TechCrunch Interviews New $13 Million Owner

sex.comTechCrunch reporter Robin Wauters just landed an exclusive interview with the new owner of The owner paid $13 million for the domain name in October, 2010, when the former owner, Escom LLC, declared bankruptcy.

Some interesting findings from the TechCrunch article and from DomainSherpa research:

  • The owner (previously identified in bankruptcy documentation as Clover Holdings Ltd – a little known Caribbean company) remains anonymous and had no concrete plans before buying the domain name, however, has been identified as a domainer with previous experience in monetizing generic domain names
  • The current website remains a parked page with advertising, drawing 125,000 visitors on a daily basis mainly from the United States, India and Germany
  • These 125,000 daily visitors are “on track to return well into seven figures a year,” which translates into about 2 cents a visitor (assuming $1 million in advertising revenue per year)
  • The owner has received multiple business development inquiries but has not made any decisions yet on how to use the domain name
  • The owner is hesitant to jump into the porn industry as it would limit options, and is instead looking to potentially start a more mainstream business venture

The $13 million price tag for is among the highest prices ever paid for a domain name. still holds the top price tag from when Escom LLC bought in 2006 for a reported $14 million (domain name only, no associated website or business).

What would you do with the domain name Tell us in the comments of this article.

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8 Responses to “TechCrunch Interviews New $13 Million Owner”

  1. Soud says:

    What would I do with you ask; well, I would probably put up a website to help people out of the dirty porn addiction.

  2. Gale Dewhirst says:

    Great way to present this story. Simple to understand and definitely sparks off some ideas for domain names that I want to purchase. Thanks for sharing the info ;)

  3. Kasie Harpole says:

    RSS subscribed, great summary!

  4. Gabriella Stupp says:

    Good post. You did a good job, and provided relevant information to us! Thank you.

  5. Anette Westlie says:

    I am starting a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me.

    Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success in the new year.

  6. Rhoda Schembri says:

    I really love your style of writing. :) Thanks!

  7. John Daily says:

    I find this very interesting:
    “These 125,000 daily visitors are ‘on track to return well into seven figures a year,’ which translates into about 2 cents a visitor (assuming $1 million in advertising revenue per year)”

    Am I doing my math correctly?
    – If they are seeing a 1% click-through rate (which may be high), they get 1 click for every 100 visitors
    – With 125,000 visitors per day, that means they could be getting 1,250 clicks per day
    – With a revenue of $1 million per year, divide that by 365 and that’s $2,740 per day
    – So their revenue per click is $2.19.

    That seems a bit high to me. Anyone else?

  8. Alex May says:

    This blog is AWESOME! I’m so glad I was surfing Bing today and found it. It was just what I was looking for! I have been doing this for awhile now and this even tought me something. One thing though. Can you please tell me where to subscribe? I see the feed link but its not working for me. Thanks!

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