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DomainSherpa Review – Sept 2:, Hi.Club,

This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:, Hi.Club,
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,,…
  • Get your bids in soon for these NameJet auctions:…
  • And much more!

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Jeff Sass, Mark Levine, Dave Evanson.

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This Show’s Sherpas

Jeff Sass
Sass is CMO of .Club domains and champion of the Names.Club project. Previously, he served as VP and Chief Evangelist for mobile entertainment company Myxer. Jeff Sass is a serial entrepreneur, advisor to several companies and co-founder of Social Object Factory.

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Dave Evanson
Dave Evanson
Dave Evanson has 35+ years' experience in high level consumer and B2B marketing, strategic planning and corporate sales. He has successfully brokered one hundred million dollars in premium domain names. Dave focuses on acquiring and selling ultra-high value ($100,000 +) premium domains. His specialty is one word and two letter .com domains.

Since joining in 2010 as Senior Broker, Dave has completed more high value, published sales than any other broker in the domain industry. Some examples are,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Prior to Sedo, Dave brokered independently while running a global management consulting firm focused on marketing and strategic planning. During the twenty year period following his founding of the firm in 1991, Dave’s consulting clients ranged from two dozen Fortune 500 Companies to small firms, and included American Express, VISA, Dun & Bradstreet, Verizon, Reed Elsevier, Consumer Reports, General Motors, Bank of America, and General Electric. Before that, he worked at Senior Vice President, Marketing level for two of the nation's largest banks.

Dave has spoken at several domain industry, banking, publishing, and direct marketing conferences, and has served as guest lecturer on strategic marketing at universities. From 2007 to 2010 he was on Name Media’s Advisory Board. Dave was honored by The Domain Conference and its predecessor T.R.A.F.F.I.C. with The Domain Broker of the Year Award in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

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Mark Levine
Mark Levine
Mark Levine is a serial entrepreneur and an individual domain investor with his portfolio at

Prior to investing, Levine founded, built and sold Hillcrest Media Group, a leading technology company that provides expert book publishing, printing, marketing, sales and distribution.

Levine is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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Check out our show today with a great panel. We have really fantastic domains on the Sherpa review investor domains from someone who submitted a few years ago and has really grown their insight in their investment choices. We also have some fabulous demeans at meme jet. Really, really good. There wasn’t a single name in either group that these investors did not want to snap up. Enjoy the show.

Hey Sherpa network. Thanks for joining us today. I’m Tess Diaz, executive producer of domain and today we’re doing the domain Sherpa review. This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors using real examples so we can learn strategies and tactics to become better investors ourselves. We have our three segments to the review and we’re going to start off introducing each of our Sherpas. Mark Levine. Thanks for joining us from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I hear that you are at a top. You beat your year to date for last year in your domain sales.

Mark Levine: I did. I did. It happened a few days ago.

Very nice. And I’m looking forward. You’re filming later today with, uh, Andrew element. I’m looking forward to hearing that podcast. It’ll be get. Yeah. Um, so, and I think it’s neat just for our viewers who are newer. So your background is in the publishing industry and you realized through that the value of domain names and you do this on the side?

I did, yes. I did it on the side and in my publishing company. Yeah, the value of domains, both from a practical usability standpoint. We did a, an upgrade at one point to our really great category killer name for, we had a book printing division and I bought book for you know, good amount of money and made a huge difference in terms of credibility, traffic, everything. So I, and I owned a number of like pretty good premiums in that space. So I was always a big believer and the company I sold to, you know, I always thought a portfolio of great names would be a plus when selling and you know, it was and add additional money onto it. So yeah. But now I do it more. I’m still in the publishing business and I still do domains, you know, maybe half time. But you know, I love it. I could do it all the time.

Nice. Well, we love having you on the show and Jeff SAS with your, uh, your duck club wardrobe. Hello, hello to and Mark and Dave.

Jeff Saas: Great to be here on, um, great to be a member of the Domain Sherpa club.

Oh, the domain? Sure. Yeah. Clever, clever. What’s new these days?

Uh, it’s been, um, been really busy. Um, the usage is what we get very excited about. And, and you know, just yesterday I think,

um, uh, one of the domain blogs wrote about a company called [inaudible] dot club in India that just raised a bunch of money at a $450 million valuation. So we always like seeing examples of successful businesses using name and we see that and more and more and more.

Super cool. We’ll check it out. Alright. And Dave Evanson, senior broker at Sedo. Hello, how are ya?

Oh, tasks. How are you? Hey Jeff. Hey Mark. All right. Daily.

Good to have ya. Uh, what’s, what’s new at SEDO these days?

Great to be here. Thanks for having me. We’re pretty excited about, uh, some new sales Landers we just launched. We’ve been doing a lot of testing and we think we’re getting very close to, um, more, more optimized, uh, progressive Landers that, um, seem to be working very well. It’s only been a few days and we’ve taking feedback and refining. I’m not directly involved in that, but a lot of, a lot of the folks that I work with are, and it’s good to see them. So excited. The feedback we’re getting is, is very, very helpful and we appreciate that.

Oh, very interesting. All right. We’ll keep watching and we want to hear the updates. Yeah. Nice. All right. Hey, let’s jump in to a what’s new? Sure. Buzz. Um, so we’re gonna talk about a domain that you’ve purchased or sold over the last few weeks, how the negotiations progressed and a, don’t say the price. Um, so Jeff, I believe you are first.

Okay. Well, it’s too bad sometimes we can say the names lately. There’s been a lot of activity with corporate registrars picking up some great premium names for brands. And we actually sold two in the last week or so, one at a high four figure price and one at a mid five figure price. But unfortunately I can’t use those as, as the, what’s new. So I will use a name that a Jason Eisler, who’s our, the Jason Ader, our inside sales guru. Uh, he sold the name hi. Dot club H I. Dot club. Ooh.

