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Join a DomainSherpa Review as a Portfolio Owner

What is the DomainSherpa Review?

We're currently at our submission limit. Please check back in a few weeks, or follow us on Twitter or send us an email of interest (select "Editorial Department") and we'll notify you when we open up submissions again. Thanks for your patience.

Submission Requirements
When this queue opens up again, we require some basic information from you (name, email address) as well as 25 domain names (maximum, properly capitalize words so they appear like like or DOMAINNAME.COM; DO NOT include "Domain(s).com" for singular and plural -- pick one.) and a donation of at least $200 made directly at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center website. You will need to save a copy of your receipt, and upload it here for proof. This information will be maintained strictly confidential.

Why a Donation in Order to Have a Portfolio Reviewed?
1. You get the benefit of the tax write-off,
2. The Sherpas and I get to know you're serious about having your portfolio reviewed, and
3. We all know that our time and effort is benefiting a worthy cause: to find a cure for cancer.

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