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Protrada’s Deal Spree to Grow the Domain Name Industry – With Troy Rushton

Protrada’s Deal Spree to Grow the Domain Name Industry – With Troy Rushton

Protrada.com has been on a business development spree, acquiring Domainface.com assets, partnering with a top Internet marketer, sharing the stage with Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki, and creating a technology platform to power non-domain name-specific websites.

In this interview, we catch up with past sherpa Troy Rushton, and learn about these business growth

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Seize the Opportunity – With Troy Rushton

Seize the Opportunity – With Troy Rushton

During his career as an entrepreneur, Troy Rushton has started and exited three companies. Today, he is working on his fourth and biggest idea: creating a domain name exchange platform, similar to stock exchange platforms like NASDAQ and NYSE.

Learn how Rushton built and sold his last three companies for millions, where he finds inspiration, and how he guides new ideas through their natural evolution to maximum profitability.

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