How to Build a Drop Ship Website – With Greg Izzo

This interview has been removed at the request of the interviewee.

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200 Responses to “How to Build a Drop Ship Website – With Greg Izzo”

  1. Brenda says:

    Can you BELIEVE this guy *Greg Izzo, is still out there using his original website name, no doubt scamming many more unsuspecting souls along the way…….BEWARE!!!

  2. DomainFuze! says:

    Own a piece of internet infamy! Only 2.5 days left on the auction @GoDaddy:

  3. Brenda says:

    Me-to Greg (Oct 25)


    At this time my husband and I have determined we must move forward with another SEO company and he is requesting a refund of $1,500 of the $2,000 we gave you for SEO. We have had the site reviewed again, still the same negative comments……no meta tags, no comment (using keywords) on the home page, no social media, title page needs to be more descriptive in the links, etc. I’m told these are very BASIC things that SEO companies do. We have a VERY SHORT opportunity to get the site re-done as the holiday season is now here. You have provided us with ONE report showing some links that ‘someone’ has done. That’s it. Communication is minimal. I’ve requested things get done and they don’t, or they do after asking about 3-4 times over the course of a week or two. To be honest Greg, any of the other 3 companies I’ve talked to have provided me with a FULL description of their services, what they will do, what will be required of us, how long certain things will take, etc. You will agree I’ve asked you for that in the past, never happened….

    I sent you an email indicating $2,000 divided by 6 (mo) equals $333/mo. You have had someone doing ‘some’ SEO for 6 weeks. Keep $500. Please deposit the remainder $1500.00 into our checking account: (chking acct info was provided, as well as PayPal for him to refund the money) I gave him until Oct 31 (a week) to refund the money.

    Me-to Greg (Oct 26)

    Please confirm you have canceled any further work on our site. If I do not receive a reply confirming this, this email correspondence shall serve as FINAL NOTICE that you have been instructed to cancel any pending work, or future work, you may have regarding our site, effective immediately.

    Me-to Greg (Oct 31)


    Today (or sooner) you were to have deposited the $1,500 back into our account. It didn’t happen, and as usual, no communication from you either.

    So, I assume you will continue to be an unethical, unprofessional loser. Through a local law firm I have obtained a lot of background information on you – the previous names you’ve gone by, your felony arrest record, the many other ‘businesses’ you’ve had, the myriad of addresses you’ve lived at, the massive tax liens you have, the vehicles/vin numbers you drive, family members names and addresses, etc. I, like others, have filed complaints with the California Attorney General’s Office and the FBI, among others. They investigate and act upon the claims on behalf of “Joe Public”. Unfortunately you gave us no alternative. You oversold and under-delivered, even though I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. And don’t think you can justify adding 40 backlinks to our site as “sufficient” SEO – not even close.

    I suppose that’s why you didn’t renew the CalWebDesigns site – too much bad publicity. Rest assured we will be watching for you to re-surface so that others can be warned before they fall victims as well.

    Greg-to Me (Nov 1)

    Don’t be silly, this is a serious matter.. Oversold what? You bought a website, you signed the contract of sale. Which enters you into an agreement. We base all work off the contract you signed, our SEO is performed over the months as stated. We have work logs and employee logs. We know whats been done and whats not, please dont try telling me there is only 40 links! We will see what its at in the end of contract and see if your on mark. is 1 of about 2,000 domain names owned. 4 Individuals which have acted illegally against the domain/business in multiple ways have forced it to be shut down. Which we are tallying the losses within the lawsuit. So many incorrect & false comments have been made I refuse to goto the DS site. Our lawyer informs me weekly of the latest though, including your comments. And now people thinking Im Jay Wilson, which is a client we built a site for a while back. So much time on peoples hands, wish they would put effort in like Jay has. Nothing comes free in life, all we do is follow our contracts and perform work!

    Anything further our lawyers will take on, enough is enough.

    Me- to Greg (Nov 1)

    Dear Greg,

    You ‘oversold’ your services dear. You promised something you are not delivering. I am not requesting a refund for the monies for the purchase of the site. Only the monies we gave you up front, in full, for 6 mo. of SEO. I terminated the contract a week ago for your SEO services and at that time placed you on notice that you, nor any of your ‘team’, is further authorized to work on our site. And to confirm that, I had the passwords changed on my GoDaddy account so that you CANNOT do any further ftp work on our site. Your comment “we will see what its at in the end of contract and see if your on mark” makes no sense. The contract was terminated on October 26, 2012. Please let me know if you need me to resend that notice to you again.

    Greg, 3 independent companies across the US have given us the same report – there are a few back-links on the site, but nothing more. Greatly lacking in the fundamentals of SEO. If you are going to bill yourself out as an ‘expert’ like you told us, I suggest you continue your learning processes with regard to complete, full, SEO services before attempting to have another unsuspecting soul hand over any money to you.

    Please give me the name, address and phone number of your attorney. I welcome being able to continue any further discussions and comments with him/her, if in fact they are ‘representing you’ as you indicate.

  4. Brenda says:

    The saga continues….

    Me-to Greg (Oct 23)

    I learned tonight through GoDaddy that we did not have an SSL certificate in place. GoDaddy advised me that we could have been shut down or charges brought against us if someone’s credit card info was compromised since our site wasn’t secure (I assumed that was what provided). Anyway, we paid them for the SSL Cert. for a year, but they did tell me they would have to move everything over to a new server (I hope this doesn’t mess up anything). So below is the new info, in case you need to do something with the site now? PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THIS WILL REQUIRE YOUR TEAM TO DO ANYTHING TO GET THE SITE UP & RUNNING WITH THE NEW SERVER.

    Also, I’m not sure what happened but your team was supposed to get the icon moved up towards the top, under our banner, on the right, about a week ago. Nothing’s been done.

    Also, please let me know how much of the $2000 budget we paid to you for the 6 mo. of SEO has been used so far.

    Thank you Greg.

    Greg-to Me (Oct 25)

    Godaddy is really trying to sell that cert :) Yeah if you commit a crime and use peoples CC #’s. Which no one in the right frame of mind would do that. I would get a certificate, we usually dont buy them unless a site is really taking off. Why would they have to move over to new server? I know with hostgator or whoever you host with they can add it to the site easily. Our hosting is hostgator, and they install them on domains for $25 bucks, which we’ve always used them.

    As far as the SEO goes, I will send you the reports the second I get them. Im not sure whats been done, we pay our guys as soon as we get the seo contracts, then they perform over the term agreed.

    As for the stuff have you talked to Ayaz our web guy about it? I was gonna have you work with him to get things done faster.. Let me know if I gave you his info.

    Me-to Greg (Oct 25)

    So will you get the SSL thing hooked up through my GoDaddy acct? I’ve already paid them. They told me they would not accept anyone else’s SSL cert but theirs. Since they’re doing the hosting I don’t have a choice.

    Please tell me how much of the SEO $ is left. You should know how much you’ve paid out so far. If I divide $2000 by 6 (mo), it equals $333/mo. I believe you’ve had the SEO started for about 5-6 weeks now? Please let me know ASAP.

    Greg-to Me (Oct 25)

    The SSL needs to be sent to our web designers for them to hook it up.. As far as who we use, im sure godaddy is fine. As for the SEO money left, im not sure what you mean? We dont pay monthly. We work on total project. Our profit is very minimal on SEO, and done on project basis. In the end you will have exactly what we promised month to month. If you need to adjust meta tags you can do that, we have many clients that adjust their tags monthly. Its not recommended but can be done if you wish. Your next report will be in 7 days.

    Me-to Greg (Oct 25)

    Let your team know that we are canceling their services now. There will be no further services required of them to finish. So the remainder is due. If you paid someone else to do the SEO in full, (rather then yourself), and instead of “progress payments”, then you need to request the refund. Your contract was for a 6 mo period. We are canceling at 6 weeks.

    continued due to length…….

  5. Nicholas says:

    If you have any questions just call my cell phone 417-499-3101 I don’t have time for this I was just stating my experience as for @Dorith my site is Volusion I do have Zuo acct so please call me if you have any more questions or want me to help you with advice on how to set up acct with profiting vendors I will at no charge. I’m not wasting anymore of my valued time on this site tks and have a blessed day ps i hope business picks up for you all!!

  6. Mort says:

    This is typical practice by Greg: First he scams clients then he disguises himself as someone else and shows up in private emails to the client and on the thread to convolute the matter and confuse people. He did it with me and Dorith under the guise of “Omar” in private emails.


  7. Mort says:

    This is typical practice by Greg: First he scams clients then he disguises himself as someone else and shows up in private emails to the client and on the thread to convolute the matter and confuse people. He did it with me and Dorith under the guise of “Omar” in private emails.

  8. James says:

    Nicholas doesn’t pass the smell test. The BBB thought as much as well as @The Truth points out.

    • James says:

      Something has occurred to me- doesn’t Nicholas’ writing style seem similar to Greg’s. Brenda pointed out Greg used to live in Missouri where is registered.

  9. tom12GA says:

    I’ve been following this thread since early on, and I must admit that I am still disappointed with the editorial policy utilized my Michael.

    That said, I am sorry to see what a few people have endured at the hands of Greg.

    In following the tradition of @woot!, I guess I would ask Greg, how much money exchanged hands with the author…either for the low-quality video interview or its subsequent removal?

  10. Brenda says:

    We too have received less than favorable work product from Greg. We purchased a site that was established a year ago (children’s items) for $3K, and he wanted $2K for the SEO that it needed. In Greg’s defense, he sold the site telling us it needed SEO and marketing. We ‘assumed’ that’s what the $2K was for. However, the site had been thrown together a year earlier so many items were discontinued, pricing outdated, etc. All this needed to be updated. Unfortunately, Greg’s team was never available to do that. The good news was I found it was simple to do and enjoyed making the changes myself. I asked [wanted] the homepage updated/different layout – “not possible”. I later learned it was a template site and was limiting.

    About 3 weeks after we gave him the $5K, I asked what was happening (never any communication from him) and he informed me that ‘they’d started the SEO a week prior and we just had to wait a month for our first report’. OK. Since we weren’t seeing any orders or traffic I started to research other SEO companies. I had 2 independent companies critique the site for its SEO stats. Both companies informed me there was ‘basically no SEO in place’. Wrong back-links, no homepage content, missing keywords, no social media, etc.

    I called Greg & went over these issues. He of course said I had to wait the month to see what they’ve done. I agreed. It’s now been 6 weeks and I again had a 3rd company do a critique. STILL the same issues. Nothing’s changed. All the other SEO companies have provided us with a detailed, written proposal for their work, with timelines. I know SEO takes time, but as of today he’s STILL never provided us with an outline, although I’ve requested one several times.

    So I’ve demanded the return of $1,500 of the $2K we gave him for SEO so we can move on with a company that will work for us and our site. So far, no response. I doubt we’ll see a refund, I’d be highly surprised if he chose to do the right thing.