H I. Dot club. Very nice. And was that like a reserved premium There was a premium name. Okay. All right. Dave. Mark, who wants to guess first?

I mean, I’ll guess, I don’t really know anything about doc club premium pricing, but that’s a pretty,

I’m gonna say 15,000.

Okay. All right. What do you think, Dave?

I love the name. Uh, and I’m smart, usually very good at this. So I’m going to go a little bit higher, no pun intended. So I’m high compared to his number. I’m gonna say, uh, 20,000,

20,000. Okay.

Okay. So you were both a little bit on the high end itself for 10,000, which we thought was a good price. We, you know, we’ve listed our premium names to sell, so that was at a price to sell and so it did sell it at the buy it now price. So there was no necessary negotiation. That was the price we had listed at buy it now. Okay.

Were there conversations about, what about HIG H. dot. Club. Were there conversations about getting both of those or does someone already own the other one?

Well, actually in this case, so it’s interesting, so actually sold to a, an end user, um, because it’s actually a very popular club in Ibiza or Pete that I guess you pronounce credit ISA and called hi, hi club. Uh, and they were the purchaser. Um, so AGI was obviously the high, they were interested in not the M H I G H or the other meaning of the word high and uh, took about a month to, to do it with some back and forth. But I’m not back and forth in a negotiation just back and forth when the communication.

Okay. Interesting. And do you think because their branding is already so established that they don’t need the other spelling?

You know, I don’t know a given that it’s in, in Spain anyway, I’m not sure if you know, the H I G H is going to resonate in the same way that it might here. And you know, in the U S in particular with all the, the shift over to legal marijuana, the, the term high H I G H is that on everyone’s mind? I’m not sure if that’s the same in Europe. So in this case they were really focused on, on high HII to match their brand and make sure they own to control that name.

Okay. And I, it looks like they are, what they use right now is high Ibiza. So

yeah. So I don’t know if they’re gonna um, use it as a, you know, I don’t know yet if they’re going to use it as a redirect or in addition to we see various use cases. There are, there are many clubs around the world that actually use as their primary name, like Larocque L a R O C. dot. Club. I think that’s one of the largest and most popular clubs in Brazil. I’m using as their primary web address for a number of years already. Um, so, you know, it varies. At the end of the day, it’s still smart for them to own because they are high club. Um, and I’m sure they’ll put it to good use.

Yeah. And if people are, I was saying like I was thinking you, if people are already familiar with hi,, then they’re probably not going to type in the G H I G H. dot. So they’ll already get it. So that’s, that’s super cool. Do you, um, I feel should go for all these end user,

you know, it is a, a legitimate business expense according to our CEO Colin Campbell. Um, we’ve done, you know, we did our extensive market research in the early days. I think we’re kind of petered out. As you remember, we launched that at a, at a pretty well known club in New York called Tao when we did the party with 50 cents, et cetera, et cetera. So we’ve done our fair amount of market research, but, um, and again, that club is much more widely used than just for clubs and nightclubs. You know, we see usage, you know, all across the board. Like you talked about just today, a company put out a press release, um, they’re called, uh, move with a hyphen move it, but they are, uh, the Asian version of Peloton. So with pelotons announcement of their public offering, uh, move, put out a press release about their recent fundraising and pitch themselves as kind of the next Peloton.

Wow. Yeah. Super cool. Yeah. Um, very interesting. Well, thanks for sharing the sale. I would not have a have a guest, all that background to it. Dave, you’re up. What’d you buy yourself lately?

Well, I’m going to talk about one actually I guess it’s interesting. The price was actually public. Is that okay or no?

Yeah. And we can see if maybe, maybe Jeff and Mark haven’t read it yet.


No, maybe not. It’s just, but it was just pretty recent. There was, um, the letters are

Okay. So like pharmacy are two letters.


Correct. R Like corporate that, I dunno if they saw the announcement on that, sir.

Honestly, yes, they say $1 million.

Alright. I guess

I’ve, I, I F I may have if, if I get it right, it’s because I probably heard it or read it and don’t remember, but I think something in the 300 or $350,000 range.

Um, was this a sale or an acquisition? Dave?

It was, it was a sale. Okay. And um, I would have to say Mark is a lot closer. Okay. Cause I was exactly 1 million. So yeah, you’ve seen it.

Yeah, I saw it. I saw your, I saw that you’d post to the,

yeah. So, uh, but I wanted, I wanted to use that one because I wasn’t sure that everybody had seen it. Um, and I thought it was an interesting, uh, interesting sale and I thought the price was, was really pretty good.

Dave, are you able to say, is it an end user? Obviously?

Well actually I can say who it is because, uh, that, uh, that was picked up by a couple of the bloggers and the site now resolves into a landing page. Um, and I don’t know, he may be reselling it, but it also could be developing these got the, uh, resources to develop. Um, and he’s probably thinking about it. The, uh, the buyer is, um, uh, Brent Oxley.


yeah. It’s building up a great portfolio of domains. Um, and um, my understanding is that some of them are being developed or you’re thinking about developing them and uh, but this one is re resolves into a sales Lander. I just looked at it the other day.

Okay. And Brent has a great history of, uh, building up portfolios. So we’ll see what he does with that. Very, very interesting.

He does, he’s a very smart investor and he’s very successful so far in his, um, careers or career, actually careers I guess.

Yeah, definitely a few now. Um, did D, can you tell us a little about the negotiations? How, um, how that progressed?

