading online residential real estate portals, today announced the acquisition of the category domain names: and is well-positioned to succeed as the Companyís third real estate portal, differentiated by the additional property types offered within the massive commercial real estate market. In addition to a comprehensive database of residential inventory, the site will showcase office space, retail properties, multi-family buildings, warehouses, industrial space and land from all over the world.
Google Promotes Domain Names to Small Businesses – 20-Jul-11
Google evangelizes web sites for small businesses. Remember all those domain names Google registered last month? Now we know what they’re for, and it’s good news for domain name owners. Google is going state-to-state, city-to-city to help small businesses get online. They’ve teamed up with Intuit to offer a web site…
.me Celebrates Exceptional Growth in Domain Registrations – Virtual – 19-Jul-11
It’s been three years since the .ME Registry first launched open registrations of the Montenegrin country code Top Level Domain on July 17, 2008. “In that time, the dot-ME domain has transitioned from one country’s Web identity to the most effective personal domain name extension in the world,” says Predrag Lesic, Executive Director of the .ME Registry. “Dot-ME has truly gone global, having registered more than 530,000 domains in 200 countries.”
Domain Holdings Grabs $2.9 Million Investment, Releases Improved Domain Builder – 19-Jul-11
Domain name company lands outside investment and releases upgraded domain development platform. Domain name development company Domain Holdings has raised $2.9 million in funding. The company was founded by domainer Chad Folkening, who was later joined by co-founder John Ferber. The company also released a complete rewrite…
.XXX Gold Rush: Debbie Does Domain Names – 19-Jul-11
As branding extends to URL with dot-branding now permitted, sexually explicit content providers are the most obvious purchasers banging at the door of ICM Registry to pay for new domain names, but more conventional brands are also looking ahead to see whatís behind the door.
New Domain Structure Could Challenge The SEO Industry – 19-Jul-11
Starting in 2012, corporations and municipalities will be able to buy specific domains. These changes will present some hurdles for SEO firms, notably on how we adjust to the changes with indexing current and existing webpages. While corporations may see limited benefit from securing their own corporate domain extension, municipalities and specific interest groups could benefit greatly from these scenarios and in turn, it could greatly impact the nature by which people use search engines.
Google Buys G.Co To Create An Official URL Shortcut For Google Products – 18-Jul-11
Google joins Internet biggies Twitter (T.Co) , Overstock ( and Amazon (A.Co, Z.Co and K.Co) today in taking over the G.Co domain name, buying the TLD in order to build the official URL shortcut for Google products like GMail, Documents and Photos. While representatives from the .Co registry wouldnít comment on the pricing of the deal, .Co-founder Juan Diego Calle recently told Reuters that a single letter domain like G.Co costs more than $1.5 million.
Google Spends at Least $1.5 Million for Domain Name – 18-Jul-11
The search giant plans to turn the top-level domain, which is run out of Colombia, into a URL shortener for its products this afternoon.
Protecting Your Brand From The XXX Sex Domain – 18-Jul-11
XXX is coming as a way for adult-oriented websites to distinguish themselves from .mil, .edu, .gov and other top-level internet domains. This raises a problem for current trademark and domain name holders, who have been wondering whether…
Microsoft and Sony Joint Domain Names Acquired Defensively – 18-Jul-11
Recently, it was noticed that Microsoft had claimed the domain names for and
DNS (Domain Name Scarcity) Pushes Verisign to $38 – 18-Jul-11
VeriSign recently renewed its contract with the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to serve as the exclusive provider for .net domain names (see: ICANN Renewal Bumps VeriSign Shares Higher). It is currently the exclusive registrar for .com and .net domain names worldwide and competes with other domain […]
Domain Name Superstar to Take The Helm at Top Level – 17-Jul-11
The former chairman of ICANN, the governing body of internet domain names, is to join a small London-listed online company which hopes to profit from the next generation of “dot-brand” names. Top Level Domain Holdings, which is listed on the Alternative Investment Market, will today announce Peter Dengate Thrush as its executive chairman.
Offer to Protect Trademark From .xxx Domain – 17-Jul-11
Businesses wanting to prevent their trademarks from being used on the new .xxx internet domain will be offered the chance to pay $200 to $300 for a blocking service from September. A new internet domain name, .xxx is set to launch later this year…
Arbitration for Twitter Typo is Terminated – 17-Jul-11
Massive typo case terminated, then refiled. An arbitration case at World Intellectual Property forum over the domain name has been terminated, only for the company to file a second case. Cases are typically terminated when the domain owner agrees to hand the domain name over to the complainant. In this case it appears…
Epik Completes Acquisition of IntrustDomains to Add Registar Management Platform – 15-Jul-11
The acquisition adds advanced domain management technology, integrated backorder capability, a significant customer base and a talented team with deep competency in the area of domain name asset management and registrar operations.
What is Worth? – 15-Jul-11
Citrix Systems this week bought, a 70 employee start-up that makes cloud infrastructure software. At the same time, it acquired what may be one of today’s most desirable tech domain names. Awarded 1st .co Domain Accreditation for The UK – 15-Jul-11
Mesh Digital’s and domain nameregistrar brands, today announced their accreditation as the1st .CO accredited registrar head quartered in the United Kingdom.
Warner Bros Wants Domain Name for Its Upcoming Sequel – 15-Jul-11
Company files for arbitration to get domain name. Warner Bros is planning a sequel to its 2006 hit Happy Feet, and this time around it wants a good domain name for its movie web site. The company has filed a complaint with National Arbitration Forum against the owner of the domain name. Domain arbitration cases usually take 1-2 …

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