  11. woot! says:

    2 part series, due to comment length:

    I tend to agree with @James about @Nicholas’ comment. It’s the timing that gets me – that he “just came across” this interview at the same time that comments started to pick up again after no significant comments for several weeks. While it’s not unreasonable to believe that @Nicholas might happen upon as part of due diligence for someone he’s about to go into business with, does he not find it concerning that the interviewee himself requested that the video be removed (in addition to every.single.other.unanswered interview/comment inconsistency herein)?

    I have followed this deleted interview and subsequent comment stream from the beginning. I have tried to keep an open mind by asking myself if I were in @Dorith’s or @Mort’s shoes, would I have cried foul when they did, or ride it out for 3ish months, as @Nicholas suggested. For we all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. But then as we got to know @Greg more through his comments and actions (removing interview, lambasting clients, letting main domain name expire, etc..), I started to think that maybe @Dorith and @Mort didn’t stick with it, as they had an actual, working relationship with @Greg and could more quickly see that it was going nowhere?


    • woot! says:


      At any rate, I think we can all agree that the @Mort and @Dorith case studies that evolved from this (deleted) interview’s comments have produced “output that does not meet customer specifications”. That’s for @Cyger and his sixsigma-self. But we domainers are a forgiving community, aren’t we? There are certainly no shortage of questions surrounding this interview, so I am going to post mine below and give @Greg a chance to totally redeem himself. I invite you all to follow suit, but please notice that I have asked the questions in a calm, cool, non-accusing way, using evidence available to the public from the PDF copy of the removed interview, my search skills on the interwebs, and the comments this interview has produced. I think if all of our questions from here on out are posed in a similarly non-hostile way, there is no reason why @Greg shouldn’t come and answer them. He owes us, @Cyger, and the future of his business that.

      1) What ultimately led you to ask for removal of your interview? Do you not stand by your words?
      2) How/why does a company that’s producing 300 dropship websites a year let its main domain name expire ( over a month ago, on 10/11/12?


    • Nicholas says:

      I can understand your concerns I was just stating my experience with Greg I didn’t want to go to war with you guys. @ The truth the truth is I own several businesses and when you are dealing with the public its hard to please everyone. I’m a investor in other businesses as well and have been happy with my investment in decorise. As far as ranking and showing on searches, I’m not going to share our techniques but clearly they are not trying to rank for “furniture” “modern furniture” or any short terms. With Christmas around the corner and this being a slow time of year we have took a different approach. Im stoked to see what these next 2 months will generate. I appreciate your opinions but that’s not been my experience thanks if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me,and oh ya i fixed my number on my site there was a glitch in my system but is being addressed now thanks for the insight.

      • Dorith says:

        Nicholas Wilson you are obviously a friend of Greg and therefore maybe you could forward his address to all of us?
        You may even have sold one of your cars to Greg in which case you SHOULD have his address.
        Your website is like mine. The dropshipper, ZUO, has never heard of Decorise.
        Volusion states “ does not have an SSL installed “, yet the Logo appears on your website. That is fraud.
        No one in their right mind would deal with your site because there is no security through the gateway.
        The phone number is hardly visible, so no one can ever reach you.
        Hand in hand with Greg………………………………

  12. The Truth says:


    If anyone is to support someone else, their own credibility comes into question. Can I trust what you are saying about Greg Izzo (aka Greg Mace, Greg Whoever)?

    So I looked at your site and here is what I found:
    1. No Google PageRank — this means Google doesn’t consider your site authoritative
    2. Your phone number on the homepage is cut off. This does not give me “warm and fuzzy feelings as a potential customer”
    3. Although your site has 10,000+ pages in Google’s index (, your site is not ranked well for any keyword phrases (

    $7,000 in sales in 30 days, I smell B.S.

    Then I looked up your whois record for
    1229 s rangeline rd
    Joplin, Missouri 64801
    United States

    Cool, you sell autos and wanted to get into the drop shipping business. I wonder how you did:
    1. Your customers don’t love you ( “Bad experience, I will NEVER go back!…”
    2. The Better Business Bureau doesn’t think you deserve more than an F rating:
    3. Your website ( has a broken graphic as the first thing a customer sees when they visit your site (top, center)

    Greg Izzo appears to be a fraud. Unless you’re Greg Izzo — Nicholas or Jay Wilson or whoever you are — it probably doesn’t do much for you to support him unless you’re going to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are doing what you’re saying your doing.

    Post up some real records of sales.

    The Truth

    • Brenda says:

      Greg USED to live in Missouri………..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….and I agree with Dorith, ‘calwebdesign’ is no more. Undoubtedly due to the bad publicity……he’ll resurrect under a new name though.

  13. Nicholas says:

    Sure is my site. Sir I’m not sure what your trying to imply. I know many people in my area that have used Greg and his company, they referred me. I think the real proof would be in my admin, phone records, and credit card batches. I can only speak for myself and my experience and its been overall positive. Nothing comes free

  14. James says:

    In way of proof, are you willing to post your website so we might inspect it for ourselves?

    For some reason the post seems like a plant or maybe someone is just trolling for drama.

  15. Nicholas says:

    Correction i have done $7000 in 30 days not 10,000 i apologize

  16. Nicholas says:

    I just came across these harsh comments, I don’t know the situations but have experienced only the opposite.. I was referred to Greg from a friend and its been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I paid him 5k some months ago and have seen a huge spike in sales recently. So as far as people stating this company or individual is a scam, that’s not correct. I’ve followed instructions and its paid off. I had to put in some work but who doesn’t? Ive done over $10k in under 30 days, including a large 28 piece order today for about $1100 profit. And my phone rings many times a day. I’m just wanting to share my situation, its been nothing but good. Please post your email if you want proof I will prepare screenshots for all the non believers. I think everyone has different situations depending on niches etc.. But you can count on any business taking 3 months to get sales and up in the rankings. Nothing happens over night. I’m very excited to work with him on my second site which we just started. Oh and nothing in life is easy if it was we would all be rich and not discussing this nonsense

  17. woot! says:

    Looks like @Greg was so busy defending the legitimacy of his brand and services provided, that he forgot to renew his own 15 year old domain names ( and

    Also, in case you were wondering, the answer is 36. 36 times did Greg say the word ‘exactly’ in his interview:

    • Dorith says:

      Now that you have warned Greg about his registration he’ll either quickly re register it, or he’ll drop it, afterall the name has had a beating the last few months.
      But most likely, being what he is, he’ll start up again using a new domain name.
      Something like comes to mind as an alternative.

      • Dorith says: is registered in the name of Dodson Distributing (mentioned in the interview)
        An obvious accomplice as my money went into their account at the Wells Fargo Bank, 4500 Via Marina #209
        Venice CA 90292 USA.
        Greg must have collected as it was marked for the attention of Greg Izzo.
        Just wondering if the IRS know about this convenience?

      • mark says:

        Too honest

  18. Tim says:

    And the first 14 minutes of the interview is on YouTube:

    • Dorith says:

      Tim the photo in YouTube is NOT of Greg Mase (Mace) It’s a different person.
      That is called FRAUD.

      Secondly, to all who read these comments Mort, who was ripped off by Greg at about the time I was ripped off has no Agreement going with Greg, not now and not in the future.

  19. mark says:

    Not confused Greg.
    Those websites are nothing compared to what you promised in that interview.
    Further, there is no way those margins are at 40 to 50 percent.
    If they are, they will not sell-so what’s the point?

    Mike, I honestly have loved your interviews and actually used a couple of your sponsors.

    Having said that, I am really, really disappointed that you removed the video and transcript with this bum.

    He obviously swindled two of your audience members, comes no where close to doing what he stated, continues to bad mouth anyone who challenges him and you, Mike, in my view, help him out by removing this video.

    If Dorith and Mort sue him, I know the can subpoena, but why not leave it for anyone else who is thinking about putting a penny with this miserable excuse for a human being.

    • Greg says:

      Mark – Again your confused, sorry.. If you think no niches are over 50% margins. You have a lot of time on your hands, please do some supplier high margin research. Your dead wrong! As i’ve said many times email me and Ill send you proof, I have over 10 niches that have well over 50% margins. No ones been swindled, do you think someone can invest 3k to 5k and make 100k within 30-60 days? No way, unless ppc is involved with large budget. All sales are based on marketing, PPC, and other techniques. If you know the business sales take time, seo takes time, everything takes time.. The only thing that comes quick is PPC & to do that you have to spend 2k to 15k month..

      My interview doesn’t promise anything, nothing is promised. Only thing promised is in the terms of sale. There is no grounds to sue. Mort and I have come to some terms, were finalizing now.

      Mark – Atlast, nothing above your talking about adds up. Email me directly so I can explain and show you some facts. Your throwing out statements that are false.

      • mark says:

        @Greg (or what ever your name is today)

        Why am I confused?
        All one has to do is listen to the interview and what you delivered and you can see what a phony and fraud you are.

        Tell you what, why don’t we have Michael put back the original interview, let people listen to it and see what you delivered to two paying customers.

        Than, they can submit questions to Michael and you can do a follow-up.

        But, I won’t hold my breath.

        There is something wrong when this video and transcript is deleted and others aren’t.

        Michael, can you please explain why the interview was deleted?

        Why help hide this person’s fraud?

    • Tim says:

      No need to subpoena anyone for a transcript of the Greg Izzo drop-shipping interview. You can download a .pdf of it here:

    • Terry Johnson says:

      I have read the majority of the comments here. I have a friend who also purchased a site from Greg. It too is clearly a template site, like the others mentioned herein. The site itself is ‘ok’, but his SEO is less than minimal. My friend feels he’s been taken for the money given to him for the SEO. Hard lesson learned.

  20. mark says:

    WOW Greg or what ever your name is today.
    You crawled out from underneath your rock to take shots at people you ripped off?
    You have some guts!!!
    All I can say is that Doriths’ website is a joke with even if it had a functioning checkout.
    Just for fun, I took some items on her website and compared them to others.
    There are cheaper ones than hers on all that I chose randomly.
    Oh, and yeah, I am willing to bet that there is no way in hell that she will be getting her money out anytime, let alone anytime soon.
    Further, a 50% profit, 40% profit, 30% profit,????????
    Give me a break.

    You have a team of people who go to trade shows to look for these manufacturers?
    I bet you cannot even pay your self a decent wage.

    You have a Beverly Hills Attorney?
    Yeah right.

    You build custom websites?
    Can’t stop laughing.


    Nuff said

    • Greg says:

      @ Mark – Whats your email? Let me clear up your trash talking with some facts… Your clearly confused on hearsay.

  21. Greg says:

    @ Terry – Point said you hire elancer or Odesk employees. And you use state there are thousands of templates for commence sites. Really? So you want 1,000 of the same sites, logos, images and all?? Come on you should never recommend a exact template to someone. Unless your doing a blog maybe. Go joke with someone else, I don’t have time…

  22. Greg says:

    @ John – I agree this subject is a great niche for the right person. If you need any help with suppliers or anything let me know I have many I can help you with. Drop shipping is taking over the Ecommerce world. Allowing anyone to start a business with little to no inventory. If you need any free tips let me know I can send you the right direction.. Due to all the negative and false comments on here, we asked to remove the interview. We did it to help out and get people started with this exciting niche. Its been great and powerful for many clients!