Yeah, it was a little bit different than, um, one of the reasons that I thought maybe to speak only to talk about, and it was recent and also because, you know, as Jeff was saying with the same situation, a lot of the names that we sell, sell, we sell are under NDAs. We can’t, can’t even mention the name, let alone the price. So even if I mention name, sometimes I can do that and they get surprised. I couldn’t confirm it. But this one was a pretty straight forward that the seller, we started off higher and I reached out, um, and it happened fairly quickly, but I did reach out and, uh, to end users and not, not every end user in the world, I’m sure. But quite a few end users and several of them were interested, but um, uh, you know, they were thinking about it.

They were going to go talk to their board. Um, they, um, um, saw being the price is too high, whatever and wasn’t moving very quickly. I was reaching out and who’s using social media, getting a lot of inquiries. Um, and I know Brent and I, he was one of the people I reached out to and he was pretty straight forward. You said, this is the amount that I’ll offer, let me know. And I know that I’ve have, having worked with him before, I know that he means that. And um, I took that number, went back to the seller, we discussed how um, with sometime some, you know, some amount of time like they go revisit and I started to revisit some of the people I’ve spoke with speak to more people. But um, we were on a time schedule and we ended up going back and saying done. And it was a very easy transaction. I think the whole thing, I think it closed two days. Wow. It was much more straight forward than your typical, you know, seven figure, even six figures secure yourself.

Dave. That’s interesting. It really speaks to having a relationship with your broker, you know, because, um, you’ve done deals before with Brent or just because you have that relationship, you knew he meant what he said. You knew he’d be timely and if you have a time crunch or really when deals have any, um, something, you know, piece of that puzzle that you have to rely on, it helps when you have an existing relationship with a broker, doesn’t it?

It does. And you know, I like to be able to tell seller that the offer is qualified, serious buyer, you know, sometimes or offers that, that, that evaporate once you get closer to signing contracts. So the seller was, uh, you know, w was a little bit more interested in that offer then you might have been if I said, um, you know, I, I can’t, I can’t feel very comfortable about the offer or when I couldn’t guarantee it. But I basically said, you know, I know his fire will go through with the deal. If, uh, you know, you want to work with this number and contracts are signed in, no problem. You know, sometimes these deals are very complicated, time consuming, sometimes stressful, sometimes unpredictable. Uh, this just happened to be a very nice smooth one. Yeah. Um, work, right. And I think, I think everyone was happy.

That’s a big deal. Yeah. And you know, moving $1 million in two days is also a big deal. Good for you. Congrats.

Let me clarify one. I didn’t mean I didn’t, I said two days. I didn’t mean that I was working on it for two days. What I mean is that once we agreed on the number sign, the contract payment and it was done in like a day and a half or two, something like that.

Yeah. Sorry. That’s what I meant too. I mean, moving that amount of money in that amount is not easy, you know. Uh, that’s where a lot, a lot of deals, you know, time kills deals. A lot of deals can get tough even after you’ve agreed. And uh, that’s great. Now have you had use that? I’m closed to two and a half weeks ago. Have you had a number of people? Like it’s my experience, um, that oftentimes then other people will come back and say, Oh, my boards said yes, or Oh, you really did style it. Um, you know, or some more offers or interests come in. Has that been the case for you so far?

Absolutely. And you’re right. That does happen. And, um, uh, yeah, yes. Uh, in fact, I think as recently as last night, I heard from another one, so I will, uh, pass it on. Yes. And on to the fire. In this case, Brent, you should broker it for him. Do it all. Do, do to both transactions. Sally, me. Oh yeah. You always told great ideas and I always enjoy hearing your ideas. You have the leads are ready. Right? Yeah, I know. I know. Um, yeah, that’s crossed my mind. If I, if I, if I felt like I could bring him, you know, uh, a higher offer, I will, um, certainly have that conversation with him. And, and he’s, you know, he’s a real serious, um, spare, uh, resourceful individual slash company. And, um, I would have, I would have no problem being straightforward with him and the, and the new prospective buyer.

And that has happened a few times in the last few years. I’m sure it’s happened to others where, uh, you end up hearing from somebody that you would talk with. Sometimes it takes months for a buyer to get the approval or from their board or, or, or months until they have the funds. You know, we hear often, Oh, I love the name, I’ll have more funds later, you know, can they wait or put down 10% 30%. Well, actually, you know, like club did, does with um, complaints, no, but not in such a structured way. But they’ll ask for, you know, for time and, and sometimes, you know, I actually, I may have mentioned this huge F, I don’t remember. We had dinner with you and some other people a couple of months ago. And it happened around that time. I was telling people, I didn’t mention the name, but I had a, a reply to an email that I sent that over five years ago that a domain. And I thought, I didn’t know if the email got delayed, you know, we got lost somewhere or if they were just getting back to me, they were just getting back to me. And in actuality I wasn’t working on that domain anymore. But, um, uh, I was able to put the ordeal. That’s awesome. I wish that we should have more open Zillow for five years.

That’s wild. Wild. [inaudible]

yeah, I agree. Very unusual that long. But you’re right. Test. It does happen.

That’s a really neat, good for you. Um, all right. A Europe Mark, what’s happening?

All right. I sold broad

broad B R O a All right. What do you gentlemen thank you sold it for?

Okay. Well they don’t have to guess a million cause they’ll be wrong. How about, how about a million minus 992

that was his.

Wow. The compliment. I mean you’re, you might be in the ballpark. [inaudible] so all you go, uh, yeah, I think it’s a good brandable name, but not, not high price. So I would go, I’ll go 9,500.

Okay. So you’re both pretty close. Just for fun. All right. 8,000 9,500 for broad

Well, I wish it was either of those numbers, but it was 6,500. Okay.

