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Verisign’s Afraid of XYZ; $20MM for .Blog; 55% New gTLD Renewals; NamesCon for $199…

DomainSherpa Discussion with Michael Cyger, Andrew Allemann, Michael Berkens and Page HoweWe’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Andrew Allemann, Michael Berkens and Page Howe.

This is the show where we discuss industry and Internet news, what the news means to you, and questions from the audience.

In this DomainSherpa Discussion:

  • Verisign sues .XYZ and Negari for false advertising
  • Verisign also ramps up their marketing of .COM
  • The .Blog auction was settled for an estimated $20 million
  • .Shabaka preliminary renewals coming in a 55%
  • NamesCon.Vegas ridiculously low registration cost of $199 (for 2 days)
  • Reader question: are new gTLDs still worth investing in?
  • And much more!

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29 Responses to “Verisign’s Afraid of XYZ; $20MM for .Blog; 55% New gTLD Renewals; NamesCon for $199…”

  1. Greg says:

    The first round of new gTLD’s are going to drop shortly

    In the case of premium gTLD’s how will we know the renewal fees?

  2. Albert says:

    $55,000 for

    Glad I did not sell

    Having said that, I was wondering what happened to

    Seems like it it just a parked page.

  3. In regards to the .xyz statement “It’s impossible to find a .com domain name,” domainers know that the statement isn’t true but end users don’t. I think that’s the issue. End users are going to take that statement at face value. Similarly, Verisign couldn’t come out and make the statemtent “it’s impossible to build a business on anything but a .com.” It just wouldn’t be true.

  4. StickTool says:

    It’s so cold that I regged a .xyz …….. hand reg yesterday was VoiceOption.Com

  5. Shaun says:

    Thank you all for the upload.

    It is so cold…..that all domain registrations/transactions froze


  6. Towhid Zaman says:

    Another awesome show guys. Would love to Rick back again. Heard he finally invested in new TLDs. Thanks for my curious mind’s question answer ;)

  7. Daniel says:

    This show is good and Andrew is a nice addition but you really need to bring back Adam Dicker to this show. It’s not the same without Adam.

  8. Eric Jenkins says:


    As always another great show. Thanks Sherpas!!

    Eric Jenkins

  9. HowieCrosby says:

    Vlog is the new blog imo, new media etc. It’s still nice to read a good blog though.

  10. Noor Manji says:

    It’s so cold that drivers in New Jersey are showing the middle finger with the windows up.

    It’s so cold that George Costanza suffered serious shrinkage…..again.

    1. page howe says:

      Noor is the winner.. take a lot to get keep a new jersey finger inside. ping me at [email protected] for gift certificate to

      1. Noor Manji says:

        Yaaaaay……… coming in………thank you.

      2. Noor Manji says:

        yaaaay……email coming in…..thank you Page.

  11. HowieCrosby says:

    “it’s so cold that” Page Howe registered a .com numeric with 43 digits because he had shivering fingers! ;-)

  12. I love lawyers says:

    It was so cold the lawyers had their hands in their own pockets.

    Not you, Berkens! :-)

  13. John Harrison says:

    It’s soooo cold, Page can’t even be bothered to up his game when the handsome maitre d’ flirts with his wife

  14. SJS says:

    “It’s so cold… that when my barista spilled coffee on me, I said thank you!”

  15. Zak says:

    It’s so cold, Page has to open the fridge to heat the house.

    Great show, guys!

  16. Steve says:

    “It’s soooo cold….. that Bill Belichick can’t even wear his cut off hoodie.”

    1. page howe says:

      nice sports theme

  17. DC says:

    I see is available :)

  18. DC says:

    “Its sooo cold that Page actually thinks .clothing is a decent new GTLD”

    1. page howe says:

      thats a good one. OK everybody winner of the how cold is it gets a $25 gift certificate to page howe

      1. ted green says:

        old one
        it’s colder than a well diggers a–

  19. Jay says:

    great show mike/sherpas.

  20. Matt W says:

    Could the VeriSign competition for finding good available names be used as evidence? After all they must have dropped a bundle to pay the guys from Shark Tank to choose the winners.

    1. JAY says:

      It is colder than a witches -it

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