    • Dorith says:

      OK Greg, you’re good very good at talking. Sweet talking. I guess that’s the way you manage to make money the illegal way. Oh, by the way, you wouldn’t sign your part of the Contract remember, every day you said you would but never did. It wasn’t really a Contract was it? Just a freeby Agreement you picked up from Google and added your false name to it.
      Let’s start at the beginning with your real name and address.

      No, don’t start with “I don’t want to place my address online, because………………………….”

      Any business man worth his name in salt has his details online. My details are online.
      Big deal, it’s called honesty.

      Then as part of the deal you were to show me everything, that means what it says. How can I make contact with my dropshipper? How, where? That was all up to you to do.

      Anyway, you place dotsfurniture on your server. Show me how to answer questions from customers, show me how to do returns, show me how to contact the dropshipper and show me who made a purchase and for what. That’s what I paid you $4250 for and that is what you said you’d do.

      So now as I said place the site on your server, make sales, send me the money and we are quits. Or make sales and sell the site then we will also be quits.

      Your call.

      • Greg says:

        I’ve already told you what we can do via email. I’ve had enough of your false & incorrect comments, anything further will be directed to my lawyer. Wish you the best.

  23. John says:

    Why was the Interview removed? Is that normal and if not will there be followup to this interview? The topic of Drop Shipping is an excellent one I think. But, I am curious as to how many others were in the running to be interviewed for Drop Shipping by DomainSherpa and if any of them will be interviewed in the future. Thanks

    • Dorith says:

      Remember his name is MASE. GREG MASE

      His ART websites smell of fraud.
      His Google Analytics ID is all over Jesse Witham websites.

      These 2 have been defrauding people for years. Time they were stopped.

      BTW I paid $4250 up front.

      • Greg says:

        @ Dorith – Are you joking? What do you mean time they are stopped? Your very confused on my name aswell? FACT – We see 96% success rate, pretty good numbers. Meaning people who stick with the plan always make money.. If you spent the time you have on Google on marketing and other avenues of marketing you would have a HUGE winner in your hands. We have never treated any of our clients wrong. Of course we get busy and some projects take longer.. We build websites and have sold websites for years. Over the last many years we have had 2 or 3 customers that weren’t happy. When someone starts a business they usually know what they are getting into. When you sign a contract and send a deposit we then start working on your project. Your site was done quickly, including me sending you the supplier info. You didn’t even set up your account with them?

        FUTURE ADVICE – If you don’t want a dropship website, DONT sign a contract and don’t send money. Make the decision in your head before you jump the gun. You must be ready to put in work aswell (Filling out supplier applications) Suppliers want to talk to you and deal with you directly. We have set up some client accounts, but always come to the same conclusion. They want to deal 1 on 1 with the owner. Not us.. When dealing with websites, you typically send a 50% deposit, then when you are happy with everything you send the balance. This is the standard procedure just as we took. Why would you send the balance? Too much doesn’t make sense Dorith. After reviewing everything it seems your confused and making bad decisions. I would stick with something easy and less work. Just a thought.

  24. Mort says:

    @ Michael Cyger

    Mike, please do not remove your interview with Greg Izzo (Mace). This clearly shows he is scared of what he has said and done here and is by itself an admission to guilt. Removing his interview and deleting the transcript is concealing the evidence, Mike. It shows you are protecting Greg Izzo’s interests in this dispute.
    I will send you a PM soon, regarding.


  25. Mort says:

    @ Mark

    I appreciate your comments. You, Corey and others were right on the mark with Greg (Mace) Izzo’s credibility. I learned a little too late, but it’s not over yet. Stay tuned.

  26. Corey says:

    It’s a shame to see what has occurred since my July 11 comment. The 2 sites shown by Dorith and Mort do reflect some work done; but they do not look custom. In my opinion they do not reflect $5000 worth of work.

    As a rule of thumb when paying this much for a site require to see a few PSD mockups before hand with a fair opt out price if you don’t want to use the design. This avoids template surprise and is standard practice for myself when I am doing client work, and for other web professionals. Sometimes after designing a PSD we will templates’ framework to bring it to life but this is only generally noticeable from the backend.

    As far as fully SEO’d thats tough to define. Most designers ensure your site the ability to easily edit title and desc attributes on page but adding that content is up to you or an SEO pro. It should be made clear in your contract or pre-hand discussions by your designer. Adding products/content is the same way… an site builder should let you know if products are to be added by you or him.

    That all said… I do know a dentist who paid a design agency $100,000 (100k) for a site and the agency set up a wordpress wootheme. The dentist could not be more satisfied with his wootheme.

    • Greg says:

      @ Cory – Dorith paid under 3k TOTAL, and 1/2 of that or more is SEO costs. She wanted a site at the lowest price. Dorith had a complete site built including all custom images, a supplier “Zuo Modern” and many more if she wanted. All products were added 1 by 1 by our team. Not a bulk upload. We spent about 7 to 10 days building her site, getting products live. All this for basically $1500. If you know SEO and ranking website. Sometimes this can cost up to $10,000 per site and take aslong as a year to rank. All depending on the terms you shoot for. In Doriths case we offered her a very discounted SEO package, which will run for many months.

      She paid $1500 down, and a balance of $1500 when she was 100% happy with the site. Dorith sent the balance after the site was done…. My guess is after she realized this is not as easy as an Adsense site or something VERY simple taking 10 minutes a week. She wants to back out and get all 100% of her money back, and push a loss onto our end. As far as a resolution I have offered her a opportunity to build some sales on her site and resell it. Sell it to someone who has dropship knowledge.

      In my last 10 years and working on hundreds websites. I’ve never seen anything like this…

  27. mark says:

    Dorith and Mort:

    Take a look at my previous comments as I knew this guy was not legitimate.
    His margins were waaaaay out of whack and he kept trying to defend the indefensible.
    The examples that he cited on other websites were not confirmed at all.
    Only reason is the obvious, because it never was.
    The only suggestion that I have is that I am hoping you used a credit card.
    If you did, they usually give you three months to reverse the charges.
    If you have him cash-just consider it gone, use it as a write-off, and be sure to send him a 1099 as it is a costly mistakes.
    Sorry, all his websites examples sucked and ugly.
    Greg, be a man and give these people their money back.

    • Greg says:

      @ Mark – Please email me directly, you seem confused about the dropship business. Email me and I will send you at least 10 niches that have 100%+ margins.. Do you really think Wayfair is Valued at over 1 BILLION from making 20% margins?? Come on Mark do some better research..

  28. Mort says:


    Can you contact me at my email :
    I appreciate it.

  29. Mort says:


    Yes, I did get the impression that he’s sending the tasks to some inapt non English speakers
    in another country cause I had to keep repeating myself for simple instructions on design, and it was like falling on deaf ears or they wouldn’t understand!!

  30. Terry says:

    Dorith & Mort

    Sorry you have been burned by Greg (Izo) Mace. I and others tried to warn against this guy as alarm bells were ringing for me. I predicted that he would outsource the website and by the sounds of it that is what has happened (using templates and claiming original design). It is terrible you have lost so much money. I was once burned by a similar experience (not by Greg) so I know what I am talking about. Luckily it was through PeoplePerHour which has a feedback system and holding payment system so I was able to use that to get things sorted. But the guy I used was outsourcing to India. The site I had made was much more complicated than a standard drophip site and required custom programming and digital products and ended up costing me $2500 but did work in the end but took months, so I know exactly how you feel.


    I am not one of your customers but how can you claim these sites are finished and custom designed and have SEO work done. Firstly they are both templates. Also the pages are certainly not optimised for SEO purposes. $5000 is a total rip off for something that probably cost you a few hundred to set up (if that).


    As a suggestion perhaps you could have a disclosure notice under the video so this does not happen to more of your readers?

    • Greg says:

      @Terry – Thanks for digging in.. I don’t even think people use template sites anymore.. Go take a peek at 10 Volusion sites, 10 Magento sites, 10 Open Cart sites, 10 Big Commerce sites, 10 X-Cart sites & compare them… It doesn’t take a genius to see all these within the same back end have very similar features.. Look at the check pages, look at content rich areas, look at the way the add to cart button is positioned, look at the description area..

      If you curious whats fair on pricing please quote around.. Quote in the USA, and to a “cheap” outsourced country. You will find in the USA to have a site build with SEO, will cost $5k to 10k, if your targeting many terms, that could be up to 20k. If your looking at the “cheap” outsourced rate in sure you can find sites for under $1000(no telling how they will operate) as for SEO there is no cheap way.. So still your looking at paying 3k to 5k to rank many terms high.. SEO is a timely process for many terms.. Yeah if your good you can get a few terms high within a few months, with best results.

      With all this being said the prices we charge are WAY less then both of these.. We have worked on many sites grossing over 500k yearly, and a few in the millions yearly.. With all them happy we will remain happy and still serving many happy clients monthly.

      • Terry says:

        @ Greg

        You clearly know nothing about web development. There are literally thousands of templates for e commerce websites. Your statement ‘I don’t even think people use template sites anymore’ is utterly ridiculous. There are thousands of templates because thousands of people use them. Just because some buttons are positioned in the same places does not mean they are not templates. The whole point of templates they make the website look different.

        Your comment about pricing is also ridiculous. You prices for the USA might be justified if you were actually getting them custom designed (which you are not) and paying USA labour rates (which you are probably not). But from what I have seen of the two examples from two very dissatisfied customers (which it appears on this forum you have given terrible customer service) the websites have not been custom designed. I could using any site such as Elancer, Odesk found someone to make those sites and I suspect you have for a few hundred dollars in India (if that).

        Someone may well pay high prices for SEO but no one in their right mind would do so without seeing results. You example sites have not been set up with great onsite SEO. Which is the foundation with which to start on.

        Why are you still trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes on here when you have already been exposed?

        Also what use is pulling the video when all the comments are still here?

        Really you have sites grossing millions??? What a joke. If you had sites grossing millions you would not a) Have a company selling template sites b) Be wasting your time promoting it

        Give us an example of a site that is grossing millions? I think we will be waiting a long time……….

  31. Mort says:

    I am trying to get my comments in too but gets blocked. My comments were long too in reply to Greg – obviously. Let’s see if this one goes through.

  32. Mort says:


    what do you do when you put your trust and $5000 of your money into the hands of someone who promoted himself as an expert in drop ship ecommerce business, yet when it comes to building the basic design of the site, you notice he’s no better than a 16 year old in high school ?! You’re shocked and trapped by his incompetency. But you want to make it work, so you give him your instructions step by step in email after email in bold and capital letters and with bullet points and colored fonts so he won’t forget to do the right thing. And that’s exactly what I did with you Greg. And at the end of the day when you did what I wanted, I had to make you feel good about what you just accomplished! (even though you still missed the instructions on the buttons on top for the fifth time). So I said it looks excellent now just like I wanted. Now you’re taking this quote from me in my email and claiming you did an excellent job in building my drop ship site and that you’re done??! You call this cheap empty template a “completed site and SEO’d”?