No, nothing does shake your head at

Oh no, no. I mean I bought it for under 300 and I sold it through, I just used so I didn’t really pay a lot of, you know, there was no commissions. So it was, you know, we can’t really can’t complain for a two year hold for a name like that,

two years. And that’s a pretty large profit percentage. Um, what made you purchase that?

Um, you know, first I just, I thought the name was interesting. I just think anything where you have logic in it has a lot of, you know, there’s a lot of use cases. The broad part I was a little bit iffy about, uh, then I saw that there was a company that was called broad logic that was sold to some huge company and they just absorbed the brand and the brand kind of went away. And for me, if somebody else has thought the name was good enough to use or similar names are good enough to use, to me that was worth a $300 flyer on what I already thought was a decent name.

Okay. Yeah.

Um, I don’t think the new buyer has done anything. I know he has him cause it still goes to, uh, my ft named servers. I still see the traffic for it. So, you know, I have no, I’ve no idea what this person is going to be doing with it.

Excuse me. Um, well it should be exciting to watch and find out. Um, pretty cool. Um, congrats. We are a little bit behind on time today, so kind of trying to push through. Hope you guys don’t mind. Um, let’s take a moment. I’ll tell you about our sponsors from today’s show who support us in our mission to educate in the domain industry first serious about online trading, secure your funds, keep your merchandise safe and use a company that keeps the buyer and seller protected the whole way through. That’s payments you can trust. Alright. In the domain portfolio review, we take user submitted domain name portfolios and provide honest and constructive feedback to the owners so they can cut their losses, continue to hold them long term or figure out a sales strategy moving forward. Um, now today we have someone who’s submitted a list, uh, two or three years ago.

Um, and I talked to him very regularly, Jeff Gable and um, all of his domains are for sale and they’re priced to sell. So today is a little bit different that we wanted to talk through his sales prices. I mean, I see his domains sell regularly, um, both to other domain investors and also to end users. And, um, Dave, just so you know, um, I know we had a, we’re just popping that list for you in case you want to look at it. It’s in the, uh, the chat. I just put it through again. Um, but we have names like nature share quants, spectrum, [inaudible] dot com. It’s an interesting list. You’re a lot of random goals. Um, so let’s go through this list. Um, Mark, how about you go first, since this is probably Dave’s first look at it. Um, Mark you go first. What are your thoughts then? We’ll do Jeff then date.

Well, yeah, I mean luckily during Dave’s set up to get on this call, I have a lot of time, the time to look at this.


Um, I, you know, without [inaudible] know, we saw these kind of right before. So without the benefit of going and looking up a bunch of stuff, just ones that I liked that just stick out to me. A storage Titan. I like, I like names with chitin. I think, uh, they’re cool and I own several. I think it’s probably priced in, you know, in a good range.

So that’s pretty say $8,000.

Yes, 8,000. I like traffic stream. You know, I think anything with streaming, it is a valuable name. Today he has that 10 grand, you know, I think it’s definitely in the ballpark. A flirter, for eight grand. I think it’s a great brandable I liked that one a lot. Those are probably, well, the ones on here, my three favorites. I don’t know really names. I don’t own any. So it’s hard to, hard to give a price on those. Um, I do like rocket He has it at five grand. It’s a little bit long, but you know, it’s still two good words together. Um, so those are my, those are my favorites. I’m not a, I’m not a fan of pets first doc, Tom and uh, nature, I’m, those kind of don’t do anything for me. So I think they’re kind of priced high. But you know, without researching or knowing what, you know, what other things are out there and you know, sometimes people have these prices based on other people’s use and similar sites and you know, without any of that knowledge, I mean these are just things that just pop out to me and looking at the list.

Yeah. Yeah. All right. Thank you. Yeah. Good info. Jeff, what do you think?

So I actually, I actually um, liked, um, pet’s a lot because the pet space, um, we have some experience in [email protected] incubator. We operate here in our office, one of the companies in our incubator just rebranded from treated to [inaudible] dot com they were able to get the great name [inaudible] dot com and I’ve just seen the impact of that name already in the pet space. And the pet market is hot as a pistol right now for pet products and stuff. And I think pets first, um, is a great name for anyone in the, you know, selling any type of pet product. Um, and that’s, uh, that’s a big market. You know, he just went public and um, you know, it’s, it’s been one of the hottest IPOs of the year and they’ve got a huge valuation and just the, the pet market is really strong.

So I really liked pets first. So I would put pets first first on my list and they have it priced at a 15,000, which is probably a really good deal on that because I think again, because of the, the money behind the, the pet product category, if it’s being used properly by an end user, it could be worth even more than that, I think. Yeah. Not, not Dave’s level of, uh, you know, seven figure names, but certainly could potentially get more than 15,000 I think. So. I liked that one. All right. What else? Uh, there were a couple of, uh, you know, flirting bowl is, is, you know, it’s a cute name but I’m not sure how, how valuable it is. It’s, it’s, I suppose it’s usable in the, in the dating space. It’s only priced at 8,000, so that’s not too bad. They’re not looking for a lot. Um, you know, it’s, it’s, there’s so much going on in, in the dating space and so many different names you could use, but it is a kind of a cute name. Um, I agree with Marco and storage Titan. I think it’s, that sounds like a really strong brand for anyone in the storage business. You know, the word Titan and storage go nicely together. Um,

I do think this is a great example for newer investors to see how he pairs the two keywords together. Storage your, you want security. So Titan is a great, you know, combo or traffic and stream, you know, intelligent.

