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This Week’s News in Review

Righthaven Defies Court, Ignores Domain Name Ruling – 22-Apr-11
Last Friday, the Chief Judge of the federal court in Nevada, which is overseeing more than 200 Righthaven copyright cases, dismissed Righthaven’s meritless claim to seize its victim’s domain names. In each case so far, Righthaven contended that the mere hosting of any infringing material means that the entire domain name was forfeit to the copyright troll. Chief Judge Hunt rejected that claim, explaining that the “Court finds that Righthaven‚Äôs request for such relief fails as a matter of law and is dismissed.”
.jobs Foes Question ICANN Commitment to Contract Compliance – 21-Apr-11
Group questions if ICANN’s compliance operations are up to the task with new TLDs on the horizon. JOBS Charter Compliance Coalition, made up mostly of job board operators, is calling into question ICANN’s commitment to contract compliance after ICANN gave a short reprieve to .jobs operator Employ Media. ICANN sent a breach notice to Employ …
ICANN’s Commitment to Contract Compliance Questioned in gTLD Run-Up – 21-Apr-11
The .JOBS Charter Compliance Coalition (the “Coalition”) strongly disapproves of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ (“ICANN”) decision to further delay enforcement of its strongly worded breach notice to Employ Media regarding its improper expansion of the .JOBS Top-Level Domain (“TLD”). Citing this as a test of ICANN’s credibility in the run-up to the launch of the new generic top-level domain (“gTLD”) initiative, the Coalition calls upon ICANN to compel Employ Media and its collaborators to cease their non-compliant conduct that breaches the .JOBS Charter.
Porsche Wins Rights to Cyrillic Script Internationalized Domain Name – 21-Apr-11
Porsche wins dispute over IDN. Porsche has won a UDRP for the domain name –ø–æ—Ä—à–µ.com, which is in punycode. The company claims that the internationalized domain name translates as "Porsche". This case created some challenges for the panel.
Streambank to Auction Ultimate Electronics Intangible Assets – 20-Apr-11
Streambank, LLC, the leader in providing intangible asset disposition services, will be conducting an auction of the Ultimate Electronics trademarks, domains, and related intellectual property on May 25th 2011 in New York. Ultimate Electronics Inc. has filed a motion with the Delaware Bankruptcy Court seeking approval of the sale of its intellectual property. The assets include the Ultimate Electronics trademarks, 11 related trademarks, 16 related domain names, and the company’s social media sites and databases. The hearing to approve the sale is scheduled for May 26th, 2011. Shuts Down, Domain Name Up For Sale – 20-Apr-11
A tipster informs us that is no more and that the domain name will be sold through an auction that ends on August 17, 2011. Interested parties can pre-register on the hideous, superlative-laden website in order to receive detailed instructions for the auction in May 2011.
Poker Domains to Be Reactivated So Players Can Get Their Money Back – 20-Apr-11
The Justice Department says it has reached an agreement that will allow Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker to reactivate their seized websites, so that U.S. poker players with cash on account can get their money back.
Need Help Finding The Perfect Domain Name? Try Panabee – 19-Apr-11
Panabee will show you variations around your preferred URL or keyword if you can’t register your initial domain name of choice.
How to Host GoDaddy Domain Names On Mobileme – 19-Apr-11
Besides being just a catchy name that people can easily remember, what makes a domain name valuable is the content behind it, and MobileMe is a good repository for that content. Here’s how to connect your GoDaddy-registered name to your MobileMe site.
Toshiba’s Honeycomb Tablet Could Be Named Thrive, Say Trademark and Domain Filings – 19-Apr-11
Toshiba’s been flaunting this Honeycomb tablet for months now, but they haven’t given us a name for it. (I’m getting tired of saying Toshiba Honeycomb
Comparing The Toll Free Phone Numbers to Domain Names – 19-Apr-11
AP sheds light on using toll free numbers to capture business. The Associated Press published a story this morning about companies that reserve mass quantities of toll free phone numbers, either to capture callers or sell them to businesses that might want to use them. On the surface this is very similar to domain names. You register a …
Landrush Looms for Thousands of Short .uk Domains – 19-Apr-11
More than two-and-a-half thousand short .uk domain names will become available in May, the UK internet registry Nominet has said. On Tuesday, Nominet said the ‘Landrush phase’ for the 2,640 mostly two-letter,,…
University Websites Still Redirecting Users to Fake Software Sites – 18-Apr-11
Four months after a security researcher identified educational Websites that have been hijacked to redirect users to fake online stores, many of them remain unfixed.
Facebook Sues Friendfinder’s Facebookofsex Adult Site – 18-Apr-11
Facebook has filed suit against adult website operator and Penthouse publisher FriendFinder Networks, alleging trademark infringement over the company’s website, PaidContent reports.
NYC Could Get Its Own Domain… Just Like Porn! – 18-Apr-11
Last month, internet porn finally hit the big time with its own .XXX domain name. And if porn is that important, why not New York? At least two different campaigns have begun to create the .NYC domain, which would be used specifically for New York-related websites. And there are already t-shirts!
More Dutch Internet Domain Names – 18-Apr-11
The Netherlands Internet Domain Registration Foundation (SIDN) says it gave out more domain names than ever last year. In its annual report, SIDN says it registered 514,230 new domain names in 2010, bringing the total to 4,192,454. Getting on for 1,500 new domain names are being issued daily.
XXX Domain Names Go Live – 17-Apr-11
The first .xxx web addresses have gone live on the internet, almost 11 years after the extension was first proposed.
Poker Domain Seizures Show Futility of Nabbing Domain Names – 16-Apr-11
Even without .com domains, sites can continue to operate. You can take away a domain name, but you can’t stop people from visiting a web site. Yesterday’s seizure of five poker company domain names is another case in point. Still want to get your fix of Poker Stars? Just go to
Controversial .xxx Domains Go Live – 16-Apr-11
As Domain Name News reports, IANA, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, yesterday added the recently-approved TLD to the root nameservers. Indeed, a site dedicated the domains, is now live, as are placeholder sites at and (all Safe For Work at the time of writing).
Feds Seize Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker Domains – 15-Apr-11
The domain seizures by the U.S. Government have hit a new target, and it’s without a doubt the biggest fish thus far. Three of the largest poker sites – PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker – had their domains seized today as 11 people connected to the gambling outfits were charged with bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling offenses. The indictment (pdf) was released by the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York Friday afternoon reveals that the seizures are part of a FBI investigation.
FBI Seizes Online Poker Domain Names – 15-Apr-11
In what is turning out to be a possible doomsday scenario for online poker players in the United States – as well as having repercussions around the globe — visitors to Full Tilt poker, PokerStars, UB Poker and Absolute Poker are all being met with an FBI seizure notice.
Total Damage From Parsons Elephant Shooting? About 100,000 Domains – 15-Apr-11
According to it seems that the damage to has been minimal and also seem to have been short lived. In all what I’m seeing is a loss of about 100,000 domains.

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