    How dare you claim here on this forum that I did “not approve of a supplier” while every time I ASKED YOU about YOUR SUPPLIERS, you didn’t answer me or gave a vague reply? – I have proof. Everything is documented.

    You keep shooting yourself in the foot here by spewing lies and false claims; I will use every statement and claims you made here in your interview, in this forum and to me – in my contract which you didn’t sign (intentionally?) – as evidence against you in court.

    BTW folks, he didn’t sign his side of the contract neither with me nor with Dorith – I am told.


  33. Richard says:

    This is an obvious scam now.
    A team of web designers?

    My last comment wasn’t approved but it was long and detailed about this.

    • Greg says:

      @ Richard – We’ve build hundreds of sites and have 3 upset customers along the way.. Whats that equal? Success in my eyes. Thanks for your input and far from a scam..

  34. Dorith says:

    You didn’t receive an email saying everything was great. I said the opposite on this site. You asked me to retract and I did by saying something about outages of my server.

    Had I known you were a con in the first place I would have said a lot more about you then already.

    How about our money back ? doesn’t work.

    • Greg says:

      Your site works fine, you just need to step up the hosting plan from the cheapest to a faster and more reliable one.. I just went to your category pages and sent you screenshots.. The payment section I’m still waiting to hear back from the email I sent 4 days ago regarding the API code you need to get to us. You can get it with the instructions I sent you.

  35. Greg says:

    @ Michael – Thanks for your input, our communication is clear in our huge email chain of messages. We’ve done everything asked by both clients. I have emails saying both are very happy… Mort hasn’t approved a supplier yet.. Dorith has Zuo Modern on her website.. Then now they are both wanting free work. Which we don’t offer.

    If they want to talk like professionals then this can be handled.. I will NOT listen nor read emails with threats.. Ive received nothing but threats.. One day I received an email saying everything looks great, and within 12 hours I get an email stating he wants a refund. We don’t offer free work, for work thats already been performed and I don’t think other designers do aswell.

  36. Greg says:

    @ Mort – Your site is 100% done on design, and by your words your very happy… Why would you write me 3 days ago saying your site looked great and thanked me for being on top of it? These are exact quotes from your emails below… Sounds like you and Dorith are looking for a free ride? Were done with your sites and you want them for free, after being VERY happy with them? Sorry were not seeing eye to eye on this situation.. Your sites done and been done for a bit now..

    “Thanks Greg, for being on top of it. What’s your input on the best suppliers you have on your disposal”

    mort Sep 13 (3 days ago) to me
    “Okay Greg, looks neat & clean now- like an authority site”

  37. Greg says:

    @ Dorith – Your sites been done for 3 weeks… I have no idea why your upset.. Yours sites been done and I have many positive emails from you.. You can’t expect to get rich in 2 weeks, I’m sorry..

    • @Greg, I don’t believe that Dorith is saying she expects to be “rich in 2 weeks.” I respectfully ask that you listen to your customers needs, either stated or not stated, and try to fulfill their expectations or explain your process better so you can set expectations properly from the beginning.

      It appears that there is miscommunication somewhere in the process. I never blame miscommunications on my paying customers — I take full responsibility.

  38. James says:

    Thanks for saying so. I had planned on using his business down the road if it all worked out with the examples I found here. Sorry it happened to you and Dorith and wish you all the best. Give him hell.

  39. Mort says:

    To John, Tom, Mark, Corey, Robert, Terry, and others who have been critical of and doubting the credibility of Greg (Izo) Mace:

    All your reservations, doubts and warnings were warranted. Me and Dorith have been burned by Greg Izo (Mace); we parted with our money only to find out he’s been blowing smoke all along. I trusted Greg to do a professional job at building a “custom” drop ship website For $5,400. He had said it would take one to two weeks to complete the site plus 3 months of SEO. As soon as he got the money he started slacking and I heard less from him. I wanted to believe that he’s working on it day & night. But, ten days later in the middle of the night, he sent me a screenshot of a template he had just slapped together on my hosting.

    Then the trouble began as he just couldn’t follow simple instructions afterwards. It was like pulling teeth to get him to do what I wanted on the site. He just wouldn’t get it or listen. I had to keep repeating myself over and over until I showed great dismay with his carelessness and lack of attention to detail that he got it right and I approved it and thought looked good.

    I asked him about the suppliers and products all along; he would just not answer or be vague. Until yesterday when I contacted Dorith to ask her about her 800# on her newly built site, she then complained to me that nothing has been done on her site, no suppliers set up, you can’t click and buy anything and that Greg is just coming up with excuses one after another. And on top of that, Greg told her to retract from her negative comment
    here and everything will be taken care of; so she has kept her mouth shut. Bizzare!!

    I got furious and knew my website will have the same fate with this guy, as I had seen him already slacking, dragging his feet, sloppy work. So I confronted him (Greg Izo)or (Mace) and told him how unhappy I’ve been like dorith, and that it’s been over three weeks now, and all I have is an empty template with no products, no suppliers, no banking or checkout set up – I want out.

    He immediately claimed that he considers my site as “completed and partially SEO’d” so there’s no refund! Really?! An empty template with rotating images is a completed site, Greg?! And SEO’d too?! The site is I hope someone here can look at it and tell me if they think this site is ‘completed and seo’d’ as Greg claims – or not.

    So, I told him I have to have a “judge” decide whether my ‘empty template’ is a ‘completed and SEO’d drop ship site or not.

    He said in his response that it wouldn’t be in my interest to go to court because it’s lengthy process and that his “partner is a Beverly Hills lawyer” and they “can go the distance”! wow, talk about a …(i wont say it here).

    As for Dorith, she said she’s stressed out and is going after him. She sure has her story to tell about this character Greg Izo (Mace).


  40. Dorith says:

    Greg Izzo must be stopped and we must get our money back.
    A conman.

    • Greg says:

      @ Dorith – Your site is done Dorith. If you need anymore changes I suggest email them to us and we will gladly change them. Im confused by your positive emails, then no emails at all. Please email me and we can fix anything, but you need to communicate.

  41. domainer100 says:

    I am from India. My review: 1) Website is loading too too slow 2) All the google indexed pages i checked are throwing 404 page not found error. 3) Categories links also not working …


  42. Dorith says:

    Check out dotsfurniture. Google cached pages. Free Opencart template. . Lots of excuses. Half up front, otherhalf to be paid to insert products.
    Paid 23rd July 2012 $4250.
    Non operational.
    lots more may write e-book.

  43. domainer100 says:

    What happened Dorith?

  44. Dorith says:

    The greastest conman I lost $4250

  45. Dorith says:

    Please don’t use Greg Izzo, he tells you stories and makes excuses but in the end he takes your money and runs.
    Never never deal with this person / calwebdesign,, beseenmarketing,.com

  46. Dorith says:

    Please don’t use Greg Izzo, he tells you stories and makes excuses but in the end he takes your money and runs.
    Never nver deal with this person and calwebdesign,, beseenmarketing,.com

  47. Mort says:


    Okay, that makes sense!

    Well, if you get one you’re happy with, drop me a line at
    I heard about Ringcentral but am looking for other options.


  48. Dorith says:

    Mort the phone number was Greg’s.
    Easy does it.

  49. Mort says:


    Good luck with your newly built site !
    I was going to ask you about the 800# you had on your homepage, and see if you were happy with their service, cause I’m going to use one too once my site is ready. But I notice you took yours off. Any feedback or input ?


  50. Dorith says:

    Looking forward to learning how to do this.

  51. James says:


    Nice looking site. How was the process of ordering and learning to run the site with

    Planning on buying one myself in the future. Thanks.

  52. James says:


    Nice looking site. Was the process of ordering and learning how to run the site a good experience with Cal Web Designs?

    Looking to buy one myself in the future.

  53. Mark says:

    Dorith, what is the website address?

  54. Greg says:

    @ Dorith – Thanks for the clarification I was confused and didn’t know what happened. :)

  55. Dorith says:

    When I re read my last comment I admit it may have given the wrong impression about Greg’s work. This was not intended. The site has been offline and I panicked. I contacted my hosting company in Los Angeles and they have admitted there have been many outages the last few days.
    It’s up and running this morning.
    Sorry and ‘no worries’, Greg!

  56. Greg says:

    @ Mort – Thanks bud! In most cases we do work quickly like your site… Your site should be 100% live in 72 hours. Then we will work on the products being loaded and suppliers. We recently ran into an issue with an head developer and it put us back some days. But everything is back up to speed now. Thanks again for the positive comment, your site looks great!

  57. Greg says:

    @ Dorith – Your website has been live for many weeks now? Im totally thrown off by this comment, I have recieved all positive emails from you. If you have some issues please email them to me, I have not heard anything negative.. Perhaps your upset at the credit card merchant processors or your having some trouble with getting approved for processing? I would call some local providers for merchant processing there in Australia or email some off the list I gave you. If you need more don’t worry I have more processors, there are many throughout the world. I mean there are hundreds of thousands of businesses accepting credit cards down under.. Atleast you have paypal for now. But please do email me if you are having problems, I would love to help!

  58. Dorith says:

    It’s been nearly 2 months since payment was made. No sighting yet. Am very worried.

  59. Mort says:

    My project started less than two weeks ago I guess. I saw a screenshot of the first draft and it looked good.


  60. Dorith says:

    Seems residing in Australia and setting up the “site” in USA is causing a few headaches with the setting up of Credit Card Processors.
    Working on it.

  61. Chris says:

    I hired him a few days after this interview to fix a site of mine.. Hes accomplished that now working on 2 other longer detailed coding projects. My jobs are not the typical drop ship model, very much complicated with map overlays. Just as others I only have good things to say he knows his stuff. I’ll be sure to let everyone know if he fails, looking like a winner so far!

    • Greg says:

      @ Chris – Thanks for your positive comment! Yeah your jobs are FAR from a dropship site, much more complex and exciting ha… ;)

  62. Allen says:

    Any updates from those who are working with Greg?

  63. Greg says:

    @ John – Thanks so much for your positive comments! We’ve shot a lot back and fourth I think you have an amazing niche not too many think of… Ready to put you on the map! With our marketing minds and yours, I’m sure you will be plenty successful.

  64. Greg says:

    @ Tim – Shoot me over an email, I can get you references or whatever your interested in.. We have done hundreds of websites these last years and the standard 98% are happy! Can never get that 100%, still shooting :)

  65. Greg says:

    @ Mort – Thanks so much for your positive comments! Glad we got passed the hurdle ;) Everything is running smooth and looking good! Always appreciate good good clients like yourself!

  66. Dorith says:

    I am still waiting on completion of my website. I guess Greg is very busy since this interview.

  67. John says:

    I have been emailing Greg and he patiently has answered all my questions.
    I plan in hiring him to do a site in the coming months.
    The fact alone that he is in Vegas and the amount of Conventions that city has can;t be underestimated. No City in the country comes close to the amount of Conventions Vegas has. Vegas Does Mean Business …

  68. Tim says:

    Any updates from people who hired Greg to build a drop shipping web site for them? Dorinth are you live yet and willing to share your new site publicly?