The flip side, is there some odd combinations here too, like vacay so that’s kind of two words that are both kind of, you know, not, not regular words but kind of, um, you know, sayings or trendy words. So vacay, you know, and then geek together. I’m not sure, you know how well those fit together. It might be almost too much. And then there’s one that I thought was good. If you’re a hockey fan, there’s authentic so I don’t, can’t think of many uses for that other than for a fan site for the, the Toronto maple Leafs. So I dunno.

Oh well I love that your heart is in hockey where my heart always will be. But um, I think I, that’s the only domain I wish drew Rose and her we’re here for because you get him talking about the T space and he goes crazy. That T I think this domain is probably under-priced. It’s great if another investor grabs it or an end user someday. Authentic leaf because people really want, you know, more organic, more authentic. Cause you know, you can buy camomile tea and it’s 80% something else. Um, that just, that’s cheaper and tastes like camomile mile or, um, and a lot of T subscriptions are the lot being sold online these days

can actually not be said, um, T and the leaf in that context, it could even be a cannabis brand too.

Oh, that’s probably what everyone was thinking.

There you go.

Good point. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. In that case, all of a sudden, five grand for that. Uh, it looks like a great prep. Um, and Jeff, I wanted your thoughts on the two dot apps. I like that with Um, I just think like a real short one word is always better. So and Um, what do I mean? I aren’t interchangeable by any means, but I thought you might have a little to say about those.

Well, I just think, I think when it comes to a lot of the, the new extensions, not just or other, I think we’re, where the real interesting value comes in is when the words on both sides of well together and mean something together. So, so when I look at those two, I asked myself, obviously app has a particular meaning. So is someone going to be looking for a [inaudible] app? Is that something someone might search for or a Nutri apps? So of the two, I’d say that gone just probably better than Nutri cause I don’t know that anyone would search for nutrient. You search for nutrition app, you know, but I don’t know that you search fruit and you know, it’s, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a shortening that I’m not sure is, is popular in every context. Would someone be searching for a gone Jap, you know, the, you know, as, as more and more States go legal and it becomes more and more popular. That’s a possibility. So of the two, I think that’s probably the better one. In terms of the pricing. I think that both priced the probably a little bit high. Um,

what would you recommend for those?

I’d probably go well neutral. I don’t know that I, I don’t really care for, but God Judah app, I’d probably go closer to two to eight to 10.

Okay. All right. Um, thanks. I appreciate it.

But also with that, you don’t know what the, you always with the new extensions, you always have to know what the renewal prices are. And I off hand, I’m not sure what app is, but I recommend, you know, for all of you listeners, you know, anytime you’re looking at one of the new domain extensions, always make sure you’re aware of what the renewal fees are because there’s a wide range there and there’s a lot of variety and there’s not necessarily a rule of thumb across the board. Some have, you know, premium renewal prices, some have higher renewal prices than the initial registration, et cetera.

Good point. Very good point. Thanks Jeff. Yeah. Dave, what are your thoughts on the list?

Well, you know, it’s funny that, uh, when we were talking about authentic leaf, my first thought was actually, uh, cannabis. And then when you test says too bad trues, not here because of authentic leaf. I thought you going to talk about cannabis domains and his knowledge in that category, but you’re right about T I know he’s into tea as well and so I did like it actually does the cannabis. Um, but it does work at T as well. Um, I, I liked it. I liked a few of these and I do agree with Jeff that there, there are some where the two worlds don’t really work together, but most of them do. And the ones in addition to [inaudible], which I know is one word which I do like, I also like, um, rocket intelligence a lot. Um, VR spectrum. I guess you could say that’s three words, but it’s initial VR is so hot and growing and um, I like, uh, access cloud. Uh, I think access is a great word and cloud is a great word for them together. You know, there’s, there’s certainly potential there. Traffic stream and, um, um, which that last one. Let’s see. Um, I have to put my glasses on. I have to see this small. Um, it is,

sure. It’s orange Titan. Yup. Yup.

No, I think they’re all, you know, they’re all good, uh, reasonable priced, um, good. Uh, opportunities for somebody to jump in, hold them, uh, develop them, uh, possibly flip them later.

Okay. Alright. Now no one mentioned V S V So a four letter with V R in it for $10,000. He’s thinking, what do you guys think of that one?

I throw ahead. Yeah,

I liked the VR piece of it. I assume that, uh, uh, it’s four letters. So, uh, you know, there’s going to be some limitation on upscale pricing. I mean, I’ll, I’ll put pricing on there, but, uh, since there’s two V’s in there, I assume that the Chinese market might not be particularly interested because generally speaking, as we all know that the, the Chinese buyers typically don’t like the five vowels in our alphabet or the letter V. um, so that brought it down a little bit, but, um, uh, I’m sure there, there are some good, um, words or ownership, um, um, words that will work well with vs, you know, visual stimulation. I’m, I don’t know, I’m sure there are some good combinations of work with VR, but, uh, it would be the, the buyers would probably be a pretty limited audience so that, um, you know, they, so that they can take advantage of the S as well. But it’s a, it’s a good four with two of the same letters and a good meeting of, uh, the less of the last two letters. So I think the price is possibly slightly high, but it’s reasonable.

Okay. All right. Good to know. You guys agree? What do you think?

Um, I think well from just if you applied the radio test, when you say vs VR, it sounds a lot like it could be V F E R. okay. When I hear it. Um, but you know, it’s short. It’s four letter. I mean, it looks like it looks aesthetically good when you see it on a screen. Um, you know, I just don’t do enough in that four letter acronym space to be able to look at it. And it seems like it’s, you know, like, uh, in the ballpark price, but try to only talk about things I have some idea about [inaudible]

well, you’re pretty good at that. You got, you’ve got a good range there. Nice. All right.

