Why is There a Charge On My Credit Card?

It’s a monthly charge for one of our products.



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Why are you charging us? This is either a one-time or recurring charge for or

Doesn’t ring a bell? If the website names above don’t ring a bell, please ask around your office, or ask your significant other. 99% of the time it’s someone else that uses your credit card to make a charge — they likely asked you about it before they did it, but we all forget.

Can we get an invoice for the purchase? Whenever we bill your credit card, we sent the email address on file a receipt. So if you don’t see an invoice, then please ask whomever signed up for the account for a copy of it.

How do I cancel my account? Simply have the account holder sign into their account, visit the “My Account” link, and click the Cancel option. At that point you will not be charged again, but you are responsible for all previous charges.

Can we have a refund? We’re sorry, but charges are non-refundable. But we don’t have any long-term agreements, so once you cancel you will not be charged again.

Any further questions? You can submit a billing support request and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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