  69. Mort says:

    To everyone who’s been following this interview, I have to admit I was a skeptic at first, myself – thank you Michael for your comment above in response to mine. Yet, I decided to give Greg a try, as I finally found him to be knowledgeable, resourceful and with great ideas. Like Dorith, I trust him to do a great job of making a drop ship website on one of my short brandable domains. So, wish me luck Dorith and everybody else!


  70. domainer100 says:

    Its really great help and many thanks Greg. I will send mail to you.

  71. Greg says:

    @ Domainer100 – Alibaba really isn’t going to help unless you want to find a drop shipper from China.. 95% of Alibaba is manufactures overseas.. Realistically its a waste of time for them to deal with orders 1 by 1. They sell bulk you need to buy 20ft & 40ft containers usually. But there are some China drop shippers aswell. I have found a few good ones in certain product niches where customers can wait a while before getting their order.

  72. Greg says:

    @ Domainer100 – I would not suggest using any of those middle men companies. Its hard to make the drop ship model work when you do… When you hear negative comments on drop shipping and making small profits etc.. Its usually because those type companies are in place.. This is the exact reason we decided to put an office in Las Vegas last year. We hit over 200 trade shows and connected with the best suppliers and really learned who’s importing and who’s buying then reselling.. World Wide Brands and another similar one Doba are basically middle men which in the end they are scraping 20% to 100% of the profits. Thats basically the amount your loosing when you choose to go with them.

    The only advantage of buying from those companies is that they have a ton of different products. Its a way to fill up a lot of categories, might look decent with the human eye but horrible on your bottom line. You need to get in touch with some Las Vegas wholesale distributor shows or get in touch with me and maybe I can help you and get you going the right direction. Im here to help, been in this industry for over 10 years can give you some good advice surely.


  73. domainer100 says:

    In continuation to my previous comment, am also looking at, also. (most of them are from china), but not able to take decision/find good drop shippers. Could you please help me …

    Thanks & Regards

  74. domainer100 says:

    Hi Can you please help me in finding the right drop shippers. After searching in google and blogs, i found and But saw some negative feed backs on those 2 websites. Am interested in All electronics/softwares/furniture/toys categories. Can you please share your thoughts.

    Greg or anyone can you please guide/help me. Your help is highly appreciable.

    Thanks & Regards

  75. Dorith says:

    Just thought I’d let you all know, Greg is now preparing (correct word?) the banking details.
    Looking good!

  76. Dorith says:

    “Everything comes to those who wait.”
    I think it has been worth waiting for from the sneak preview I have seen. I had to choose a new domain name despite the fact I own about 38 names all useless in this exercise.
    It’s looking good so far, stay tuned……………..

  77. JohnT says:

    I just happened on this site and found all of the comments very thought provoking.

    @Greg, I’m interested in picking your brain. I will be sending you an email shortly.

    @Michael, the interviews and your forum have been eye opening. I’m charged up after reading your viewers comments and look forward to visiting again soon.

  78. Greg says:

    Thanks for your kind comments everyone!

    @ Lake – Thanks for your message. Im excited about your projects coming up, we will communicate via email from here on out! Thank you!

    @ vynyc – I think they are decent, tough to tell people and for branding reasons. Telling someone you have a hyphen domain name you might lose some credit. I would of course always stick to under 10 character .com’s. We’ve seen some good success in keyword driven hyphen domains though. So that would just come back to your own opinion. Thanks for your questions!

    @ Kurt – Just got you a reply was in the spam folder.. Thanks for your offers!

  79. Kurt Downing says:

    Amazing interview! I just shot you over my office and cell, get in touch I have some solid opportunities for you. Im in the site sales field and also do some drop shipping of my own. Would love to have you working on some of my recent projects. You have some positive skill I lack. Touch base. – Kurt

  80. vynyc says:

    Hi Greg,

    Just wanted to ask your opinion about hyphenated domains

  81. Lake Davis says:

    Very informational interview. Ive done a lot of research, and you seem very knowledgeable. I’ve seen a few of your past sites and they look great! I just sent you an email with some questions. I have a few short & aged domain names I want to build out. I’m interested in trying your service on a test site, if all goes well I have referrals for days… As well as many more domains I will build out. I’ll await your email.

  82. Greg says:

    @Mark – Thats not correct, I understand your point & its wrong. All the sites we’ve sold in the past few years EVERY client who has purchased them has seen all the sales info. Including Screenshots, Traffic Reports, and anything else they need to make a buying decision. Think about it, why would they buy without proof? There is no secrets when buying a site. They wouldn’t! I sure know I want some kind of proof when Im looking at buying a business…. Please email me directly with anymore comments as I’m sure Michael would appreciate that. Thanks you!

  83. Mark says:

    Greg-You have missed my point.
    I honestly am not interested in your personal life.
    When I mean secretive, I mean about the numbers (sales), profit margins, etc. for the actual website(s) that anyone would be willing to buy with actual proof including tax returns.

    At any rate, I wish you and everyone else on nothing but success.

    Michael, Thank You for this great forum.

  84. Greg says:

    @ Dorith – Thanks for being kind and waiting for your project to be done! Thanks :)

  85. Greg says:

    @ Mark – All websites we sell sales are audited, aswell as foot traffic. This is needed when selling any business. About being secretive, Im willing to share personal only with possible clients NOT the entire world. Were are a private company and don’t share clients projects unless at their request. Dorith has a 1/2 finished project so why would she care to share with you? I think after the project is done and ready, it will be shared. I have another client from this interview that will be sharing soon aswell.

    Mark This comment you left I have it in quotes below… Doesn’t make sense? 90% Of the companies at ASD AMD or even the California Mart which I was at today are importers and direct manufactures. They are NOT middle men. A middle man, is someone who buys from a manufacture or wholesaler, then resells scraping a profit. The middle men get scared to goto ASD, because the manufacture will have a booth their aswell. So why would they goto the show and set next to the main manufacture? Their prices would be 20% to 50% higher. Now don’t get me wrong there is always going to be a small percent of middle men but a huge trade show with manufactures and imports is not the place to find them.. I have attended Vegas show since 2000, its always been the same. “Greg, I know people who import from China. The companies who show of at the Las Vegas Trade Shows (whether is ASD/AMD of any of shows) are nothing but middle men with high markups.”

    I dont understand your comment about going public? Thats not my interest at this time. If you don’t believe there is profits in drop ship please goto bizbuysell or bizben and search the internet for drop ship businesses. Most all of them are making 100k+ Unless its newer or just started…

  86. Greg says:

    @ Don Gilbert – Don, My interview reveals much info about the drop ship business. About starting a site, finding suppliers, getting the business going, etc.. I was recommended to Michael from my Executive Godaddy account rep. He knows we work on and sell many domains monthly. Michael did a great job verifying my info and financials I sent over, as he does everyone who interviews. I have nothing to hide at all, at the same time I can’t share 100% of my business model. I was on the show to share info about the drop shipping niche. I have worked on many companies with 7 figure revenue, and a handful of them starting from scratch. They are not my websites, I build and develop so if they are wanting to share they can. Its not my place to. Anyone needing help emails me, and we go from there. When it needed I share a clients site with their permissions.

  87. Dorith says:

    I wanted to ask Greg as a matter of courtesy, nothing else. Surely that is the right thing to do?
    If a carmaker is building a car, he doesn’t reveal all the nitty gritty details world wide whilst building? The finished car will be revealed in all it’s glory when the time is right.

    The unveiling will be announced at and hopefully all negative comments about Greg on this segment will be disproved once and for all.

  88. Mark says:

    There is just something here that is just not matching up.
    I’ll say it again, the way you buy a business is to watch the “foot traffic” and audit ‘the books.”
    No way that’s going to happen since Greg is being so secretive.

    As for Dorith, if you are paying Greg to build your website, may I ask why you are being so secretive about the domain name?
    Why would you need the permission of Greg to give out the name of your website?
    As a matter of fact, is’n writing about your website on blogs one form of advertising?
    Are you serious about not wanting to give out your domain name and actually getting permission from a person that you have hired to do that?

    Greg, I know people who import from China. The companies who show of at the Las Vegas Trade Shows (whether is ASD/AMD of any of shows) are nothing but middle men with high markups.

    Perhaps I am wrong, but the only way to prove it is for you to show actual figures that can be verified.

    If that was done, believe me you would be able to go public in no time.

  89. Tom B. says:

    @ Dorith:

    Once you and Greg agree to share the release of your site, as well as a 90-120 day follow-up chat on your experience, it will go a long way towards managing the rest of our expectations. We are all rooting for the best of all possible outcomes.

    If you or anyone else wants to share anything that doesn’t meet the threshold of minimized criticism that Michael has requested, you can also drop me a personal note at: tom12ga [at] gmail dot com.

  90. John says:

    What is the link on your site for getting on the email list?

  91. Greg says:

    @ Everyone – Were discussing with one of our clients to share his domain name & progress of his site and SEO. This will be for everyone interested and learning about us & seeing what we do. Since there are some people who don’t believe in drop shipping and for the few questioning our services.

  92. Greg says:

    @ John – We always have at least 10 to 20 sites in our inventory. You would need to join our email list to see all of them that are turnkey and for sale. So many come and go each month.. About ranking our main website, thats just for clients to view. We work with about 30 business brokers & market many others ways, so our site doesn’t really matter.. Its an SEO and Drop ship company informational site anyways.

  93. John says:

    It would be nice if the drop ship businesses for sale on your site could grow with more sites for sale overtime.
    Are these sites you have made or are they of clients of yours that have decided to put them up for sale?

    • Greg says:

      @ John – Any site having SEO and marketing done should be improving sales monthly. Every month we might have a client or two, in which we list their site for sale. Most the sites we sell, are just completed sites with basic seo done. Just 1 to 3 months of SEO. Nothing major, but something in which can start turning over fast when a customer starts marketing it.

  94. Greg says:

    @ Mort – Feel free to email me directly. I can give you more of a selection so you can have more to look at..

  95. Greg says:

    @ Dorith – I just sent you a reply to your email, check it out!

  96. Mort says:

    @ Dorith

    I would be interested to hear your feedback or see your results. How to contact you?

    • Dorith says:

      Will ask Greg if he would like me to mention the name of the website he is building for me? For all to see.

  97. Tom B. says:


    I respect the fact that both Greg and all your readers are guests in your “house” on this web site. However, a few of the previous posters did bring up some valid questions as well as identified a few glaring inconsistencies about this interviewee. (You were disappointed that one poster failed to provide his real eMail address, yet I saw no admonition that your guest may not have provided his real name, either that, or he didn’t provide it for his LinkedIn account; I’m not sure which was the actual case.) There is just something about his story that doesn’t add up. Perhaps you can do a follow-up with Dorith (above) to showcase the site he will receive and the value that he feels he has/will receive.

    That said, I’ll consider this to be an exception to the rule, as I have found almost every other guest that I’ve enjoyed to be beyond reproach.