There’s one, there’s one we didn’t, none of us mentioned actually in looking at it now that actually seems like a decent deal for a brandable, but that’s quant and it’s only listed at 2000, but with data being such a hot thing these days in so many different types of data analytics companies out there, that could be a very good brand for a, you know, data scientist or a group of data scientists or someone selling some kind of a data platform. You know, the Quanta room [inaudible] room sounds pretty good for that kind of a brand. And the $2,000 is not, not very expensive. Okay.

All right. Good to know. Um, now I didn’t, uh, you know, research trademarks or anything, but I actually, the only other one I really like on this list is new jeweler and a J U R E instead of nature new juror. I don’t know, it just makes me think of like there’s target and there’s tarred Shang. There’s, I don’t know, you know, with so much focus on products that are organic, sustainable, green. I just, I really, it’s short. It’s memorable. It’s kinda quirky. I, I like it. Um, I don’t, I don’t know about 25,000. Um, but maybe because it’s short and memorable, I think it would pass radio tests. Like how else would you spell that? Um,

I dunno about that. You could spell it with a G. that’s a tough one in radio and people might think, is it nature? What I dunno about the radio test with that one.

Yeah, fair enough. Um, but yeah, I don’t know. That one jumps out to me. Um, yeah,

it actually jumped out at me as well. Um, but I thought the price was high.

Okay. All right. What do you have as a price?

Oh, um, you know, I don’t know. I, I guess, um, I’d be more inclined to be around 15,000, but I do like it.

Okay. Alright. Okay. I really respect, you know, um, Jeff is very open, very, he’s always learning, always asking and um, really grows I think from feedback. So

I think it’s a gr, I think it’s like a really solid list. I watched the show all the time, have for years, I’ve seen a lot of the investor ones or sometimes, you know, they’re challenging. I think, I mean overall like this is a, everyone on there is a good, it just, you know, what would I pay or, you know, whatever it’s, but I could see all of them being used. Yeah. Putting it to the solid. I think it’s a solid, uses the names good in a good way. Um, yeah. I mean, it’s solid, I think.

Yeah. I mean it’s, I mean, we have to remember, Jess, uh, is an extraordinary broker who’s been in the field, not in the business domains for like 10 years. I had an opportunity to work with them directly for a few months and uh, he does, who knows what he’s doing. So I wouldn’t expect anything less from his list, but I agree with you more.

Yeah. Yeah. Good. Good to hear. Thank you for saying that too, Dave. Definitely. I’m sure he’ll appreciate that. Jeff, SAS, you’re not so bad yourself. You’re just talking about the gentleman who sent the investor list. No, I’m just saying it for our audience, for, you know, when they’re like doing for Mike Seiger that’s for you while you’re running, if you’re not focused on, on hearing every, every word. So, um, thank you Jeff for sending that over and uh, let’s jump into domains that name Jack. Uh, before we do, I’ll tell you about our sponsors who support us in this educational mission. For the domain industry,

Efty was built by domain investors to increase your inquiries, sales and profit, forget spreadsheets and archived emails, manage your entire investment portfolio in one place using a secure and completely confidential platform. Learn more at efty com, that’s E F T Y .com.

So now we’ll move on to the marketplace list. This segment is sponsored by name jet. We’re reviewing demeans heading to auction. Soon as always, if you like one of the names you want to click through soon because once they go to auction you lose your chance not only to bid on them, but even just to watch what’s happening. And you really learn a lot from that. Um, these links go directly to name jet. We don’t make commission or anything. Uh, they just want to know what kind of traffic we’re sending. So, uh, for transparency, none of you are brokering these, right?


Um, so, uh, so we’re switching up the order. Dave, you’re going first here. Um, what are your thoughts? This is I think also a pretty solid list.

It is. Um, and um, unfortunately because of some systems from as I was having maybe lose myself being not so strong at it, I uh, delayed the session. I didn’t really have a chance to, uh, look at this list until maybe 30 seconds ago. But, um, these are, um, these, for the most part, they are, um, meaningful names that, that make sense. Um, um, I like, um, kicker, um, I don’t know if that’s a dictionary words about checking, but I know chooser is or you know, um, pick, picking or pick is, um, pretty powerful. or so picker, um, or iTech or something like that. You know, it’s, it’s in that, uh, in that range, but not price wise. You know, it’s a, um, are you asking for prices as well as what we liked?

No, just what, what you like, what your thoughts are. If you want to say prices, feel free.

No, that’s okay. Thank you. Thank you. Video projectors. Um, great. But maybe about 25 years ago were worth a lot more money. Um, and um, lessons for life is interesting. Um, you know, that’s either, um, a personal coach, social site or you know, a fun site. Probably not a lot of commercial value, but, but it’s nice. Um, Megan vegan store. I’ll let Jeff talk about that cause he’s, he’s an expert in that field. Um, you know, personally I like property world. Um, I’ve seen, you know, some part of the reason I like it is property is a great word and world’s great name, great word. And I have seen some, and I can’t remember if they have public, at least a couple of them probably are. Uh, some great sales have a domains where the second word was word was world. Um, and that’s also true with the word property in the first place.

Um, New York mortgage, if you’re a mortgage broker or your bank in New York, you know, there you go. Otherwise there’s probably not a lot of value to it. Um, and I’m going down here quickly. Um, finishing glass, I don’t see much value there. Stress release, uh, maybe it’s not the perfect way to say, um, stress release or perfect way to say stress reduction, but stress and, uh, um, stress, everything around stress. And, uh, reducing stress is an enormous, uh, category, uh, with billions and billions and billions of dollars. I don’t know what the number is, so there’s probably something there. So, you know, is a definitely great word. Uh, Colorado casino limited substantially, but if you’re in a casino business, you want to get into Colorado or you’re in the business in Colorado, it’s again, it’s pretty good name. Um, and I guess the rest of the list, um, I would probably pass on. Okay. So cannabis, cannabis investment, uh, I’m sorry. Uh, that one I would say it’s really pretty good. I don’t know. Let’s see. This spoke correctly. Yeah. So I’ve seen a lot of cannabis domains with a type typo, um, once easy to say weed. Um, but, uh, cannabis investment, um, I liked that one as well.

