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Domain Name News: August 24 Week in Review

Domain Name Week in ReviewEvery Friday, provides you with a hand-selected, editorially-based review of the weekly news. In this summary, you will find the latest articles and videos produced by DomainSherpa staff and contributors. You will also find links to the best news articles in the domain name industry – so you don’t have to spend your time searching for news or reading something that was not worth your time.

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This Week’s News in Review

UDRP is Not Surefire Way to Take Down a Counterfeit Web Site – 23-Aug-12
On the face of it, it might seem appealing for a trademark owner to use UDRP to take down a web site selling counterfeit goods. But trademark holders need to understand that UDRP is for cybersquatting, and not all sites selling counterfeit goods meet the three requirements of winning a UDRP. The latest example is Oakley, which failed to recover the domain name
Confirmed: .nxt Conference Canceled – 23-Aug-12
The show was expected to run next week, August 29-31, in London, following two successful events in San Francisco last year.
Federal Courts Seize App Domains in Pirating Crackdown – 23-Aug-12
The three seized domain names –, and – are in the custody of the federal government. Visitors to the sites will now find a seizure banner that notifies them that the domain name has been seized by federal authorities and educates them that willful copyright infringement is a federal crime.
ICANN: Roadmap for Processing New gTLD Applications – 22-Aug-12
In June 2012 ICANN published close to 2,000 applications for new gTLDs. The processing of these applications consists broadly of two phases: Evaluation followed by Pre-delegation steps, then Delegation. ICANN’s objective is to provide certainty to applicants and a solution for Metering should be developed as efficiently as possible.
Google Apps Makes .co an Option (and promotes it) – 22-Aug-12
Google Apps has added .co as a registration option when you open a new account.
Denver Domainers Unite: RMDC 2012 at Chloe – 21-Aug-12
There are now over 2 billion people in the world on the internet. Can you think of another activity besides eating that’s shared by that many people? Many savvy companies are leaving the brick and mortar behind and moving the majority of their operations to the web.
Turn Over in Your Grave. Rick on Board with gTLD’s!! – 21-Aug-12
I am very excited about an emerging niche. For the first time I am excited about gTLD domains. Very excited. I can see it clearly now. But not in the form of .whatever. I have yet to be convinced or won over yet. But I always keep an open mind.
NY State is Offering Small Business Free Websites and Domain Hosting – 20-Aug-12
Google has teamed up with New York State to get small businesses online. “There’s no cost. No catch. No Hassle.“ This is great news for the 53 percent of small businesses in New York that do not have a website.
US Must Hand Over Internet Control to the World – 20-Aug-12
The Internet has become one of the most important resources in the world in just a few decades, but the governance mechanism for such an important international resource is still dominated by a private sector organization and a single country.
Online Sports Fan Site Acquires Key Domain Name for Branding – 20-Aug-12
As I was researching the purchase of for $1,415 on Afternic by, I found that the buyer had posted a blog entry about why he bought the domain. is Up For Auction on – 19-Aug-12
For the Buy It Now price of $100,000, you can own the 2012 election year’s arguably hottest domain name.
Judge Allows Antitrust Lawsuit Against ICANN – 17-Aug-12
In a closely watched case, a federal judge has ruled that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers can be sued for alleged antitrust violations stemming from the new “.xxx” domain name.
DotMed Applicant Survives UDRP Attack on its .med Brand Domain Names – 17-Aug-12
.Med applicant HEXAP SAS has staved off an attack on its promotional web sites, and in a UDRP.
Verisign’s Future Looks Stable With .com And .net Registries in The Bag – 17-Aug-12
VeriSign (NASDAQ:VRSN), primarily known as the authoritative registry for .com and .net generic top-level domains, also operates a diverse array of network infrastructure, including two of the Internet’s thirteen root nameservers and the back-end systems for the .gov, .jobs, and .edu top-level domains.
VeriSign Publishes New Video Promoting .TV – 16-Aug-12
VeriSign published a new video yesterday promoting .TV domain names.
Owner of Plans to Auction Site – 16-Aug-12
If his job in the tech industry doesn’t work out, Peter Crowley should try psychic reading. The 26-year-old purchased in 2010 after hearing recently-named Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan speak. Predicting that Romney was the inevitable GOP frontrunner, he matched them up and bought the site.

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