    • Greg says:

      @ Tom – If you wish to get the answer to my personal life and a last name change, please contact me.. I would love to share, Ill be open with my personal life since it seems thats the important subject here. On the flip side a website with us costs as low as $750 and as high as $4,250. When it comes down to it, all our clients make money, none loose. Shoot me over an email or lets just jump on a call, we can at least discuss the name issue…

      @ Michael – Sorry for the negative comments and people upset with my interview. Seems like these guys have not had good luck with the drop ship business or are not understanding. Tom I guess thinks you have the time to interview some of my clients, if you wish to do that get in touch and Ill shoot you over about 5 of them.

      • Don Gilbert says:

        @Greg Izzo, I think you are misunderstanding everyone’s comments. It’s not that they (I assume) — and me too — are upset, it’s just that you aren’t providing enough information for us to make a proper evaluation. Your site doesn’t provide enough information either.

        For example, all the other guests on Michael’s show provide details of “success.” Whatever success means, they provide it. So for Perry Rosenbloom, he provides direct and detailed information about his website. His name is all over it. He’s proud of it, and it’s clear he has nothing to hide. The same is true for Michael Goldfarb, Xavier Buck, etc. They are not listing their websites for sale on Flippa ( and then seemingly evading question about it.

        I think it would be great to see a real-life example of someone who has used your services. That would go far to prove the results of what you provide.

        In addition, their personal information is on their websites. Why not yours? Either you don’t like promotion, or you have something to hide, or you have no time, or who knows what. But if you’re in sales, I think you need to be out there. Just my opinion.

        @Michael Cyger, you do a phenomenal job verifying stories and results of guests before they come on your show, or during your show. Perhaps this is an example of not enough preparation for you and your guest? I say this to be constructive, not destructive.

  98. Dorith says:

    My website by Greg is being built. Anyone who wishes to view it when completed please contact me. Anyone who wishes to know more details also contact me.
    I am sure he is doing his best, although not finished yet.

  99. Greg says:

    @ John – I don’t know how detailed you want me to get about my personal life on here. Im here to discuss drop ship business related topics. You have my email for further info contact me directly. Thanks!

  100. Greg says:

    If you question someone, you should go the opposite way. Be comfortable with who you choose, there are many providers on the market. I suggest always looking at 3 to 5 & comparing. This interview has really taken our business to another level, so many solid domains were building out! Much thanks to Michael for that. What a great site and solid audience!

  101. Greg says:

    @ John – Thanks for the update!

    • John says:

      Hi Greg,

      It wasn’t an update, I was asking for clarification. I should have been more clear.

      Why do you go by “Greg Izzo” in the interview, but “Greg Mase” on Linkedin?


  102. John says:

    Why does Greg Izzo go by “Izzo”? His name is Greg Mase, according to Linkedin. The picture is the same:

    I was thinking about contacting him, but my review of his background turned this up, which makes me question his background.

  103. Greg says:

    @Michael, Thanks very much for clearing that up. As im sure you have the tools to pinpoint an exact gps location :)

    • Dorith says:

      To all the guys out there and their comments.
      I have hired Greg to do a dropshipping website for me. I trust him to do the right thing and will comment if he doesn’t.

  104. Greg says:

    @John – Thanks for the time watching my interview. As everyone should know, yes powerful domains have a HUGE advantage on drop ship sites. We have recently took on a few new clients with great short domains which were very excited to work with. Also from 1995 to 1997, as you know these are good for SEO too. These type domains, have alot of advantages in the dropship business & easier to rank.

    Hayneedle with 200+ Dro ship sites ( #13 on “5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America) Wayfair with over 250+ Drop ship sites, there are many more power houses in the drop ship business. So im not sure what you mean when I painted a rosier picture. If you look at success percents, every industry is going to have failure aswell as success. I think everyone knows anything too good to be true is not probably true. If you think a drop ship site is a piece of cake that’s wrong, they are actually very hard to set up correctly. We have actually failed the first year we were in the industry. And just like many of the people who comment negative things, in sure they have failed many times too. Since then we have met thousands of dealers in person, and have a very successful platform. Now with our development platform its pretty much impossible to fail, that’s an advantage our clients have when they work with us.

    About this coment “So, if CalWebDesign is only 5% of your business, how about you represent for us what the other 95% of the business is so we know what’s really up?”

    About sharing with you 95% of our business, I think we shall not. We have shared alot in our interview, and we share alot with the respectful emails we get & our clients. That’s our trade secrets to success in this business and we’ve spent serious amount of cash testing what works and what doesn’t. Your not a current client of ours, I don’t believe. So I save this info for guys we decide to work with. If you have some basic questions or need some advice, I will gladly help in anyway I can. But as far as your comments it sounds like we wouldn’t be a great match. We would like to have some mutual respect in place before we share more of our business and atlast work with. Again please email me with questions

    Anyone with negative comments please post them in an email to me. Im not trying to aquire you as a client, we are offering advice to anyone looking to enter the drop ship business. We have many years, and know exactly what not to do. We can save you alot of money on mistakes and failures. As most any industry you 99% of the time, your 2nd,3rd,4th,5th shot is always going to get better and better. Im not trying to share my entire business model with the world, Im looking to help respectful individuals and share some basic info. My business model is setting people on the right path & developing this for them.

  105. Greg says:

    @Mark – Mark, thanks for taking your time to write detailed comment. I appreciate the time you took to view my interview. This is no SEO sale pitch nor development pitch. This is in informational video about the drop ship niche.. Our company is very busy and couldn’t handle too many more clients. I’m sorry if you took the video the wrong way, clearly I was trying to help individuals in this industry.

    I think Michael does a very good job finding strong niches to develop stories on. Drop ship has not been mentioned on this site as far as I have seen. So I think its been very good for the audience. We’ve received hundreds of thank you emails, so those guys are very happy.

    This I found very funny… “First and foremost, no manufacturer with their salt is going to drop ship unless they are guaranteed huge sums of orders on a monthly basis. (Simply not going to happen.) Why would they upset their retailers otherwise?”

    Do you realize close to 75% of wholesalers – Distributors – Manufactures offer drop shipping… If someone is importing good from China, they must have many sales avenues. This means they need retailers, they need drop shippers, they need distributors, all of this is what makes sales.

    I don’t think you really know, this industry like I do. We visit 200 trade shows a year in Las Vegas, we do ground work and go talk to each company and see if they have a drop ship program in place. If they do, great! If not we try to turn them onto supplying our clients (about 50% do) Back five years ago, it was another story your comment might make a little more sense. But its 2012 and the drop ship business is taking over the Internet product distribution empire. If you have anymore questions I would contact the big dogs directly and get the facts from them. – When you view these sites you will see MANY of the same products. The same 2,000 to 4,000 companies are supplying to most all of them.

  106. Terry says:

    I am pretty sure that Greg and Nathan a few comments back are in fact the same person.
    On Saturday the comments looked differently and it appeared that Greg replied to “Nathan” but unfortunately forgot to sign out of Nathans account! So ‘Nathan’ replied to Nathan.The writing even has the same style.

    I believe that Greg has decided to comment as an alias purely to add weight to his argument but I think this only demonstrates what is really going on here.

    The whole argument about how you can pay someone to re-shingle your roof does not work sorry. Yes I am not saying you have to re-shingle your own roof. I am pointing out that you would not pay someone 10x the going rate to re-shingle your roof!

    Mysteriously those comments from Greg/Nathan have now been removed.

    I do think you should care about what peoples intentions for coming on the show are. As some of your audience might trust the information given based on the back of your website being a great resource normally. I think you do a great job and enjoy your interviews. The newest interview is much more like it!

    • @Terry: I have verified that the comments from Nathan, whom I know personally and work with, are valid. They were posted by him. I’m not sure why one of Greg’s posts was under the name of Nathan, but I’ve fixed it now. Greg did not post under a Nathan alias in this thread.

      I pay people to re-shingle my roof every 10-15 years (who gets the full 20 year lifetime anyway?). I’d never think about doing it myself. I pay the going rate after getting 3+ quotes. I suggest everyone do the same for any significant purchase, in every case. It’s more work, but it’s the right thing to do from a business and due diligence perspective.

      No one should assume that — just because someone comes on the DomainSherpa show — DomainSherpa endorses anyone. No one is paid, and I do not receive compensation. I invite people who are interested in teaching others something useful.

      I moderate all comments on this site. interviewees are “guests in my home.” I may ask tough but thoughtful and respectful questions of guests in my home; rude questions are never tolerated. I expect the same from the audience.

      I appreciate all feedback, but there’s a time, place and path that’s best for each piece of feedback. Constructive feedback or clarifying questions for me or the guests are always appropriate to post via comments so everyone can learn. Negative feedback for me about any of my guests is probably done via email directly to me at michael /a/t/ domainsherpa /d/o/t/ com. Negative feedback for the sake of being negative, keep it.

      Also, while I’m totally fine with fake names, I encourage commenters to use their real email address when posting. That way I can specifically address your concern more quickly and thoroughly. For example, Terry, I wrote a thoughtful email and sent it to you directly only to get it bounced back because you used a fake email address. That makes me not want to email you or others in the future, if my time spent will be wasted. Just my 2 cents feedback on the process.

  107. John says:

    Hi Greg,

    I personally enjoyed the interview, maybe because I really wanted everything you said to be true, because if it is then there are a lot of “us” who have the potential to make a killing with drop shipping because of the quality of our domains.

    That being said, domain investors are a savvy bunch, especially when it comes to researching topics like domain ownership, traffic, back-links, SEO rankings etc. I’ve personally found about 45 domains that are either owned by Dodson Dist or were previously owned by Dodson and truthfully I haven’t been impressed with either the domain names themselves, the sites that have been built on them or the traffic stats for the active sites that are currently live.

    On top of my own research, that Flippa listing of the CalWebDesign business being for sale ( ) doesn’t inspire confidence as it explains, and I am quoting from the listing itself, “This website is not our main business, this website represents about 5% of our business. So to clear up any confusion this is just 1 of MANY sites we are selling. This website has not been explored fully and its just one of our informational sites.”

    So, if CalWebDesign is only 5% of your business, how about you represent for us what the other 95% of the business is so we know what’s really up? Drop shipping is historically an industry rife with challenges and the picture you paint is much rosier than what would appear to be the truth after digging around the web, both for the industry as a whole and as related to your company itself.

    Please help us understand the discrepancy.

  108. Mark says:

    Hi Mike:

    I always watch your interviews and enjoy them.

    Actually, I do learn from them as well.
    Having said that, I think many of the commentators for this particular interview saw it for what it was:

    Basically a person pushing his SEO company with a twist of hooking you up with drop shippers.

    First and foremost, no manufacturer with their salt is going to drop ship unless they are guaranteed huge sums of orders on a monthly basis. (Simply not going to happen.) Why would they upset their retailers otherwise?

    As far the margins, good luck with those figures.

    As for the due-diligence, way you do that is to first watch the business for “foot traffic” and than audit the books (for starters)

    Can’t do that with websites, so how do you do your homework?

    Really can’t.

    So, the only thing that can be done is to do what most business people do when selling it (especially in these times) and that is to have the seller finance it with a percentage down and monthly payments.