Okay, good. Yeah, that’s a lot. All right. Um, Jeff, what are your thoughts?


so I’m, one of the, Dave didn’t mention that I thought was really a great name, was camping I mean, camping is a huge industry and the idea of a camping outlet, you know, where you’d go to find to all things camping at good prices. It seems to make sense. It seemed like a great name for someone in the selling camping products and wants to own that space. So I thought that was a good one. Um, as, as Dave pointed out, I am a vegan and have been for gosh, 16, 17 years, long time, long before it was fashionable. And so vegan stories is OK. It’s, it’s not one of the best vegan names, but it’s not bad. I don’t think it’s going to get, um, a very high price, but it’s certainly a useful name for someone who’s, you know, selling, um, vegan related products. I actually own, um, vegan as well as and

Well, I get awesome

picked up based on nutritional preferences back in early days. Um, so that’s fine.

Do you plan to develop them or

I’m sitting, I’m, I’m a bad, a domain investor to be on, on the sharper cause I’m sitting on hundreds of domains that I don’t really put any effort behind trying to sell when, when, when I’m done with doc club and retired, maybe then I’ll sit down and go through my portfolio and actually take all this stuff I’ve learned, uh, by being in the business and apply it to my own portfolio. But I’m, in the meantime, I mentioned, you know, again, the pet space is big dog, It’s a great name, but not for a big business, but first for someone who’s a dog trainer or you know, maybe a blog, but something, something in that in the pet and dog space. It’s a nice name. It’s a nice brandable name, you know, at a certain level. Um, I thought thinks there was an interesting brandable name.

Um, lots of different possibilities for that. Again, not as a super high price name, but depending on what kind of business someone’s trying to start and if they’re looking for an interesting name with them, things that there could be interesting in a number of different verticals. You know, when you think about, you know, what that could be like. I have a lot of, um, things that come to mind. So that was interesting. Um, know I agree with they’ve lessons for life. Probably a good name for a blog. So probably not that valuable, but, but a nice name for, uh, you know, blog or publication, that kind of thing. Um, the other one, body body, I didn’t, didn’t love that one. Um, yeah, the others, those are the ones that really stood out. The only thing about cannabis investment [inaudible] dot com while I know that kind of his names are popular, it’s an ugly domain and I’m a as a, as a bit of a wordsmith and English major. When I look at it, it just cause the, the S in the I N be together just, it’s okay. It sounds better than it looks to the extent that people look at domains. It’s ugly.

Okay. All right. Yeah. Good to know. Mark, what do you think?

Um, I like I actually, I liked body coach, I think, I don’t love it, but I recently had done some work with like a health coach and so I, I’ve been kind of seeing names that some of these people are using. And so as a personal trainer, kind of named body coach is kind of interesting. Um, you know, obviously it doesn’t have a lot of, I don’t think it has a lot of uses outside of that, but you know, something about where you’re getting advice about weight, how to tone up different areas of your body, how to make different areas of your body healthier. I think it’s interesting. I like things that are also, um, but then I, I just did a little name bio search on names that end in S T E R that weren’t an actual name with that. You know, the last, the last four letters did make up a name and like recent sales there was Flixster was only eight, 1900 fab stir was only 500.

Um, but I mean if I could buy things for for $500, I, I do it. I mean as a investor I think it’s, I think that’s a good interesting fund name. I think technique tech bank was probably the best. Um, now there is, I again, I looked up quickly while we were waiting for Dave, there was a tech bank. Dot finance, which is, appears to be some kind of a very growing crypto company. So, you know, that’s probably your main buyer. I, you know, I didn’t look that closely, but it’s taken in a number of other extensions and I have some friends who are really into names with bank and end in bank and they have done really, really well doing those. So that also, you know, made me think it might be one I liked camping outlet also. I, I thought the same thing as these guys about that.

And I kinda like diabetic desserts, uh, because that, you know, the, the whole sugar thing in and of itself is a, you know, low sugar, no sugar is huge and you have such a number of people that are, whether it’s, you know, diabetic, they have celiacs, they have different dietary needs that whether you’re bringing a dessert to someplace you are going out to dinner, um, you know, those are issues that come up. So obviously it’s a very niche site, but it certainly, you know, I, I S could see it as a viable search term. And if you’re looking for diabetic desserts and I see that URL, you know, to me that’s a totally authoritative, and I’m going there, you know, I don’t know how when people search for that kind of a thing, um, you know, Esteban says it was worth six grand and go daddy says it’s worth three grand. So that’s, you know, for an end user price, it’s probably right in that range, I suppose. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, were you gonna say something?

If I may. I just wanted to defend myself on, on camping outlet. We said yes. I want you to explain that. I liked, I do like the name very much, but as a, I think all three of, you know, before, uh, before joining SEDO nine years ago, on a few years before that doing brokerage myself, I had a consulting company, but I found that out for 20 years. We did a lot. We did marketing, strategic planning. One of my clients was a camping world in bowling green, Kentucky. And, uh, this is about 15, 20 years ago and we were helping them with a market basket and, um, uh, uh, both plants. And actually it was interesting because their, their biggest competitor was Walmart and they had at that time, one whole aisle in a typical Walmart in the right areas in the country. They were doing the most business. But the reason I didn’t say camping out was only because there are so many camping related names and stores and, um, uh, camping out loss a good one. Uh, there are so many others that are selling both offline and online and I just figured that it wouldn’t be a growth opportunity, but I liked the name. I just know a little bit about the industry as well.

