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50% ROI Per Year on Domain Name Parking – With Michael Gilmour

50% ROI Per Year on Domain Name Parking – With Michael Gilmour

What are the best domain names to buy for parking, how can you maximize your return on investment when buying such names, and what is an appropriate return on investment for parking? These are but three of the questions answered in this week’s show with Michael Gilmour.

An entrepreneur and investor, Gilmour started his domain name business by placing a big bet: his last $100 on a single domain name that he immediately parked. Learn how Gilmour parlayed his earnings from that single domain into a portfolio that at its peak generated thousands of dollars a day in parking revenue.

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Seize the Opportunity – With Troy Rushton

Seize the Opportunity – With Troy Rushton

During his career as an entrepreneur, Troy Rushton has started and exited three companies. Today, he is working on his fourth and biggest idea: creating a domain name exchange platform, similar to stock exchange platforms like NASDAQ and NYSE.

Learn how Rushton built and sold his last three companies for millions, where he finds inspiration, and how he guides new ideas through their natural evolution to maximum profitability.

How One Entrepreneur Used ‘Get Rich Click’ Tactics To Sell $100 Million In Businesses – with Marc Ostrofsky

How One Entrepreneur Used ‘Get Rich Click’ Tactics To Sell $100 Million In Businesses – with Marc Ostrofsky

Marc Ostrofsky is likely best known as the domain name investor who bought for $150,000 and sold it for $7.5 million a mere four years later, earning him an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. But he’s also founded five magazines, 12 trade shows and seven companies, selling businesses cumulatively worth over $100 million.

Despite the title, “Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet,” this is no get rich quick scheme. Instead, this book arguably contains the most comprehensive and diverse information source available for making money on the Internet, and it’s written by one of the world’s most successful Internet entrepreneurs.

I spent about an hour asking Marc Ostrofsky to dissect the strategies and tactics in his book and tell you exactly how you can make money on the Internet. And Marc is a fantastic storyteller who illustrated his points with examples that you will remember long after this interview is over. Watch this video now. Trust me.

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