    However, the percentage down is only when your due-diligence is done.

    Again, I don’t think it can be done in this manner.

    So, nothing down and payments until it is paid off would be the only fair way that I could see to purchase any website.

    Otherwise, nothing more than a 57 minute pitch.

    Thanks again for your shows.

  109. Nathan says:

    @Greg, Your welcome.

  110. Greg says:

    @ Nathan – Thanks very much! Your comments are dead on, positive & very nice. Just like anything you buy, theres always an easy way… Usually require a lot of errors and wasted money but you learn from them.. Drop shipping is very tricky and a lot to learn. Ive played many roles in product based business from the supplier role, to design and marketing roles. Hopefully you can get some tips from my interview. So much to learn and so little to share on the web about this niche.. Thanks again for the kind comment Nathan!

  111. Nathan says:

    Great, great interview! I’m glad there was finally one about drop shipping, because it is a profitable market, with little info out there to help guide you.

    Yes, you can build a successful drop shipping site for less than what Greg charges. Of course you can! He does it for less than he charges, that’s how he makes a profit! I can also re-shingle my roof for less than a roofer will charge me, does that mean I want to do it? Come on 5-15K for a very well designed, professional looking site, with content, products added, getting set up with drop shippers, getting SEO and marketing campaigns set up, AND the knowledge you learn along the way is an excellent deal. You will NOT get that from an Indian designer who is half way around the world, barley speaks your language, and all response times are delayed because of the time difference. One thing will never change in any market, you get what you pay for.

    @Corey I know for a fact people do make the profit margins Greg is talking about in the drop shipping market. I would really suggest getting together with him so he can help you out.

    @Michael Cyger again, excellent interview!

  112. Greg says:

    @ Amanda – Thanks for your kind comment. Drop shipping is a very good niche many pass due to the fact they think its too hard or too complicated. If you need any free info or help choosing a niche get in touch we can give you some solid niches with great margins! Thanks again..

  113. Amanda says:

    Fantastic info! Thanks for another great interview.

  114. Greg says:

    @Mort – Come on now, Wayfair build their empire up with over 150 Furniture and home decor related websites. They had over 200 sites in all. 150 of them were furniture. So they created tons of competition for themselves & whats the result? 1 BILLION.. Thats just 1 company… I think its fair to say each niche out there is going to have thousands of websites. Some niches tens of thousands.. There is room for everyone. If its a solid niche and your ranking for some decent terms your going to be doing 100k to 1 million a year. If your making 1 million a year I would estimate 10% going to marketing.

    Please any questions email me directly, lets try to keep the wall with positive energy and learning. Michael has this site here for learning, advice, strategy, success and tips.

  115. Greg says:

    @ Terry – I understand your concerns. Keep in mind we sell 10 to 30 sites a month. We have many clients who can afford a good quality site. Thousands go into each site, if its a good quality website, solid SEO for 6 to 12 months, REAL solid suppliers with large inventory levels, its going to cost 3k to 5k minimal, maybe even 10k. Please email me directly to talk about this. I don’t want to disrespect Michael or his audience, and fill his site full of negative comments and chats between us. Anything negative please send to me directly Michael stated my email above…

  116. Greg says:

    If your thinking you can invest one thousand or less and make a quality sites, get it ranking, get solid drop ship suppliers, get amazing content, get hundreds and thousands of products added. This doesn’t come for under $1,000 bucks sorry & India can do this for you.. This can cost as much as $3k, $5k $10k and in some cases even $20,000. I personally know some niches take huge budgets, for example we have a insurance client, which ranks bottom of 1st page they paid us $17,500 for 12 months. We were 1 of 4 SEO teams working on their websites. This is all a true statement SEO can cost ALOT. When you said lesson learned $200 for a site, if thats what you do and it works then great! We have worked on hundreds of projects in the past years, we know what real true SEO costs. We have a very successful system in place, and hundreds of happy clients. Do you think Wayfair spent $5k to $10k on their websites to rank them, get them live, suppliers and products in place? Im just using them for an example… They spend close to $100,000 to get their results.. The more you spend the more you make, I think thats a fair statement. Of course different companies charge different amounts.

    I think this depends on the person and the work people put in, there are so many factors you have to take into consideration. Ive ran into customers who have wanted to pay $2500 just for us to give them some solid drop shippers for certain niches. But I can tell you from personal experience and client sites, if you have a site doing 100k to 300k monthly in sales, then your spending at least 5k to 20k a month on marketing. There are many different factors that weight in when building a website, ranking it, product adding. Everything we do takes time and cost money. We don’t outsource everything we pay US prices for the most part. Here in the USA we can’t survive of $2 an hour.. Im not going to argue with you on here. If you choose to go the cheap route then thats your niche and totally fine.

  117. Mort says:

    Hi Greg,

    My question is if you have 150 drop ship sites and 60% of them are fashion oriented, why would you want to build a drop ship fashion site for me with the same manufacturers and create competition for yourself?

    • Hi Mort,

      I’ll allow Greg to answer for himself, but I can chime in from what I learned form the interview. As he stated, he makes some of his income from drop shipping websites and some from building sites for others. That’s his business model.

      Just like no one blog on the domain name industry can serve an entire market completely, I suspect no one fashion website can do so either. And, the more niche your fashion website is (belts, purses, Italian shoes), the less competition there is. The world is flat, and there’s more than enough business to go around for niche fashion sites. Couple that with the fact that domain investors have (what seems like) most of the best premium generic domain names available, it seems like a winning combination to me.


  118. Terry says:

    Not sure why anyone would pay $5000 – $10000 for a website as basic as a standard ecommerce package in this day and age?

    If you look at the stats from where Greg was attempting to sell the business on Flippa he has put in the description Website Design, Product adding & Marketing: $1,000 to $2,000 Monthly (Depending on the output) where sales range from $11000 to $31000. So you can see that the website that you would be paying him to make is quite clearly getting outsourced to India or somewhere similar for production at those prices. I know from experience that a Magento website can be produced in India for $100 using a freelance site such as Elance etc.. with SEO work done for very cheap as well. No wonder Greg says the reason he doesn’t just make drop shipping sites is because making them for other people is more profitable. Charging $10000 for something that probably costs a few hundred dollars is clearly the way forward and the real lesson here. It looks like from the Flippa auction comments his plan is to get more sales off the back of this interview and then sell the business.


    I think DomainSherpa is great and I have learnt a lot from your site but recently I have noticed a few self promotional interviews that are not showing the whole picture and I think people should be advised that they really do not need to spend $5000-$10000 to start a business such as a drop shipping website. They would be much better off saving their money and either making it themselves using some of the very good wordpress ecommerce solutions or alternatively saving a lot of money and just finding a good developer from a freelance site who would charge a lot less.

    • I think it’s unfair to make a statement like, “Not sure why anyone would pay $5000 – $10000 for a website as basic as a standard ecommerce package in this day and age?”

      I’m going to quote from a post above: “If you don’t want to pay $5,000 to $10,000 for a drop ship website, that’s fine. There are plenty of people — for example — that would rather keep the 1.5% sales commission on the sale of their home and sell it themselves. They spend the time to learn the legal aspects, get listed on an MLS service, buy the signs, post them on the street, answer phone calls, create a website, etc. It’s not rocket science, but people who are familiar with the process likely can do it faster, better and cheaper. However, if you’re thinking of getting into real estate in the future, what better way to learn the process than to do it yourself on your own property? School of hard knocks, as Rick Schwartz often puts it. You may save a bundle if you plan and execute properly.”

      Why would you pay thousands of dollars to fix your car when you could watch YouTube videos and do it yourself? Rent an apartment when you could camp out under the stars every night?

      Not every solution fits every person’s needs.

      I think I more appropriate statement to make might have been “I wouldn’t pay $10,000 for a drop shipping website. Instead, here is what I would do…[fill in details].”

      I don’t care what anyone’s intentions are for coming on the show. What I care about is 1) did I help people learn more about the topic discussed, and 2) can people now go and do something to be more successful in life (e.g., research the topic more, use on of their domains to built a site, etc.)?

      I think we achieved those goals with this interview. It doesn’t mean you can ignore the phrase “buyer beware.” That is never the case in life.

      I appreciate all constructive feedback, Terry. It’ not my primary intention to provide a marketing opportunity for interviewees, but clearly that is one of the benefits to spending an hour plus with me on Skype and sharing their knowledge and experience in a particular topic. I can’t fault people for that.

      My email and telephone line are always open to guest suggestions, topics, feedback on questions I missed that should be addressed in subsequent interviews, etc. My email is michael at domainsherpa dot com (or the contact form at the top of the page) and my phone is 206-347-0977. I realize I don’t get better as an interviewer unless I receive feedback, so I encourage it. (You can also feel free to post it anonymously through comments on a post.)

      My two cents.

  119. Jim says:

    Interesting, If your not making 50% call it a loss. I only deal in drop ship niches 100%+.

    Coffee, hand blown glass, cosmetics, weight loss, vitamins, ink refills, and many furniture items. There are just some… Come on now how you gonna knock the drop ship high margin items?

    Corey I’d give up, Greg I’d retire. Best of luck gents

  120. Greg says:

    @ Robert – I appreciate your interests. If you have questions/concerns and would like to work with my company please contact me directly. I would love to hear about your project and would be happy to share my credentials.

    @ Corey – It sounds like we have had some different experiences in the industry. If you’d like to learn more about my methods and business strategies, perhaps we could work on something together. it’s unfortunate you haven’t seen the potential in the dropship industry that i have. There are many many niches with these high profit margins I have mentioned. Again I appreciate you comments, but seem to see it differently.

  121. Robert says:

    It would quite be helpful if you provided examples of your past/current projects if there are 300 websites being created per year, as those found on your website are both not receiving traffic and arent ranked on alexa. Please show us (potential clients) SOMETHING in order to establish a sense of credibility. It’s going to be very difficult to convince someone to spend upwards of $10,000 without thoroughly explaining and supporting your business claims.

    • This is a respectful way to ask for examples of past drop shipping websites. Thank you, Robert.

      I see below that Greg asked you to email him directly. Please do so. His email address is DodsonDistributing at gmail dot com. You can then email me at michael at domainsherpa dot com if you have any further questions on the topic.

  122. Corey says:

    I’m not dealing with any doba or wwb type of companies; dealing with factory sources all found the same way as you do. Some niches will have a nice 50%+ margin or so but that dries up quickly as soon as others realize the profit potential there.

    With 12 + years business experience you should know that a margin mathematically cannot = 100% or greater.

    So what sites do you have that reflect your dropship ecommerce experience cause the 60/month traffic doesn’t imo?

  123. Greg says:

    And we don’t charge $10k per site, we are very affordable.. And with the success of our clients I know most of them would be very fine even paying 10k. With great success and ranking well it comes with a price.. You can’t expect to make 500k on a 2k budget. Drop shipping is VERY successful which is why everyone uses this method. Get in contact with me I can really help you on your margins, its important to maximize your profits and agreements with suppliers.

