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Hi, I’m Tess Diaz, the Executive Producer and host of DomainSherpa. My career in domain names began in 2006 at GoDaddy. I’ll tell you more about my story as time goes by, but I’m excited to begin following in Michael Cyger’s generous legacy of education and community for domain name investors!

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Hi, meet Michael Cyger, the founder and original host of DomainSherpa. DomainSherpa has been recognized as the best industry blog and most useful domain name resource year after year. He’s also been honored to be inducted in the Domain Name Hall of Fame at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. He’d like to tell you his story:

I bought my first domain name in 1999, building a website that grew into an award-winning business-to-business media company with more than 600,000 unique monthly readers. Eight years later I sold it and semi-retired.

Today, I’m focused on helping entrepreneurs and investors succeed with domain names. If I don’t have an answer to your domain name question, I’ll find an expert – a “sherpa” – who does: that’s the DomainSherpa mission.

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The Full Story

About Michael Cyger

In the Beginning

When I was 8, my mom sent me to summer camp to play with computers. I learned to program on an Atari 400 – yes, the one with the membrane keyboard. My programs were saved on a standard audiocassette tape drive. Thus began my lifelong passion for computers.

After graduating from college with a degree in nuclear engineering, I worked for GE Power Systems in California. When Microsoft Access was released in 1993, I learned SQL and developed custom databases at GE to centralize and set-free data that for years was trapped in spreadsheets.

In 1995, GE sponsored my master’s degree at UC Berkeley. It was there that I first played around on the Internet as it became commercialized. When I returned to GE full time, I continued climbing the corporate ladder. One promotion resulted in a move across the country to be closer to the action and leaders at GE corporate headquarters. During this time, I built and maintained websites for local businesses after my GE workday.

In the late 1990s during evening non-work hours, I would crank up the 14.4 kbps computer modem and write content for The Mining Company (now as a Guide. Through that experience, I learned content architecture, search engine optimization (SEO) and monetization strategies (and earned an extra couple hundred dollars a month). In particular, my newly developed SEO skills ultimately led to my being asked to lead the SEO initiative across GE from 2000 to 2002.

When Life Learning Meets Opportunity

When Jack Welch selected his last corporate initiative before retirement, Six Sigma, I jumped on board. Six Sigma is a methodology and tool set to streamline processes, eliminate defects and waste, save money, and grow revenue. Through formal training and the completion of multiple Six Sigma projects, I was able to save GE millions of dollars.

I later left GE for Citigroup to implement Six Sigma at its then online-only bank. It was there on Wall Street that I noted a large number of financial institutions practicing Six Sigma, but I also noticed a lack of resources for Six Sigma practitioners, so I started in 2000 as a hobby to fill the marketplace void.

Building iSixSigma was my trifecta – it allowed me to combine and make full use of my database, content and SEO skills. I completely bootstrapped the business and grew it in-line with revenue, often upgrading website hosts when I was shut down for using too many resources.

After developing out iSixSigma for a couple of years, I thought I might be able to transition my profitable hobby into a full-blown online magazine and make iSixSigma my full-time job. So – just two months before my first child was born – I took a leap of faith and quit my well-paying-with-benefits job at GE to become an entrepreneur. Although I was terrified of leaving a guaranteed EFT paycheck every two weeks for a much riskier enterprise, I also recognized I could earn rewards commensurate with my effort and results.

From Hundreds to Hundreds of Thousands Per Month grew from a single-author site programmed entirely by me in ASP classic, to a multi-million dollar company with nine employees and a small army of contractors serving 600,000+ unique readers per month. The business encompassed an award-winning print magazine; an award-winning research organization; an industry-wide collection of blogs; a online jobs board; an marketplace for selling templates, ebooks and training materials; and a book publishing division.

I spent more hours on iSixSigma than I care to think about. In the early years, I would retreat to my office after dinner to write content and code late into the night, then rise early the next morning to get to my day job.

Although the stress of building a successful venture and providing for employees was high at times – I once urinated blood just before an all-employee meeting – it was always a labor of love…it very seldom felt like work. The entire iSixSigma team helped people improve their skills, become more marketable and make their companies more profitable. I loved attending events and being approached by complete strangers who wanted to shake my hand and thank me for helping them find a new job in the industry. Experiences like that pushed me to work even harder.

Moving On

Eventually my wife and I decided that we wanted to spend less time on the business and more time with our young and growing family.

I sold my media company – CTQ Media, including and a few other online properties and web services – to a larger media company in 2008 for a 7x multiple of earnings. I stayed on for more than a year and helped launch an events division for iSixSigma that brought in another million dollars in revenue in the first 12 months. During that time we developed custom Six Sigma and Operational Excellence events for the U.S. Department of Defense, Chevron, Halliburton, Marathon Oil and Hess, and we launched a signature event, iSixSigma Live!, that drew 200 people the first year. iSixSigma Live! was a dream of mine for years, and I was ecstatic to see it come to fruition.

The Next Big Thing

Around Seattle, a major center for entrepreneurial and technical ambitions, almost everyone I meet has an idea for starting their own business. I love it. And I get tremendous satisfaction from helping other entrepreneurs launch and grow businesses, so I spend a good amount of time doing so.

Being thought of as an “Internet guy” by friends and family, I am inevitably asked about domain names, and I never feel like I have definitive answers on the subject. As an avid real estate investor, I love the idea of owning a location on the Internet and building value in that property, like I did with

Combining my passions for real estate, the Internet and publishing, I launched on January 3, 2011. The entire DomainSherpa team has been recognized for our efforts.


Unlike most people in this industry, I don’t make my living by flipping domains or developing mini-sites (although I once flipped a $60 domain name for $7,500 and a case of Banana Boat sunscreen). I love figuring things out and am a lifelong learner. As a result, I love helping other people understand topics inside and out.

DomainSherpa is the place I share everything I’ve learned in order to help other people discover, buy, manage, monetize and sell domain names. If I don’t have an answer to your question, I’ll find an expert – a “sherpa” – who does: that’s the DomainSherpa mission.

Always Learning

It’s my personal mantra, and it’s our journey at DomainSherpa – to provide more useful resources every day. But I can’t do it alone. I need your input on what you like, what you would like to see changed, and what topics you don’t fully understand so we can create the resources that make you more successful. Please let us know.

Professional/Event Biography

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Michael Cyger is the publisher and founder of, an educational media company that helps entrepreneurs and investors learn about the domain name industry through in-depth video interviews and tutorials.

Michael is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker and author. In 2000, he founded a media company focused on helping corporations improve business execution. He sold it in 2008 and semi-retired. Today Michael focuses his team in a few areas:, (improving business execution) and (where he lives).

Michael received his engineering degrees from UC Santa Barbara and UC Berkeley, business education in corporate America at GE and Citigroup, leadership training at Crotonville (GE’s John F. Welch Leadership Center), and ability to solve problems through GE’s prestigious Edison Engineering Program and years of Six Sigma practice.

DomainSherpa was named as the domain name industry “Blog of the Year” in 2012 and 2014, Michael was honored with the “Developer of the Year” award in 2013 and has been inducted in the Domain Name Hall of Fame.

Michael Cyger
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