Interesting. Okay. Good to know. Yeah, I think it’s really neat with how many choices there are for using that. And I think it’s unique when you see a short, uh, one word domain like that. And you know, it can be for like the gambling and the random number picker or certainly in dating, you talk about like, Oh, my picker’s off. Um, and, uh, I think you, Dave, you mentioned another use, I forget of the word. Oh, there are guitar, um, picks, but they’re also called pickers. So that could be cool in the whole music industry of a brand like that, I think. Do you think names with multiple potential meanings like that, um, are more valuable than if they only have one meaning? I do, yes. Yeah, definitely. If it gives you more potential targets to go after it to buy it, what? Like

usually, usually that’s true. Um, especially if I know, I know my name, like picker by the way could mean something that we’re not even thinking of in a different culture, a different country. Um, I have no idea, but sometimes that happens, but even if we are talking to us about, um, definitions that we know, um, I can’t think of her name off the top of my head, but I’ll try as I’m saying the next three or four sentences and that is, uh, I have seen usually like great, there’s more that uses the higher the value. However, sometimes when there are uses that are obvious, like here’s a bad example of probably hot dogs gone. Is it a Frankfurter or is it like dog dull animals, dogs that are, you know, that are very popular. There are better examples. Um, but um, sometimes when there are three or four examples of very, um, uh, good uses and the seller there for once a lot of money, it’s a little bit more difficult to justify to the buyer who’s only interested in one of those uses and the buyer ends up maybe paying more money because there’s more traffic coming into that domain.

And a lot of it wouldn’t be valuable to that buyer or, or, or because there’s so many meanings, the sellers are commenced that and sometimes it works that there is a greater number of possible buyers. So I say usually but not one is very obvious and there are several uses or meanings of that same work.

Those are good, good guidelines. Yeah. Maybe as an investment it’s a better choice to have something like that because you have more potential buyers, but it doesn’t mean your price will go up. Um, interesting. All right. Anything you guys want to add to the name jet section here?

I think Dave with his knowledge of the industry, felt that camping outlet was too tense for him. Get too tense.


I’m going to, I’m going to have to, I’m gonna have to grill you on that one.

Oh, Mark, you’re up. I’d say, Oh, I was going to try to make a campfire one, but to say burn the whole segment down, but it hasn’t, it has no connection. These guys were much better at it than Oh, you guys are so funny. I just want both. Um, man, we are hilarious. Um, so thank you guys for, for being here. We’re, we’re at the end of the show. Um, do you guys, Oh my gosh, I’m sorry. Um, do you guys have anything you want to give a shout out to? Uh, anything or, I know at the beginning we kind of talked about what you’re working on. Um,

I’ll give a shameless plug to a You can go there to find some great domains, not just our club names. And you can list your names for sale there as well. And all the names are available with 60 month easy payment financing, financing, no interest.

Thank you Jeff. Very quickly,

I’d like to just mention one name that I’m working on. Save time. That’s the M L I N

L I, That’s a big deal. What’s the ask?

Yes is, um, over 4 million. Uh, I think there probably is some flexibility, but um, maybe not. And we have several offers over a million. You’ve got a couple around 2 million still working on it also, but I love, I love the name, I love the name. Um, also, uh, CEO is probably going to have in a couple of months an auction themed auction around for females gaming, um, gambling. And that’s really a lot of fun. So if people have appropriate domains, you know, contact us and SEDO and if you might be interested in those names, watch for when through auctions. I suspect it will be in about, uh, uh, maybe two and a half, three months.

Cool. Will there be a live component or online?


Okay. Very nice. That’s exciting. Yeah. Good to see. Alright, Mark, which got going on?

Well, I am getting back to publishing mode. The Frankfurt book fair is I leave October 10th, so my real day job is going to have to supplant what I usually want to do all day, which is just look at domains and buy. Um, but I like I like we talked about earlier, it’s, you know, I beat my numbers for last year and I still got four months left, so, or three months left. Nope.

Yeah, don’t push that. [inaudible]

I’m pretty excited. Um, and I’ve, I hope I have something good to report at the end. Sometimes when I go on a show like this and I say something like that, it jinxes me and then I don’t sell anything.

Uh, if I may, I assume you’re talking about Frankfurt, Germany, is that right? And that Frankfurt, Kentucky. So I both believe there’s, so my suggestion to you, and I don’t know the exact timing, but not too far away, is Munich and right around that time


have some fun.

Well, I’m going to Amsterdam for three days first. So for the authentic leaf, somebody’s authentic leaf,

every coffee shop in, in Amsterdam will sell authentic.

Maybe while you’re there you could, you could buy authentic Lee’s on name jet right now. Then you could spend your time in Amsterdam selling it to one of the purveyors of authentically.

But more likely it is, I’m going to be an Amsterdam. I’m going to end up like bidding and buying on a bunch of really bad names because of my condition in Amsterdam.

Have regret as I’m taking the train to Frankfurt. Okay. So don’t wait for the Sherpa network. Slide vices, list names you think Mark might boss right between October 10th and I cover 14 duly noted. Duly noted. Well, I know we have a hard stop here, so I will just say it’s my birthday this weekend and those are my plans. So, um, thanks. Thanks. Yeah. Um, thanks for being here, for spending the time, Dave. Um, thank you so much for your perseverance, getting through, um, you know, tech problems happen to us all. So, uh, Sherpa network steel. Next time. Bye bye. Thanks everyone.


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