  124. Greg says:

    @ Corey. We have 40% of our drop shippers with more then 50% margins or more. You must be contacting them by email and asking to set up a dropship account. We attend over 200 shows a year in Vegas and deal with ONLY manufactures and the direct importers(thats who attends shows). I can see what your saying with low margins when your buying after the product passes 2 to 3 hands. Meaning your buying from middle men. And just to confirm that, you are talking about ebay and other washed up markets. Let me guess Doba is your drop ship source, another huge middle man. Ive been in the business for 12 years and know what works please redo your product sourcing to get higher margins or get in touch with me and Ill get you some 50% to 250% margins. :) The guys advertising drop ship programs are the ones your going to make 20% to 30% with. When you do the leg work you can really find some killer margins and niches! If your getting C & D letters your in a not so good niche, we’ve never received on, you just have to make sure everything your selling is legal..

  125. Corey says:

    I’ve been in dropship ecommerce the last 5 years and made a fair living; from my experience this guy is just blowing smoke hoping to get some more clients for $10k site design. This guy completely lost all credibility in my eyes when I popped is mentioned domains into semrush…. and — the stats do not show the work of an ecom seo professional or a design professional. Most of the examples given are extremely exaggerated… the $50 birdhouse with $15 cost… those margins are unheard of in the dropship bus. In the rare event an opportunity like that pops up it is just a few short months until the market is saturated and you are at a standard 20% profit margin. Even more so you have your ebays and amazons selling items at $1 over cost. Not only are profit margins low, but returns are generally high — especially when dealing with products over $100. Also if you’re selling anything remotely close to that of a prominent brand you’ll be bombarded with c&d letters which will cost to have your attorney review to see if you are actually infringing. Dropship Ecom is great and can be profitable but it is far from the picture this guy paints.

    • Corey, thanks for your feedback.

      I consider all interviewee to be guests in my home. I would not invite someone into my home and then insult them, and I expect all feedback to be constructive in nature. It’s fine to question people — that’s the whole premise of the DomainSherpa show — to question and learn from experts in all fields. But it’s a fine line between respectfully questioning and the alternative. I ask for the prior, please.

      Anyone that uses a third party service provider should do their own due diligence. Period. Just because someone comes on the show does not mean that they know everything about a given topic or that they are “approved” by DomainSherpa. They are invited on the show because they have knowledge of a subject matter and are willing to share their knowledge with our audience. They are to be commended in a world filled with people who would rather keep all the “secrets of the internet or domain name industry” to themselves.

      If you don’t want to pay $5,000 to $10,000 for a drop ship website, that’s fine. There are plenty of people — for example — that would rather keep the 1.5% sales commission on the sale of their home and sell it themselves. They spend the time to learn the legal aspects, get listed on an MLS service, buy the signs, post them on the street, answer phone calls, create a website, etc. It’s not rocket science, but people who are familiar with the process likely can do it faster, better and cheaper. However, if you’re thinking of getting into real estate in the future, what better way to learn the process than to do it yourself on your own property? School of hard knocks, as Rick Schwartz often puts it. You may save a bundle if you plan and execute properly.

      The reason I bring this up is that having the right connections in business is worth money. When I sold my last media company, I paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to have someone guide me through the process of writing a offer package, finding buyers, conducting the auction, negotiating the deal and holding my hand while the deal oscillated back and forth through the process. That’s a heck of a lot of money, but worth it to me. Worth is in the eyes of the buyer. Please offer your feedback consutructively (“to me, I would rather find the deals myself and build a Magento site on…I’ve done it many times for less than $1,000 each time.”). That’s useful. But there are many people who have never used Magento or set up a website, let alone negotiated a deal with a supplier in a particular niche.

      My two cents.

  126. Greg says:

    @ John – Thanks send them over and Ill see what we can do! As far as the products and people suing, I haven’t heard of a drop shipper really getting in trouble I think that would come back on the manufacture of the product. We’re basically an affiliate with a different payout, layout and structure.

    @ Frank – Ive heard a lot.. I have a few guys inside I know and they said its all for the brand pull away. Since they have finally built a brand, they want to try to pull away from the rest of the pack. Thats one of the onIy ways they could try to pull ahead of any site/brand in the top 10. I believe Its a long term goal more then anything. I don’t know who’s making the calls, very risky business.. Google loves keyword rich domains & they had tons! I mean you build up a billion dollar company, why not keep trucking with what works? But they have the 10 digit bank account not myself. Im sure they are running strong as ever with all plans they have in place! There are many other networks of 100+ Sites!

  127. John says:

    Hi Greg
    I was referring to Product Liability Insurance in the small chance a customer were to sue over a product depending on the industry one is in.
    I’ll email you with some domains to see what your thoughts are and how to get started

  128. Greg says:

    @DomainFuze – I never steer away from a TLD – Those are huge in this industry & rare. We have under 1% of our clients building on TLD’s. A TLD could mean millions of dollars in most drop ship niches. They are much easier for us to rank on the SEO end for competitive niches. When I said they are harder to rank in the interview I meant, when your trying to rank domains names like – that would be hard to rank for the term “furniture” Of course a short URL, aged with the word “Furniture” only will easy to rank. On the flip side when you ranking top 5 on Google for “furniture” Your making some SERIOUS sales, in the millions. Domains like These are all very good examples, we can make these type domains work well. Any TLD is golden, so please let me make that clear :)

    Your question about the ala carte – We prefer to work in package deals where we take care of everything of course. Typically a client will come to us with a domain and an idea. We take the domain and idea and put a plan in action. Giving some ideas for drop shipping & suppliers, give some terms to target on the SEO site, then our development team builds the site and passes it to our marketing team. Usually we roll out 5 terms starting out, then we review placement after 3 months. Either adding more terms, or double up focus on the main 5. Everything we do is taken step by step depending on how well Google is treating the site.

    Hopefully this answers all your questions.

  129. DomainFuze! says:

    Many thanks for the interview, fellas. I’ve previously dabbled in dropship businesses before, but the thing that stopped progress every time was wading through the myriad of untrustworthy suppliers. If Greg’s company is OK by @Michael, he’s OK by me, so nice to say I “have a guy” in the dropshipping space now.

    A few questions for @Greg:
    1) There was no mention of TLD in the interview. When advising clients, do you tend to steer them away from non .com TLDs? For example, a strong, keyword rich non .com ( vs.

    2) Do you offer ala carte dropship website services? I might have a domain and am proficient in building websites, but need a good dropshipper recommendation and marketing/seo services to get rolling.

    • I should clarify that as an interviewer and host — just like any interviewer or host on TV or radio — I don’t represent anything about the interviewee. It’s my job to ask the questions that educate viewers and allow the interviewee to share their wealth of knowledge.

      Greg was kind enough to supply confidential financial statements so I could ensure his success was valid, but if you are thinking of working with any of the interviewees that I host on DomainSherpa I suggest you do your proper due diligence. That’s just not the role that I’m providing.

  130. John says:

    Excellent Interview!!!
    Greg: Does one ask to be placed on Product Manufacturers Insurance Policy in case of a legal problem down the road?
    I have read some drop shippers get their corps named on the original suppliers policy.
    I have a few Supply names that I have been trying to do this for years
    What is best way to get a hold of you guys

    • Greg says:

      @ John – Thanks for your positive comment, its greatly appreciated. Im not exactly sure what your asking with that question. All the suppliers we work with are VERY happy to have us on board and allow us to use their brand names. Aslong as were buying their product of course! Please email me directly at DodsonDistributing at gmail Please address it to Greg and I’ll reply ASAP!

      @ Frake – Sorry for the confusion if there was some. I think that he was using them as an example. We have some clients that have smaller networks of drop ship websites. Nothing as big as Wayfair though.

    • Thanks, John.

      Great questions! Thanks for commenting.

  131. Thought this was an interview with someone at Wayfair after reading the introduction. Aside from that it was interesting – thanks.

    • Good feedback, Frank. I had to set the stage for how big drop the shipping industry is. Most people have never heard about drop shipping, but it’s a fascinating and potentially lucrative niche on the Internet. Just like anything else in business, you need to have a differentiator, love of the business, focus, etc. to be successful. Hopefully we’ve provided some food for thought on drop shipping with this interview.

  132. Greg says:

    @ Poor Uncle – Thanks for your kind comment, hopefully the info I shared will help you succeed! If you have any questions or need help with setting up a dropship website and ranking it, email me! My team and I will help you every step of the way. Thanks again!

    @ Michael – Thanks for taking time to interview me. Were excited to help your audience and share valuable drop ship info. Nathan with Godaddy did a good job connecting us. Thanks again

    @ Audience – Any good domains with nothing on them or parked, contact me & lets get them making money! I will tell you if they have the potential & if we have great drop shippers for the niche, and its free :)

  133. Poor Uncle says:

    @Michael – Thanks for doing the interview.

    @Greg – Thanks for sharing. Very good information.

  134. Greg says:

    @ Alex – Thanks, I replied!

    @ Eric – Email me directly at DodsonDistributing at gmail – I will send you a very detailed email, thanks for your comment!

  135. Eric Renile says:

    Good interview! What would you charge me for a small network of sites? Development, finding suppliers, and then ranking the websites? Lets say 5 websites… I have a friend who has had very great success in drop shipping.

  136. Alex says:

    Great interview Greg! I’ve been wanting to get into drop shipping. I have a some good short keyword rich domains I wanted to build out. I have emailed you the details please reply.

  137. Greg says:

    Flippa is a very tough market to sell on, we use it for lead gen. We find it very good for new consulting clients & SEO clients. If someone is wanting to sell a business Bizbuysell or bizben are best. We have a nice network of business brokers we work with. Email me your websites or domain names and we can possibly get you in touch.

    • Jay Mahal says:

      Greg, we are looking to start drop ship business on and was wondering if you could help us get in touch with reliable drop-shippers?



  138. John says:

    @ Greg, why is your flippa account suspended?

    • Greg says:

      @ John, We have about 10 Flippa accounts in all. I think 1 of them is suspended. We’ve fixed the issue, just waiting on them! If you want more info email me and I’ll gladly share…

  139. Greg says:

    @ James, thanks for your comment! For a fresh site we build and work on SEO it will be from $5k to $10k per the site and SEO term. We can sometimes do stuff cheaper just depends on how competitive it is. If you need info please email me directly!

    @ Chuck – We do have part of our network for sale, if interested please email me for details!

    Thanks everyone!

  140. Chuck Wallant says:

    Why is for sale? (

    Is Greg going to be building drop ship websites under another company name, or is he getting out of the business?

  141. James says:

    Another great (and useful) interview. Sounds like a small investment for a sound business.

    So I understood correctly: about $10,000-15,000 to buy a website (which would include some seo marketing) plus the cost of buying an all ready old domain name if you don’t all ready have one?

    • Thanks, James.

      Actually, I believe Greg said it was about $5,000 to $10,000 for a drop shipping website, which would include some search engine optimization to get it ranked into the top 40 or so (depending on keyword phrases, of course). It’s always nice to know roughly how much things cost, whether you decide to do it yourself or hire someone else to set it up for you.

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