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Beat a UDRP by Having a Legitimate Business Interest – With Howard Neu

Beat a UDRP by Having a Legitimate Business Interest – With Howard Neu

In this interview, Internet attorney Howard Neu, who successfully represented Rick Schwartz in the SaveMe.com uniform domain-name dispute-resolution policy (UDRP) case, discusses the details of the UDRP, how to improve your chances of winning a UDRP, and how Vanity.com could have improved the chances of winning their UDRP.

* The requirements of a complainant to win a UDRP
* What you are doing today that might be considered “bad faith”
* How the SaveMe.com UDRP was so easily defended
* How Vanity.com, Inc. could lose its domain, Vanity.com, when it owned a trademark
* What domain investors need to know to successfully defend a UDRP

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